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Skinny Love

HOW ABOUT A LOVELY TUNE THIS MORNING? [YOUTUBE=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHyo33XLP24] BON IVER ~~~~~~~~~~~ EXCERPT BY MIGUEL MURPHY: Prop. 8 is fanatical and filled with prejudice. Why trust gay men and women to cut your hair, write your television shows, do your banking, file your taxwork, drive your buses, serve as your councilmen, your senator woman, operate on…

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Wake Up, Have a Poem & a Song

Take a break from the political scene with “Rocky Took a Lover” by Bell X1 (above video makes me happy) and a poem by Rika Lesser: Let’s throw it out the window How ever did we spend an entire evening re-bending that wire sculpture, only to toss it eighteen stories down? Poor contorted dancer, we…

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