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@ BOSTON REVIEW  EXCERPTS (selected by readers / in random order): Poetry is dead by capitalism’s standards—it is not an obvious moneymaking venture, despite traceable employment and readings’ payoffs via the academy—and that emboldens some folks limited by capitalist blinders to herald poetry’s last breath. If Conceptual poets can sensationally spin this mythology and position themselves…


The What Else of Queer Poetry

WHETTING EXCERPTS: …In queer poetry, desire blooms, and yes, I may just marry my dog— …Beyond that debate, we remain, in all our queerness, anomalies writing aloud the unimagined territories that language spearheads and explores.  They may fear adventure in my world, but I inhabit theirs in multiple ways—and am them. …Queer poets especially locate…

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This Is What a [Feminist] Poet Looks Like

Featuring: Monday, February 1: Ching-In Chen, Jennifer Bartlett, & Kate Durbin Tuesday, February 2: Juliet Cook & Kate Schapira Wednesday, February 3: Kirsten Kaschock & Michele Battiste Thursday, February 4: Michelle Detorie & Stephanie Strickland Friday, February 5: T.A. Noonan & Theodora Danylevich Saturday, February 6: Amy King & Kirsten Kaschock 2 “My Barbaric Bitch of  a Yawp” by Amy King

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