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PRESS Breaking the Ice With Pints and Poetry @Wall Street Journal The first hour involved cocktails at the Housing Works Bookstore and Café in SoHo. Then there were readings by Colson Whitehead (“Sag Harbor”), Emily St. John Mandel (“The Singers Gun”) and poet Amy King, who runs a popular poetry group on Goodreads. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 20…

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Amy King @ AWP 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016 9:00 am to 10:15 am Room 402 AB, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level F109. More Than Numbers: How Conscientious Poetry Editors See Beyond Quotas. (Amy King,  Timothy Donnelly,  Airea D. Matthews,  Phillip B. Williams,  Lynn Melnick) This panel, featuring editors who have successfully published a diversity of poets in both magazines and…

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PERLOFF’S RESPONSES CAN BE FOUND @ THE RUMPUS, “BEAUTY AND THE BEASTLY PO-BIZ, PART 2” OR: PART 1 OF “BEAUTY AND THE BEASTLY PO-BIZ” @ THE RUMPUS MAY BE ACCESSED HERE. AMY KING SAYS: July 27th, 2013 at 3:31 pm Hi Marjorie, While yours is an impressive oeuvre, my blog post is not framed as a review…


I Want to Make You Safe

CLICK: *  Support Small Press Distribution * Litmus Press *  The French Exit on “The Strange Power of Lying to Yourself“   “Rarely have the nude and the cooked been so neatly joined” as in Amy King’s I Want to Make You Safe. If “us,” “herons,” and “dust” rhyme,  then these poems rhyme. If that…

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King on Rich

No Place for the Little Lyric / Poetry Off the Shelf : The Poetry Foundation [click here] No Place for the Little Lyric @ The Poetry Foundation Should Adrienne Rich be the poet laureate of the Occupy movement?

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Poetry & Race Roundtable

The new issue of Evening Will Come is up:  A roundtable on poetry and race, featuring Francisco Aragón, Jaswinder Bolina, Veronica Golos, Amy King, J. Michael Martinez, Farid Matuk, Evie Shockley, Juliana Spahr, Orlando White, and Timothy Yu. Here: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” –Alice Walker

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Wrestling with Art

I wrestle @ Poetry Society of America (click here). A few others in the PSA American Poetry series: 2010 Timothy Liu Amy King Marcella Durand Sarah Gambito Allison Hedge Coke Kazim Ali Erin Belieu Maria Melendez Ken Chen Ana Božičević Elizabeth Robinson Tina Chang Brian Teare Barbara Jane Reyes Seth Abramson Jill Alexander Essbaum Jibade-Khalil…

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New poems in June’s Poets and Artists — Pages 73 – 77 are killer. ~ Erika Moya reviews Slaves to Do These Things at Galatea. ~ SPD love. ~

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More Brouhaha – Parts 1 through 3

“But What About the Nipples?” A Nice Conversation (Pt. 1) From Roxane Gay: Blake Butler, Kate Zambreno, Amy King and I recently had an interesting and lengthy conversation about gender, publishing and so much more, prompted by lots of things including the recent, and largely excellent discussion in Blake’s “Language Over Body” post about the…

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Major Linkage

“Fuck the Corporate Media” – Students *Love* Discussing This Analysis ~~ Alanis Morissette Honors Her Feminist Foremothers “I wouldn’t even tell people I was black in Mississippi!” ‘Boobquake’ Spurs Feminist Infighting Sometimes people think I’m Gertrude Stein [GRT! Video] Gender, fucked Reclaiming the ‘B-Word’ In the Name of Feminism “Click”: The feminist eureka moment The…

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The Count

“Best of 2009″ and “Historical Count” BEST OF 2009 Amazon – Top 100 Editors’ Picks 2009 77 Men 23 Women ~~~ The American Book Awards / Before Columbus Foundation 2009 5 Men 5 Women Lifetime Achievement Award – 1 Man ~~~ Christian Science Monitor — Best books of 2009: Fiction 5 Men 7 Women Christian Science…

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“The Count”

ABSOLUTE DISPARITY. For the WILLA debut, I thought I’d kick things off with two views. The “Best of 2009” looks at the gender distribution of several major book awards and prominent “best of” lists. I took my second cue from Ursula K Le Guin’s 1999 talk, “Award and Gender,” in which she tallied up the…

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My Visceral Thought

Watch the Kathleen Hanna clip.  Read the manifesto. I can’t help it.  I keep saying I won’t write this post.  It’s not worth it, I’ll appear rude, my knowledge is limited, etc.  But I’ve decided to put it out there, after a cursory read and setting the book aside in annoyance.  The Gurlesque anthology, GURLESQUE:…

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The “I Like Amy King A Lot” Interview FIND OUT: * You’re very involved in participating in the poetry community. What motivates you to be involved with so many projects? What do you get from all your projects? * What is your best coping mechanism for the AWP experience? Do you enjoy participating in the…


“…damned mob of scribbling women” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

THOSE BADASS ♀ ARE AT IT AGAIN Judith Butler: As a Jew, I was taught it was ethically imperative to speak up ~~ “I call myself a feminist.”–Dalai Lama ~~ Film explores the life of China’s first feminist ~~ Sarkozy’s depiction of pregnant, ‘virgin’ Marianne sparks feminist … ~~ Forty years of women’s liberation ~~ The Revolution Won’t…

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WILLA – New School Event +

Riggio Forum: Women in Letters and Literary Arts Monday, March 1, 2010 @ 6:30 p.m. Alvin Johnson/J. M. Kaplan Hall, 66 West 12th Street — Room 510 New York, NY WILLA (Women in Letters and Literary Arts) presents readings along with a panel discussion on the state of women’s literature today. Participants, all of whom…

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