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ANARCHY’S TIPTOE Who’s to say what magic is when we’ve got vistas to explore? We’ll spend a day at the Hindu temple, watch a man who loses everything still hold his hands like being married. A younger man dreams of lions, a cave, an imminent slaughter the Lord intervenes on. His voice took the sword…



Ana “bought” (supported?  inspired?  incentived?) a poem from Molly Gaudry – it rocks! Worth the cash-o-line? You decide: YOU ARE ONE BAD MAMA JAMA, MISS ALABAMA for Amy King and Ana Božičević Hitching home, I hear her holler and honk, and when I turn she pulls over and parks, levels her gauzy eyes on my…

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Race and Poetry [preview]

Part 1 of 3 Stay tuned for the *complete* audio of the Race and Poetry panel @ PennSound [http://www.writing.upenn.edu/pennsound/x/King.html or on a “bigger” page, waiting to hear]. In the meantime, *incomplete* video @ Blip.TV [http://amyking.blip.tv/ – better quality & only 3 long parts] or YouTube [http://www.youtube.com/user/amyhappens] with 7 shorter videos. The Wilders have also put…

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