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Yurts, Pelicans, and Sarah Palin

Find out more with Ariana Reines, Sept. 26th @ Stain Bar [PLEASE NOTE: Ariana was not aware that we were taping, & we were all feeling festive & anxious about the imminent presidential debate.] Please visit our new reading series site to view videos of Ariana Reines reading dreams & Coeur de Lion and answering…

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Civil Rights, Who Gets Them and How Often

Remember anti miscegenation? “Anti-miscegenation laws, also known as miscegenation laws, were laws that banned interracial marriage and sometimes interracial sex between whites and members of other races. In the United States, interracial marriage, cohabitation and sex have since 1863 been termed “miscegenation.” Contemporary usage of the term “miscegenation” is less frequent. In North America, laws…

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