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With that in mind, I will be posting shorts a la Facebook posts.  Little posts, little notes. Leonora Carrington died last year at 94.  She was NOT a Surrealist.  She associated with the group and was with Max Ernst for two years.  The thinking person who does some research will discover that she was critical…

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Poetry?! Why Bother?

— “VERSE BROADENS THE MIND, SCIENTISTS FIND“ — “The Contiguous Image: Mapping Metaphor in Haiku” by Matthew M. Carriello (Thank you, Denise Hill) — “Should MIT Teach Poetry?” by John Lundberg — “This Is Your Brain on Metaphors” by Robert Sapolsky — “Present and Tense: Fiction vs. Poetry in Recovery“ — “CLOSE CALLS WITH NONSENSE: — HOW TO…

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A Geography of Pleasure

Poems @ OCTOPUS MAGAZINE A GEOGRAPHY OF PLEASURE The Water’s Piety in Doubt and Question by J. Michael MartinezIt Is Especially Dangerous To Be Conscious of Oneself by Jeff Alessandrelli Dwell-E by Brandon Downing The Massachusetts Book of the Dead by Katie Peterson Coney Island Avenue by Andy Fitch Length of Fetch by Jesse Lichtenstein…

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Wrestling with Art

I wrestle @ Poetry Society of America (click here). A few others in the PSA American Poetry series: 2010 Timothy Liu Amy King Marcella Durand Sarah Gambito Allison Hedge Coke Kazim Ali Erin Belieu Maria Melendez Ken Chen Ana Božičević Elizabeth Robinson Tina Chang Brian Teare Barbara Jane Reyes Seth Abramson Jill Alexander Essbaum Jibade-Khalil…

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New Orleans: Poetry Rehab

Filmmaker, Ghen Dennis, has been to New Orleans a number of times since Hurricane Katrina destroyed many people’s homes and neighborhoods.  She has worked on rebuilding projects, rescued a few dogs, and continues to document the remaining destruction.   During her most recent visit, she wheat-pasted poems to buildings still in need of rehab. A…

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New poems in June’s Poets and Artists — Pages 73 – 77 are killer. ~ Erika Moya reviews Slaves to Do These Things at Galatea. ~ SPD love. ~

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More Brouhaha – Parts 1 through 3

“But What About the Nipples?” A Nice Conversation (Pt. 1) From Roxane Gay: Blake Butler, Kate Zambreno, Amy King and I recently had an interesting and lengthy conversation about gender, publishing and so much more, prompted by lots of things including the recent, and largely excellent discussion in Blake’s “Language Over Body” post about the…

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Read Me Like Braille

READ ME LIKE BRAILLE A bath so good, I’ll type it out. But why do you prick the nerves at the water’s horizon? Such places do exist, noted or kissed, cued in or clueless. I’m riding bubbles, holding the soap, believing in children and calling you names deep into the mailbag’s destiny. This letter always…

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Major Linkage

“Fuck the Corporate Media” – Students *Love* Discussing This Analysis ~~ Alanis Morissette Honors Her Feminist Foremothers “I wouldn’t even tell people I was black in Mississippi!” ‘Boobquake’ Spurs Feminist Infighting Sometimes people think I’m Gertrude Stein [GRT! Video] Gender, fucked Reclaiming the ‘B-Word’ In the Name of Feminism “Click”: The feminist eureka moment The…

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The Count

“Best of 2009″ and “Historical Count” BEST OF 2009 Amazon – Top 100 Editors’ Picks 2009 77 Men 23 Women ~~~ The American Book Awards / Before Columbus Foundation 2009 5 Men 5 Women Lifetime Achievement Award – 1 Man ~~~ Christian Science Monitor — Best books of 2009: Fiction 5 Men 7 Women Christian Science…

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ANARCHY’S TIPTOE Who’s to say what magic is when we’ve got vistas to explore? We’ll spend a day at the Hindu temple, watch a man who loses everything still hold his hands like being married. A younger man dreams of lions, a cave, an imminent slaughter the Lord intervenes on. His voice took the sword…


I’m Just Being a Bitch Again

So HTMLGIANT, I’ve been told, serves a mostly young male community in its comments sections.  I wasn’t sure that was true, but apparently, that’s the hope: On HTMLGIANT, Blake Butler (who is also the editor of HTML) pimped a new mag, “We Are Champion,” that his work appears in;  Elisa Gabbert pointed out that it’s…

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With No Slither

“…Pound praised H.D.’s writing by saying that it was ‘straight as the Greek’ and with no ‘slither.’  It took me awhile to see the gynophobia behind such rhetoric.  I wanted my Imagism and my slither, too.  My precision and my doubleness.     … There is a way in which I am all of these…

Photo credit: Charles Bernstein/PennSound ©2007

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