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Poetry & Race Roundtable

The new issue of Evening Will Come is up:  A roundtable on poetry and race, featuring Francisco Aragón, Jaswinder Bolina, Veronica Golos, Amy King, J. Michael Martinez, Farid Matuk, Evie Shockley, Juliana Spahr, Orlando White, and Timothy Yu. Here: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” –Alice Walker

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** AND JUST WHAT IS IT? MEDIA BLACKOUT? YOU TELL ME. **  Click the titles for info: * “The problem in a nutshell is this: Inequality in this country … (click to continue)” * Read more: Join the Poetry@WallStreet on Facebook – * Click here – TO PARTICIPATE IN FRIDAY’S READING! * Poets Occupy Wall…

"The Granny Brigade"


What BP Isn’t Doing, But Could

The Secret, 700-Million-Gallon Oil Fix That Worked — and Might Save the Gulf May 13, 2010 at 6:46AM by Mark Warren There’s a potential solution to the Gulf oil spill that neither BP, nor the federal government, nor anyone — save a couple intuitive engineers — seems willing to try. As The Politics Blog reported on…

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New Marketing Strategy

GET RID OF THE BRAIN, REPEAT ALL REPUBLICAN PRECEPTS, & “Woo Hoo. Future VP? Take off the top Sweety!!” I actually thought it was uncool to post this photo, but after cruising the ‘net, I find that many Republicans are all for Sarah Palin (the quote above is real, made by a Republican supporter), based…

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Police State?

That’s what the police shout near the end of this video (viewed larger and clearer through link), presumably to ‘clear the way,’ in which NYPD officers intentionally try to intimidate cyclists during one of their rides. NYC is a city built for walking and would seem to be friendly to bike riders. Alas, my brief…

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