“Do You Realize”


That everyone you know someday … The Flaming Lips are shakin’ & makin’ me quite happy today. If you can’t afford that extra flame or want a simple goose in your pants, listen to “Do You Realize” (& watch too) here. Oh, come on.

Image above co-opted from cool drawings living on Toothpaste for Dinner.

Speaking of sparks, Coconut is also freshly on fire now~

And my Ted Kooser post ruffled some feathers, turned some heads, & made the news in the inaugural issue of Carnival of Speculum – yay!

Remember, we’re floating in space … & happiness makes you cry.

One Response to ““Do You Realize””

  1. Kevin Andre Elliott Says:
    January 17th, 2006 at 9:48 pm eYou’re the first person that doesn’t know me personally that caught the Lips reference. Awesome! I thought it was obvious, but I’m a music nerd so what do I know?Best
  2. Amy King Says:
    January 17th, 2006 at 9:56 pm eI caught some of your Transmissions …Incidentally, Kevin, if you’re a diehard, iTunes has a pre-release from the upcoming album. The song is, of course, 99 cents, and is called, “The Wand.” On the Flaming Lips home page (flaminglips.com), you can watch a new video from that same forthcoming album, “At War with the Mystics” — the song is “Mr. Ambulance Driver.” Just click on the “Video” tab on the homepage.

    Their videos are simply beautiful, no? As they say in old school jargon, I’m vibing on ‘em … all day.

  3. Sour Duck Says:
    January 25th, 2006 at 6:14 pm eThe Flaming Lips are fantastic. I love concept albums…Other favorite tracks: Are you a Hypnotist? and In the Morning of the Magicians (beside the obvious picks of Yoshimi Pt. 1 and Fight Test…)



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