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Portia De Rossi Apologies for Marriage



Jen Foster Didn’t Just Kiss a Girl (For Kate Perry!)

“Out musician Jen Foster has something to say to Katy Perry: She did not just kiss a girl. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s new single, ‘I Didn’t Just Kiss Her,’ is a tongue-in-cheek response to the smash fauxmosexual song, and details Jen’s experience hooking up with a straight girl.

You may have an idea how that goes, but Jen’s song, which you can hear on her MySpace page, illustrates it quite perfectly:

I didn’t just kiss her
We went all the way and I liked it
What’s the point of trying to hide it?
You never know until you’ve tried it.
She said she only kissed me for the boys’ attention.
She’s tryin’ to blame it on a little too much booze
But I can testify she knew what she was doing.
It was almost like she’d done it all before.
She’s gonna go back to her boyfriend now, before the questions come up.
She’s gonna tell him I’m stalkin’ her around the clock, like I’m makin’ the story up.”


By the way, Jill Sobule sang a much better, inoffensive song called, “I Kissed a Girl” long before Kate Perry back in 1995.  Click here to hear! (Unfortunately, the original video is no longer on Youtube.  It featured a cameo of Fabio!)

From Jill Sobule’s blog:

I did learn that I Kissed a Girl — either the Katy Perry version or my version — was hardly the first song about kissing girls. In 1929, Ma Rainey, the “mother of the blues,” wrote Prove it On Me Blues:

Went out last night with a crowd of friends
They must have been woman
‘Cause I don’t like men

Then from Ma Rainey I went to Bessie Smith, who, by the way once bailed Ma Rainey out of jail.


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