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“What is safe?”

Words and Music by Metta Sáma EXCERPTS: “King’s book is not quiet; hers is an aesthetics of sound fractured, fragmented, compounded, mixed, remixed, sampled, jointed, yes, even anointed. (Check out the cover of this book, it’s sparseness of image, this blaringly red background, these glaringly gray figures, mouths open. Caught mid-pounce (whose in danger? (you…

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I’m Just Being a Bitch Again

So HTMLGIANT, I’ve been told, serves a mostly young male community in its comments sections.  I wasn’t sure that was true, but apparently, that’s the hope: On HTMLGIANT, Blake Butler (who is also the editor of HTML) pimped a new mag, “We Are Champion,” that his work appears in;  Elisa Gabbert pointed out that it’s…

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Post-Turkey Pony

The Del Sol Review presents Failed to Include and U.S. History and Miracle on the Hudson and A Bruise That Stains the Teeth Amy King Flowers Lose Their Smell Alka Roy Fuzzy Liberty Dipika Mukherjee Loops and Arches Munize M. Khasru Woodchuck vs. The Hank Williams Zombie Ted Pelton Lost and Found Joan Gelfand The…

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