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A Few Favorites

A few current faves to spice up your night! CURRENT FAVORITE INTERVIEW WHERE I MAY OR MAY NOT BE REAL @ Thunk:  Where Interviews Go To Die – Ryan Manning vs. Amy King ~~~~ Current Favorite Political Pundit — Rachel Maddow ~~~~ Current Favorite Poem — “Story of Learning” by Matt Rotando ~~~~

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Fri, April 3rd and Sun, April 5th!

Fri. April 3rd, Coffeehouse: Got the blues? Friday, April 3, 2009 at 8pm come to PeaceSmiths’ Topical, A-Typical Folk Music, Poetry and Whatever Coffeehouse. Got the blues? Come organize. It makes you feel better. We have a table full of info on local music, politics, petitions and community concerns. Come bring some literature and promote…

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Weekend Hits

Maddow on “The Gay” ~~~~~~~ Rachel Maddow On Lesbian Men and Women ~~~~~~~ Current Mood Tune ~~~~~~~ Men Define Feminism for Maddow ~~~~~~~ A Little Lovely Waits While You Wait ~~~~~~~ Maddow on They Don’t Say “GAY” Debates ~~~~~~

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