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Marriage Is a Metaphor

…an infinite series of possible encounters… The marriage equality issue isn’t ultimately about marriage, at least, not for me. Simply and quickly put, the entire debate is yet another public opportunity to voice who deserves rights, discrimination, bastardizing, and acceptance, no hate or holds barred.  Of course, technically (& on the surface of all this),…

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The Sanctity of Marriage

Ever hear of Diane Savino?  You will.  Currently our senator from Staten Island, she recently made the nation’s radar with her speech on the sanctity of marriage, well worth viewing here: “Diane Savino has dedicated her entire professional career towards improving the lives of working families. She began her career in public service as a…

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A Few Favorites

A few current faves to spice up your night! CURRENT FAVORITE INTERVIEW WHERE I MAY OR MAY NOT BE REAL @ Thunk:  Where Interviews Go To Die – Ryan Manning vs. Amy King ~~~~ Current Favorite Political Pundit — Rachel Maddow ~~~~ Current Favorite Poem — “Story of Learning” by Matt Rotando ~~~~

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Comedian Comes Out

At the Las Vegas rally for Proposition 8 yesterday, comedian and Adventures of New Christine ingenue Wanda Sykes told a massive crowd of onlookers that she’d gotten married on October 25…to a woman. After divorcing her husband in 1998, many had hoped Sykes would break up Larry David’s marriage and claim him for her own.…

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Skinny Love

HOW ABOUT A LOVELY TUNE THIS MORNING? [YOUTUBE=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHyo33XLP24] BON IVER ~~~~~~~~~~~ EXCERPT BY MIGUEL MURPHY: Prop. 8 is fanatical and filled with prejudice. Why trust gay men and women to cut your hair, write your television shows, do your banking, file your taxwork, drive your buses, serve as your councilmen, your senator woman, operate on…

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An Empathetic President

Barack’s sister Maya Soetoro-Ng discusses the strong influence their mother has had on their values and outlook. Visit http://women.barackobama.com. ~~~~~~ Nov. 5, 2008 Dear Brother Obama, You have no idea, really, of how profound this moment is for us. Us being the black people of the Southern United States. You think you know, because you…

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Why I’m Not Gay For Huckabee – Seeking Successful Satire

For his inaugural “Better Know A Lobbyist: Gay Agenda” segment, Stephen Colbert brought out his faux-condescending inner pundit to interview HRC (Human Rights Campaign) president Joe Solomonese. This is a two part series. In the second installment of “Better Know A Lobbyist: Gay Agenda“, Stephen Colbert once more summons his inner pundit to further probe…

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