3 poems by Jaswinder Bolina, Ana Bozicevic’s (aka my) Voicemail Anthem and from Where Absence Is by Nathalie Stephens aka Nathanaël are on PoetryPolitic today in the form of three poemfilms by the great magus Joshua Marie Wilkinson of Rabbit Light Movies.

As per the Wikipedia, the Magi, magicians and interpreters of dreams (singular Magus, from Latin, via Greek μάγος; Old English: Mage; from Persian maguš and Kurdish mâgî) were a tribe from ancient Media. I think, no I know that putting talking poets in magical boxes for others to see and hear is a feat worthy of the ancient Magi of Media.

And more about PoetryPolitic from Wave Books:

Running from September 15th through Election Day, November 4th, PoetryPolitic has been offering a spectrum of critical and imaginative thinking, through poems, audio and video recordings, essays, interviews and reviews. The work on PoetryPolitic represents the ways in which poetry might respond to the complexity of the times. Featured poets have included Hayden Carruth, Don Mee Choi, Matthea Harvey, Andrew Joron, Hoa Nguyen, Alice Notley, Reginald Shepherd, Rod Smith, among many others.




Poetry Politics

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