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Thanks, George.

Thanks, George Bush, for your anti-social, soul-sucking-religious, hate-mongering, anti-thinking, old-boy networking, pro-rich scaffolding policies and legacy. Thanks for the war, the recession, and the imminent depression. Thanks for conflating government with yours and your pals’ profit-making agendas. Thanks for ignoring, and in many cases dehumanizing, everyone not seated at your very small table, and thanks…

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Using Poetic Devices in Politics

“Hockey Mom” – Sarah Palin I love, and teach, Lakoff’s consideration of “The Nation as Family” in which we typically view two forms of government via metaphors: The Strict Father Family vs. The Nurturant Parent Family. My students understand these metaphorical models easily, and they’re good viewfinders for working through the coded speeches and political…

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