“Enter diode, teeming with ‘poetry that excites and energizes. . . . poetry that uses language that crackles and sparks.’ We set out to find poetry that creates an arc between writer and reader, an arc that hums with the live current of language.”

Includes work by Chris Abani, Laura McCullough, Rick Barot, Amy King, Bob Hicok, Frankie Drayus, Allison Titus & Rob Schlegel, Julie Doxsee & Mathias Svalina, Eve Rifkah, Peter Jay Shippy, Suzanne Frischkorn, Jake Adam York, Susan Settlemyre Williams, Tara Moyle, Matthew Wills, Karen Schubert, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Joshua Ware, Rich Murphy, and Didi Menendez.



5 Responses to “diode”

  1. Jim K. Says:
    September 13th, 2007 at 5:29 pm eI scanned ~12 samples..
    It’s rather fascinating…the narratives are usually more visible
    than pure language poetry, but the surreal effects and language
    jumps are really snappy. Even the life/historics have a
    certain blurr to them. And it spools out in that run-on style
    half the time for lots of speed. Their description is really
    apt….fo real! Your stuff is really buzzing along in that issue,
    facets sparking. A shade of the Ashbery-esque, more than
    usual, in your bobsled-kickoff start, then the flashes, and
    the Dali-esque visual (image-surreal?). Pretty cool.

    An epiphany:
    Many collections each have their own personality too. The pieces
    are part of the bigger saga. I see the ed. composing….Very nice, zingy.

  2. Jim K. Says:
    September 14th, 2007 at 7:20 pm eOdd…looks different today.
    First one is much more commentary-like.
    Good though -)
  3. Sam Rasnake Says:
    September 16th, 2007 at 3:08 am eSuch an interesting venue. Enjoyed your work there, Amy.
  4. Nick Bruno Says:
    September 16th, 2007 at 11:41 pm eCongrats & thanks for the read.
  5. Amy King Says:
    September 17th, 2007 at 9:23 pm eGlas you all enjoyed the new site and work! Thanks for stopping in~

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Amy King is the recipient of the 2015 Winner of the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) Award. Her latest collection, The Missing Museum, is a winner of the 2015 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize. She co-edited with Heidi Lynn Staples the anthology Big Energy Poets of the Anthropocene: When Ecopoets Think Climate Change. She also co-edits the anthology series, Bettering American Poetry, and is a professor of creative writing at SUNY Nassau Community College.

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