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NEW REVIEW OF SLAVES TO DO THESE THINGS @ WET ASPHALT — …while ultimately what I think King is concerned with here is the nature of becoming by moving against time as a sort of point of resistance, what she is not interested in is sustaining such artificial constructs as the Master Slave dialectic itself,…



NEW REVIEW OF SLAVES TO DO THESE THINGS by Bobbi Lurie @ Jacket Magazine” Amy King’s poems are dense and energetically written. They are often fragmented collages of narratives which are in no way narratives in the usual sense. They express a great deal of movement of the mind, written with a strong imagination and…



New poems in June’s Poets and Artists — Pages 73 – 77 are killer. ~ Erika Moya reviews Slaves to Do These Things at Galatea. ~ SPD love. ~

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More Brouhaha – Parts 1 through 3

“But What About the Nipples?” A Nice Conversation (Pt. 1) From Roxane Gay: Blake Butler, Kate Zambreno, Amy King and I recently had an interesting and lengthy conversation about gender, publishing and so much more, prompted by lots of things including the recent, and largely excellent discussion in Blake’s “Language Over Body” post about the…

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Read Me Like Braille

READ ME LIKE BRAILLE A bath so good, I’ll type it out. But why do you prick the nerves at the water’s horizon? Such places do exist, noted or kissed, cued in or clueless. I’m riding bubbles, holding the soap, believing in children and calling you names deep into the mailbag’s destiny. This letter always…

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ANARCHY’S TIPTOE Who’s to say what magic is when we’ve got vistas to explore? We’ll spend a day at the Hindu temple, watch a man who loses everything still hold his hands like being married. A younger man dreams of lions, a cave, an imminent slaughter the Lord intervenes on. His voice took the sword…


With No Slither

“…Pound praised H.D.’s writing by saying that it was ‘straight as the Greek’ and with no ‘slither.’  It took me awhile to see the gynophobia behind such rhetoric.  I wanted my Imagism and my slither, too.  My precision and my doubleness.     … There is a way in which I am all of these…

Photo credit: Charles Bernstein/PennSound ©2007

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National Poetry Month

Gently Read Literature 2nd Year Anniversary When Will We Stop Swimming?  Nathan Logan on Amy King’s Slaves To Do These Things In the Beginning: Dennis Etzel Jr. on Mathias Svalina’s Destruction Myth You’ve Been Warned: Jen Michalski on American Soma by Savannah Schroll Guz Lost Inside Maryam: Marcia Lynx Qualey on Mansoura Ez Eldin’s Maryam’s…

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My Visceral Thought

Watch the Kathleen Hanna clip.  Read the manifesto. I can’t help it.  I keep saying I won’t write this post.  It’s not worth it, I’ll appear rude, my knowledge is limited, etc.  But I’ve decided to put it out there, after a cursory read and setting the book aside in annoyance.  The Gurlesque anthology, GURLESQUE:…

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AWP – Denver, Colorado Schedule

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 7:00PM-10:00PM Dusie Pussipo Stonecoast Femiganza Location: at Packing House Center for the Arts, 835 E. 50th Ave. Denver, CO 80216 Cost: FREE! Everybody welcome! Website: Featuring: Bronwen Tate, Ann Bogle, Jennifer Karmin, Marthe Reed, Annie Finch, Amy King, Cara Benson, Mackenzie Carignan, Danielle Pafunda, Deborah Poe, Ana Bozicevic, Teresa Carmody,…

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The “I Like Amy King A Lot” Interview FIND OUT: * You’re very involved in participating in the poetry community. What motivates you to be involved with so many projects? What do you get from all your projects? * What is your best coping mechanism for the AWP experience? Do you enjoy participating in the…


WILLA – New School Event +

Riggio Forum: Women in Letters and Literary Arts Monday, March 1, 2010 @ 6:30 p.m. Alvin Johnson/J. M. Kaplan Hall, 66 West 12th Street — Room 510 New York, NY WILLA (Women in Letters and Literary Arts) presents readings along with a panel discussion on the state of women’s literature today. Participants, all of whom…

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The What Else of Queer Poetry

WHETTING EXCERPTS: …In queer poetry, desire blooms, and yes, I may just marry my dog— …Beyond that debate, we remain, in all our queerness, anomalies writing aloud the unimagined territories that language spearheads and explores.  They may fear adventure in my world, but I inhabit theirs in multiple ways—and am them. …Queer poets especially locate…

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New Stuff Up

Siren is jam-packed with springtime goodness: Siren is back with a brand new issue, including poetry by Michelle Bitting, Mark Cunningham, Valerie Fox, Amy King, Ryan Laks, Gareth Lee, Karyna McGlynn, Sally Molini, Natasha Moni, Cait Rappel, Paul Siegell, and Elizabeth Volpe, and art & photography by Gundega Dege, Matina Stamatakis, and Lafayette Wattles. Also,…

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A Map Through the Mines of My Book

By Lissa Kiernan @ Arsenic Lobster [two excerpts]: The book’s 60 poems, in savant-like methodical brilliance, are arranged in alpha-order and prefaced by a quote from Virginia Woolf’s cross-dressing, sex-changing Orlando: “Everything, in fact, was something else.” This frames things perfectly, for to exist in King’s world for the duration of this book is to…

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Hope Your Road Is a Long One

I Love This Prince … Will Oldham / Bonnie “Prince” Billy sings “I Am Goodbye” ~~~~ HOPE YOUR ROAD IS A LONG ONE Hope your road is a long one. Along the way, have some nuts and berries; they’re not obsolete. In my own hand, cashews, almonds, cranberries. Don’t be irritated by the vacant woman’s…

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