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Edward James: Poet – Architect

From “Leonora Carrington: A Retrospective Exhibition” (1975) – excerpts from Introduction by Edward James: “Leonora’s work is no pastiche of the 16th century.  Its similarity is rather due to the fact that Leonora Carrington was endowed from birth with the versatility of a Renaissance man [Women’s Lib having not yet reared its head]. The fact…

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How To Tell A Masterpiece

Not long ago while viewing the Société Anonyme: Modernism for America show at The Phillips Collection in Washington D.C., Ron Padgett stood before a painting and said something favorable, which in turn prompted me to ask, “What makes this a good painting?” Now mind you, I was asking a man who has viewed thousands of…

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Old Hat Basquiat?

Is it cliché to be a Basquiat fan these days? I don’t hear or see many younger writers noting his work or citing him as an artist they admire. Was he too hip? More legend than artist? Or merely a “graffiti maker” (which he denied vehemently)? Was his style too uneven or messy? Correct me,…

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