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Post-Turkey Pony

The Del Sol Review presents Failed to Include and U.S. History and Miracle on the Hudson and A Bruise That Stains the Teeth Amy King Flowers Lose Their Smell Alka Roy Fuzzy Liberty Dipika Mukherjee Loops and Arches Munize M. Khasru Woodchuck vs. The Hank Williams Zombie Ted Pelton Lost and Found Joan Gelfand The…

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My New Puppies

My new puppies are up at Moria: “THIS” * “HOW I GOT TO RUSSIA’S KNAPSACK” * “MY LOVE ISN’T” * “BROOKLYN WHITE INK PARTY” * “CHASTEN THE TAIL” The complete list of Moria contributors: Camille Martin, Charles Perrone, Heller Levinson, Philip Byron Oakes, Trish Falin, Rebecca Eddy, Chris Major, Onur Caymaz, Maw Shein Win, Daniel…

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