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 The Equalizer – First_Series Entire Issue (click to download), including work by:

Emily Anderson, Stephanie Anderson, Nathan Austin, Owen Barker, Jim Behrle, Aaron Belz, Mark Bibbins, Summer Block, Amick Boone, Samantha Caan, CAConrad, Macgregor Card, Laura Carter, Adam Clay, Shanna Compton, Joshua Corey, John Cotter, Matt Cozart, Cynthia Cruz, Barbara Cully, Alana Dagen, Peter Davis, Richard Deming, Buck Downs, Jill Alexander Essbaum, Katherine Factor, Noah Falck, Lucas Farrell, Carol Fink, Corrine Fitzpatrick, John Gallaher, Allison Gauss, Henry Gould, Whit Griffin, Shafer Hall, Matt Hart, Mike Hauser, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Matthew Henriksen, Brian Henry, Ernest Hilbert, Mark Horosky, Andrew Hughes, Curtis Jensen, Douglas Kearney, Evan Kennedy, Amy King, Mark Lamoureux, Katy Lederer, Ada Limón, Reb Livingston, Travis Macdonald, Chris Martin, Kristi Maxwell, James Meetze, Jason Myers, Alexis Orgera, Cate Peebles, Craig Santos Perez, Christopher Rizzo, Christopher Salerno, Morgan Lucas Schuldt, Ravi Shankar, Don Share, Kevin Shea, Evie Shockley, Carmen Giménez Smith, Lytton Smith, Cosmo Spinosa, Janaka Stucky, Maureen Thorson, Tony Tost, Jo Turner, Eric Unger, Cody Walker

Michael Schiavo is spreading poetry via email / Pdf blasts!  Lots of good work within; just click on the links where each issue is uploaded:

The Equalizer 1.15

Mark Horosky’s Fabulous Beasts — The Equalizer 1.15


The Equalizer is an occasional poetry series.

• Sign up for The Equalizer: First Series mailing list to receive sections as they’re released throughout October 2010. Email theunrulyservant@gmail.com. Visit michaelschiavo.blogspot.com for more information, including updates & links to websites that will be hosting some or all of The Equalizer sections. Follow @Michael_Schiavo on Twitter to download sections too!

• If there’s a poem in The Equalizer that you really love, please contact the poet and let him/her know.

• If you’re a teacher, please consider using The Equalizer in the classroom to prompt discussion about contemporary poetry and/or publishing.

• If you’re an independent bookstore, please consider making the The Equalizer available on your website to readers by uploading the PDFs, or via the following links:

The Equalizer 1.1   Summer Block, Jim Behrle, Macgregor Card, Mark Bibbins, Emily Anderson, Aaron Belz, Don Share, Cody Walker, Christopher Salerno, Amick Boone, Adam Clay, Buck Downs, Stephanie Anderson, Owen Barker, and CAConrad. (HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1.2   Matt Hart’s “Write This Today While You Were.” (HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1.3   Joshua Corey, Stephanie Anderson, Buck Downs, Shanna Compton, Laura Carter, Peter Davis, Alana Dagen, Reb Livingston, Cody Walker, John Cotter, Craig Santos Perez, and Chris Martin. (HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1.4   A selection from John Gallaher’s Guidebooks. (HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1-1.5 Cynthia Cruz, Reb Livingston, Allison Gauss, Jill Alexander Essbaum, Cody Walker, Buck Downs, Barbara Cully, Peter Davis, Lucas Farrell, Stephanie Anderson, Noah Falck, Carol Fink, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Matt Hart, Maureen Thorson, Amy King, and Chris Martin. (HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1.6   Lucas Farrell’s “The Dual-Shade of Six-Prong.” (HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1.7 Whit Griffin, Shafer Hall, Stephanie Anderson, Brian Henry, Amy King, Richard Deming, Chris Martin, Buck Downs, Christopher Salerno, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Matthew Henriksen, Evan Kennedy, James Meetze, Matt Hart, Cody Walker, and Douglas Kearney. (HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1.8   Sonnets & sonnots from Nathan Austin, Jo Turner, Ernest Hilbert, Kevin Shea, Samantha Caan, Matt Hart, and Curtis Jensen. (HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1.9   Mike Hauser’s Samples. (HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1.10   Mike Hauser, Buck Downs, Stephanie Anderson, Katherine Factor, Maureen Thorson, James Meetze, Mark Lamoureux, Katy Lederer, Alexis Orgera, Ada Limón, Kristi Maxwell, Cate Peebles, Richard Deming, Carmen Giménez Smith, Matt Hart, and Cody Walker. (HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1.11   Evie Shockley’s “the cold” (HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1.12   Andrew Hughes, Chris Martin, Stephanie Anderson, Buck Downs, Jason Myers, Richard Deming, Morgan Lucas Schuldt, Carmen Giménez Smith, Cody Walker, Christopher Rizzo, Travis Macdonald, Matt Hart, Ravi Shankar, and James Meetze. (HTMLGiant and Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1.13   Henry Gould’s Lanthanum 4 (Maureen Thorson)

The Equalizer 1.14   Tony Tost, Maureen Thorson, Lytton Smith, Richard Deming, Cosmo Spinosa, James Meetze, Matt Cozart, Eric Unger, Janaka Stucky, Cody Walker, Katherine Factor, Matt Hart, Buck Downs, and Jim Behrle. (Maureen Thorson)
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Amy King is the recipient of the 2015 Winner of the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) Award. Her latest collection, The Missing Museum, is a winner of the 2015 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize. She co-edited with Heidi Lynn Staples the anthology Big Energy Poets of the Anthropocene: When Ecopoets Think Climate Change. She also co-edits the anthology series, Bettering American Poetry, and is a professor of creative writing at SUNY Nassau Community College.

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