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The Count

“Best of 2009″ and “Historical Count” BEST OF 2009 Amazon – Top 100 Editors’ Picks 2009 77 Men 23 Women ~~~ The American Book Awards / Before Columbus Foundation 2009 5 Men 5 Women Lifetime Achievement Award – 1 Man ~~~ Christian Science Monitor — Best books of 2009: Fiction 5 Men 7 Women Christian Science…

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The Great American Love Story

After Thirty Years … As the day of Independence draws near, I realize it’s high time to look closely at a truly egalitarian relationship that is symbiotic, nurturing, and successful in the face of the great American obstacles regularly and historically hurdled by Ernest & Louie Clay-Crew. The story these two share touches on the…

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Remember That Time?

Hey Michael Lauran, Remember the time all five of us went to Vieques, Puerto Rico, and Jen Demartino and I narrated every move you made as you made it? Remember how our narration took the form of nostalgic questions? Remember how we drove you crazy? Remember when we all went rafting and swimming in the…

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