SUN, SEPT. 21st @ 3:00 p.m.- Race and Poetry: Integrating the Experimental

Next month, from Thurs. Sept. 18-Sun. Sept. 21, we’ll be putting on the second annual Welcome to Boog City poetry and music festival. It will feature performances from 49 poets, 13 musical acts, and one theater company over the four days.

Among the highlights are:

—a night devoted to Durham, N.C. small press minor/american;

—a live performance of Lou Reed’s New York album for its 20th anniversary by seven different musical acts;

—a performance of a wickedly comic tale of love and lust in a time of war from the prototypical New York School poet Frank O’Hara;

—our 5th annual small, small press fair, with exhibits from a dozen different small presses, and readings by their authors;

—a discussion on Race and Poetry: Integrating the Experimental; and

—Talisman House Publishers editor Edward Foster in conversation with internationally renowned English-born poet and long-time Lower East Side resident Simon Pettet.

The full schedule for the event is below this note, followed by performer bios and websites.

If you need any additional information you can reach me at 212-842-BOOG (2664) or

as ever,
David A. Kirschenbaum, editor and publisher

2nd annual

Welcome to Boog City
4 Days of Poetry and Music


d.a. levy lives: celebrating the renegade press


(Durham, N.C.)

ACA Galleries
529 W.20th St., 5th Flr.


Event will be hosted by
minor/american editors

Elise Ficarra and Kathryn Pringle, eds.

featuring readings from

Samar Albuhassan
David Need
Andrea Rexilius
Ken Rumble
Diane Timblin

and music from
Compass Jazz

There will be wine, cheese, and crackers, too.

Directions: C/E to 23rd St., 1/9 to 18th St.
Venue is bet. 10th and 11th avenues


Sidewalk Café
94 Ave. A

Free with a two-drink minimum

Readings, musical, and poets’ theater performances,
and Lou Reed’s New York album live

7:00 p.m.-Jim Behrle
7:15 p.m.-Daniel Nester
7:35 p.m.-Dibson T. Hoffweiler (music)
8:05 p.m.-Arlo Quint
8:20 p.m.-Bob Holman
8:35 p.m.-Verse Theater Manhattan
doing a reading of Frank O’Hara’s verse drama
9:35 p.m.-Gillian McCain
9:50 p.m.-Lou Reed, New York. Performed live by:

*Babs Soft
Romeo Had Juliette
Halloween Parade

*The Rabbits
Dirty Blvd.
Endless Cycle

*Dibson T. Hoffweiler & Preston Spurlock
There Is No Time
Last Great American Whale

*Liv Carrow
Beginning of a Great Adventure
Busload of Faith

*Prewar Yardsale
Sick of You
Hold On

*Wakey Wakey
Good Evening Mr. Waldheim
Xmas in February

*Todd Carlstrom and The Clamour
Dime Store Mystery

11:20 p.m.-Todd Carlstrom and The Clamour
12:10 a.m.-The Rabbits

Directions: F/V to 2nd Ave., L to 1st Ave.
Venue is at E.6th St.


152 Ludlow St.


5th Annual Small, Small Press Fair

Featuring readings from authors of the exhibiting presses

11:30 a.m.-Celena Glenn, Bowery Books
11:40 a.m.-TBD, Cy Gist Press
11:50 a.m.-Ariana Reines, Fence/Fence Books
12:00 p.m.-Adam Golaski, flim forum press
12:10 p.m.-Damian Weber, House Press
12:20 a.m.-Virna Teixeira, Litmus Press/Aufgabe
12:30 p.m.-Jaye Bartell, little scratch pad
12:40 p.m.-Jeff Downey, Octopus Books
12:50 p.m.-Melissa Christine Goodrum, Other Rooms Press
1:00 p.m.-Ric Royer, Outside Voices
1:10 p.m.-Austin Alexis, Poets Wear Prada
1:20 p.m.-Tom Savage, Straw Gate Books


1:30 p.m.-Stephanie Gray
1:45 p.m.-Bill Kushner
2:00 p.m.-Oak Orchard Swamp (music)
2:30 p.m.-Ryan Eckes
2:50 p.m.-Eric Gelsinger
3:10 p.m.-Douglas Manson
3:30 p.m.-Heart Parts (music)
4:00 p.m.-Elise Ficarra
4:20 p.m.-Kristianne Meal
4:40 p.m.-Kathryn Pringle
5:00 p.m.-Maureen Thorson
5:20 p.m.-Carol Mirakove
5:35 p.m.-A Brief View of the Hudson (music)
6:05 p.m.-Jen Benka
6:20 p.m.-Todd Colby
6:35 p.m.-Kyle Schlesinger
6:55 p.m.-David Hadbawnik
7:15 p.m.-Sharon Mesmer
7:30 p.m.-Casey Holford (music)

Directions: F/V to 2nd Ave.
Venue is bet. Stanton and Rivington sts.


Unnameable Books
456 Bergen St.


1:00 p.m.-Julia Cohen
1:15 p.m.-Tisa Bryant
1:30 p.m.-Ana Božičević
1:45 p.m.-Yoko Kikuchi (music)
2:05 p.m.-Corrine Fitzpatrick
2:20 p.m.-Nick Piombino
2:35 p.m.-Stacy Szymaszek

2:50 p.m.-3:00-break

3:00 p.m.- Race and Poetry: Integrating the Experimental

Amy King (curator and moderator)
Tisa Bryant
Jennifer Firestone
Timothy Liu
Mendi Obadike
Meghan Punschke
Christopher Stackhouse
Mathias Svalina

4:30 p.m.-4:40-break

4:40 p.m.-Yoko Kikuchi (music)
5:00 p.m.-Lee Ann Brown
5:15 p.m.-John Coletti
5:30 p.m.-Rachel Levitsky
5:45 p.m.-Eileen Myles
6:00 p.m.-Yoko Kikuchi (music)
6:20 p.m.-Edward Foster
in conversation with Simon Pettet
6:50 p.m.-Simon Pettet
7:10 p.m.-Edward Foster

Directions: 2, 3 to Bergen St.; 2, 3, 4, 5, M, N, Q, W, R, B, D to Atlantic Ave./Pacific St.; C to Lafayette Ave.
Venue is bet. 5th/Flatbush aves.


**Welcome to Boog City 2 Bios and Websites**


minor/american is a small-edition, themed, hand-made poetry journal first released in the summer of 2007. An offshoot of the minor/american blog, originated by Maggie Zurawski in 2004, minor/american prints the work of not-so minor Americans, with a preference for longer selections. The theme for issue two, due this fall, is citi. Issue three’s theme will be evolution. Submissions can be sent to

**Samar Abulhassan
Samar Abulhassan recently left San Francisco, where she taught poetry to children, to live among many creatures at a Zen center in New Mexico, where she wakes early, brews soups, and hears and sounds many bells. She is finishing a second chapbook for Dusie and recently collaborated with a Butoh dancer in San Francisco on a movement/text piece that was performed at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts last spring. She waits for the night to surface words and is looking for a watery landscape to write into.

**Compass Jazz
Compass, a jazz quartet, whose performances feature original compositions as well the works of many of America’s greatest jazz legends. The quartet is made-up of Rick Lawn (saxophones), Joel Chace (keyboard), Tom Ives (bass), and Albert Colone (drums). The band self produced their album Compass Rises in 1971, which featured original compositions written and arranged by Lawn and Ives. Compass was one of five musical groups on a promotional program that opened the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in 1972. Ives, with Lawn, wrote and arranged “What is Man?” an ecumenical jazz service with an accompanying slide presentation which was performed in New York City and later produced for television by Iowa Public Broadcasting. A revival of “What is Man?” took place last year.

**David Need
David Need is a Massachusetts boy who has lived in North Carolina since 1994. He teaches South Asian Religions at Duke University. Excerpts from recent projects “St. John’s Rose Slumber” and “Places I’ve Lived” are forthcoming in Hambone, Effing, and minor/american. Previously his poetry has been published in Fascicle and Ocho, and essays and memoirs have appeared in Talisman and on Mipoesias. He is working on “Voicing St. Mark’s” and a further section of “Places I’ve Lived,” as well as an academic study of Kerouac and Buddhism. As he writes this, he sits among the dead in a mall in Raleigh (but they are quiet).

**Andrea Rexilius
Andrea Rexilius is working toward her Ph.D. in literature and creative writing at the University of Denver. Her poetry and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in Bird Dog, Coconut, Colorado Review, How2, minor/american, P –Queue, and Volt, among others. She is the editor of the online journal PARCEL and assistant editor of the Denver Quarterly.

**Ken Rumble
Ken Rumble is the author of Key Bridge (Carolina Wren Press) and the forthcoming President Letters (Scantily Clad Press). His poems have appeared in the tiny, Cutbank, One Less Magazine, Talisman, Parakeet, and others. He lives in Greensboro, N.C.

**Dianne Timblin
Dianne Timblin lives in Durham, N.C. Her work has appeared in minor/american, Phoebe, So to Speak, Rivendell, and other journals. She has been featured as a reader for the Poetry at Noon series at the Library of Congress, and one of her poems was a finalist for the Brenda L. Smart Prize.


**Babs of Queens
Babs Todras is a songwriter from Queens. A child of two classical musicians, she has been in training since before she could form sentences. After a long mid-youth rebellion against her folks, she returned to music in high school and college where she teamed up with Seth of Dufus and Jeffrey Lewis on various musical projects, and she can be found on several of their albums. She plays mostly short songs about love and science, and also likes to crash Huggabroomstik tours.

**Jim Behrle
Jim Behrle lives in Brooklyn.

**Todd Carlstrom and The Clamour
After Todd Carlstrom recorded his solo album, Gold on the Map, it was clear to him that the songs deserved more than to simply remain a studio project. He set about recruiting members of the band that would become Todd Carlstrom and The Clamour. He managed to entice drummer Eric Shaw of The Domestics into moonlighting. Guitarist Brian Elmquist, a singer/songwriter from Georgia by way of Nashville, came on in early ’08. Their show expertly intertwines the poppy wrath of The Pixies, the classic rock nods of Built to Spill, the rumbling slink of Sleater-Kinney, and, occasionally, the odd stoner jam a la Brian Jonestown Massacre.

**Liv Carrow
Liv Carrow’s songs are like the little animals that your 4-year-old nieces and nephews make out of Play-Doh—lumpy yet distinguishable in form, rudimentary to the point of psychedelic complexity, dry and crumbly on the outside but “all kinds of squishy” on the inside. The mysterious and oddly lovable bassist from ecstatically weird Huggabroomstik and Griffin and the True Believers takes the scenic back road to your heart with her clever-ish observations on life, death, love, health food, human reproduction, geography, the unseen world of the earth spirits and cosmic currents, awkward crushes, metaphysics, and everyone’s favorite-despair. Liv plays frequently in NYC and the surrounding area as a solo acoustic act and accompanying Huggabroomstik and the burgeoning alternapop collaboration Feel The Feelings. She is also available for Tarot readings which can be obtained for a song

**Dibson T. Hoffweiler
Dibson T. Hoffweiler is the latest in a long line of quirky anti-folk ingénues, among them Beck, Adam Green, and Jeffrey Lewis. With a low voice that’s sweet and deadpan, and a guitar-style that’s virtuosic and sloppy, Hoffweiler carves out a space of compassion and intelligence in a landscape of boring love songs and thinly veiled songwriterly misogyny. Known for his work in anti-folk flagship bands Cheese On Bread, Huggabroomstik, and Urban Barnyard, Dibs began his musical career generating buzz with his old band, Dibs & Sara. Eventually he established himself as a solo artist, including several month long tours of Europe and North America. Dibs has proved (to himself, and to others) that his bizarre, ramshackle aesthetic is palatable outside the freaky comfort zone of New York anti-folk.

**Dibson T. Hoffweiler and Preston Spurlock
Dibson and Preston have been friends and artistic collaborators since meeting at the Sidewalk Cafe in 2005. The two forged a tight bond over their common love of oddball lo-fi music. For a while they performed together as Dibs With Machines, and were both members of one-off anti-folk supergroup Old Hat. They now share a stage as the guitarist and keyboardist of Huggabroomstik.

**Bob Holman
Bob Holman is working on a documentary on the poetry of Endangered Languages and another on Allen Ginsberg. His most recent book, A Couple of Ways of Doing Something (Aperture), a collaboration with Chuck Close, is en route from the Tacoma Museum of Modern Art to the Museo in Santiago, Chile. The Awesome Whatever, his new CD is out from Bowery Books. He is the founder of the Bowery Poetry Club and teaches at NYU and Columbia.

**Gillian McCain
Gillian McCain is the author of two books of poetry—Tilt and Religion—and is the co-author, with Legs McNeil, of Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk (Grove Press), which has been translated into 10 languages. They are currently working on a new oral history. McCain is also collaborating with David Trinidad and Jeffery Conway on Descent of the Dolls, a book-length poem inspired by the film Valley of the Dolls and the book the Inferno, among other projects.

**Daniel Nester
Daniel Nester is the author of The History of My World Tonight (BlazeVOX Books), as well as God Save My Queen and God Save My Queen II (both Soft Skull Press), two collections on his obsession with the rock band Queen. He lives in upstate New York with his wife Maisie and their daughter Miriam.

**Prewar Yardsale
Prewar Yardsale started in the year 2000 under the influence of the Moldy Peaches and Schwervon!. Prewar Yardsale are husband and wife duo Mike Rechner (guitar, vocals) and Dina Levy (bucket, tin can, vocals). Prewar Yardsale, called post-techno, post-punk, post-machine, post-soul, post-anything by the zine Antimatters, recently performed at Huggabroomstock, and their latest release is Prewar Yardsale Peel Sessions (Olive Juice Music).

**Arlo Quint
Arlo Quint is the author of Days On End (Open 24 Hours) and Photogenic Memory (Lame House).

**The Rabbits
The Rabbits are an indie rock band from Staten Island. They sound like David Bowie, Jefferson Airplane, and ABBA having a crazy orgy weekend.

**Verse Theater Manhattan
Verse Theater Manhattan is the preeminent theater company in the English speaking world devoted exclusively to verse drama. Verse Theater Manhattan focuses on discovering important contemporary plays in verse and working with active poets and playwrights to promote this significant form. In addition to producing plays and reading regularly in New York City for the last decade, the company has toured the Midwest and England to rapt audiences and enthusiastic critics. They’ll be performing a wickedly comic tale of love and lust in a time of war from the prototypical New York School poet Frank O’Hara.

Wakey!Wakey! is Michael Grubbs (songwriting/vocals/keys), an NYC native who blends gorgeous songcraft with a potent sense of humor to create original, heartfelt songs that cause listeners to stop what they are doing and turn themselves over completely and totally to his storytelling. Wakey!Wakey! features the boundless talent and energy of Gene Back (violin/guitar), and the unique stylings of their female rhythm section—Anne Lieberwirth (bass) and Kristin Mueller (drums). In 2007 Wakey!Wakey! released the live album Silent As a Movie (Family Records) and launched an ingenious covers project, available for download on the band’s website and later released as a compilation. The band has shared bills across New York with the likes of indie darlings Rouge Wave, I’m From Barcelona, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, AA Bondy, and Heloise and the Savoir Faire.


**A Brief View of the Hudson
The duo Nick Nace and Ann Enzminger met through chance meetings. Now the two make up an indie folk band, including the record Go North to Find Me (CD Baby).

**Austin Alexis, Poets Wear Prada
Austin Alexis’s poetry, fiction, and non-fiction have appeared in a variety of anthologies, journals, magazines, and newspapers, including Barrow Street, The Journal, The Writer, The Pedestal Magazine, and online at His plays have been performed in New York City, and one was selected for the Samuel French Short Plays Festival. Alexis has taught creative writing at Hunter College’s continuing education program, and has taught and tutored at various universities and college in New York state. He lives in Manhattan and teaches at New York City College of Technology (CUNY) in Brooklyn.

Roxanne Hoffman is the founder of Poets Wear Prada, also known as PWP Books, a small press based in Hoboken, N.J. and devoted to introducing new authors through limited edition, high-quality chaplets. She is a former Wall Street investment banker and runs the press with her husband Herbert Fuerst, a retired Hollywood agent. Their first offering, released in October 2006, was the 12-page poetry chapbook Your Infidel Eyes by Brant Lyon, host of NYC’s Hydrogen Jukebox Jazzoetry Series. Since then, they have released 12 additional titles with plans to release 10 new chapbooks annually. Authors include well-established New York poets Peter Chelnik and Susan Maurer, as well as promising newcomers like Jee Leong Koh, Laura Vookles, and Austin Alexis.

**Jaye Bartell, Little Scratch Pad Editions
Jaye Bartell was born in Massachusetts; has lived in Asheville, NC; San Juan Island, Wash.; and lives in Buffalo. He’s the author of Acres Ourselves (House Press) and Ever After Never Under (Little Scratch Pad Editions). Other work has appeared in Capgun, A Sing Economy (Flim Forum Anthology), and Cutbank.

Douglas Manson began Little Scratch Pad Editions in 1997 with the chapbook Snack Size, a collection of his own poems. It remained a self-publishing effort until 2005, with the publication of Aaron Lowinger’s Autobiography (co-produced with House Press). It became a press with a mission, to publish poetic works by younger writers, often their first chapbooks. Lowinger’s chapbook was followed in 2007 with Kristianne Meal’s TwentyTwo: first pallet, Tom Yorty’s Words in Season, L.A. Howe’s NTR PIC E ST R, Michael Basinski’s Of Venus 93, Nick Traenkner’s Accidental Thrust, and Manson’s At Any Point. Recent books are Liz Mariani’s Imaginary Poems for My Imaginary Girlfriend Named Anabel, and Jaye Bartell’s Ever After / Never Under.

**Jen Benka
Jen Benka was born in Cudahy, Wisconsin, and lives today in Brooklyn. She is the politics co-editor of Boog City with Carol Mirakove. Benka is the author of A Box of Longing with 50 Drawers (Soft Skull), an earlier version of which was issued as a limited edition artist book under the title A Revisioning of the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States (Booklyn). She also wrote Manya, comic books drawn by Kris Dresen, and in the 1990s performed with the rock-art band Mook, who launched into their audience larger and cleaner tampons than L7.

**Todd Colby
Todd Colby is the author of Tremble & Shine, Riot in the Charm Factory, Cush, and Ripsnort (all Soft Skull Press).

**Jeff Downey, Octopus Books
Jeff Downey is from the panhandle of Nebraska and is studying in the M.F.A. program at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. His poems have appeared in journals including Octopus, RealPoetik, and Handsome.

Octopus Books is a small press founded in 2006 by the editors of Octopus Magazine. It has published hand-made, limited edition chapbooks by Genya Turovskaya, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Jonah Winter, Matthew Rohrer, and Sueyeune Juliette Lee, among others. Their first two full-length book releases are Eric Baus’ forthcoming Tuned Droves and Julie Doxsee’s Undersleep, which is now available.

**Ryan Eckes
Ryan Eckes lives in South Philadelphia. His poetry can be read in XConnect, Fanzine, Cue: A Journal of Prose Poetry, PhillySound, and his chapbook when i come here (Plan B Press). He has an M.A. in creative writing from Temple University, where he currently teaches. He hosts the Chapter & Verse reading series in Philadelphia.

**Elise Ficarra
Elise Ficarra is a Bay Area poet and writer. Swelter, her first book of poems, came out in 2005. A second book, be(g)one, is in progress. A contributor to hinge: a boas anthology of experimental women writers, Ficarra’s work probes impossibilities’ evolution, investigating how linguistic signs—mundane and mythic—recalibrate memory and bodily experience within the crush of nation states. She is co-editor of the journal minor/american and associate director of The Poetry Center at SFSU.

**Eric Gelsinger
Eric Gelsinger is from Old Buffalo, N.Y. and currently lives in New Buffalo, Brooklyn. He is a member of House Press, and his poems can also be found in the smooth books of Flim Forum. He trades for a heavy-hitting avant-garde finance firm near Times Square.

**Celena Glenn, Bowery Books
Reading for Bowery Books is Celena Glenn. Celena Glenn is Poet Fashionista-in–Residence for the Nowery Poetry Club, producing fashion poetry shows, spinning, free-styling, and just spitting nearly every week when she’s in town. She ranked second in the 2004 World Poetry Slam, and is a two-time National Poetry Slam Champion and former host at the Nuyorican Poets’ Café. She is featured in a number of poetry anthologies and magazines, including Spoken Word Revolution, Serum, Composite, and Bullets and Butterflies. Her work can also be seen in the documentaries Slam Channel: War of Words and Urban Scribe. She has performed from Princeton to Rivington Synagogue, from Berkeley to basements in Soweto. Her book Black Cracker (Bowery Books) is forthcoming this fall.

Bowery Books is the press of the Bowery Poetry Club, with Bob Holman and Marjorie Tesser as its editors. The press has published essential anthologies, such as Bowery Women: Poems and Estamos Aquí, poems by Migrant Farmworkers, as well as works by unique poets like Taylor Mead, the octogenarian Andy Warhol intimate who appeared in the film Coffee and Cigarettes, to Poez, a performing street poet. Forthcoming is the new Bowery Voices series, including Black Cracker by Celena Glenn and Body of Water by Janet Hamill, with photographs by Patti Smith, both in fall 2008, and Touch by Cynthia Kraman in spring 2009. Bowery Books is grateful for the support of the New York State Council on the Arts and is a member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.

**Adam Golaski, Flim Forum Press
Adam Golaski is the author of Worse Than Myself (Raw Dog Screaming Press) and Color Plates (Rose Metal Press). Adam’s poem “Green”—a translation of Sir Gawain & the Green Knight—appears in installment on Open Letters. Upcoming publications include fiction in The Lifted Brow 4 and Exotic Gothic II, and poetry in Moonlit and Little Red Leaves. He edits for Flim Forum Press.

Flim Forum Press, founded in 2005, provides SPACE to emerging poets working in a variety of experimental modes. It has published two poetry anthologies, Oh One Arrow and A Sing Economy, with Brandon Shimoda’s The Alps, forthcoming this fall.

**Melissa Christine Goodrum, Other Rooms Press
Melissa Christine Goodrum has an M.F.A. in poetry from Brooklyn College. Her work has been published in The New York Quarterly, The Torch, The Tiny, Rhapsoidia, Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Transmission, and Bowery Women: Poems, and by Other Rooms Press. She was co-president of the Cambridge Poetry Awards, administrative director of Bowery Arts & Sciences, and the recipient of a Zora Neale Hurston Award from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University. She wears many, many masks—poet, translator, scholar, editor, photographer, and writing teacher in the New York City Public School system.

Ed Go and Michael Whalen, graduates of Brooklyn College’s M.F.A. program, founded Other Rooms Press (ORP) in January 2007. “We got tired of seeing good, innovative poetry go unpublished, ignored by ‘mainstream,’ ‘accepted’ venues, and created ORP in hopes of providing alternative spaces, ‘other rooms’ in which quality, experimental poetry that might not otherwise find an audience can flourish,” they said. “Our goal with our website chapbooks and readings is to publish and promote the kind of experimental, linguistically innovative, playful poetry that we love; we hope you enjoy it.”

**Stephanie Gray
Stephanie Gray is a poet and experimental filmmaker whose super 8 films often have poem voiceovers. Her first poetry collection, Heart Stoner Bingo (Straw Gate Books) was published this past December. Her films have screened at festivals and venues including Millennium Film Workshop, Ann Arbor, Oberhausen, Viennale, VIDEOEX, Cinematexas, Antimatter, Chicago Underground, and Madcat. She has received funding for her films from the New York Foundation for the Arts and the New York State Council on the Arts.

**David Hadbawnik
David Hadbawnik is a poet and performer who lives with his wife in Buffalo, N.Y. Recent publications include the books Translations from Creeley (Sardines), Ovid in Exile (Interbirth), and SF Spleen (Skanky Possum); essays in Big Bridge and Chicago Review; and poems in the Marlboro Review (in which his poem “The Gods” was chosen by Heather McHugh as a finalist for the Poetry Prize) and Damn the Caesars. He is the editor and publisher of Habenicht Press and the journal kadar koli. He begins studying toward his Ph.D. in poetics at the University at Buffalo this fall.

**Heart Parts
(see Damian Weber for bio)

**Casey Holford
Casey Holford started playing piano at 12, picked up his mother’s guitar for coffeehouse and DIY shows at 14, and was performing regularly in the Boston-Providence songwriter circuit by 18. Now living in Brooklyn, he has recorded three self-released solo albums, two EPs, and a recent 7-inch on RiYL records. Along the way Holford’s managed to tour on the east and west coasts multiple times as well as in Europe, sharing bills with like-minded songwriters such as Erin McKeown, Diane Cluck, Regina Spektor, Kimya Dawson, and Matt the Electrician. He currently moonlights in the bands Outlines, Urban Barnyard, Dream Bitches, and Art Sorority for Girls, playing bass, electric, 12 string, and baritone guitars. He is also a prolific producer, working on projects with fellow bands and songwriters, most recently pop riot Cheese on Bread, visionary Dave Deporis, and upstart Creaky Boards.

**Bill Kushner
Bill Kushner is a poet residing in Chelsea. He is the author of In Sunsetland With You (Straw Gate Books), In the Hairy Arms of Whitman (Melville House Publications), He Dreams of Waters (Rattapallax), and That April (United Artists Books) among others. He has twice received a New York Foundation for The Arts fellowship. His work has been published in the Best American Poetry 2002.

**Douglas Manson
Douglas Manson was born in Akron, Ohio and many years later earned an M.A. in English from Kent State and a Ph.D. in English from The University at Buffalo. He lives in Buffalo as a poet and writer, and publisher of Celery Flute: The Kenneth Patchen Newsletter and little scratch pad editions. He hosted a weekly poetry radio show for a community-based AM station, Inkaudible Poetry Radio from 2004-06. He is a songwriter and guitar player. Amid an ongoing series of chapbooks, he has most recently published a full-length book of poems, Roofing and Siding (BlazeVOX Books), and the expanded chapbook At Any Point (2008).

**Kristianne Meal
Kristianne Meal operates Rust Belt Books in Buffalo, N.Y. from 4D frequencies. Her book TwentyTwo, first pallet (Little Scratch Pad Editions) was published last year.

**Sharon Mesmer
Sharon Mesmer is the recipient of two New York Foundation for the Arts fellowships in poetry. Her two recently released poetry collections are The Virgin Formica (Hanging Loose Press) and Annoying Diabetic Bitch (Combo Books). Her other works include Half Angel, Half Lunch (Hard Press), Vertigo Seeks Affinities (Belladonna Books), and Crossing Second Avenue (ABJ Books). Her work is internationally known including translations and collaborative works. Her work has recently appeared in New American Writing, The Brooklyn Rail, Van Gogh’s Ear, and Hanging Loose. Her fiction collections are In Ordinary Time and The Empty Quarter (Hanging Loose Press) and Ma Vie à Yonago (in French translation from Hachette Littératures, France). She teaches at the New School.

**Carol Mirakove
Carol Mirakove was born in Queens and lives in Brooklyn. She is the author of Mediated (Factory School), Occupied (Kelsey St. Press), and, with Jen Benka, 1,138 (Belladonna). Her love of poetry began with deterrence to reading, where the vast space on the page provided comfort. Her favorite things include The Cliks, Caravan of Dreams, and math. Carol is a dog person.

**Oak Orchard Swamp
(see Jaye Bartell for bio)

**kathyrn l. pringle
kathryn l. pringle is the author of The Stills (Duration Press) and Temper & Felicity are Lovers (TAXT). Her poems can be read in the Denver Quarterly, Fence, Cold Drill, Dusie, 14 hills, small town, string of small machines, and 580 Split, among others. She edits the literary magazine minor/american, and curates the minor/american reading series in Durham, N.C. She has also been known to blog at minor/american, too.

**Ariana Reines, Fence/Fence Books
Ariana Reines is the author of The Cow (Alberta Prize, Fence Books) and Coeur de Lion (Mal-O-Mar). Two volumes of translation, of works by Charles Baudelaire and Grisélidis Réal, will appear next year from Mal-O-Mar and Semiotext(e), respectively. New York’s Foundry Theatre will produce her first play in February 2009. She’ll be Holloway Lecturer in Poetry at the University of California at Berkeley this coming spring. Her next Fence book is MERCURY; it will come out sometime.

Fence is a biannual journal of poetry, fiction, art, and criticism that has a mission to redefine the terms of accessibility by publishing challenging writing distinguished by idiosyncrasy and intelligence rather than by allegiance with camps, schools, or cliques. It is part of our press’s mission to support writers who might otherwise have difficulty being recognized because their work doesn’t answer to either the mainstream or to recognizable modes of experimentation. Launched in 2001, Fence Books publishes poetry, fiction, critical texts and anthologies, and prioritizes sustained support for its authors, many of whom come to us through our two book contests and then go on to publish second, third, and fourth books.

**Ric Royer, Outside Voices
Ric Royer is a writer, performer, writer of performances and performer of writings. Other works of literature include Hystery of Heat (Publishing Genius), There Were One and It Was Two (Narrow House Records), and Anthesteria (Bark Art Press). The Weather Not The Weather is forthcoming from Outside Voices Press. He is also a founding editor of Ferrum Wheel.

An imprint of Bootstrap Productions (Cambridge, Mass.), Buffalo N.Y.-based Outside Voices publishes poetry & experimental text-based art.

**Tom Savage, Straw Gate Books
With Brainlifts, Tom Savage has published nine books of poetry, his latest arriving this July via Straw Gate Books. After receiving his B.A. at Brooklyn College, Tom then went to India for four years. In 1986 he accompanied Allen Ginsberg and fellow guest poets on a reading tour of Nicaragua. He has been awarded grants from the Fund for Poetry and the Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines.

Straw Gate Books, founded by Phyllis Wat in 2005, publishes poetry and occasional related texts. Straw Gate is particularly interested in works by women and non-polemical writing with an underlying social content. They also feature new and long-established authors whose work is under-served. Its books are The Rorschach Factory by Valerie Fox, In Sunsetland With You by Bill Kushner, Heart Stoner Bingo by Stephanie Gray, and Brainlifts by Tom Savage. Forthcoming books include work by Lydia Cortes and Merry Fortune.

**Kyle Schlesinger
Kyle Schlesinger is the author of two books of poetry, Hello Helicopter (BlazeVOX Books) and The Pink (Kenning). He is the co-editor of Mimeo Mimeo with Jed Birmingham and ON with Thom Donovan and Michael Cross. He will be curating the Monday night reading series at the Poetry Project in 2008-09.

**Virna Teixeira, Litmus Press/Aufgabe
Virna Teixeira was born in Fortaleza, Brazil and has lived in São Paulo for many years. She is the author of Visita and Distância, and has three books of translations published—Na Estação Central Central, a selection of poems of the Scottish poet Edwin Morgan; Ovelha Negra, an anthology of Scottish poetry; and Livro Universal by Chilean poet Héctor Hernandez Montecinos. Selections of her poems have been translated and published abroad—Distancia (México, Lunarena Editorial) and Fin de Siècle (Editorial Universidad de La Plata, Argentina)—and she has participated in anthologies of Brazilian poetry in the U.S., Latin America, and Portugal.

Litmus Press is a nonprofit literature and arts organization dedicated to supporting innovative, cross-genre writing, with an emphasis on poetry and international works in translation. Litmus press publishes two or three single-author works a year, in addition to Aufgabe, an annual journal of poetry, translations, essays, reviews, and art.

**Maureen Thorson
Maureen Thorson lives in Washington, D.C., where she practices law and runs the smallest press in the world, Big Game Books. She is the author of two chapbooks, Novelty Act (Ugly Duckling Press) and Mayport (Poetry Society of America). Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Exquisite Corpse, Octopus, a Handsome Journal, and the Yale Anthology of Younger American Poetry.

**Damian Weber, House Press
Damian Weber has published 18 books with House Press, including his newest Barkeater, which he will be reading from at the Welcome to Boog City festival. He thinks there should be more readings like this one, and is so excited to see Eileen Myles because he thinks she’s the coolest ever and that Chelsea Girls is how more people should write. He met her once at Susan Howe’s class and she told a story about reading a Kobainer poem at a poetry slam in Seattle and totally losing. Apparently they’re no fun.

House Press came together in Buffalo in 2002 as poets inside and outside the University at Buffalo started daily and nightly collaborations. That year, they began a workshop at 149 Lisbon, a reading series at Spot Coffee, minted the first issue of the magazine Drill, and published their first book, an our-man collaboration/collection. Since then, some members have scattered to Chicago, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Albany, St. Louis, and Charlottesville, Va., while others have held down the fort. Drill has morphed into String of Small Machines (S.F./Chicago), and two other magazines, Spell (Chicago) and Source Material (Brooklyn), have arisen. Meanwhile, House has put out over two dozen books and a half-dozen CDs. In addition to poetry and music, they’ve also worked with prose, street art, book art, and film.

**TBD, Cy Gist Press
Editor Mark Lamoureux started Cy Gist Press in 2006. The press’ focus is on ekphrastic poetry, or works that have a strong visual sensibility. Volumes are handmade in print runs of 100-150, with all design work and printing done in-house by Lamoureux.


**Ana Božičević
Ana Božičević is a poet living in North Massapequa. She’s the author of Document (Octopus Books).

**Lee Ann Brown
Lee Ann Brown loves to perform. Her books include The Sleep That Changed Everything (Wesleyan University Press) and Polyverse (Sun & Moon Press), the latter of which included earlier chapbooks such as a museme (Boog Literature) and Crush (Leave Books). She loves to sing and play with her daughter Miranda, who is beginning kindergarten this fall at The Blue Man Creativity Center, as well as collaborate with her husband, Tony Torn, with whom she has started The French Broad Institute (of Time and the River) in Marshall, N.C. During the school year she lives in NYC, goes to lots of readings, and teaches poetry at St. John’s University.

**Tisa Bryant
Tisa Bryant makes work that often traverses the boundaries of genre, culture, and history. Her first book, Unexplained Presence (Leon Works), is a collection of original, hybrid essays that remix narratives from eurocentric film, literature, and visual arts and zoom in on the black presences operating within them. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in a number of places, including Abraham Lincoln, The Believer, 1913: A Journal of Forms, Sustainable Aircraft, and with the paintings of visual artist Laylah Ali. She is also author of the chapbook, Tzimmes (a+bend Press). She is assistant professor of writing at St. John’s University, Queens; lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn; and is a founding editor/publisher of the hardcover annual The Encyclopedia Project.

**Julia Cohen
Julia Cohen is the author of three chapbooks, If Fire, Arrival (horse less press), Who Could Forget the Sensational First Evening of the Night (H_NGM_N B__KS), and, with Mathias Svalina, When We Broke the Microscope (Small Fires Press). Her chapbooks The History of a Lake Never Drowns (Dancing Girl Press) and, also with Mathias Svalina, Chugwater (Transmission Press) are forthcoming. Poems have been published in Denver Quarterly, Copper Nickel, Bird Dog, Spinning Jenny, the tiny, MiPOesia, GutCult, and Forklift, Ohio, among others.

**John Coletti
John Coletti is the author of The New Normalcy (Boog Literature), Physical Kind (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs), and the forthcoming Same Enemy Rainbow (fewer & further). He is the editor of The Poetry Project Newsletter.

**Jennifer Firestone
Jennifer Firestone is the co-editor of Letters To Poets: Conversations About Poetics, Politics, and Community (Saturnalia Books), forthcoming in October. She is the author of Holiday (Shearsman Books), Waves (Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs), and From Flashes and snapshot (Sona Books). Her work has appeared in HOW2, LUNGFULL!, Xcp: Streetnotes, Fourteen Hills, Dusie, 580 Split, and Saint Elizabeth Street, among others. She is an assistant professor teaching poetry at Eugene Lang College at The New School for Liberal Arts, and lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their infant twins.

**Corrine Fitzpatrick
Corrine Fitzpatrick is the author of Zamboanguena and On Melody Dispatch. She is in the M.F.A. program at Bard College and is the program coordinator for The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church.

**Edward Foster
Ed Foster’s recent books include What He Ought To Know: New and Selected Poems (Marsh Hawk Press) and A History of the Common Scale. Described by one critic as “the epitome of the poet/scholar,” he is the author of numerous volumes of literary criticism and history but is better know for his poetry, characterized by “sureness of register, intelligence of arrangement, delicacy of emotional patterning, elegance of effect” says Verse magazine. The founding editor of Talisman House Publishers, he is a professor of history and an associate dean in the College of Arts and Letters at the Stevens Institute of Technology.

**Yoko Kikuchi
Yoko Kikuchi writes songs to play solo, as well as being the main songwriter for Dream Bitches. She has one solo release, Songs I Wrote For You, and is working on releasing a solo triple-album in the fall. Dream Bitches has two albums—Sanfransisters (Olive Juice Music) and Coke-and-Spiriters (Recommended If You Like Records). As well as recording her own projects, Kikuchi appears as a backing vocalist/harmony composer on a number of recordings by talented artists including Dan Fishback, Phoebe Kreutz, Dibs, Casey Holford, Josh Malamy, and Andrew Phillip Tipton. She also performs/guest stars in a number of groups, most notably the Kreutzenjammer Kids, Piaf the Eiffel Tower, and The Leader.

**Amy King
Amy King is the author of I’m the Man Who Loves You and Antidotes for an Alibi (BlazeVOX Books), and, most recently, Kiss Me With the Mouth of Your Country (Dusie Press). She is the moderator for the Poetics List and the Women’s Poetry Listserv, and teaches English and creative writing at Nassau Community College. She is currently editing an anthology, The Urban Poetic, forthcoming from Factory School.

**Rachel Levitsky
Rachel Levitsky is the author of Under the Sun (Futurepoem books) and five poetry chapbooks. She has written several poetry plays, three of which (one of them with Camille Roy) have been performed in New York and San Francisco. Recently her work was translated into Icelandic for the anthology 131.839 Slög Med Bilum by Eiríkur Örn Nordahl. Online poetry and critical essays can be found at Delirious Hem, Narrativity, Duration Press, How2, and Web Conjunctions, among others. She is the founder and co-director of Belladonna*, an event and publication series of feminist avant-garde poetics.

**Timothy Liu
Timothy Liu has two new books of poetry forthcoming, Bending the Mind Around the Dream’s Blown Fuse (Talisman House Press) and Polytheogamy (Saturnalia Books). He lives in Manhattan.

**Eileen Myles
Eileen Myles was born in Cambridge, Mass. in 1949, and moved to New York City in 1974 to be a poet. Since then she has written produced, performed, and edited more than 20 plays, libretti, films books of poetry, and fiction, most recently Sorry, Tree. Importance of Being Iceland (essays) and The Inferno, a poet’s novel, are forthcoming. She lives and writes in New York.

**Mendi Lewis Obadike
Mendi Lewis Obadike is the author of Armor and Flesh: Poems and the libretto for the internet opera The Sour Thunder. The Whitney Museum of American Art, Yale University, and the New York African Film Festival and Electronic Arts Intermix, are among the institutions that have commissioned her text-based new media art. She received a Rockefeller New Media Award to develop TaRonda, Who Wore White Gloves, an opera which explores black codes of conduct. She developed Four Electric Ghosts (an opera based on Amos Tutuola’s novel My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and the video game Pac-Man) in Toni Morrison’s Atelier at Princeton in the fall of 2005. Mendi lives and works with her husband Keith in the New York metropolitan area.

**Simon Pettet
Simon Pettet is an internationally renowned English-born poet and long-time Lower East Side resident. His most recent book of poems is the much-acclaimed More Winnowed Fragments (Talisman House Press). HearthNew and Selected Poems is due from the same publisher later in the fall. He is also the author of two classic collaborations with photographer-filmmaker, Rudy Burckhardt, Conversations About Everything and Talking Pictures, and edited the Art Writings of the Pulitzer-prize-winning New York School poet James Schuyler. “Like Beethoven’s Bagatelles”, John Ashbery has written, “Simon Pettet’s short poems have a great deal to say, and their seeming modest dimensions help rather than hinder his saying it.”

**Nick Piombino
Nick Piombino guest edited OCHO 14. He opened his ongoing weblog fait accompli in February 2003. His latest books are fait accompli (Factory School) and Free Fall (Otoliths), a collage novel containing over 150 full-color images. Contradicta, with illustrations by Toni Simon is due this fall from Green Integer.

**Meghan Punschke
Meghan Punschke is the author of Stratification (BlazeVOX Books). She resides in New York City, and has an M.F.A. in poetry from The New School. She is the curator and host of Word of Mouth, a reading series dedicated to poets and fiction/non-fiction writers. She is also the managing editor for the literary journal Oranges & Sardines. Her poetry was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2007, and it can be found in MiPO, No Tell Motel, Coconut, Sawbuck, and OCHO, among others.

**Christopher Stackhouse
Christopher Stackhouse is the author of the poetry collection Slip (Corollary Press) and co-author of Seismosis (1913 Press), which features a collaboration of Stackhouse’s drawings with text by writer/author/professor John Keene. He is a Cave Canem Writers Fellow, and, a 2005 Fellow in Poetry from the New York Foundation for the Arts. He has recently successfully completed studies, granting him an M.F.A. in writing/interdisciplinary studies from Bard College in 2009.

**Mathias Svalina
Mathias Svalina is a co-editor of Octopus Magazine and Octopus Books. He is the author of the chapbooks Why I Am White (Kitchen Press), Creation Myths (New Michigan Press), and The Viral Lease (Small Anchor Press). He is the co-author of the collaboratively written chapbooks Or Else What, Asked the Flame, with Paula Cisewski (SC Press), When We Broke the Microscope (Small Fires Press), and Chugwater (Transmission Press), which were both written with Julia Cohen. His first book, Destruction Myth, is forthcoming from Cleveland State University Press next year.

**Stacy Szymaszek
Stacy Szymaszek is the author of Emptied of All Ships and the forthcoming Hyperglossia (both Litmus Press). She recently published her faux coming-of-age tale Orizaba: A Voyage with Hart Crane (Faux Press). Her passion for Crane is so real. She is the artistic director of the Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church.

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Amy King is the recipient of the 2015 Winner of the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) Award. Her latest collection, The Missing Museum, is a winner of the 2015 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize. She co-edited with Heidi Lynn Staples the anthology Big Energy Poets of the Anthropocene: When Ecopoets Think Climate Change. She also co-edits the anthology series, Bettering American Poetry, and is a professor of creative writing at SUNY Nassau Community College.

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