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The What Else of Queer Poetry

WHETTING EXCERPTS: …In queer poetry, desire blooms, and yes, I may just marry my dog— …Beyond that debate, we remain, in all our queerness, anomalies writing aloud the unimagined territories that language spearheads and explores.  They may fear adventure in my world, but I inhabit theirs in multiple ways—and am them. …Queer poets especially locate…

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A Little Man on the Side

Welcome, Walt Whitman ~~~ Waltie sits in his food … ~~~ Excerpt from Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking Out of the cradle endlessly rocking, Out of the mocking-bird’s throat, the musical shuttle, Out of the Ninth-month midnight, Over the sterile sands and the fields beyond, where the child leaving his bed wander’d alone, bareheaded,…

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Let the Healing Begin

As per Ms. Hamm’s request for an update: “Frankendog” has arrived home today. Nothing wrong with her eyes (the flash did that), but the staples running down her chest seem a bit off… Nonetheless, she’s better than when she left. Dr. Indrieri cut her open and fixed her up right. We are accepting cards, notes,…

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