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PERLOFF’S RESPONSES CAN BE FOUND @ THE RUMPUS, “BEAUTY AND THE BEASTLY PO-BIZ, PART 2” OR: PART 1 OF “BEAUTY AND THE BEASTLY PO-BIZ” @ THE RUMPUS MAY BE ACCESSED HERE. AMY KING SAYS: July 27th, 2013 at 3:31 pm Hi Marjorie, While yours is an impressive oeuvre, my blog post is not framed as a review…



COOPERATIVE POETRY The Rooster Moans created an online network of artists where there are no hierarchies.    “It allows the students to see that, regardless of level of experience, we’re all working artists, and that being a published poet doesn’t mean that you don’t still struggle and grapple with your art, and/or obviate the need…


Review @ Jacket Magazine

The gestural lyric and beyond A review of Amy King’s “I Want to Make You Safe” BARRY SCHWABSKY EXCERPT: At a time when the lyric is widely denigrated and often practiced in a defensive mode if at all, her insouciant confidence that it will serve any end is heartening. CONTINUED @ JACKET2

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Edward James: Poet – Architect

From “Leonora Carrington: A Retrospective Exhibition” (1975) – excerpts from Introduction by Edward James: “Leonora’s work is no pastiche of the 16th century.  Its similarity is rather due to the fact that Leonora Carrington was endowed from birth with the versatility of a Renaissance man [Women’s Lib having not yet reared its head]. The fact…

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With that in mind, I will be posting shorts a la Facebook posts.  Little posts, little notes. Leonora Carrington died last year at 94.  She was NOT a Surrealist.  She associated with the group and was with Max Ernst for two years.  The thinking person who does some research will discover that she was critical…

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“What is safe?”

Words and Music by Metta Sáma EXCERPTS: “King’s book is not quiet; hers is an aesthetics of sound fractured, fragmented, compounded, mixed, remixed, sampled, jointed, yes, even anointed. (Check out the cover of this book, it’s sparseness of image, this blaringly red background, these glaringly gray figures, mouths open. Caught mid-pounce (whose in danger? (you…

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Ana “bought” (supported?  inspired?  incentived?) a poem from Molly Gaudry – it rocks! Worth the cash-o-line? You decide: YOU ARE ONE BAD MAMA JAMA, MISS ALABAMA for Amy King and Ana Božičević Hitching home, I hear her holler and honk, and when I turn she pulls over and parks, levels her gauzy eyes on my…

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“Strange Dolls”

“Amy King” Doll So I commissioned a woman artist, Beth Robinson, to make dolls of Ana and me to christen our new home.   Robinson’s work has begun to be featured in galleries and written about in art publications.    Not sure the photos do them justice — in person, they just rock.  If you’re…

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Poetry Events / Calendars

Poetry Events and Calendars in your Town or City [Please post addt’l venues in comments to be added!] ~~~ AL Alabama — http://www.writersforum.org/ ~~~ CA California / West Coast — http://www.poetryflash.org/ Bay Area, California — Spoken Word Listings Glendale, California — http://www.poeticresearch.com/ Los Angeles, California – http://mommymommyreadingseries.blogspot.com/ Venice, California — http://www.beyondbaroque.org/ Northern California — http://www.coloredhorse.com…

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