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Grandmas’ Wisdom Worth Lots

Grandmas have generally outgrown trying to impress their pals and peers.  They often ‘tell it like it is’, or at least, speak their minds freely–minds that are vested with many years of experience-gleaned wisdom and invested with hope that the world they’ve endured and added to will be a better place for their children’s children. …

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This Blog Is Now

We are now on a long hiatus, perhaps as permanent as electricity will allow, projects and ingenuity permitting. Please watch for periodic updates such as this one:  Ana Bozicevic’s first full length collection, STARS OF THE NIGHT COMMUTE, will appear shortly from Tarpaulin Sky Press — joy! And Amy King’s collaboration with Derrick Tyson,  Slaves…

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Big Pimpin’

A Night At the Ear Inn Did I mention that my best friend and jazz critic, among other hats like Frank O’Connor scholar, W.B. Yeats aficionado, and friend of the Maxwell’s, Michael Steinman, started up a blog a few months ago? He’s on the move now, road-trekkin, with his lovely lady, Lorna Sass, for a…

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