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The What Else of Queer Poetry

WHETTING EXCERPTS: …In queer poetry, desire blooms, and yes, I may just marry my dog— …Beyond that debate, we remain, in all our queerness, anomalies writing aloud the unimagined territories that language spearheads and explores.  They may fear adventure in my world, but I inhabit theirs in multiple ways—and am them. …Queer poets especially locate…

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This Is What a [Feminist] Poet Looks Like

Featuring: Monday, February 1: Ching-In Chen, Jennifer Bartlett, & Kate Durbin Tuesday, February 2: Juliet Cook & Kate Schapira Wednesday, February 3: Kirsten Kaschock & Michele Battiste Thursday, February 4: Michelle Detorie & Stephanie Strickland Friday, February 5: T.A. Noonan & Theodora Danylevich Saturday, February 6: Amy King & Kirsten Kaschock 2 “My Barbaric Bitch of  a Yawp” by Amy King

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Daisy Fried’s Poetry Exercises

Daisy Fried on Poetry: * I’ve never found an explanation for why poetry, apparently alone among the art forms, is asked to do more than be itself. * But poetry’s the High Art which is also democratic: inexpensive, portable, reproducible, quickly consumed (except for epic and very difficult poetry), requiring only literacy to participate. So…

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Not Thinking Alike

“It is not best that we all should think alike, it is differences of opinion that make horse races.” –Mark Twain ~~ A few new poems written by my non-pseudonym in Jacket Magazine: * The Arm of Eden * Where Bullfinches Go to Defy * Two if by Land, I Do * A Martyrdom Should…

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O Review!

Alexander Dickow reviews my book, I’M THE MAN WHO LOVES YOU, in the most recent issue of Jacket Magazine. A few excerpts: … King displays her taste for paradox, conceptual knots and conundrums: […] I named my dog for the future except I couldn’t remember what we’d all been calling her by then […]. My…

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Arrivederci, Tenore Matrice

“I don’t classify myself–I let other do that. If you sing all the roles put in front of you, you are a tenor [as compared to a lyrice tenor or a light lyric tenor]. Punto [period.] If you are also an actor, or a good driver of your voice, if you have personality and a…

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Morgan Lucas Schuldt Appears

Morgan Lucas Schuldt appears ON THIS RECORDING in ode to Elliott Smith a la Billie Holiday. Sort of. An excerpt: “Charles Wright ends one of his poems on a line that goes something like “. . . and God knees our necks to the ground.” Not that God figures conspicuously – or even copiously –…

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Have Poem, Will Travel.

I wrote something of an Ars Poetica for Dan Waber’s project. Ten points to the first person to note who I’m imitating, or rather, what poem my poem follows. Or you could get a review copy of my book, if I can make it to the post office during this lovely Spring Break; it’s tres…

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