world effect

A new episode of Rabbit Light Movies.

A new chapbook from Sam Starkweather. Poetry is there, but why do we constantly feel the need to prove it exists? To point to it? Like a mountain appearing in the distance. ‘Be an uncarved block of wood’ is what the Sarah Lawrence kids, who hadn’t slept in 40-some hours, still high off ecstasy and acid, sitting Indian-style on the rock, otherwise-silent, would shout at me during tennis matches.

A new issue of Forklift, Ohio. Amy’s poems are in it. The little film on their site shows the editors shooting the cover of the journal. With bullets. And the poems inside are bullets, too. So it works out.

A new review of Document on Jacket, written by Matt Thorburn. Wrought by Matt Thorburn. What we experience in these poems are vital impressions; not the whole story, but the feeling of the story. Alex Dickow called this the “effet-monde” (literally “world-effect”) of fiction: the impression of a fictional universe which extends far beyond the written page. It rocks when thoughtful, generous reviewers get one’s intentions right. It might be that they are great poets. Just a guess.

Hey, I hope you are well. I feel like a cheat, never writing back fast enough, never reading enough, never sleeping enough. So many journals and chapbooks to look at. So many poets to uphold and discover. Maybe some of you out there feel on top of it? Joyful? Let me know how you do it. How do you live in the world.


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  1. I like the thing about the piece of
    pottery that tells of the vase. I
    can’t what thinker coined that idea.

    The season of existential crisis.
    The game where the field is crowded,
    the bleachers are empty. Everyone’s
    dark afternoon winter depletion.
    a Minor flooding. Sucking water out
    of a freezing carpet on the driveway
    at midnight. Awaiting grand re-org.

    Cope with work with hobbies,
    cope with hobbies with hobbies,
    now work. Round and round, tired.

    Keeping your music consumption up?

  2. I was using your recommendations…oops.
    And Mike Hauser, too. He’s been quiet
    on music also, lately. I’ll have to
    find some lists I can like and check em out.
    Or browse the campus stations more.

  3. I feel joyful that I can never be on top of it, never exhaust the journals, poets, and chapbooks that are out there. A great discovery may be around the corner, even if what I’m discovering is ancient (in Internet time especially).

  4. OK…taking the best-lists of
    the campus DJs at WERS, and tossing
    things that sound less original,
    some interesting ones:
    –She and Him
    –Fleet Foxes (on all the lists)
    –Juliana Hatfield’s new one
    –Jenny Lewis

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