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I Want to Make You Safe

CLICK: *  Support Small Press Distribution * Litmus Press *  The French Exit on “The Strange Power of Lying to Yourself“   “Rarely have the nude and the cooked been so neatly joined” as in Amy King’s I Want to Make You Safe. If “us,” “herons,” and “dust” rhyme,  then these poems rhyme. If that…

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King on Rich

No Place for the Little Lyric / Poetry Off the Shelf : The Poetry Foundation [click here] No Place for the Little Lyric @ The Poetry Foundation Should Adrienne Rich be the poet laureate of the Occupy movement?

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PEN American » Weekly Poetry Roundup!

PEN AMERICAN – Poetry Roundup! Ana Bozicevic and I are now herding poetry ephemera for PEN and for your pleasure. Here goes our first roundup. With special guests Anne Boyer, Dana Ward, Justin Marks, Eileen Myles, Elizabeth Willis, Filip Marinovich, Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Matthew Zapruder, Nathaniel Otting, Stephanie Young and a other magicians. Enjoy! ~~~~~…

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Poetry & Race Roundtable

The new issue of Evening Will Come is up:  A roundtable on poetry and race, featuring Francisco Aragón, Jaswinder Bolina, Veronica Golos, Amy King, J. Michael Martinez, Farid Matuk, Evie Shockley, Juliana Spahr, Orlando White, and Timothy Yu. Here: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” –Alice Walker

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** AND JUST WHAT IS IT? MEDIA BLACKOUT? YOU TELL ME. **  Click the titles for info: * “The problem in a nutshell is this: Inequality in this country … (click to continue)” * Read more: Join the Poetry@WallStreet on Facebook – * Click here – TO PARTICIPATE IN FRIDAY’S READING! * Poets Occupy Wall…

"The Granny Brigade"


A Geography of Pleasure

Poems @ OCTOPUS MAGAZINE A GEOGRAPHY OF PLEASURE The Water’s Piety in Doubt and Question by J. Michael MartinezIt Is Especially Dangerous To Be Conscious of Oneself by Jeff Alessandrelli Dwell-E by Brandon Downing The Massachusetts Book of the Dead by Katie Peterson Coney Island Avenue by Andy Fitch Length of Fetch by Jesse Lichtenstein…

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