Mon Ami m’a écrit Une Poésie


The headline roughly translates into, ” A friend wrote me some poetry”. And I wrote some poems too. Click here (Oh, look! I appear with Brian Howe, who is staying in my house this weekend! It don’t take much to please me! By the way, Brian – did you see this bit of love? And this? The critic in you is everywhere. Does this make you famous, powerful, or wealthy? All of the above? Can I be your stylist?).

Other good folks in Melancholia’s Tremulous Dreadlocks: Amy King – Ana Bozicevic-Bowling – Brian Howe – Brian Lucas – Bruce Covey – Craig Perez – Danielle Pafunda – Elisa Gabbert – Jana Putrle Srdic – Janet Holmes – Jen Hofer – Jill Jones – Lisa Fishman – Novica Tadic – T.A. Noonan

And then please read Sara’s lovely poem below for me. The gesture and poésie please me muchly.


“Friendship ought to be a gratuitous joy, like the joys afforded by art or life.” –Simone Weil


Less Careful
–For Amy

You said I was too careful,
so into my dreams I’ve invited
childhood friends to come and go freely,

the poor posture and benevolence
of a sedated heart. You’re granted
one dramatic exit, my soft spot

for blonde ambition and women
who drive. Little by little, I earn
my milk and bread. Your language

obsession? I dance it like a poet
or a fool. The next round’s on me.
I’ll night-ride passenger-side

of your speeches. Shared conspiracy
of right turns until my front door,
months from here.

Sara Femenella

4 Responses to “Mon Ami m’a écrit Une Poésie”

  1. Brian Howe Says:
    September 24th, 2006 at 8:09 pm e*definitely* not wealthy. you can be my pro bono stylist though! although you know I wouldn’t show up in New York without a fresh, pretentious haircut — something choppy and asymmetrical, no doubt.
  2. François Luong Says:
    September 25th, 2006 at 12:46 am eHum, that line should really say “Une amie m’a écrit de la poèsie.” Unless, of course, Sara Femenella isn’t telling us something PGlad you sent us some poems for MTD.
  3. EL Says:
    September 30th, 2006 at 8:51 pm eBreathtaking.
  4. Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia Mia Says:
    October 4th, 2006 at 5:11 pm eYour poems on Dreadlocks 5 are amazing. I can see a post antidotes for an alibi evolution taking place — every word and line is more efficient, with more meaning and depth and purpose than ever before. “Poetic Darwinism” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?


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Amy King is the recipient of the 2015 Winner of the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) Award. Her latest collection, The Missing Museum, is a winner of the 2015 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize. She co-edited with Heidi Lynn Staples the anthology Big Energy Poets of the Anthropocene: When Ecopoets Think Climate Change. She also co-edits the anthology series, Bettering American Poetry, and is a professor of creative writing at SUNY Nassau Community College.

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