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Poetry – Women – Words

Lorna Simpson talks about her career, including her recent practice of appropriating and restaging mid-20th-century photographs. * Why Black History Month Still Matters * Pollitt speaks on women’s equality struggles * Women Stage Massive Protests Across Italy: ‘The Sexism Is Intolerable ‘ (Video) * Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale and “Fun” Feminism * Hatem addresses emergence of…

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New Marketing Strategy

GET RID OF THE BRAIN, REPEAT ALL REPUBLICAN PRECEPTS, & “Woo Hoo. Future VP? Take off the top Sweety!!” I actually thought it was uncool to post this photo, but after cruising the ‘net, I find that many Republicans are all for Sarah Palin (the quote above is real, made by a Republican supporter), based…

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Where’s the Mommy?

A Few Things I Learned During My Stay In the Hospital 1. Though I was in a “good” hospital, the industry, in all forms, aggressively seeks ways to cut corners for profit. The worst manifestation of these “ethics” include under-staffing. This made for decent-but-frustrated nurses and not enough support staff for patients. I have an…

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