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The WOM-PO (Discussion of Women’s Poetry) List was started in December 1997 by Annie Finch with an invitation to a small group of poets, critics, and lovers of women’s poetry. These people in turn invited other people to join, and the list has grown into a well-regarded international listserve by spreading through these networks. In…


More Brouhaha – Parts 1 through 3

“But What About the Nipples?” A Nice Conversation (Pt. 1) From Roxane Gay: Blake Butler, Kate Zambreno, Amy King and I recently had an interesting and lengthy conversation about gender, publishing and so much more, prompted by lots of things including the recent, and largely excellent discussion in Blake’s “Language Over Body” post about the…

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Post-Turkey Pony

The Del Sol Review presents Failed to Include and U.S. History and Miracle on the Hudson and A Bruise That Stains the Teeth Amy King Flowers Lose Their Smell Alka Roy Fuzzy Liberty Dipika Mukherjee Loops and Arches Munize M. Khasru Woodchuck vs. The Hank Williams Zombie Ted Pelton Lost and Found Joan Gelfand The…

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