absent is keeping it real

Elisa Gabbert says:

At long last, absent 3 has arrived! Featuring new poetry, prose, sound, image, translation and manifestos by

Amish Trivedi * Ana Bozicevic * Babs de Genlis * Bill Brown * Carl Tillona * Catherine Meng * Chad Reynolds * Chris Nealon * Chris Tonelli * Dale Smith * Donna Stonecipher * Dorothea Lasky * Igor Shatner * Jane Gregory * Jennifer Anderson * Jenny Boully * Jo Guldi * Joe Amato * Jonathan Haeber * Leigh Stein * Matt Hart * Norbert Francis * Pavel Arsinev * Rick Prelinger * Sergeij Kitov * Tung-Hui Hu

Ps. My poem in this issue, Emoticon, is a very serious poem featuring emoticons :). Do you think the use of emoticons in poems is gimmicky, humdrum, or awesome/why the heck not? Answer here:

P.S. the painting? Invisible by Nguyen Dinh Dang

Entertainment Poetry Pop Culture

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