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OETRY is the kitchen sink.Charles Bernstein. Bei Dao. Tamiko Beyer. Jackie Clark. Amy De’Ath. Lidija Dimkovska. Kate Durbin. Steven Karl. Natalie Lyalin. Filip Marinovich. Sharon Mesmer. Miguel Murphy. Ariana Reines. Saeed Jones. Tomaz Salamun. Evie Shockley. Heidi Lynn Staples. Leigh Stein. Cole Swensen. John Tranter. Matvei Yankelevich.

IFESTO is everything but.Jennifer Bartlett. Jillian Brall. Ching-In Chen. Ken Chen. Rachel Blau DuPlessis. Jennifer H. Fortin. Molly Gaudry. Roxane Gay. Matt Hart. Brenda Hillman. Dan Hoy. Ron Padgett & Olivier Brossard. Lars Palm. Joan Retallack. Brandon Shimoda. Anne Waldman. Franz Wright. Carolyn Zaikowski.

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Amy King is the recipient of the 2015 Winner of the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) Award. Her latest collection, The Missing Museum, is a winner of the 2015 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize. She co-edited with Heidi Lynn Staples the anthology Big Energy Poets of the Anthropocene: When Ecopoets Think Climate Change. She also co-edits the anthology series, Bettering American Poetry, and is a professor of creative writing at SUNY Nassau Community College.

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  1. Hi Amy, The 1st issue of esque is fantastique!!! I can’t say enough great things about it.

    [There is one minor problem: the site will not load correctly in a Firefox browser. The Flash crashes. I had to view it in IE, which I never use.]

    Thanks for a great new publication!

    All best,

  2. I can get Firefox to take it, but that’s on a new Windows-7
    machine. I’m afraid a lot of software from different sources
    bumped their mem requirements at the same time.
    It was tough for a few months…I had to keep killing acrobat
    stuff to survive.
    I finally ended up buying this thing and spent 2 weeks stripping
    trialware and interface gunk until it worked OK…

    Ah, the future.

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