I’m So Happy – I Have H Pylori!


[UPDATE — A summary of the alternative treatments can be found at the end of this entry. You may also read through the comments to discover how these food-based medicines eradicated H Pylori for myself as well  as others’ experiences.  Also, many of the treatments are linked and will lead you to the products I used and other sites that can offer help. Good luck to everyone in your treatment! Don’t give up hope — H Pylori infection is treatable!]


Well to be fair, I’m still being tested for other things like magnesium and iron deficiencies and c difficile infection, but after nearly a year of investigating other possibilities, including heart issues — and being diagnosed with Neurocardiogenic Syncope — I’m very happy to find that many of these miserable symptoms may be attributed to one nasty little undiagnosed bug:  Helicobacter pylori.

This sneaky creature happily swims in your stomach acid and buries itself in the lining of your stomach and intestines.  Our immune systems h-pylori-invasion-epithelial-cells-mucous-layertypically don’t access the stomach lining well, so joy and long life for those buggers if they go undetected!  And really, a gastrointestinal doctor, or a G.I. for short, is the person who should discover this bug and begin the eradication process.  Shall I tell you how many GIs I’ve seen over the last year?  I was in the hospital for almost a week last April, underwent all kinds of tests, including an endoscopy and colonoscopy, later saw Dr. A. S. [name removed – email me if you plan to see a GI with those initials] in Great Neck, NY at least five times (he finally ended our all-too-brief sessions, in which he did nothing but earn a pretty penny for each five to ten minute visit and run one stool test for parasites, by telling me that he couldn’t do anything else for me), and then saw Dr. C. W., who told me that he believes my problem to be cardiological but ran some tests that my primary doctor had already run (tests he had access to in the computer but clearly didn’t review) when I insisted that the consistent thread in all of my symptoms was gastro-related.

Not so incidentally, it was my new primary physician who finally got the correct diagnosis, despite the fact that I had been seeing GIs who should have tested and picked it up long ago.

Oh!  How could I forget my very kick ass gynecologist, Dr. John Gomes?  He called me in the hospital, counseling me after a few ER visits, and saw me in his office to make sure none of my symptoms were related to my female anatomy.  He checked my ovaries, tested for perimenopause, etc.  But overall, Dr. Gomes spent time, unrelated to his own practice and services, just checking in on me.  Should you need your lady parts checked or if a baby is in your future, I, once again, recommend this OB/GYN positively!

gastroenterologistSo why have I had good luck finding such great doctors and bad luck solely with gastroenterologists?  Maybe I was a specialist in the torture of the innards in a past life?  Who knows.  But what’s done is done, and I hope to warn others who might see Dr. A.S. (no matter how “nice” he seems during his very expensive five-minute visits with you) or Dr. W. [again, email me if you want the name], who is like a quick hurricane breeze:  completely disinterested in what you have to say and focused only on his own pre-determinations of what is wrong with you to the point that he too spends only five minutes in the room before he’s gone.  By the way, I faxed him a question regarding my symptoms; he had his secretary leave me a message “never to email him again” as if a fax didn’t constitute a valid communication between a patient and a doctor.  And the fax actually could have pulled him out of his “it’s an arrhythmia” diagnosis if he had actually considered its contents.  I wrote to him explaining that I had begun taking a natural antibiotic, Grapefruit Seed Extract, which was making me feel better.  I wanted to know why.  His secretary, after telling me three times on my machine not to “email” the doctor anymore, finished the call with, “And Dr. W. doesn’t know what that stuff your taking is.”  Um, yeah.  And I don’t know what that stuff he’s practicing is, but it sure isn’t medicine motivated by that pesky Hippocratic Oath, which actually isn’t obligatory, or a sense of accountability.

So yes, back to the H Pylori. Dr. Hazan found the H Pylori antibody in my blood, and I then had to wait for the confirmation from a stool culture to determine if I had an active infection.  So what does a sick-o do in the meantime?  She hunts for alternative medicines that will treat the little terds invading her intestines.   I’ve been using a number of items for the last few days that seem to be helping me immensely and suddenly.


(& by “alternative” I mean beyond the usual western medicine antibiotics that are obviously losing their steam)

manuka-honeyManuka Honey (Active)– This is the new bomb for anyone suffering from a bacterial or staph infection — internally or externally.  It’s picking up steam in serious cases of flesh wounds and post-surgery (watch this graphic video) that won’t heal due to antibiotic-resistant bugs, and they’ve also documented its use against h pylori.  Expensive but well worth the investment.    I’ve gotten all three of my bottles now from Amazon, though you can pick it up on other sites.  And it tastes yummy too!

* Probiotics — “Probiotic strain Bacillus subtilis 3, whose safetyhas previously been demonstrated, is known to have antagonisticproperties against species of the family Enterobacteriaceae. Inthe present study, it was also found to inhibit H. pylori” (Source:  AAA).You should be taking a probiotic supplement, whether you’re sick or not, but especially if you use antibiotics.   After much compartive shopping and on the recommendation of Dan Hoy, I use Jordan Rubin’s Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra, which you can also purchase on Amazon or at your local Vitamin Shoppe.

* Mastic Gum — “Even low doses of mastic gum — 1 mg perday for two weeks — can cure peptic ulcers very rapidly,but the mechanism responsible has not been clear. We have foundthat mastic is active against Helicobacter pylori, which couldexplain its therapeutic effect in patients with peptic ulcers” (Source:  New England Journal of Medicine).  I’ve been taking one gram a day in the morning on an empty stomach.

Broccoli Sprouts (American Journal of Gastroenterology) — In laboratory tests the chemical, sulforaphane, killed helicobacter pylori, a bacteria that causes stomach ulcers and often fatal stomach cancers. And the good news is there appears to be enough of it in broccoli sprouts and some varieties of broccoli to benefit people who eat the vegetables” (Source:  USA Today).

“A diet rich in broccoli sprouts significantly reduced Helicobacteri pylori (H. pylori) infection among a group of 20 individuals, found a team of researchers in Japan. H. pylori is known to cause gastritis and is believed to be a major factor in peptic ulcer and stomach cancer.

Scientists are focusing on the anti-cancer properties of a chemical derived from broccoli sprouts called sulforaphane. Among other things, this chemical can help cells defend against oxidants, the highly reactive and toxic molecules that damage DNA and kill cells, potentially leading to cancer” (Source:  DNC).

Along with eating more broccoli, I take one capsule of Broccolive by New Chapter in between meals each day now.

* OmegaBrite – Essential fatty acids as recommended by my new therapist below.

bomb* THE BOMB – Monolaurin (Lauric Acid) — I came upon Dr. Marcus Ettinger’s blog and this doozey of an entry in which he describes his own bout with and treatment of h pylori.  He has since very kindly emailed with me and stressed the importance of the monolaurin.

“Researchers have shown that monolaurin has a direct and potent germ killing effect on H. pyloria, regardless of stomach pH.  The H. pyloria germ killing ability of monolaurin has been confirmed by a second group of researchers” (Source:  Wellness)

Based on Dr. Ettinger’s recommendations, I have also ordered the H-PLR (K-32) and the TheraAloe, though they have not arrived yet.

*  Turmeric — “Among the plants that killed H. pylorit, turmeric was the most effective, followed by cumin, ginger, chilli, borage, black caraway, oregano and liquorice” (source: World J. Gastroenterology).

“Turmeric alone (or associated with gum Mastic, Pistacia lenticus L.for herbal synergy) acts to eliminate H. pylori.  Modern western researchers have found that turmeric (active ingredient within:  Curcumin) is:
  • An Antioxidant
  • Has Anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Produces Anti-cancer activity
  • It is Antimicrobial
  • Has Anti HIV properties
  • May slow down the development of Alzheimer’s”

“Both the methanol extract and curcumin inhibited the growth of all strains of H. pylori in vitro with a minimum inhibitory concentration range of 6.25-50 micrograms/ml. CONCLUSION: These data demonstrate that curcumin inhibits the growth of H. pylori cagA+ strains in vitro, and this may be one of the mechanisms by which curcumin exerts its chemopreventative effects” (Nat. Institutes of Health).

MY SYMPTOMS (which presumably aren’t all related to h pylori & may have thrown the docs):

* I originally had a racing heart, three months of diarrhea, and would nearly pass out, especially in the middle of the night.  I also could not lie down for hours after each episode.  Yes, I would leap up from sleep in the middle of the night to crawl around, trying not to faint, and then have many nasty visits to the toilet.  Follow that with the topper of being utterly spent and not being able to lie down due to weird chest/stomach pressure, and you’ve got a nice recipe for exhaustion, missed work, and a social life put on major hold.

* Next, I moved on to leaping up from sleep to pace for hours while my heart raced and I shook.  A few times, my heart raced to the point I thought I was having a heart attack (I once wished I could just go unconscious to avoid the experience,which was painful and frightening), and then I would projectile vomit.  Yum.  I ended up in many ERs, to no avail.

* I have since graduated to heart palpitations and many bouts of bowel movements that are solid but frequent.  Dr. Ettinger (above) recommended magnesium for the palpitations, and I have since learned how much the American diet lacks this essential element.  It’s kind of incredible.  Read these stories.  And these.   You might just avoid things like prescription meds and an invasive EP study (which was next on my cardiologist’s list! — The bug and the heart are not typically connected:  “A common stomach bug may also be linked to the development of irregular heart rhythm, also known as atrial fibrillation, suggests a small study in Heart” Source: Science Daily).

Okay, so day and night symptoms include:  weight loss, shaking, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea alternating with constipation, loss of appetite, racing heart, syncope, shortness of breath, palpitations, weakness/fatigue, night sweats/hot flashes, and anxiety.

The anxiety leads me to point out things that helped along the way:

*  Friends. I’m going to miss some folks who sent their well wishes, and of course, I’m grateful, but a few folks pop to mind in the immediate.

Ana Bozicevic — Big thanks for many sleepless nights and encouragement and endurance and love.    And the patience of a saint.

Michael Steinman — Lots of talks and love and encouragement and kindness.  After Ana, my best friend.

Dan Hoy — Sound, strong advice, the kindness of someone who knows.  And a killer poet too.

Alex Dickow — Your worry and suggestions and reminders of poetry from France distracted me nicely on a few lonely nights.

Caroline Wilkinson — Sympathetic and encouraging recently — thanks for recommending Virginia Woolf’s “On Being Ill” which I just got and began reading.

And so many others …you know who you are!  Thank you!

* Lavender Baths — the warmer, the better.

* Massage – either from a friend, partner, or paid for — the stress of illness tenses muscles you inevitably stop using for awhile while you ruminate on sofas, in beds, and on toilets.  Yes, toilets.  Get those muscles touched, rubbed, and loved.  Pay for it if you have to.

*  FOODS — All sorts of organic soups, chicken broth, chicken legs, blueberries, kiwi fruit, sweet potatoes, kale, broccoli, Rudy’s organic raisin bread, capers, olives, avocados, bananas, carrots, lettuce, soy cheese, almonds, almond and peanut butters, fresh salmon, and oh, lots other lovely fresh items, many of which I obtained from my local Trader Joe’s.  Eat well and frequently, especially alkalizing foods to avoid nasty reflux and heartburn, so the body has nutrients, is replenished often, and can fight!

I hate to tell you, because it’s tough, you need to give up –for a couple of months — your love of coffee, alcohol, white carbs such as white pasta, white rice, white bread (these convert to sugar in the gut), most fruits (also sugar), dairy (take a calcium supplement for a spell), and plain old sugar like the stuff found in yummy chocolate and cookies.  Avoid other common acidic foods like tomatoes and orange juice.  Sorry!  Tough, but worth allowing your gut time to heal!

* Yoga – I never thought I would  do it.  But now Ana and I imitate Rodney Yee and his gang for about fifteen minutes, both morning and night, everyday.  Easy and well worth it!

* Fennel Tea — When you do begin to heal, you may go from diarrhea to constipation.  “Fennel has been found to stimulate appetite, and to aid digestion. An infusion prepared by boiling a tablespoon of fennel seeds in 100 ml of water for half an hour, is highly beneficial in indigestion, biliousness, flatulence and constipation” (S. Directory).

*  Pets – Love them every chance you get!  They’re very therapeutic~


* Jordan Rubin’s supplements and books. Despite the religion he infuses all of his advice with, his supplements are notoriously good (I forgot to mention above that I take Garden of Life enzymes with each meal), and his book, Restoring Your Digestive Health: How the Guts and Glory Program Can Transform Your Life, turned me on to chicken again (free range, organic, that is!).

* Goji Berries and Blueberries – No joke.  Eat them once your system is able to digest well enough.

“Modern day studies have also found some benefits to goji berries; they’ve been said to have potential in fighting cancer and protecting the liver. Goji berries contain 18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, linoleic acid, more beta carotene than carrots, vitamins B1, B2, B6, and E, selenium and germanium.

And the American Institute for Cancer Research has this to say: ‘We now know that blueberries are one of the best sources of antioxidants, substances that can slow the aging process and reduce cell damage that can lead to cancer.’

Aside from protecting the brain and fighting cancer, blueberries have been associated with lower cholesterol, protection against heart disease, macular degeneration, glaucoma, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and peptic ulcers, and healthier elimination” (Source:  SixWise.com).

* L Glutamine – Glutamine Supplement Fights Effects of H. pylori Infection. Put a half teaspoon of the powder on your oatmeal every morning.

* Ginger Soother drink – delicious!  It really helped soothe my gut.  Ginger is good against the bacteria too.  Buy direct or on Amazon.

* Cognitive Behavioral Therapist – I’ve never been an anxious person, until now.  Nor have I ever been in therapy, until now.  Not knowing what’s wrong with a body for so long can wear a soul thin.  So one easily begins imagining the worst.  So far, I’ve seen this therapist three times, and she’s been very helpful with advice that I need to hear and put into action.   Plus it’s fun to talk about myself.  I guess I have an ego after all.  Was there ever a doubt, even while sick?

And so on.

I just want to add a few notes to round this entry off.  I realize I’m lucky and am very grateful not to have something worse than a bacterial infection.  Happily lucky.  I’ve learned a good bit about illness, the medical system, and still don’t know how chronic sufferers of anything can keep a chin up in the face of not knowing and in the face of a medical system that is, at best, impaired, and at worst, greedy.  I’ve encountered people who have far worse conditions than I’ve endured and have better attitudes and more strength than myself.  I’m not a good sick person, oh how I know.  I’ll spare you from my midnight considerations of the ‘other side’, but you may see a little in some of my recent writing.

Overall, I just wanted to tell those who have been in touch, thank you, and to warn others of possible pitfalls in the system.  If your gut, literal or figurative, tells you something needs to be tested, something’s still not right, press your doctor or find a new one.  Don’t stick with one for five visits in a row only to be told he “can’t do anything for you.”  Don’t ignore the feeling of being ignored or the sense that your words aren’t being taken seriously.  Do your research and advocate for yourself.  Make copies of your tests and records.   Keep in mind that one doc doesn’t automatically know what the other has done or thinks might be wrong.  Don’t get a test, especially an invasive one, if it doesn’t sound exactly necessary.  And so on.  I blather, so will end for now.  Good luck and wishes for a strong will if you come upon this entry in search of help!  And now, on to my own healing!



SUMMARY — Alternative Medicine for H Pylori Eradication
(Thanks, Tara Williams)

The three main Natural Remedies that finally eradicated H Pylori for Amy:

Monolaurin – 1200 mg twice a day (derived from coconut milk). It’s a natural antibiotic that many use for a variety of reasons. It’s especially popular with folks who get mono (Epstein Barr virus). I would pay about 13 dollars a bottle and went through two+ bottles.  I used Ecological Research brand.

The first two to three days of taking the full dose of Monolaurin, I experienced nausea symptoms “die off” and felt even sicker – but it did pass. I’m told it’s called “herxing” after the Herximer effect.

Manuka Honey (activated and only from New Zealand) 16+ or 20+ strength. Take a teaspoon twenty minutes before each meal (on an empty stomach) and one before bed on an empty stomach for about a month. I would take my spoonful after I took the Mastic Gum so that the water wouldn’t dilute it and send it directly to the kidneys. 

Mastic Gum (derived from the Greek Mastic tree) 1000 mg (1gram – two pills) in the morning before food and the same at night before bed on an empty stomach.  (Once H Pylori is eradicated, continue taking Mastic Gum for a few months – it keeps the H Pylori from returning and has other benefits like lowering cholesterol).

Amy also took:

Probiotic – VSL #3 – medical grade Probiotic to replace good bacteria (Amy took for about one month). 450 billion/powder packet is mid-level strength and can be bought over the counter. It’s about $90 for a thirty day supply if you take one packet of powder a day. (worked better than Garden of Life probiotics).

L Glutamine — Put a half-teaspoon of the powder on your oatmeal every morning. It helps heal gut tissue, thanks to the bacterial damage this potent bug can do. They recently also made the connection for people with H Pylori that L Glutamine slows the damage and helps to heal it.

Aloe Juice — take aloe vera juice daily (you need the unprocessed, cold pressed kind of aloe juice because it heals).

Digestive Enzymes – by Garden of Life with each meal — they help the stomach digest foods more easily, as the h pylori reduces stomach acid in many cases.

Diet is key in helping you to improve as your body fights the bacteria. If you do not adjust your diet for a few months, your gut will not be able to heal and the H Pylori will return. You should absolutely eliminate white flour products like carbohydrates (white pastas, white rice, bread, etc). These are sugars! Sugars only feed bacteria and provide no nutritional value. Also, cut out obvious sugars like cookies and ice cream! You should even limit fruits for the time being. Your goal is two fold: don’t feed the bacteria and give the gut easy-to-digest alkalizing foods and time to heal. Avoid foods like tomatoes, red meats, and dairy products too. You can catch up on calcium later. Milk is acidic in the gut. Coffee is difficult on the digestive tract. Eat foods that alkalize – do not eat acidic foods.

Other natural remedies that can be used in addition to Amy’s cocktail:

Broccoli sprouts
Magnesium is like magic, and the glycinate form is the least harsh on the digestive system.   Once H Pylori is eradicated and you are healing, trying to regain your strength, consider diluting a tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses in half a cup of water and drinking daily.  Blackstrap Molasses provides an incredible range of nutrients that helped Amy bounce back (for more info from many who have used it, click here).
Oil of Oregano -Those of you who are long-suffering may want to try a few drops of Oil of Oregano under your tongue a few times a day too.
Bladderwack to keep the buggers from adhereing to the lining of your stomach.
Red Wine — moderate intake of red wine is also unkind specifically to H Pylori.  Stellar Organics :-)  …because it also has no added sulfites.

How H Pylori Is Diagnosed

Stool sample – Most reliable determination. But may still show positive for 2-3 months even after cured.
Endoscopy – sample tissue tests taken.
Blood Test – Blood antibody test. A blood test checks to see whether your body has made antibodies to H. pylori bacteria. If you have antibodies to H. pylori in your blood, it means you either are currently infected or have been infected in the past.
Breath test – can be done right after treatment to see if cured rather than wait 1-3 months for stool change.

Amy’s Results
Felt like gone after one month, but stool still tested positive. Two months of natural remedy cocktail and Amy’s stool results came back negative, and her symptoms were gone.
Original Symptoms — Diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pains, racing heart, shortness of breath and anxiety, miserable aches and pains in my back, legs, and arms that no doctor could conclusively say was a direct result of the infection. But I know with certainty that these weird pains and miseries were due to the infection because they have since cleared up.


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Amy King is the recipient of the 2015 Winner of the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) Award. Her latest collection, The Missing Museum, is a winner of the 2015 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize. She co-edited with Heidi Lynn Staples the anthology Big Energy Poets of the Anthropocene: When Ecopoets Think Climate Change. She also co-edits the anthology series, Bettering American Poetry, and is a professor of creative writing at SUNY Nassau Community College.

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    • Oh lordy, your story sounds a lot like mine. I have H. Pylori too and am currently on my third round of anti-biotics. I have the sweats, nausea, constant bathroom visits, a stabbing pain in my side, etc. It’s terrible! Did you ever get it to subside? How long have you had it?

      • It’s been gone now for about two months! But I was having some trouble feeling better afterward. Turns out the probiotic I had wasn’t “recolonizing” my gut quickly enough. My new GI put me on a medical grade probiotic called VSL#3 – worked like a charm. There are two strengths for it over-the-counter. You can get it in pill form at 225 billion organisms or do what I did: the packet of powder at 450 billion organisms / once a day. Perfect – I felt better within two days of taking it.

        Good luck with yours!

      • well here are a few things that will help with pyroli bacterias- excuse all the lower case writing but i am very tired and the message will help you- i am not a quack— my name is ronald dishinger and i live in kentucky-my website is http://www.biochemimbal-behavior.com for schizophrenics and mental illnesses. first stool sample is better than blood but blood test at least to start with- stool samples are now done with dna testing and very accurate as to what bacterias, parasites etc that are present or have been present and made there way into your dna at some point in you life- i am 70 and for the last three years suffered a hell no one should have- so bad i literally would rather have died- my doctor is Dr John sherman a wonderful human and very knowledgeable and will listen to you. at Tahoma Clinic in tacoma wash.each of his telephone calls for consultation costs 250$ but he will give you a full hour if necessary for that. i am just starting as of three days ago on his regimine but know from other research that his proticol of what he has given me will work- first, things i know from other research: first goldenseal will kill pyroli not just inhibit,quercetin 1000mg daily, probiotics,bismuth in pepto bismuth will kill, (stools will turn black because of bismuth but return in day or two after you stop taking bismuth which should be limited to two days, slippery elm 2 x as much a goldenseal(which should not be taken for longer than 9 days) tumeric,vitamin C ,grape seed extract,and camomile tea at least pint per day with four tea bags. These are things i have investigated but had not started until i knew it was pyroli and it has not been enough time yet for them to work- the stool test from tahoma clinic takes almost a full month to get results so you can do these others things until then. What Dr sherman had me get from their dispensory there: HPLR. (Goldenseal,barberry,yerba mansa, oregano oil,berberis aristala),Pancreatic enzymes by jarrow,HLC intensive probiotics, and ADP oregano oil and camolmile tea a pint 2x day 5 minutes of each side of rolling body to one side for 5 minutes each time- all done on empty stomach to allow the camomile to get to all the linings of the gut. Over 50% of world’s population has pyroli bacterias and it can lead to ulcers and stomach cancer for certain. If i can help my tel is 270 684 9233.

      • Far from being the bad guy h pylori may be a good friend to man.

        Helicobacter pylori is a microorganism that is found in most people’s stomachs world wide. It is NOT usually a problem unless it OVERGROWS its normal bounds. This usually only happens when you are not eating well OR taking toxic drugs such as anti-depressants. H Pylori is currently being blamed, incorrectly IMO, for 80% of the ulcers in this country by the medical establishment.

        So is H Pylori often ASSOCIATED with stomach problems? Absolutely but a crappy diet is probably MUCH more CAUSATIVE. H Pylori is much more often ASSOCIATED with an absolutely, totally, normal, disease free and fully functioning stomach.

        “H. pylori and humans have co-evolved for many thousands of years, and, until very recently, all humans were colonized by these bacteria. This means that H. pylori must be a long-established part of our normal bacterial flora, or “indigenous biota”. Helicobacter pylori may be protective against gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Barrett’s esophagus, and adenocarcinoma of the esophagus and stomach cardia – a particularly deadly form of cancer.” Doctor Martin Blaser, Professor of Internal Medicine, Chairman of the Department of Medicine NYU

        “A dose of vitamin C of 5 grams daily for 4 weeks was found to significantly inhibit H Pylori in one report.”


      • I have been struggling with h pylori for bout 7 months now and have lost a lot of weight. It is scary. Been through two rounds of antibiotics and it is just gotten worse. I feel like I am losing my family and myself. Another doctor also told me that I also have candida. I tried the mastic gum but I guess I didn’t do enough. I, too, feel like I am dying and No one can help. Can anyone tell me how they took these supplements? When did you take what in other words. Please. I need help and no one around me understands.

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      • Very happy to share my testimony! The great man who cures all known diseases, Dr Sebi is a healer, pathologist, herbalist, biochemist and naturalist, who immigrated from Honduras and who has committed his life to the service of helping people cure their diseases. In 1988, he took on the Attorney General of New York in a Supreme Court trial where he was being sued for false advertisement and practice without a license after placing ads in a number of newspapers, including the New York Post where he had announced: “Aids has been cured by the Usha Research Institute, and we specialize in cures for Sickle Cell, Lupus, Blindness, Herpes, Cancer, Als and others. Pre-trial, the judge had asked Dr. Sebi provide one witness per disease he had claimed to cure however when 77 in person witnesses joined him in court, the judge had no choice but to proclaim the Doctor NOT GUILTY on all accounts, proving he did in fact have the cure to all the diseases mentioned in the newspapers. Several celebrities have sought out healing through the Doctor including: Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, John Travolta and the deceased Lisa Left Eye Lopes who proclaims in the video: “I know a man who has been curing AIDS since 1987”.. i want to inform the public how i was cured from ALS(MND) by Dr Sebi, i visited different hospital but they gave me list of drugs which is very expensive to treat the symptoms and never cured me. I was browsing through the Internet searching for remedy on ALS and i saw comment of people talking about how Dr Sebi cured them from ALS, CANCER, HERPES, DIABETES and so on… when i contacted him he gave me hope and send a Herbal medicine to me through courier service that i took and it seriously worked for me, am a free person now without problem, my ALS result came out negative. I pray for you Dr Sebi. Am fully cured. you can also get your self cured my friends if you really need my doctor help, you can reach him now: (drsebiherbalisthealinghome12@gmail. com) You are indeed a HERO!

    • They finally figured out i had ‘h. pylori. i went another 5 months going through tons of tests because my doctor didn’t retest me.Finally a GI did and so i did my second round of poison ANTIBIOTICS that made me sicker anything thats starts with the word anti is not good to ingest!!! and i’m still sick its been 8 months now! i REFUSE to poision my body again! i think its fn bullcrap if its so common why haven’t i heard of it b4 i got sick and why did they order tons of tests raping my insurance! i think they want us to be sick so they can ride their money train! this is whats wrong with the health system we r treated like caddle they have feelings too! its funny that they run all these tests b4 testing for h pylori! im sick of being sick and it needs to be heard that they aren’t doing shit about h pylori! they don’t think its an emergency that i vomit every day and have no energy and can barley function! oh u have anxiety or food allergies its in your head is what ive heard from a professional doctor who thought he was a shrink! its the pharmacutical companies and doctors just wanting money! why do they perscribe nexxium so much so many people have h pylori and aren’t being treated for it because thats how they rape u for money! they dont care about us some do but consider yourself lucky lucky if u find a doctor who cares enough u listen to you and wants to help you get better!

      • Thanks for sharing your experience. I was just diagnosed yesterday with H. Pylori. Luckily, I have very mild symptoms: some occasional discomfort under my ribcage and my back (this started last year for which I went to a cardiologist who said my heart is healthy and I could just be experiencing muscular pains or even dehydration). Having cleared my heart, I ignored the symptoms as it was occasional and not debilitating until a few weeks ago when I experienced what I would later realize as a heartburn. It was also about this time that I first saw a gastroenterologist for consultation for my colonoscopy screening. He looked at my record and found that I am very healthy with no medical problems except for seasonal allergies. I just happened to mention to him this discomfort under my ribcage which a few weeks ago woke me up from my sleep. He told me that if it worsens or if it starts to bother me he will look at my stomach.

        A few days later I experienced my first pain in the chest after lunch, as if something was blocking my esophagus. I know that it was not a heart problem as two weeks before that I had a stress test which showed my heart as healthy. I was thankful for that otherwise, I might have panicked. Remembering the information about the digestive system ( I was browsing some pamphlets and looking at diagrams of the digestive tract in the GI’s office) and recalling one of the questions in the paperwork was if I have experienced heartburn, it dawned on me that I may be experiencing it. I immediately started reading up on heartburn, what it is like, causes, etc. It looks like that’s what I have so I promptly made an appointment with my new primary physician. He said that there are two ways to deal with it: just treat the symptoms with antacids, proton pump inhibitors, etc., but the symptoms will recur or, find the cause and cure it. Of course, I want to find out what this is! Weirdly enough, I was looking at this as a science project. He said he will have me tested for H. Pylori and to check my CBC if I have anemia. CBC came out negative, H. Pylori was positive. Never in my wildest dreams did it occur to me that I have this bacteria lurking in my stomach. He prescribed PREVPAC ( a combination of Prevacid, amoxicillin and clindaerythromycin.) and Peptobismol. I am on my second day of this megadose of antibiotics and I am happy to say I don’t have the nightmarish side effects that a lot of people describe. I hope I will never have it. I plan, however, to supplement the drugs with natural remedies (Virgin Coconut Oil, Manukah Honey, broccoli sprouts, etc. that you mentioned here). I am so thankful that I have a physician that listened to me and did not dismiss my symptoms. It doesn’t hurt that he is ubercute too! I will tell you my progress with the eradication of this bacteria. I have the feeling that once this bug is cleared, I might have a better shot at losing weight (one effect of H. Pylori is not being able to lose weight). I have been good at eating healthy and exercising regularly (I even hired a trainer) but not even a pound was shed. My consolation is, maybe, my symptoms has been mild because the colonization of this bug was hampered by my healthy lifestyle.

      • Like many of you I have and am suffering with this bug. H Pylori.

        I agree with this bloggers comments regarding the medical field doing nothing about this problem. I challenge the Dr Martin Blazer of NYU to show medical proof in the form of true medical research that H pylori is not a horrific disease for immunocompromised patients.
        Do you think healthy patients who are in perfect health at a young age are going to have problems with H Pylori? Do Doctors forget they are treating the sick because why would a healthy person come to you to go thru such invasive tests? I challenge Dr Blaser to show proof on this blog site that H Pylori is not one of the most devistating pathogens for the elderly and immunocompromised. I would like to see true research because right now all the research is against him and shows that H Pylori is not only a stomach bug but is the plague of the world responsible for sicknesses, deaths and many illnesses including eye infections even glaucoma. You doctors need to understand a patient who comes to you for help needs rebalancing. That is your job. If we were all healthy you would be having another profession.

      • The saddest thing is that the doctor will not tell you that after doing the Triple Antibiotic treatment, thanks to the Proton Pump Inhibitor Omeprazole, your body will not be able to produce Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) for up to three weeks following the treatment. This will be plenty of time for different bacteria to populate your gut, since the HCL is a defense barrier that will be gone for three weeks.
        All one needs to do is to supplement with HCL with your meals. If you have ulcer, drink Aloe Vera to protect the stomach.
        Also very often H’ Pylori lives there with Candida that is not killed by the Triple Antibiotic. So after the treatment you are still sick.
        Treat both in the same time.
        Good luck to all.

      • To all out there…I have replied before how you can treat naturally. One thing on top of what I’ve already told is do a practice which is called Kunjal kriya. This is something you do for 21 days and after that you do once a week.

        Process of Kunjal kriya – Add salt to lukewarm water and I would say 750 ml to 1 litre. First thing in the morning in an empty stomach drink this and do the vomit of the water. you can touch the base of the tongue and bend your body facing down like a squat position.
        This will clean the stomach and all the excess bile and acids. This will also remove all the bacteria and wastes and toxins in your stomach. Do this until you have removed all the water from your stomach that you drank. this will also remove sinus and other gastric and ulcer problems. increases your metabolism and removes toxins and you feel light and good. Do this for 21 days. Hpylori will be eliminated from your system. After that do once a week to keep healthy.

        Finally nothing beats your immune system. Eat right kind of foods to boost immune system; Have Aswagandha powder in luke warm water every day( 1 or 2 tea spoon). This is Indian Ayurvedic medicine. you can also try Apple cidar vinegar in luke warm water and there are tons of things you can do for boosting immune system apart from yoga and pranayama which I mentioned.

        Any questions write to me Vasudev04@gmail.com

    • im so happy i read this everything i read is everything iv been going threw i thought it was just pms im so amazed the meds make me feel dizzzy and nousus do but i have four days left to seee if its gone….thank you

      • Hey Sandra, U tried it. Did your H. Pylori gone after this treatment? I have started this too, and I am feeling dizzy and pain in my abdomen too. So wondering if its normal? Please reply. Thanks,

      • I have had h pylori for years. Alot of pain. But no vomiting. At first I had dirrahea but I don’t now. I have night sweats and when I lay down dizziness. I have had a test called endoscopy where they go down in your throat with a camera to see your stomache. They found out that I had inflammation in my stomache. My doctor put me on 40 milligrams of omprazole . I can lay on my right side but not my left side. I don’t eat healthy. I’m tired all the time and don’t feel good. I am losing weight like crazy. It scares me. What should I do?

    • Thank you for posting this vital information, and wonderful contribution! I have been so sick I thought I was going to die. Chills, fever, shortness of breath,, fever, swollen. lymph nodes tingling feeling my hands and feet, kidney infection rash on my face , nausea, ear became sensitive i had to wear cotton balls in them with some olive oil my weight was down to 99 . Thanks God for my husband he drove me to all the doctors Endoscopy colonscopy barium swallow, CAT ultrasound all negative !!! And those GI dr that throw out that line it is stress related is so outworn it is insuling. I used to do psy, assessment for a living I told the GI that I did not meet the required criterionplus he lacks the education to diagnosis me! If you don’t know just say you don’t know don’t insult people! I had all the tests 3 x parasite stool test, blood work and the first H Pylori test was false negative, but I did not realize at that time . Each month dragged on I could not longer go to my volunteer job if I had a actual job I would of lost it! Eleven months later I was so much worse. I was so sick so often we found a urgency clinic close to our home so everytime I would see a new dr and that is the KEY for what saved me the dr asked me if I had the H pylori test and told her I don’t recall it …she sent the nurse in they drew the blood in less than ten minutes the dr walks in the room and says, you have H Pylori it was high positive In fact I had so many tests I forgot I had it before thank God I forgot because that at least gave me a diagnosis ! What is interesting a week before the chinese med/acupuncture dr plainly said, ” you have parasite here take these.”.
      Apparently he was right,.

      • Amy thanks so very much for creating this forum….bless you..I have been doing your protocol…for a week now….no die off from the monolaurin….stomach still bloated….i do often miss some of the doses …. and advice for remembering….like i often eat a meal and then think uh oh….i didn’t take my probiotic or my honey…i am also trying to follow an anti candida diet…..no sugar, gluten, anything acidic….found that following food combining and chewing food very thourogh seems to help….i am noticing that I hold a lot of tension in my stomach…wondering if stress brings this whole thing on..? Any thoughts on the Matula Tea??? thanks for listening.

        For sophy ~
        glad u are on the road to recovery. What was your test score…..? i will look up mine and post tomorrow…..I am curious of the different levels people score at.

        blessings & health to all

      • I tried the tea once and returned it after one cup. Others here in this thread have weighed in – not so good.

        Just keep at the doses – and trust your immune system to use the material correctly.

        Good luck!

      • Hello ms sophy

        PLEASE HELP ME and tell me what you did or the herb to cure it I have been sick for a year now and dr can help I weigh 90 pounds and my daughter. Needs me she is 5.

        beatisyet2cm@hotmail.com or call 919-712-9095

        May God Bless🙏

    • Amy if you are out there I could really use help and guidance. I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter who I want to b around for. My email is jcipriano@srtx.org if anyone else out there can help please email me. I could really use the help. Thanks.

    • I ordered Monolaurin but had to wait for it to come international. I tried using 3 tablespoons of unrefined organic coconut oil and my early morning pain disappeared after the second day. Can’t tell you what a relief that is.
      I also have been treating myself of other fatigue and neurological type symptoms for the past 5 months with high dose Vitamin D. I use Thorne 25,000 I and took around 50,000 I for several months along with vitamin K2 to ensure the calcium deposits go into the bone where they belong and don’t calcify the soft tissue. There’s a lot of research about D3 being good for arthritis to mental illness, and especially most adults and kids are low in Vit D3.
      Also high dose Vit C is great.
      Don’t forget we need zinc and magnesium can be at the bottom of a lot of issues.
      The Aloe Vera helped and I took UMF Manuka honey on an empty stomach but I’m not sure the quantity is sufficient to attack the bacteria although it’s cured 95% of anything my household has accept, deep chest infection.
      Good luck know to all.
      D3 will change life as you know it !

      • I recently went to a GP who was concerned I was taking 50K of D3 at one time (another doc had me doing this). She said taking that much at once can cause muscle cramps and pain along with lethargy. She advised breaking up the dose into 6K/day for better overall wellbeing and so I changed to this and noticed feeling better. I was taking the 50K on Sunday and was always a wreck on Monday – thought it must be because of so much activity over the weekend or being down about the new week but no, it was the mega-dose of D3.

      • My doctor gave me 50 000 mg cap of vitamin D2 and I thought I must need it. I took it and noticed that in 2 weeks I had taken it on the that last day or the day before I took it again I would be suicidal and have very negative thoughts that would not stop. I finally put it together that the mega dose at the beginning was giving a lift but the end was taking me so down I could not take it. I will not take those mega doses any more. I also researched that vitamin D2 is way less effective or absorbed than vitamin D3 so I take D3 daily 2000mg daily instead and that fixes that for me. You are not the only one. It is like they induced depression badly!

    • Hi thank you for writing this blog I am going through this and am at my wits end trying to find foods that won’t upset my tummy. I’ve made a note of all the things you’ve written and am going to try them.
      Kind regards Jenny

    • Hello. I am said glad I have just read your post. This is pretty much me. I’ve gone from a fun loving energetic busy 55 year old to having ALL your symptoms. I’m struggling to go to work am anxious all the time to. I have no appetite am eating to just live. I feel full after just a handful of food. I’m just waiting for results from my stomach and bowel biopsys. So thank you for giving me hope. Your a star. May you continue to be well.xx Chris.x

    • Wow you know what i am so glad i came accrosss this article as i was suffering from a range of symptoms that i just could not figure out what was wrong with me. I started the natural treatment programme that your article reccomends and i have seen significant improvements o. Just 2 weeks…. So thankyou so much for poating this and not expecting to sell anything or make profit in return its just real refreshing that you are genuine and tryong to help others xxx uzma

    • I feel like I just read my own story!!

      I started experiencing nausea and loose stools and thought I had a bug. It would come and go. I would get hot all the time. a year later my heart started to ace a lot I though it was anxiety from not feeling well. Another year on and I was having full blown SVT (racing heart) to the point. I would pass out. I spent another year trying to get my cardiologist to take me seriously. Meanwhile my Stomach became so bad I could barely drink water or eat. I needed up in ER 3 times and they were able to capture my heart episodes. I was also diagnosed with H Pylori and Blastocystis. I was repeatedly told they were not related (heart and stomach issues). I had an ep study twice!! They managed to ablate so at least I’m. Not passing out.

      I managed to kill the H Pylori with the triple therapy but have not been able to kill the Blastocystisz this is one tough parasite to kill and still causes me a tremendous about of pain. Nightmare!!

      An arrhythmia doctor in Italy found that 70% of her patience had parasites….but most dr’s say there’s. I connection! Bollox!!

  1. Amy, May your next year be a completely different story — one of coming back to health & energy & a whole lot of joy. Sorry you have had to go through these recent months.

    many many good wishes!

  2. I am really “HAPPY” for you, that “FINALLY” you have an answer for these symptoms you are having. This has been a long haul for you. I wish you all the luck and healing process along the way…=)

  3. Our medical system is definitely flawed, and unfortunately most people do not realize that they must be skeptical when seeing a doctor. Good luck with your recovery.

    PS: What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger :)

  4. Dear Amy,

    What a great entry…and what an ordeal you’ve been through. So happy to hear you are striding towards a full recovery. Excelsior! I read just about all of your posting, and maybe I missed it, but HOW did you get that gnarly little bugger in your gut in the first place? Is it just “out there” and occasionally it gets people when their resistance is low?

    Love, Matt

  5. Amy –

    I’m glad to hear that you’ve gotten a diagnosis, I know how frustrating an “invisible” illness feels like – I’m sure just having an answer will lessen some of the stress (the anxiety that you’re also suffering). And here’s to you being proactive with your health – finding alternative meds and such. Sending you warm wishes for this year.


  6. Amy! I’m so glad you got a proper diagnosis, & will be looking to see whether you post about the success of the natural treatments, all of which seem eminently sensible. Hugs to you.


    P.S. I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry at the picture of Doggie in the bath…! (My pics of Duncan getting hydrotherapy for his ACL tear are on my Facebook page.)

  7. Amy, I’m so sorry to hear about all of this but glad you’re getting some relief. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers. Hope this year is much better. All the best, Helen

  8. Amy! What a nightmare! I’ve been so caught up in my own world, I had no idea of your suffering. I did look up the heart condition you were told you had and I found that to be pretty scary itself. I’m glad that’s not what you’re suffering from, but clearly, you have suffered a lot. I can’t imagine what it was like for you but this post has said a lot. I’m so so glad that you had Ana by your side. I hope your recovery continues to go well. I look forward to seeing you again soon. We can share some organic yummies and vent about our disgusting health”care” system.


    • Amy, Thanks for posting your view about the matula tea. I was just about to order it and something told me to do a little more research. I have H. Pylori and have been sick for quite a while….The Dr who diagnosed me prescribed the usual antibiotics which ended up making me sicker than I already was. I have excruciating shoulder pain, burping, constipation, bad breath, anxiety (and I’m not a person to experience anxiety normally), psoriasis, bloating, stomach pain and pressure & this list goes on and on. I haven’t been thru what you have experienced, but would like to feel “normal” again….whatever that is!!!

      • I hear you Michele Ii can’t say i know normal for a while now..is the matula tea working? dolcevilla@aol.com if you can spare any more info I am desperate for help
        just been diagnosed with h pylori and dan of some parasites also for last 4 months gluten dairy and corn intolerant..its not that i mind so much but i cheat at times and eat crap but never gluten its the sugars that get me…i have allot of anxiety..soon i will be taking supplements from my dr. just gained all the weight back after one year on weight watchers

      • HI Michelle,

        how are you feeling? do you still having the h pilori symptoms, what did you do relieve your symptoms?
        my brother have the same thing just wanna help him


  9. Hi Amy I came across your blog while looking up H. Pylori ( I am a nurse and work on Long Island). One thing it seems you may have overlooked is the use of bladderwack to keep the buggers from adhereing to the lining of your stomach.

    You blood type also plays a role here, non secretors have more H. Pylori then secretors. I do wonder what blood type you are? I also know that you would benefit from following either the Genotype diet or the Blood type diet, both designed to heal the intestinal lining.

    Your GI doctor sounds unusually, most are just prescribing the same old stuff. Peace!
    Andrea blood type A Warrior

  10. Never heard of Bladderwack! Will check it out!

    I don’t know my blood type – can you believe that? I used to know, years ago, when I donated blood regularly. Hmm… I’ll figure it out and investigate. Thanks for the advice, Andrea!

  11. Thank you for your post Amy. And I’m so glad to hear that you’ll soon be on the mend. I am in the phase where the doctor tells me to eat more fiber and exercise. It’s all very frustrating because I know this isn’t IBS and my symptoms are getting worse, and more varied. My family history of cancer is a nightmare so of course I am imagining the worst. My question is: what was your level of h pylori? My doctor did order a test, after I asked her if I might have an infection, but my level came out in the “normal” range. However, I have been taking probiotics which does alleviate the symptoms to a point and I’m wondering if that would give me a lower number on my lab results thereby making my doctor (and I use that term loosely) think that the number is not high enough to create my problems. I have a pelvic ultrasound tomorrow and an appointment with a GI specialist on Friday, but any comments would be welcome.

  12. Dear Amy,
    Thanks SO much for posting this… I was afraid I was alone and crazy!!! Everyone told me all my “symptoms” could not possibly be from the h pylori.. but you named them all.
    I can relate- especially the “bad nights”. used to be like Goldilocks… moving from bed to sofa, to chair, to bed, just trying to get comfortable enough to get some rest.
    And be glad you are not a middle age woman!! I was told it was anxiety ( never had problem before in my life) and it was “hormones”, so was prescribed antidepressants… which did NOT help!! I hope you feel better… I am still feeling like ” junk” after 3 megadoses of antibitotics,and from all the pain and stress on my body for months and months.
    Please feel free to contact me with any valuable information to aid my return of a “normal life again”. You have already given me more than any of my MANY doctors have helped me. Thank you for your courage to publish this… you will never know how much it has helped me mentally to know I am NOT alone and NOT crazy!! God bless you!!!

    • Hi Kristi, did you sort your your issues with H. Pylori and did you anxiety go away. I am a middle aged woman and going through menopause and have had shortness of breath issues issues since last 9 months and when every test was normal, I was told I have anxiety and was put on anti anxiety meds. 2 days ago my blood tet for H. Pylori came positive and Dr. has prescribed me triple meds. I took the 2nd dose this morning. I have hypothyroid and feel I have low stomach acid (rather than high). I used to drink 1 tsp apple cider viniegar diluted in a big glass of water, and that used to help me. I haven’t had that in 6 weeks due to an eye condition CSR that I have developed. Found that H. Pylori can also cause CSR. I would be grateful if you can let me know what you did to sort your issues as we seem to be in the same age range. If you would prefer to write in private, please let me know your email address. Thank you.

  13. UPDATE and a few random replies (apologies for not directly emailing everyone!):

    A month into my alt treatments, I tested positive again for h pylori. But my doctor explained that “positive” simply means I still have the bacteria present and active — the results from LabCorp did not describe how much. She said since I was improving to go ahead and continue with my treatment; she went on to explain that even people who do the triple antibiotic therapy have to repeat it many times to eradicate it. So. What to say — much of the gastritis has subsided, though I am still being very cautious about six weeks later with exactly what I eat. I do still feel my gut reacting to something extra fatty. I’m trying to be consistent with my Aloe Gel, as well as the Manuka Honey, Mastic Gum, H-PLR (K-32), Garden of Life Digestive Enzymes, Probitics, Monolaurin and other items I’m a little less consistent with such as Garlic pills, Vit C, Calcium and Mag, OmegaBrite Essential Acids, etc. I’ve never had to pay attention to my health and everything I put into my body this much before in my life.

    But the gist is that the bacteria really do a number on a person’s gut, which affects everything else, including the immune system and the heart. I was definitely experiencing Sinus Tachycardia (I saw a second specialist who confirmed) during my “episodes”, which calmed to palpitations as I improved and has abated all together now. Mostly, I’m just working on eating properly, taking the “meds”, trying to get a little more exercise into my life, and making sure my body rests as it needs. Consider that the bacteria create something of an “open wound” of your gut. You would not expect such decimation to heal instantly, would you? Bacteria can take months to kill off and the flesh, esp internal flesh, takes a long time to heal, your body takes a long time to recover, etc. So I miss a lot of things like a glass of wine, my daily cup of coffee, and oh my god – chocolate (though I do have a slight treat/cheat now and then), but ultimately, I assume in a two or three more months, this will just be a bad memory and I’ll be back to eating some of the things I loved, though my eating and a few behavioral changes will certainly stick. Getting sick teaches lessons.

    Oh – a few other pointers. I’ve learned from some Thai doctor online that it is best to try to imitate those stomach acid reducing drugs by just drinking water all of the time (he suggests mixing in a quarter teaspoon of baking soda, which I fail to do). I mean, I usually drink a lot of water bc I teach, but now, I’m constantly aware of trying to keep my stomach acid a bit diluted; the bacteria somehow use your stomach acid as a protective measure and also dine on whatever heavy things tend to sit in the gut and need more acid to process like meats and the like. Also, they don’t like green tea. I sip a couple of cups daily and get my caffeine fix that way too. Particularly tasty is Revolution brand – Organic Green Earl Grey Tea.

    Hope that’s all helpful and answers a few questions for you. Any doc who tells you that H Pylori doesn’t cause “those” symptoms simply isn’t acknowledging that studies are ongoing regarding this bacteria and just how extensively it can affect the body. As many of you know, the bacteria were only discovered in the sixties and now there’s even a study looking into the fact that it may be able to be transmitted sexually (though orally would be enough). Any doc who proclaims to know just exactly what symptoms are possible and what aren’t – definitively – is playing god. Since treating this bacterial infection, my improvement has been visible and measureable, and the subsiding of many “unrelated” symptoms is no accident.

    Be well everyone!

    • After years of battling indigestion, GERD, various sorts of gut pain, thinking I had and being treated for ulcers, and hours and hours of online research, I have concluded that I most definitely have and always had an H. pylori infection (Helicobacter Pylori). But it didn’t start with just that. I first concluded that I had SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). But I didn’t arrive at either conclusion easily or directly. I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, but was treated for simple hypothyroidism for a couple decades before an endo told me what I really had. How I got to that point is an interesting story in itself. It started with me trying to cure myself of hypothyroidism by taking high dose iodine. But that didn’t come as you would think either. I got to that point after suffering from dizzy spells, light headedness to the point of almost fainting, and becoming totally exhausted and out of breath any time I exerted myself beyond anything normal. That got me to searching the internet for what my problem could be from, and that got me to conclude that it was in relation to my hypothyroidism, and that got me to thinking that it was resulting from that. I was already taking a pretty high dose of thyroid medication and didn’t want to get put on an even higher dose because that damn stuff was causing insomnia as a side effect. So a little more searching led me down the path of trying to cure my thyroid condition with high dose iodine. Well, long story short, iodine, while if fact being an essential nutrient and very important for normal thyroid function, probably wasn’t what my problem was. After getting very sick with a cough I couldn’t self medicate myself out of and running a high fever, I finally went to the doctor, which I hate to do. Turned out I had pneumonia in one lung and had iron deficiency anemia. It was a real challenge trying to figure out how I could be that when I was eating a fairly healthy diet and taking a multi vitamin everyday. So I got myself on extra iron supplements, and after getting rid of the pneumonia with prescribed meds, was proclaimed no longer anemic, but still borderline low in iron. I continued supplementing high dose iodine along with all my other supplements and along about 2 weeks before my scheduled follow up with the Dr I decided to experiment to find out if the high dose iodine was actually curing my hypothyroidism, and stopped taking my thyroid meds. I felt so good while doing that (probably due to the fact that I was actually sleeping normally during that time) I was almost certain I had cured the hypo. Not so. When the Dr saw how my TSH had spiked and I told him what I was doing and why, he about had a conniption fit. So he finally referred me to an endocrinologist, which led to me finally finding out what I really had, Hashimoto’s disease. Which also happens to be one of over 80+ other auto-immune diseases that modern medicine seems to have no clue to the cause or cure for, so they just treat the symptoms of and have a very reliable customer, err, I mean patient, for the life of patient.

      So that got me started on even more endless hours of internet searching. And long story short again, that led me to find (conclude) that most if not all autoimmune diseases are in fact caused by and come from the gut through the immune system being super charged by and doing battle with all the funny little things that have gotten into the blood through a leaky gut caused by infection and inflammation of the intestinal walls. The small intestinal walls become swollen from the inflammation caused by, what else, an over population of bad bacteria (SIBO) that come about because of an h pylori infection. Because H pylori has the ability to release a self protective acid neutralizing substance into its immediate surroundings, it is impervious to the effects of stomach acid designed to kill things like it that don’t belong in the stomach. Therefore it has the ability to withstand the destruction of stomach acid, and multiply and overpopulate the stomach to the extent that the stomach is no longer acidic enough to properly digest food and to kill off any of the little bacterial critters that decide to migrate up into the small intestine from the colon, where they belong. Plus there’s another negative caveat to this nasty little critter occupying and mass producing in your gut. It has a ravenous appetite for the vitamins and nutrients that we need to survive. B12 and iron are 2 of the most noticeable.

      Actually, your poor little small intestine gets a double whammy. All the bacteria that aren’t supposed to be there start to attack and inflame the SI walls, and all the food that hasn’t been properly mixed with adequate stomach acid to digest it, starts to ferment and generate its own version of bacteria that also isn’t supposed to be there. So the gut just keeps on getting worse and worse, more inflamed, swollen and leaky, until the immune system becomes so over worked, overtaxed and beside itself with trying to keep up with eradicating all the little nasty things that a normal immune system would never have to deal with, that it gets confused and starts to attack the body itself. And that includes everything within the body, the organs, the endocrine glands, the muscles and yes, unfortunately, the brain (think dementia, alzheimers, and I’m going out on a limb here, ALS. There’s also some research out there that links it to cancer.) This all leads to the immune system out of whack symptoms that modern medicine loves to treat as separate diseases with no cure for, and get paid so well for treating in the process. In my case, it was my thyroid that drew the short straw. But knowing AID’s tend to occur in multiples I know that I’m at risk of developing another one or two or three more to go along with the one I already have. Maybe I already have and just don’t know it yet.

      80% of the immune system lies within the digestive tract, which really puts into perspective how huge an influence an out of whack digestive system can be on the health of the human body and how it can totally disrupt an immune system that under normal circumstances functions so flawlessly. And to make it even more understandable, of the hundreds of trillions of cells in the human body, only 10% of those cells are human, the rest are bacterial and most reside in the gut. Under easily achievable conditions, they remain confined in the colon.

      With that in mind, imagine the havoc that can be raised when h pylori infection takes over, allows SIBO to set in, and the bad guys equal or out number the good guys. I’ve been unknowingly suffering from this for many years. I recently started following a Paleo diet, then went to the AIP, then modified it further for SIBO control, with a variety of self made probiotics consumed in large quantities. (Internet search and an understanding of why’s these can be hugely beneficial.) Each time I changed there was considerable improvement for awhile, and then back to the same ole gut pain. I was slow to pick up on how h pylori could be the biggest player in the picture until a few days ago when I started to look deeper into it, put it all together and started treatment with mastic gum (one of many herbal treatments for it, but also said to be one of the best). Luckily there’s a Natural Grocers close by and I can get all the herbal meds I need. I sure hope I’m on the right track.

      • Larry – I, too, have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and am looking to feel better. My husband had H Pylori about 17 years ago, but I was never checked for it. I have learned that this can be a root cause for an auto-immune disease. It’s been a struggle to get anything done to improve my symptoms – providers seem to look solely at TSH levels. I have started taking mastic gum, pro-biotics, multi-vitamins, DE (second day), turmeric, and possibly a few more things (lotsa capsules). I am interested in learning how you are feeling – I am just tired of being tired and gaining weight!

      • So I have been on this stomach journey for several years, and tried a lot of different things. Until my stomach gave in and I pretty much collapsed. I ended up finding what I had to do to heal, which for the most part, was a very specific diet. I suggest to anyone with any auto-immune and/or digestion issues to read Terry Wahls’s book. It changed everything for me. Without any supplements, any probiotic, I healed and continue to heal. I feel better now than I have felt for the whole of last year, and I started the diet 3 months ago. Yes, it is a tough diet..at the beginning. Now I love it. My vitality, energy, libido, endurance, relaxation, digestion, sleep, everything has improved drastically.
        To those that are hoping to find a shortcut, there are none. And I don’t wish there was one anymore, because what I have found is that eating healthy is so much more pleasant than the prevalent diet. If you don’t nourish your body, your quality of life will be less. So you can go on like me for a long time struggling and thinking that it’s not that bad. But I feel lucky, because while my body shutdown, I do not get any severe illness (like Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s, diabetes and so forth..).

    • Hi Amy

      I ran across you blog a while back and I myself have been diagnosed with H. Pylori which has caused me the same symptoms as you and everyone’s else that has posted on your blog. It is truly a difficult bacteria to fight off. I tried the Mastic Gum and Manuka Honey in the past but I don’t think I did it either long enough or not the right amount. So here I am with the H. Pylori still present in my body and it has giving me many ups and downs. Not to mention the anxiety that comes along with it….truly sucks!! My doc prescribed me the antibiotics everyone takes but after taking for 2 days my body simply feels worse. The symptoms are worse for me and not to mention the heart racing palpitions with stomach discomfort. I am going to stop the meds to retry all you have suggested and shared here. So thankful to have ran into your site and all you have shared is such a Blessing. I hope you are feeling loads better and an update would be great to hear. Wish me luck on my journey and look forward to hearing from you! Endless Blessings.🙏🏼

    • H pylori was discovererd in the eighties ( not sixsties ) by two Australian doctors, but of cours now is thought to have been around for many thousands of years. I have just been dx with h pylori after life long nitemere of symptoms and I’m 71. Been told more than once, it was all in my head, or that I was stressed or delusional, even though I always have and had blood in urin and tested positive twice with gut hypermiability aka leaky gut syndrome. Don’t remember a day w/out symptoms. Don’t wish it on anyone ecsept on uncaring and unthinking docs. Hope everyone can overcome this hidious/ insidious infection and stay aware of reinfection.

  14. One last thing: I get constipated sometimes since the intestines haven’t healed properly yet — it can take some time to process food and it takes awhile for intestines to recover. A little fiber by way of Metamucil helps now and then, as does the constant intake of water. Flush everything out of your system as much as possible. Water and exercise (build gradually as you heal)!

    Also, I may graduate to Bio-HPF as I just read up on it online after I finish the bottle of H-PLR (K-32). Will keep you posted about the results. Those of you who are long-suffering may want to try a few drops of Oil of Oregano under your tongue a few times a day too. It tastes awful but does help. I actually tried it nearly a year ago for a few days when I thought I might just have a parasite, and there was some improvement in that short time. But I gave up when my parasite test came back negative. I didn’t realize it was likely fighting the h pyrlori then since I didn’t know I had h pylori for another year!

    • Hi Amy,

      I’m Josh, and I am also from Long Island. I’m 33 years old, and about a year ago I too was diagnosed w/ h pylori… I didn’t know how I got it, seeing I eat really well and lift weights/run 3 days a week. I am in excellent shape, so all these symptoms I was having made no sense to me. I had (still have) tingling over my left eye, elevated blood pressure (which I NEVER EVER HAD) burning on my left side of my stomach, starting right above my hip and elevating to right below my nipple. These symtpoms became debilitating after about 6 months. The burning was intollerable. And it wasn’t reflux, it was just buring on the left side of my stomach in those two areas I mentioned above. It would occur about 1 to 2 hours after I ate. I went to the doctors and had a blood test. 1 week later it confirmed that I was in fact H Pylori positive and the infection was active. Stool sample revealed no blood in the stool, and nothing abnormal. However, tripple therapy did nothing for me but worsen my symptoms. I ditched the doctor and began seeing a naturopathic physician who put me on BIO-HPF, GASTRAZYME, COD LIVER OIL, DFH COMPLETE MULTI VITAMIN and 2 – 3 grams of MASTIC GUM. I’ve been on this regimen for 3 months and I am seeing steady improvment. I still have bad days, and certain foods still bother my stomach (sooooooo frustrating)… It’s idiopathic really, I coudn’t pin-point what particular food gave me the burning in my stomach. Sometimes chicken would, other times chicken would cause no symtoms at all! (go figure) However, point of this posting is to let u know that I too take the BIO-HPF that you mentioned and it has helped. I have to add that garden of life digestive enzyme powder you mentioned. I really hope this does the trick. I’m finishing school to become an English professor and this all has been so distracting to me. Please let me know how you’re doing with your progress. It would help me out a great deal to know someone else in the area has had success wtih the herbal regimen. Thank you for reading all this, and hope to hear from you soon!

      • Hi Josh,

        I know what you mean about the food — some foods are fine, the next week they’re not. I think there’s a learning curve, combined with the body simply needing *time* to get better.

        I’ve only been doing the BIO HPF for a month now, I think, but all of the ingredients seem to be focused on getting the digestive system healed and back on track. Trouble is, whatever happens in the gut affects everything else. For me, I get lots of chest pressure and palpitations whenever I am “backed up” — that is, instead of feeling constipated per se, my chest responds to the back up. I’ve also, in the past, had weird pains in my left side up high near my breast and armpit. When I feel pressure now, I drink fennel tea, lots and lots of water, do yoga, massage the colon (there is a specific method for doing so — look it up online) and then wait. That part is a bit scary because the palpitations register as ‘something’s wrong with my heart!’ but there isn’t. Once I go, I’m back to feel good again.

        I’ve been at the whole curative thing for about two months now and I am considerably better. Each day, I feel a tad bit better as certain feelings and strengths are restored that I had forgotten about. I got so used to never feeling okay that I forgot what it’s like to be healthy. Now, I’m unlearning the habit of checking every little twinge and ache and gut reaction to food. My mind says, shit, where’s the nearest hospital as soon as I feel off. But then I realize that I have to reign it in and not focus on such thinking. And sure enough, it does resolve itself in an hour and sometimes not for an entire afternoon. I do have bad days still, though nothing so bad as before, but these are getting to be less frequent and the feeling good is just making me happy overall.

        I’m holding out hope, and feel somewhat certain, that I’ll be back to my old coffee drinking, beer swilling self in a few months, though I’ll never be the same self after this trial. I’ve learned lots about time management and focus, though I’m still trying to put it all into practice!

        Anyway, I too am continuing to consistently take mastic gum every morning, do yoga daily, Bio HPF, Manuka honey, vitamins, OmegaBrite fish oil, magnesium and potassium in moderation, lots of carrot juice, Garden of Life probiotics, still taking moderate doses of Monolaurin, and just generally eat well. I also take walks to clear my mind and build up my energy reserves again. I’m still avoiding acid-causing foods like the plague such as tomatoes (love & miss some Italian foods), certain fruits (prunes are a big no!), no raw foods such as sushi, and coffee, which I desperately miss but wreaks havoc on a healing digestive track. Oh, I’ve been drinking half water, half lemon/ginger/echinacea juice from Trader Joe’s regularly too. The lemon kills bacteria, the ginger is unkind to h pylori specifically, and echnicea just boosts the immune system. With all of that, I’m definitely on the mend and am looking forward to a happy, productive summer!

        By the way, you might want to eat more veggies these days (not the acidifying ones – i.e. asparagus, yes – broccoli, no!) and let meat be more of a side dish. I eat an egg in chicken broth each morning for protein along with a bowl of oatmeal with lots of organic wild blueberries. Meat is a lunch additive sometimes such as shrimp or salmon but you can get your protein from hummus, eggs, some fish, and you need milder cooked veggies to allow your colon to heal. Meat is difficult to digest and takes awhile. It’s a bit of a hardship on your colon, and though you’ll likely be tempted when you’re feeling fine, I think it should really be done moderately for a number of months.

        Anyway, enough with the advice. Here are some well wishes that you feel much better soon. I do believe the other symptoms you describe will mend as your intestines and stomach mend. I think they are side effects since your whole system is affected by what happens in the gut. That’s why certain emotions originate in the gut (i.e. “my stomach dropped” when faced with fear) – because it all goes back to that “central” nervous system that has been struggling with an infection: give it time to heal and treat your gut like it’s been decimated and needs time to mend! It will start treating you better in return! Not that you’re not doing so… I’m just typing it out for all interlopers who might be dealing with this bacteria: be delicate with what goes into your gut for awhile!

        Good luck & be well!


  15. hi there, good article. I too have been dealing with this persistent bacteria. The monolaurin is something I had not heard but will add to the mix.

    I have found that light alcohol consumption is fine. Some studies show that it inhibits h. pylori infection. However if you already have an ulcer it might not be ok. Also spirits are not ok in any amount. By ‘light alcohol consumption’ I mean one beer, or equivalent wine, every other day. Which can be quite relieving if you have gotten used to none.
    i suggest Stellar Organics :-) http://www.stellarorganics.com/ …because it also has no added sulfites.

    One other cheap, effective thing to add to the mix is olive oil. Did you mention that? Anyway good luck to you, thanks for the article.

    • Thanks, Jonathon. You’re right: there are actually studies that moderate intake of red wine is also unkind specifically to h pylori. Good news! I have lately been imbibing a half a glass of a pinot now and then. And thank you for the tip about Stellar Organics — I’ll have to check them out!

      Oh yes, I do eat olives from the local olive bar regularly – yum!

  16. To those with the burning pain and palpitations and irregular heartbeats, H Pylori it’s not! I have suffered with this same syndrome since age 25 for almost 32 years now. I gets better and gets worse and there is no method to the madness! What I have discovered is that daily treatment with prilosec up to 40 mg or more lessens the paplitations and burning pain and puts an end to the night time racing heart and sweats. This burning pain is not from an ulcer!

    I will give you an intriguing clue as to what causes this. It is not H Pylori, which can be eliminated with common antibiotics, but in fact a virus that resides in your nerves, similar to herpes. When that virus flairs up just like herpes, it causes your nerves such as the vargas to become irritated and become succeptable to the acidity, caffiene, etc in your body thus causing these irregular heartbeats. You will know when this virus flais up not only by the burning pain in your chest but also by ecema patches of skin and skin eruptions you may have in other parts of your body. The virus travels along these nerve cells and like herpes you can’t get rid of it only live with it! The pain is similar to the neuropathy you get from herpes zoster. Anyone have any similar recurring virus outbreaks?

    • Low B12 can contribute to neurological issues. Fatigue, weakness, neuropathy, shooting electrical pains, vision disturbances, hearing issues, tinnitus, hair loss, pins and needles in the extremities, etc., etc., can all be symptomatic of low B12 – and that can also be triggered by low stomach acid which H. pylori is more than capable of triggering due to its ability to generate bicarbonate.

  17. Thanks, Tony, but I think your strain of Herpes virus (there are six!) is either Shingles (Herpes Zoster) or Epstein Barr Virus. I know now exactly when I get palps and why — they’re usually due to constipation caused by the H Pylori – and they have mostly abated. And I never get skin issues such as eczema. My issues have slowly been resolving over the past two plus months with treatment, which also tells me (besides the confirmed bacterial test) that I am dealing with a bacterial infection and not a virus that cannot be cured.

    I wish you well in your struggle against your virus!

  18. I got a question. What are the mucus cells called? Im doing a report about ulcers and I really need this. I also need to know what are the acid cells called. PLEASE HELP ME!

  19. hi amy, i have been passing the similar condition that you u passed thru for a year. i rely know how it feels. i tried allopathic medicine taking different powerful antibiotics. But it didn’t improve my symptoms. then i search for the alternative medicine n saw ur page. i m very grateful that u’ve posted all the solutions to recover from h pylori. i m tryin to follow it. i m sure we both will recover from this disease n then chat with each other sayin i have no more disease. i know god is watching us. i m sure he will help us.

    • Amy,
      I’m so glad your test is negative. Are you symptom free as well? My breathe test came back negative but I still have headaches, nausea and insomnia and sometimes I feel my heart racing. I do take anxiety medication it does help but I’m wondering if I should get re-tested.

  20. HI AMY,

  21. HI AMY,

  22. amy,
    I thank God for discovering this wonderful site, it would really be a big help, because I also suffer from almost the same symptoms for almost a year now, after treatments which I can’t remember how many and how much I spent, and until now I’m still looking for a permamanent cure, hope your treatment will help me too, I am not yet tested for h pylori, and I asked my doctor about that, and told me the test would cost me much, told me if my symptoms persist, we have no other option but to test me for h pylori, which I believe is the endoscopy, I’m so glad I have someone to talk to now about my condition, thanks and looking forward to be friend with you

    • Hey there Julianne,

      Here’s a link to Pyloricil, a really powerful herbal supplement.
      My doc said to take it with breakfast and dinner, only I took it on an empty stomach as I felt it would be more potent (guess it worked). Just to warn you–the Herxheimer effect was soooo strong while taking this. I felt so sick for about 2-3 weeks, but then I felt enormously better.
      My appetite improved, the horrific bloating/gas has completely gone and so are the food sensitivities. Well, for the most part. Get this: I took stool test x 3 and I tested negative for the h. pylori, but I tested positive for candida, klebsiella pneumoniae (bacteria), and 3 different parasites!!!!!! So yeah, I’m having to be really cautious with what I eat and I’ll have to start a round of antibiotics b/c the parasites + candida are really kicking my butt and the herbal supplements aren’t working well on them.
      But the pylori is gone, and I can tell a huge difference–even with all that other stuff going on :)

      There’s ALWAYS hope!
      Best of luck,

      • Thanks Steph. One more question, did you take anything else besides the pyloricil during treatment? Is pyloricil a mastic gum?

        I finished a treatment with antibiotics (Pylorera) and will take a stool test in about two weeks. While taking the treatment I had no burning sensation but now it’s back. So, I think the hp is still there. I was also diagnosed with gastritis. Dont know if one is the result of the other or separate.

        Anyone – please feel free to jump in and answer. Thanks.

      • You’re most welcome Maria.

        The only things I did while taking Pyloricil for 30 days was drinking a lot of aloe juice, drinking lots of pure water, crushing a raw garlic clove (in my broth) daily, taking 2 Tb. of coconut oil daily (again, in my broth), and following the diet I mentioned before. After a little less than 3 weeks (18 days to be precise) the nausea left and the stomach pain/horrific bloating subsided.

        Just so you know, Pyloricil is more than a mastic gum supplement. In addition to the mastic, it also contains zinc carnosine, bismuth, and berberine–all effective against the infection. It’s a powerful combo for sure. (Just don’t freak out if your stool turns black–it’s the bismuth!)

        Here’s another positive review for Pyloricil, in case you’re interested:


        I so so hopes this product works for other people too! Such a better way to go than the antibiotics, I think!!!!

        Best wishes,

      • I hope it works too. I won’t start on it until I give a stool test to get an accurate reading and see my gi doctor. I want to take Pyloricil but want to incorporate with some of Amy’s remedies. I hope it wont be too much, especially taking another mastic gum. Thanks for your help Steph.

      • Hi Maria,

        The triple therapy is having now a very low eradication rate. Alot of researchers don’t suggest it any more as the first line treatment.

        I tried the matula tea and it did nothing at all. It was just a big waste of time and money for me. When I contacted Dave who promoted it he said it works for some people and it doesn’t work for others. I told him that it’s not what it said in the matula web site were it says it works100%, Anyway, this matula stuff sounds more like a scam than anything else.

        I did try the triple therapy before and he helped me for a week but then I have a relapse and got my pain back again. I tried the mastic gum but it doesn’t help me that much. I might have to try monolaurin and other supplement listed by Amy. If nothing works I have to go though quadriple therapy for 2 or 3 weeks because I have no choice.

        Some people say that the colloidal silver helped them to get rid of it but I coudn’t verify their testimonials. Does anybody know if that true about the colloidal silver or it’s just like the matula tea?

        I wish you good luck with pyloricil.

      • Hi Jean, I’m done with antibiotics and won’t take them again. I’m hoping that they did eradicate the hp since I’m getting some die-off signs. In order to assure eradiction I am taking mastic gum, oil of oregano, grape seed extract. Hopefully, the extra kick will do the job.

        I dont know anything about colloidal silver but read that it helps some people. The matula tea seems to be a waste of money. I knew of someone who took it and it did absolutely nothing. I will let you know in December how I make out. Good luck to all. May we all be free of this bug very soon. God bless.

      • I hope you will be able to get rid of it and you won’t need another treatments.

        In the web site of Dr Marshall, the one who discovered H.pylori. He said that there is no real herbs or supplements that have a strong activity against H.pylori, including mastic gum and other stuffs.

        So I go this why sometimes, some supplements work for someone but they won’t work for others.

        Good luck and I wish you good health.

      • Jean,

        Exactly *where* does he say that? I NEVER used the antibiotics and have been free of H Pylori for a long time, thanks to Mastic Gum, Monolaurin, and Manuka Honey — those three eradicated the bacteria for me. My doctor has the original tests and the follow up tests to prove it. Now, I eat what I want and continue to feel fine. Others who have commented here have done the same.

        Please show me where he makes that claim outright.

      • Hi Amy,

        Here the link:


        He answered somebody who said Zinc carnosine as the best treatment against H.pylori ( His nick name is Barjammar). He said that this stuff are unproven and they have weak activity against H.pylori.

        And here you can see that Barjammar is Dr Barry Marshall:


        I believe in the natural approach Amy, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t notice much improvement. I’m having heart palpitations and so much stomach and back pain. The triple therapy relieved my pain just for a week but then I got my symptoms back. I tried the mastic gum and the manuka honey but I still have these pains.

        Next time I will try pyloricil and monolaurin and I will up date if there is any improvement.

        Keep up the good work.

      • Hi Jean,

        I took Pyloricil for 30 days exactly. I took 1 capsule first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and then I took one more capsule at night before bed. I think the bottle recommends taking it with meals, but I personally wanted it to come into direct contact with the bacteria without being diluted by food. I drank a lot of aloe juice too during this time–it’s pretty soothing on the tummy.
        I wish you the best!

      • Hi Steph,

        Thank you very much for the reply. I’m so happy that pyloricil helped you a lot against H.pylori. I’m still waiting for the shipment to come. I tried the pine nut oil and it reduced my pain for a while but then It stoped working because I bought another bottle and there was no improvement in my symptoms. I think that I should get rid of h.pylori. In the web site of the company I bought from them the pine nut oil, they state that H.pylori is not the cause of the ulcers and it ‘s from the stress. I don’t believe in their theory. The pine nut oil is good but you can never get rid of H.pylori and as long as you stop taking it you get the symptoms back. So H.pylori is the real cause of the ulcers and gastritis.

        I got also a lot of heart palpitations from it. I feel like my heart jumps. I wonder if you experienced before this symptoms?

        Thanks again.

      • Hey there Jean,

        Yah, thanks for reminding me! Yes, I did have pretty bad heart palps while taking the Pyloricil. Personally, I’m not sure if it was due to the supplement or my other “issues” (endocrine imbalance, other gut bugs, etc.).
        I remember I felt really weak, constantly nauseous, and I wanted to sleep like all the time. Also my appetite was ZERO.
        BUT…it did get better for me. I followed a few of Amy’s recommendations and I believe it made the eradication that much quicker.
        I saw your comment above on zinc carnosine–just so you know, it’s one of the main ingrediants in Pyloricil.
        I truly hope it works for you! Be vigilent about your diet–it’s SO worth it in the end!

        Best wishes,

      • hi Jean , i am here often bc i have this hpylory too. Read your comment , and i have to say back pain can be one of stomach ulcer symptoms .My doctor told me this , i went few days ago for same reason (back pain). this heart palpitations thing is weird ,happens to me sometimes doc. said its when glucose level drops too low .When i have heart palpitations my hands are sweating ,and im shaking like a leaf .Did u felt same symptoms ever? Wish you good health :) Tc.

      • Hi Infected fan of Amy,

        I’m sorry to hear that you are also suffering from this bacteria. My back pain is very bad, I feel like I have a cut in my back and sometimes like something moving in my back ( I wonder if you have that also). The heart palpitations I got is like my heart jumps. Sometimes I got fast racing heart. I think the reason is the stress that H.pylori causes to the cardiovascular system. In one study, I read , H.pylori induces C proteines which is responsable for heart attacks. Also it depends on the strains of H.pylori. Some strains are not that virulent. Others are highly virulent. Fortunately in few years a vaccine will be available that will protect and cure H.pylori infection. The vaccine was tested in mice infected with H.pylori and it had 100% success in the eradication of the infection. Here is the link:


        H.pylori puts a huge burden on the immune system who cannot have a very good access for it because it’s in the stomach. New study done in Italy suggests the use of NAC as mucolytic to distrub the biofilms of H.pylori and increases the success rate.

        I hope we will be fine and enjoy food again :).


      • hi jean,,, u were talking about burning in ur stomach and back pian, i have same pain in my upper back in right side and also have pain in my upper right side of stomach, i am possitive for h pylori, i did take manuka honey with mastic gum for about two months, i stopped manuka honey but still taking mastic gum, i have an appointment with gi specialist he ordered endoscopy for me but am really afraid of the risk of it,, he said if i have ulcer they will treat me for hpylori if i dont have ulcer he said dont worry about hpylori, i dont know y he wasnt too much concern about h pylori ,,, have u seen a gi dr, what he said to u about h p,,, plz response me thanx

      • Hi Farn,

        Sorry to hear that you are suffering with these pains. I don’t have H.pylori anymore but I still have the pain. The endoscopy showed that I’m negative and so does the stool test using PCR which is a very accurate test. However the test lab found that I have a parasite that is causing my problem.

        I’m focucing right now on how to treat the parasite because it’s unknown parasite ( the test through the lab metametrix which uses PCR to identify the DNA of the bugs).

        H.pylori is not always the cause remember that. I have H.pylori and the symptoms. H.pylori is gone for 4 months now but I still have the same symptoms ( dyspepsia, chronic burping, chronic fatigue, back pain, irregular bowel movement, heart palpitations). The only thing that could explain my symptoms is this unknown bug.

        You can check the forum: http://microscopiccreatures.lefora.com/2011/01/20/endoscopy-is-the-scoping-of-the-stomach-and-the-du/#post0

        There is there some information.

        Shooting the right bug is important.

        Wish you good health.

      • hi jean, thanx alot for resonding , i am so glad ur h pylori is gone and i wish u good health,,, ok to tell u about my pro it started 9 months ago when i had an rectal fistula surgery and they prescribed me metronidazole after taking it for 13 i had very bad diarrhea vominting fainting high blood pressure and so much more, they test my stool it was free hp , but after two months i felt so weak along with highblood pressure, high pulse, dizzyness and stomach burning, they prescribed me ranetidine , i took it for 5 days and had a very bad reaction to this medicine, again went to er, anyways make the long story short i heard about hp from my husband’s dr , then i asked my family dr to give me the test , the test came possitve, been on amy’s diet for about 3 months and now i started burning in my right side of stomach and upper back pain,,,, i again did a stool test which i dont know the result they will give me the result maybe next week,,, last week i saw the gi specialist he want to do the endoscopy but i am so afraid to do the test bcoz of the risks, i am not sure if done the endoscopy test or no,,, wish me luck jean, take care,,

      • hi jean ,,, i got my test results today it came possitive again ,, maybe it is coz i took manuka honey with mastic gum only and didnt follow the other products amy mentioned above like monolourin and other suff,,, what eradicate ur h pylori? , i am not sure if i should buy more manuka honey along with other natural antibiotics amy did or should i order pyloricil,, ,,,, manuka honey and mastic gum really helped me with getting my energy back i am like a normal person with good energy but only have some discomfort in my stomach,,, any suggestion???

      • How long did you take them? It took me two months using all three (Mastic Gum, Manuka Honey & Monolaurin) before I tested negative. But the H Pylori never came back.

      • hi amy,,, thanx alot for reply, i took mastic gum and manuka honey for two months, i still take mastic gum, u were talking about VSL#3 PROBIOTICS, when should i take after the hpylori is gone or i take along with mastic gum manuka honey and monolaurin,,, ,,, i want to ad monolaurin to my antibiotcs too, maybe that will help me,,, also about aloe vera where exactlly u got ur aloe juice cold pressed, i went to drug store Raley’s it doesnt say cold pressed in any of their aloe products, the brand i bought today is ( antural request, aloe vera juice from natural request with calcium,,,))) and it is not gell it is water form,,, ,,, another question about monolaurin ,, does it have any side affects , i am really afraid of side affects,,,
        thanx again amy for reply ,,,,

      • I’ve never had side effects with Monolaurin, and I still take it when I feel a cold coming on. It works so well – I haven’t been sick in a long time, actually.

        You likely need to go to a health food store for the cold pressed aloe.

        If you test negative for H Pylori, just take a low dose of Mastic Gum for another month or so. I think I did for two months.

        If you’re taking antibiotics, I don’t know if you should take Monolaurin. Might be too much at once. Not sure. You may want to contact Dr. Marcus Ettinger, who is linked in the main entry.

        Good luck!

      • hi amy,,,
        i am h pylori possitive still, i never took medical antibiotics that dr prescribed me i am very afraid of sideaffects, i just want to know if it is ok to repeat the manuka honey with mastic gum again but for sure this time i would ad monolauring too, is 1000 mg mastic gum a once a day is ok or should i duoble the dosage i mean i take 1000 at night b4 bed too,,, i take 2 mastic gum every day in the morning b4 break fast for about 3 months now, amy u didnt tell me about the probiotics if u took it during u took ur natural medications or after it, and also i have question about blackstrap molasses i started taking molasses for two days now, when did u start taking it after u became negative of hp or during u had hpylori, plz tell me
        anyways, i have a xray for upper stomach this coming thursday i hope i dont have something more than hp, wish me luck ,,,,, oh one more thing amy, as u said white carbs r not ok to take, then what about whole weath bread? i realy get hungry i stopped taking even whole weath bread too i am like starving lol. is it ok to eat whole weath and how much should i eat a day ???? sorry amy for lots of questions i ask and thanx alot for being so much helpful for ppl with ur advices,

      • hi amy,
        i have question about broccoli sprout and mastic gum,,, how much broccoli sprout should one eat dail to fight h pylori, should it be the fresh broccoli or the pills form,, ,,,,, what brand of mastic gum did u take, i bought the jarrow farmula is the right one, is it possible to give me the exact company name for mastic gum u took and the manuka honey with the bottle pic if u still have them that should be much appreciated, if u want i would give u my email ad ,,,

      • Hi fan,

        As I told you before H.pylori is an accused bacteria. I believe you might have Giardia.intestinalis which is hard to catch protozoa. H.pylori can be treated with probiotics alone. There are so many published papers about that. L.fermentis alone can get rid of it.:

        Check this web site:


        Best regards,

      • I disagree, but everyone can have a voice here. I used probiotics, but that alone did not eradicate the bacteria – the three M’s did: Monolaurin, Manuka Honey and Mastic Gum.

      • The probiotics need to be continued for a while and you need also not to take antimicrobial while taking them. Most studies used the probiotics for more than 4 weeks. You can take the probiotics for 3 months and see.

        H.pylori is not the issue at least for me. It’s not because your doctor said H.pylori is the problem so it’s. I was like you believing that H.pylori was the problem untill I did a DNA stool test to find that a protozoa was the problem.

        The other thing that proves H.pylori is not always the problem the Link I posted for the vaccin against H.pylori. You can see in their study that the H.pylori strains responsible for ulcers are very fiew.

        Best regards,

      • Jean, this is really weird b/c I don’t see my post though it must have appeared and I received your response via email. How can I contact you? Would you provide your email address? I have several connections re: the lyme connection you mentioned. I’ve actually been told this before but haven’t quite connected the dots and therefore have not treated for it yet.

        I can also tell you how I’ve come about receiving the protozoa diagnosis 2 times now. Thank you!

      • Hi Renee,

        my email is jyt@live.ca

        I’m a pharmacologist so if you need information regarding protozoan infections you can join my forum:

        Regarding Lyme disease, did you tried Marshall protocol?

        We are exposed to these infections and a lot of stupid doctors don’T believe. That let the parients suffer in slence. Doctors are thought when they don’t know the diagnostic to tell people it’s psychic problem. So the patient will be in a weak position to defend himself as he starts thinking it’s all in his head. I’m sick my self with protozoan infection but I have a proof. Doctors cannot play the game that it’s all in my head. Thank God to Science that we can catch the fingerprint of the bug ( PCR ).

        Wish you good luck and health and all the sick people.


      • Hi Jean,
        I have read some of your recent posts. Glad to hear that you are now bug free. I am starting my triple therapy in a couple of weeks. I was wondering whether you would have any advice on whether to start alternate treatments in the meantime or should I wait for the triple therapy to get over and then start with other treatments.
        Thanks in advance for your help!

      • Hi infected fan of Amy,

        I think the reason we have heart palpitations is because we are infected with Giardia and not H.pylori. I thing that I found the missing puzzle.

        Amoxicilline can be used agaist giardia with Flagyl. Doxycyline is effective against Giardia. Lansoprasole belongs to the benzidazole familly and it has a anti protozoa activity. Bismuth is toxic against giardia. Monolaurin is deadly to giardia.

        Do you have an email so I can reach you?


      • hi steph,,,
        i wanted to know if pyloricil and mastic gum are them same???? when i click on the web side u wrote it explains mastic gum ,,, i really badly want to get rid of hp and dont want to take atibiotics bc of the side affects i want something with out no side affects,
        i am taking 2 mastic gum in the morning b4 breakfast, didnt work for me my test came + for hp,,,
        hope u reply me ,,, thanx

      • Hi Steph,

        So glad Pyloricil worked for you..

        Here is a link for a natural antibiotic. http://www.wildoreganooil.co.uk
        It worked great for someone who had streptococcus and it worked for me too.

        Were the parasites & candida tests also done from a blood test?

        We’ll surely appreciate if you or anyone else can recommend a link to buy good quality bladder wrack seaweed, best if not in flakes or powder form.

        Hope we get better soon
        Thanks Rosie

      • Hi Rosie,

        The parasites and yeast overgrowth were all detected through the comprehensive stool analysis with parasitology test x 3 from Doctor’s Data.
        It’s tests TONS of stuff in your gut–not only invaders (including dysbiotic bacteria, yeast, parasites, and h. pylori actually) but your general gut health (ie. secretory IgA, enzymes, RBC, digestability of vegetable/muscle fibers, etc.). It’s an excellent, very thorough test, but be forewarned that insurance pretty much NEVER covers these particular tests (even if your doc orders it)! If you’re like me though, I needed such a test to know exactly what was going on “down there”. (And if your doc signs the order sheet, you can get a pretty decent discount.)

        Sorry, don’t know much about the bladderwrack. I remember researching it like a year ago, but I can’t remember what for!


      • Hi Steph,

        I start to believe that all this H.pylori is just an accused bacteria. Pyloricil has berberine and bismuth which are deadly to giardia. H.pylori can be treated very easy with probiotics. Taking probiotics for one or 2 months to get rid of h.pylori.

        Monolaurin works very good against Giardia.

        Anyway I thought it might save time to some sick people. Shooting at the right bug is also important.

        Best regards and whish a happy year for all.


      • Bladderwrack is a seaweed that is very good for the thyroid gland and is supposed to help kill pylori- I bought some and its the foulest tasting thing i’ve ever had…

      • Hi

        I have been reading all your post and hoping to get rid of this hpylori that’s driving up the wall. I started with symptoms in February of 2010, and it’s just have gotten worse. I have so many different symptoms that I have read on the internet that people post who have this HORRIBLE! bacteria. I recently purchased pyloricil because I have that Steph highly recommends it and that it has worked. I was just wondering what I should look for if I am allergice to it and also how should I take it? I currently unemployed with no medical insurance and my son is 7 years old and I am so miserable, it’s so HARD to deal with. My doctor told me it’s anxiety, and my GI did an endoscopy on me and found nothing, besides esphogitis. I don’t get it, but I they found it in my blood result and gave me weeks of triple therapy and I have not gotten better, so I am looking for other alternatives. ANYTHING! to get rid of this nightmare! My body aches, my left side aches in pain depends on what I eat, and I feel exhausted all the time, depressed, get anxiety attacks, and heart palpitations.
        I also got some mastic gum recently, but when I take them it makes my pain on stomach go away, but gives me body aches, does anyone know why?
        Please if anyone could advise me on how to get rid of it this Hpylori bacteria forever!!!!

        I ask sincerely for you help :(

        Thank you sincerely

      • Hi Kathy,

        did you ever get better. I have the same symptoms as you and also apeitie loss and weight loss as well,and i have yet to get results for the H pylori. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression as well and was thinking of going on anti depressants because Im so over feeling so sad all the time and having to fight back tears. I was such a Happy person who was loving life .. and since this happened i feel like a mess. Juat the frustration of not knowing maybe when i will get better. Are you better now ?

      • I feel so sad for you folks still struggling. I know I am a strange duck, but I printed up Amy’s entire blog (hundreds of pages) and read the entire thing. My best and often repeated advice to you folks is to select all, then search for “elena” and “Ettinger” and print up what you find. Then, print Amy’s protocol toward the beginning. Contact Dr. Ettinger and pay for his consultations. Then get well, already.

        luck and care!!

      • Hi Lana,, I truly do want to get better. I will look into it. Im in australia. I supoose I have to wait and see if i have it firstly but I know there is something wrong with my tummy. It is hard to feel sick and depressed. It can drive you crazy.. Did you sufer with the above symptoms as well.??

      • Amy,

        Firstly thank you for all your information and hard work in providing all of us with a lot of valuable information. When it really comes down to it, our health is really in our hands…..
        Myself, I was recently diagnosed as H.Pylori positive (blood work), I have a lot of the symptoms already mentioned…stomach aches after I eat, diarrhea with intestinal pain, sporadic heartburn etc.. the reason I am emailing you is I was wonder; (I have numbered my questions, so maybe it is easier to answer by typing the number with your answer…thank you).

        1. Which biofilm-zapper did you use…I printed out this whole blog with all your information, and I honestly cannot tell which you used. Dr. Ettinger mentions: InterFase Plus (I cannot find this anywhere??!!), and he also mentions: NAC, did you use any BIOFILM destroyer and if so which one?

        2. I have just ordered the Monolaurin (Ecological Research 600mg…so I will take 2 capsule (1200mg) in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening (1200mg), until my order comes I went to the local health food store and bought Barlean’s Cold pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, I checked other coconut oils and they have the same CALIBRATION on the back : 1 tablespoon =14g…. on the back it states that 7g (1/2 tablespoon) of the coconut oil has 6220mg of LAURIC ACID (at half of a tablespoon the amount of lauric acid is over 6000mg.)
        In reading through this whole blog individuals are taking tablespoons like me,……. at least 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, like them…. I am taking 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon in the evening….so 2 tablespoons in total I think I am taking WAY too much lauric acid over 12 000 mg x 2…that’s like over 24 0000 mg!!!, Amy how are people taking 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, is this not too much??? Am I missing something here, that I am doing the same error???

        3. Did you take any HCL supplement with your meals when you were on your protocol? If so what brand and how much (mg/capsules)?

        Thank you for all your help….you have a plethora of people reading and following your information….if you ever have any questions or issues, pop them up, maybe all our heads together can help each other :-)


      • Hello Irina,
        I am not Amy, but I have an opinion. I tried three different protocols and six months after finishing Amy’s my HP seems to be back. Doc wants to do endoscopy to rule out stomach cancer. :( I would suggest you contact Marcus Ettinger ASAP. Read his recent caution about self-treatment. You can get any products from him. Don’t worry about saving a few bucks. He won’t take me as a patient because I’ve started treatment and the tests will not show positive.


      • Hello Lana,
        Thanks for getting back to me…..just wondering why would Dr. Ettinger not take you as a patient??….you referred to the fact that it’s ‘because I’ve started treatment’….do you mean taking some type of supplement on your own OR treatment under a medical doctor??? Are your tests for H.pylori negative?? which test did you have breath test or stool testing? I just find it odd that Dr. Ettinger would refuse to take you on as a patient, I mean you would think that he would aim to help individuals wanting help with their H.pylori issues.


      • Well, to be fair, he didn’t actually refuse. This is how it went. I contacted him after two months of Thorne SF734 because when I stopped it I experienced needle like pains in my stomach and then the back pain which became so bad within a few days that I could not stand upright. I put myself back on the SF734 and my symptoms were eased immediately. My doc here had me do a breath test but no one told me the protocol for that – 1) No food or drink for an hour before the test; 2) no antibiotics, bicarbonate, or several specific proton pump inhibitors, or bismuth preparations for a full two weeks before the test. The SF734 does contain bismuth. I did not learn of this pre-test requirement until just recently. The lab tech did not screen me for any of these concerns. Since I still had the back pain and the new needling pain in my stomach, I believed I still had HP; but the test came back negative. My local doc was convinced I was clear of it, so I contacted Dr. E and told him the story. He said that it sounded like I was over it and he recommended I resume my normal life. I could not do this because I could not stand upright without taking the SF734. At my insistence my local doc put me on one other protocol, which was Interfase Plus and Undecylex for three weeks. This treatment eliminated my back pain immediately. In addition, on the third day I passed a white worm, about 4 to 5 inches long. There is an imprint on my abdomen, right about where my duodenum is. Some years earlier, I had asked a different doctor about the thickening on my belly and she blew it off as nothing. After the worm passed, the imprint was (and is) still visible, but it is no longer a thickening but collapses into wrinkles when I pass my hand over it.
        After three weeks I stopped this protocol and felt well for a few days, but then the back pain returned, although not as bad as after the SF734. My doc was certain I was through with the issue and suggested that the back pain was something else. I did not think so and put myself on the program described by “elena” here on Amy’s blog, which includes the biofilm disruptors. The one thing I did not do is the follow up suggested by both Amy and Dr. E. Without symptoms it was hard to remember to do anything. I enjoyed a full five months of no symptoms, then the back pain began to appear, although fleetingly. Then, this summer the itching eyes and morning sneezing, and, last week, significant back pain. I wrote to Dr. E because his distance patient forms would not download for me. I have not heard back. I saw my own local doc this week and told him I was going to go back on the protocol with Dr. E’s help and he told me that no one would be willing to treat me without a positive test. He suggested I go off of everything for two weeks and take another breath test. Well, I start my job in a public school in just days and cannot take on pain at this time of the year. I stopped the bismuth and the Lauricidin, but have been taking oregano oil, which likely falls under the category of an antibiotic. My doc told me if I can’t go two weeks without pain returning he’s thinking I have “a stomach cancer in there.”
        I really don’t want to do this without Dr. E’s help because I believe with certainty that every time I treat this bug unsuccessfully I allow it to strengthen itself. I am quite dismayed that I have not heard back from him. I strongly suggest you contact him before you begin treating this bug.

      • Hi Lana,
        I just read your post and just wanted to see how things are going for you. Were you able to start Dr.’s E protocol? Are you finally feeling any better?

      • hi steph,,,
        could u plz tell me if pyloricil have any bad side affects??? i was thinking of ordering it but am really afraid of bad side affects,

    • Just want everyone to know that I got a negative test result for my HP. Yeah! I was on a antibiotic treatment for 10 days and then waited for 2 months to get the result. If it didnt work I would have started Amy’s treatment program. I wish everyone the best and have a blessed Christmas.

      P.S. There is now a vaccine for H. Pylori. My local drugstore is offering it. Not sure how effective it is but my doctor is looking into it.

      • Hi Maria,

        It’s great to hear that you are negative from the bug. Are you symptoms free also?

        Could you give me more details about the vaccine? Where we can get it?

        Best regards and happy new year,


      • Hi Jean,

        Even though I’m negative with the h. pylori I still have gastritis. It’s a burning in my stomach and mouth, probably caused by acid in my stomach. I’m takng stuff for it and watching what I eat but it’s a slow process. I would like to hear from someone who has had it and beat it.

        The vaccine is available at my pharmacy (Walgreens) but I dont know how effective it is. My doctor didnt know that there is a vaccine and said he would check into it. Don’t expect to hear from him. You may want to check with your pharmacy.

        Hope this helps. Happy New Year everyone.


      • Thank you very much for this information… I have the same problem and I am still fighting… How are you feeling now?… Are you still taking monolaurin? I am living in Thailand and they do not have monolaurin , can I have coconuts oil ?

    • Hi everyone

      I also was diagnosed with pylori in Dec as well as a hiatal hernia all causing gerd.. which means burping and acid in my stomach alot of the time. I had the triple therapy TWICE and am still having pain and burning in my stomach. Started taking manuka honey and Gastro relief along with a strong probiotic in the morning .. More honey throughout the day as well also started taking coconut oil orally as well as rubbing it on my body… I also cut down big time on sugar and tomato products(pizza and spaghetti and tomatoes) . I’ve been doing this for about 10 days and feel only a little better..My question is how long will it take to start really feeling better? I am starting to wonder if I have a parasite as well or just alot of inflammation…,, anyways this is a very helpful site… keep up the good work Amy….

    • After taking an antibiotic regimen for three weeks, which was a horrible experience, my doc said H Pylori never completely goes away. That was ten years ago, and I’m still struggling with sour mouth, mostly back of tongue, diarrhea episodes and pain in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen. I have it most all the time. I’ve just started taking probiotics which is helping, but then it returned with severe indigestion. The heart palpitations, sweats, etc. are similar to others in this blog.

      Probably if I quit coffee, milk, starches, etc., it will improve. Here’s hoping.

      • Everyone carries low levels of numerous bacteria, including h pylori, but the body naturally keeps them in check. No one needs to suffer from an active H Pylori infection.

        You should give up those foods, for sure. Also, consider some of the food-based supplements others have used here like Manuka Honey and Monolaurin.

      • Hi Amy,
        Your blog is an inspiration to all H pylori sufferers, I being one of them. I was planning to start my triple therapy in a couple of weeks from now but I now want to try and use alternative medicine first. Instead of monolaurin tablets, I have started eating Virgin coconut oil which is a great source of lauric acid (monolaurin) I believe. Also, I have heard good things about cabbage juice. Did you ever try it? I am going to order Manuka Honey as well from amazon. Which brand did you use? Your blog post doesn’t mention any specific brand. I am only worried a bit about Mastic gum since I came across a forum where some people have complained about side effects of Mastic such as gastroparesis. Any help from you or fellow blog readers is greatly appreciated. At this point, I am desperate to try anything that does not have many side effects.
        Thanks all!

      • Hi Amy,

        I have just been diagonised with Hpylori.Its good to see so many people get help from your experiences.I just wanted to know if you took the mastic gum,probiotics and manuka honey when while you were on the antibiotic course?

      • Hi Amy,

        I saw your page after I’m already treated with antibiotics and will go back and check if the bacteria is still there but i would like to try your treatment. Since there are so many Manuka Honey which did you use? There are numbers active manuka UFM12, UFM16 etc…

      • Hi Amy, not sure if you are going to read this as I see your last entry goes back to November 8, 2011. I have found your blog, and it helped me see that I was not the only one who had a horrible encounter with the health system. I remember that I went to see this Doctor, who actually have my H. Pylori test showing positive and active, and who advised I should go home and rest, it would go by itself, many people have H. Pylori he said. I was in disbelief as I have been feeling like I am going to die. I remember I explained my symptoms to him, and I just stared at me and asked me, you are latino? I replied yes, and he said, it is normal you feel this way, you folks drink too much. Just stop drinking. I wanted to cry.

        Thankfully, I found another Doctor, and my problem was that I had C Difficile as well. Already the H. Pylori was making my body ache so much, having C Difficile was making everything worse. I am C Difficile free now, and my Doctor recommends to wait 2 months before treating the H. Pylori. In my fear of not getting more antibiotics as that can prone the C Difficile go back, I started looking for a natural way to get rid of it. I will try what you did, and hopefully, I will go back to feel the same way I used to feel 4 months ago before I got these bacteria.

        It is very eye-opening once you are sick to realize how unimportant little things are so missed when we are healthy. I fantasized of running my 10 k every Wednesday after work again, I miss so much going out on Saturday night to dance. I am hoping to feel 100 percent good again, and yeah, this gives you another way to look at life.

        Good luck with you and your life,


  23. pls can you help me, I’ve been researching all day and night for a treatment for my daughter who is 21 months old, its been hell for us, she has been so ill really from birth, with ear infections etc.. we now believe it all started with me and I passed it onto her the horrible H-Pylori bateria, now we need to treat her, but dont’ want to give her more antibotics as the doctors have already given her so much with with ear infections, its destroyed all her good gut bateria, (if only I knew then what I know now) but that is the past… how do I treat her???

    very sad Mummy


  25. Hi,

    I can’t tell you what to do for your child as I’m not a doctor. I can only tell you what worked for me, which I’ve outlined in the post.

    Basically, I used “alternative” meds, based on the crazy notion that food can heal. If food can make you sick, it also can make you well and sustain health.

    The main three main “drugs” that finally eradicated the H Pylori were 1200 mg. of Monolaurin twice a day (derived from coconut milk), Manuka Honey (activated and only from New Zealand), and Mastic Gum (derived from the Greek Mastic tree). I did add in several other healing agents consistently like L Glutamine (a powder I put on my oatmeal, which helps heal gut tissue, thanks to the bacterial damage this potent bug can do), Aloe Juice (from the aloe plant), among other items.

    It took me a while to research, implement these remedies, and restore my health. You need patience because the bacteria is not easy to eradicate, whether you’re using antibiotics or what I’ve outlined. I hope this information helps.

    One more thing: diet is key in helping you to improve as your body fights the bacteria. You should absolutely eliminate white flour products like carbohydrates (white pastas, white rice, bread, etc). These are sugars! Sugars only feed bacteria and provide no nutritional value. Also, cut out obvious sugars like cookies and ice cream! You should even limit fruits for the time being. Your goal is two fold: don’t feed the bacteria and give the gut easy-to-digest alkalizing foods and time to heal. Avoid foods like tomatoes and dairy products too. You can catch up on calcium later. Milk is acidic in the gut.

    My diet over the past two months was pretty much a boring one: chicken soup (simple molecules), cooked veggies, brown rice, avocados (for good fat content), olives and capers, among other bland “safe” foods. It was very difficult as I love my coffee and my glasses of wine, chocolate, pasta, pizza, etc. But it worked. And I’ve actually come out eating better now, even though I’ve returned the occasional cookie and other desserts.

    You should obviously keep your physician informed about whatever choices you make.

    Good luck – let me know if your child improves!


    • hi my name is viviennei have had the bacteria pylori for a good few years and have many courses of antbiotics . they work for awhile but it has reed its ugley head again . .so i am going to try the things you have listed .i get cronic heart burn with mine . i have ibs and i think thats all to do with it . and have been ill for some time akes and pains anxity all the horrid things . thank you for your help. i am from kent england .

      • Pls Amy, help me. Have been suffering from h. Pylori for 3years now. Pls where can I get that manuka honey and the others u used.. Pls help me

  26. p.s. The more you research, the more you’ll find that antibiotics often have side effects and do decimate the good flora (bacteria) in your gut. Make sure you take a probiotic to replenish the good gut flora. You can eat plain Greek yogurt too.

    You may also want to take Garden of Life Digestive Enzymes with each meal — they help the stomach digest foods more easily, as the h pylori reduces stomach acid in many cases.

  27. I have had H-Polari for years and have taken several rounds of antibiotics. I have read so much in the past several hours that i’m so confused. Please tell me what works and where I can buy it!!!

  28. Bea,

    The three main “drugs” that finally eradicated the H Pylori were 1200 mg. of Monolaurin twice a day, Manuka Honey 16+ or 20+ strength, and Mastic Gum – 1 gram each morning and then again at night.

    You can buy all of these on Amazon. They are linked above in the original blog entry.


  29. I am so releived to hear you similar story! I had like 5 emergency room trips, I had allergies and bronchitis going on at the same time and said I couldn’t breath and they looked at me like I was nuts and my Dr (who I saw like 10 times in a month) prescribed me anti-anxiety pills. The only anxiety I had was wondering what was wrong. You tell all these people “also” I hurt right through my abdomen and they just ignore you. But thanks to my P.A. (I always thought I wouldn’t go to one) she did the blood test and caught it! But I hate anti-biotics and am struggling with trying the broccoli and vinegar. Am scared of the antibiotics but I may have to resort to it even though it may not work. any ideas?

    • Hi Kelli,

      I eradicated the bacteria without antibiotics — please read my note to Sam below. Primarily, you have to stick with the three basics: Monolaurin, Mastic Gum, and Manuka Honey. At least, that’s what I did for about a month and a half. Plus, you have to adjust your diet. Review my above comments to understand what that entails. It’s not easy but it will be worth it if you get your health back!

      Good luck and feel better,


    • Kelli,
      Are you doing better? I was also prescribed anxiety meds and I probably did have anxiety but only because they didn’t know what was wrong me and I felt so ill How did you beat hpylori?


  30. Is there anyone alive who has recovered fully from H Pylori? It doesn’t sound like it! Or is that people who make a uncomplicated recovery just don’t go on the internet to tell everyone about it?

    I’m pretty depressed right now and reading forum posts about this disease makes me even more depressed. Just feels like I’m going to suffer from it for the rest of my life. I have other health issues and when everything coincides i just want to top myself. Not that I would, but that’s how I feel. When I hear about herbal medicines it makes me think of what a comedian once said. About how humans have been experimenting with herbal medicine for thousands of years. The stuff that works was turned into ‘medicine’. Everything else is ‘pot pourri’!
    Sorry if this brings anyone down.

    • I don’t think this is a valid comment, especially as Amy cured herself using natural/herbal medicines. Whatever the docs give you for H Pylori doesn’t work. I hope you followed Amy’s advice and are now well.

  31. I’m more depressed than ever now that you deleted my comment. Makes me think there really is no cure and you’re all in denial. I wish denial worked for me too.

    • No one deleted your comments – they have to be approved before they appear.

      And it’s not “pot pourri” by a long shot – I successfully eradicated my h pylori nearly two months ago with consistent use of Mastic Gum, Manuka Honey, and Monolaurin. I’m back to normal. If you’d read my comments and follow-up, you would have learned that. I was sick as dog, tested twice for the infection, and finally got back to normal after my “pot pourri,” whatever that term is supposed to imply. If you adjust your diet and stick to the “pot pourri” you can do it too. But you have to adjust your diet – that’s the catch for everyone, even people who use antibiotics. They want to keep eating the same stuff as though the medicine will do it all alone. Trouble is that the bug lives in YOUR STOMACH, so what you put in there counts! Adjust your diet for at least a month, you may actually be successful. Otherwise, you’ll remain depressed and thinking there’s no way out.

      Good luck.

  32. I’m sorry. Was feeling pretty depressed at time of posting. The potpourri joke was actually funny when I heard it. Guess you had to be there!

    Re diet, I’ve cut out tea, coffee, sugar, sugary foods/drinks, tomatoes, red meat (but not entirely), milk, dairy products except probiotics and live yogurt but I’m cutting back on the yogurt. I do eat white rice but I’ll try switching to whole grain. I’m more or less following the diet for candida and gluten intolerance.

    The problem is I’m not entirely sure that it’s the pylori that’s causing my symptoms. It’s obvious to me I have developed gastritis judging by the reaction of my gut to food. My stomach feels like a witch’s couldron, bubbling away and making popping noises for several hours at a time. Lot of general discomfort. The burning pain in the belly isn’t so bad now, and the awful diarrhea (which according to what I’ve read isn’t really a distinguishing H Pylori symptom) is much diminished now but always threatening. Now I’m tending towards constipation. But I’ve also developed pains in my kidney/liver area..also very recently a very odd pain in my lower leg which can be quite severe. Unfortunately my doctor doesn’t seem to want to investigate more serious issues and has prescribed IBS drugs which I’m not taking. Infact, he hasn’t even ordered a test to see if I’m clear of the infection.

    My issue isn’t really about H Pylori eradication. This can be achieved through anti-biotics alone. I’m more worried about whether my stomach will ever return to it’s old self. Much of what I read seems to suggest that people continue having problems for months and years. That’s the depressing part.

    I’m glad you’ve made a recovery. I guess that means there’s hope. Thanks for responding.

    • Hi Sam,

      I’m going to respond in order of what you wrote.

      Let’s see — I cut out yogurt because it made my gastritis worse. Some people say it does not bother them, but it certainly did for me.

      I got used to brown rice, though I love white rice. In fact, even though I’m better now, I switch back and forth and consider the white rice to be a treat.

      As for the probiotic, I was taking one of the best on the market: Garden of Life Ultra Probitic. However when I finally got a decent GI, he said I have to recolonize my gut and told me to take the middle-strength dose of a medical grade probiotic called, “VSL#3”. I actually still take it. The low dose comes in pill form and has 250 billion organisms in it. I take the middle dose, a packet of powder each day, that has 450 billion organims in it. This made all of the difference. I can’t even explain what a difference it made. I went from feeling sick all the time to feeling more energy and healthy again. VSL#3 has to be prescribed at the highest dose, but the middle dose is over the counter. However, it is expensive. It’s about ninety bucks for a thirty day supply if you take one packet of powder a day. It’s your call – but for me, investing the money in that probiotic was worth it.

      Your constipation seems normal I went from three months of diarrhea to months of constipation. I had to use glycerin suppositories daily for awhile because the “back up” made me feel even sicker than the h pylori. That took awhile to go away but did after I was taking the probtioc for a good two weeks.

      My regular doc also suggested IBS to me, which I vehemently disagreed with. I never had so these issues before the infection. Trouble is that docs don’t know the extent of what h pylori does because no one can really conduct studies of long term infections – they try to get rid of it as you know bc it causes stomach cancer. So research is quite limited, as my new GI has explained in depth. They finally recently did make the link between heart disease and h pylori though. Clearly, the bacteria does not limit its effects to your GI tract.

      My own symptoms also included lots of miserable aches and pains in my back, legs, and arms that no on doctor could conclusively say was a direct result of the infection. But I know with certainty that these weird pains and miseries were due to the infection because they have since cleared up. Many times I thought I was dying, had cancer, imagined my pancreas and liver swollen, on the verge of a heart attack, etc

      You can definitely recover from the infection after it’s gone. I’ve been diligent about my probiotic and take aloe vera juice daily (you need the unprocessed, cold pressed kind of aloe juice because it heals). I also thought I was damaged goods because I was surprised that my test results came back negative but I was still feeling so horribly. However, my gastritis healed up first, then the rest of the problems dissipated slowly but surely. I actually kept thinking that something else was wrong with me because of the other stuff that felt unrelated. I thought for sure they were going to tell me that they found gallstones later or some sort of liver issue. Alas, I kept feeling like I was fighting a virus as well. Oh, I also thought my stomach was damaged and couldn’t produce acid properly anymore. Not the case. My GI explained that it was the imbalance in my intestinal flora that was giving me such a hard time, hence the probiotics. So with time, the body does heal if you treat yourself right. Get rid of the buggers and then be careful for another few weeks – I know it’s hard to believe when you’re feeling the pain, esp pain that is so inexplicable, but it will go away with time and care!



      • Hi im new on this site, my brother was diagnosed with gastric bulbitis I translante the world from French to English using google
        the doc didn’t say a lot to my mom, just its a bacteria and give him a pack of antibiotics, I have no idea , its fresh its just 1 week, but his symptoms are severe, he have a lot of pain, I would love to help him, he lives in north Africa, and I live in Canada, I read that Amy after 1 month of her natural treatment with manuka, magnesium…..still have the h pilori after 1 month doing the test, but after 2 months of natural cocktails im wondering whats is the natural cocktail? please can you clarify?

        also the turmeric how many pills mg?
        how you can substitute the white bread, pasta……?
        how long you cure you h pilori 3 months? is it 1 month natural treatment and 2 months just natural foods,


    • Sam,

      Sorry to hear you and others are feeling like I did several years ago. I ended up having that nasty bug H-Pylori. Doc gave me some meds. Meds gave me more pain than the bug did…LOL…Although they did alot of good but I can’t help but feel that bug is back again for some crazy reason or it never completely died off. My Doc never ran another test to see if it had disappeared. Funny how so many of them are very much alike. I have come across some awesome material regarding the use of a magnet. Using a pole finder, http://www.emovendo.net/magnet/magnetic-pole-searcherfinder.html if the RED end of the finder points to the magnet, this side of the magnet will reduce swelling beyond your wildest imagination. Used a 2 each 49 pull magnets on both of knees after they swollen from walking 7 miles and the next morning, approx. 80% of the swelling was gone where before the swelling took 3 months to go down. Used the magnets again the next day and it took about 10% more of the pain away. The pain was so small that I didn’t even use the magnets again. Oh! I kept the magnets on for about 8 or 10 hrs that first day. Regardless, unsure if the magnets might help your tummy out but it may help. make sure if you do use the magnets, the RED side of the pole finder MUST point to the side that touches your skin. Don’t ever put the opposite side of a magnet where the pole finder ”green end” points to the magnet near your head or where you might consider you have an infection. It acts in reverse. It brings about bacterial to multiple which can be good if you are looking to increase the bacterial in your guts to digest your food but otherwise could cause you great harm. The research done on the magnets was Roy Davis. He was a scientist who did the work back in the day (1920 s). He research magnets for 20 years for health benefits. If you do some research on this guy, you’ll understand why his work is never mentioned or used for medical problems today (many doctors would be without work). Regardless, his research has worked on my tummy as well. I had a ventral hernia repair done and that is no picnic afterward s. The screen mesh he put inside of me to hold together the tissue causes a lot of inflammation by rubbing on the guts themselves. Nothing can be done about it other than to take out the screen mesh!!! Already question my doc about it months after I had the surgery. Regardless, I placed a 12 pound pull magnet on my tummy and needless to say it worked like a dream come true. Still use them today when the pain is bad enough. After performing several test using different strengths of magnets, I found the stronger the magnet the better and round magnets are better that square. The round focuses the strength better and to a greater depth. To explain how the magnet works is that it basically mimics the signal the brains produces when trying to make a repair. The magnet boosts the signal in the area you place the magnet. I am assuming that our bodies for some reason or another do not put out a signal as strong as the salamander which can grow another part of their body with the exception of their head which is logical……hope all this information helps and who knows, may be someone else will read what I left here and find the magnets to help them in others areas where they are experiencing pain…………as a RULE, use only the side the RED end of the pole finder points to and I would only use ROUND magnets. I would suggest buying the 2″ x 1/4″ magnet on the site i suggested earlier because it is easier to tape onto the body. http://www.emovendo.net/magnet/2-x-14-disc.html

      I was using a 3/4″ x 3/4″ which worked great for my knees but it was a serious pain taping them on. That website no longer sells a 3/4″ x 3/4″ for some reason or other.

      Warning!!!!! Do not bring these magnets near one another. they will pull into one another and they will crack and pieces will fly apart and it might strike you in the eye and blind you. Make sure you wear glasses when handling these high strength magnets…..

      God Bless & Best Wishes in Life to All

    • Do a DRG Pathogen plus stool test for the GI or a Metemetrix GI test. It costs about $300. These tests quite literally saved my life on 2 separate instances of ill health. ( once in 2009 and recently ).

      Both test use DNA sequencing to tell you what parasite, virus or bacteria you have as opposed to some Lab analyst looking at an agar plate . This was a god send for me as I had been misdiagnosed by countless doctors who were clueless as to the what was making me vomit every day, sore stomach and nausea. When in fact it was a bad Dientamieba Fragillis infection coupled with an H-Pylori infection which I subsequently was cured through a course of Metroniazidole.

      I am from Scotland and came across this page and blog by accident which is excellent Amy King.

  33. Hi Amy

    I was diagnosed with HP, a bleeding stomach, inflammation inside my body and a B12 deficiency 2 months ago and had the triple eradication therapy. Thought i was doing ok until the raging heartburn started up again recently. Went to see my doctor last night and he said he doesnt think my HP has gone. I’m awaiting a breath test August 18th 2009 and will receive results the week after. I have been suffering from fatigue for over a year and believe this is because the nasty HP bug has been eating away at my gut, hence bleeding and not absorbing nutrients. By the way, if you are diagnosed with B12 deficiency too, you can have a B12 injection.

    Had been taking Manuka Honey UMF 16+ and glutamine (supports the immune system etc).

    So, dont know if it has gone but dont think it has. Am now going to try mastic gum, more manuka and lauric acid (which was a little hard to find and had to order from the US).

    Will let you know how I get on.

    I think the key is to be very kind to your stomach and rest as much as you can. I have taken up Yoga also.

    good luck everyone, we can beat it! x

    • Yikes, Frances!

      I didn’t have the bleeding stomach, incredibly since I went undiagnosed for a year – that sounds terrible. I do have a friend who gets the B12 injections due to the h pylori.

      I don’t understand why docs do the breath test – the stool test is much more certain, though it’s not as ‘convenient’ for the person dealing with it. But my doc always ordered the stool test because it is more reliable.

      I do hope you try these methods —

      Mastic Gum – 1000 mg in the morning before food (two pills) and the same at night before bed on an empty stomach.

      Manuka Honey – I don’t know how you were doing the honey but you’re supposed to take a teaspoon twenty minutes before each meal (obviously on an empty stomach) and one before bed on an empty stomach (I would take my spoonful after I took the Mastic Gum so that the water wouldn’t dilute it and send it directly to the kidneys.

      Monolaurin — (it’s derived from coconut milk, so is food based and safe as well) 1200 mg each morning and 1200 mg each night. It’s a natural antibiotic that many use for a variety of reasons. It’s especially popular with folks who get mono (Epstein Barr virus).

      Don’t buy Lauric Acid because it is not as potent as Monolaurin. You can find Monolaurin at any Vitamin Shoppe and even easier: it’s online at the Vitamin Shoppe as well as Amazon. I would pay about 13 dollars a bottle and went through two bottles.

      And absolutely L Glutamine! I was putting it on my oatmeal everyday — they recently also made the connection for people with h pylori that L Glutamine slows the damage and helps to heal it. Good call on that one!

      Yoga is great! I now own several of Rodney Yee’s short routines on dvd.

      • Hi Amy

        thanks for your reply and for the tips. Sounds like you ate a lot more honey than me, I think I may need to eat a bit more. I have read that it is best to eat it on a cracker because the stomach can hold it for longer, but I dont know really. Just such a shame that these things are so very expensive and that the NHS dont provide funding for alternative medicines! (that will be the day eh!)

        Please avoid sugar everyone, it does much more harm than good.

        Will let you know how I get along.
        best wishes

  34. Hi Amy,

    I read your reply with interest, especially the description of your symptoms. I’m just a bit puzzled though. Are you saying you eradicated the H Pylori bug using these natural products alone or did you at some stage have the standard antibiotic treatment?

    • I did not use antibiotics. I’m allergic to the two main ones: Biaxin (Clarithromycin) and Amoxicillin. So my doc agreed to let me try my “alternative” meds for a month and to test again. By a month, I was feeling so much better, I thought I would certainly test negative. But I tested positive. I explained how much better I was feeling, etc, so she agreed that I should try for another month. I test again at the end of that month and it was negative. No antibiotics, so no side effects. Some foods and food based “drugs” such as Monolaurin, derived from coconut milk, heal! That’s how they did it in the “olden” days.

  35. I have had that too in the past. No fun. Also had an ulcer before and just a generally poor tummy many times. Now I’m using align, a new product on the market after just going through another series of antibiotics for the tummy. Check it out (align) and ask your doctor. Glad to hear you’re on the mend and sorry to hear you weren’t well.

    • Great Blog Amy,
      I was wondering if you were taking any medications during your alternative therapy? I am taking pantoprazole and randranitdine right now along with grapefruit seed extract, manuka honey, oregano oil, probiotics, gogi berries, bluberries….etc. I will also try some of the alternative therapies you have mentioned here. I am so happy you cured yourself without having to take antbiotics. Congrats!

  36. Hi Amy,

    Thanks so much for sharing. I too have suffered digestive distress for years and endured the “we don’t really know, so we will just call it IBS and give you a prescription for a proton pump inhibitor” joys of the US medical establishment. A colonoscopy showed only minor irritation and the best they could do was prescribe a muscle relaxer which I take only when truly desparate. Finally, after 4 years of suffering and my refusal to take the PPI without someone proving to me that squelching my stomach acid is actually good for me, they did an upper endoscopy and found much inflammation but thankfully no ulcers. I await the pathology report and am actually hoping the cause is H. pylori, as so many of the other possibilities are very frightening given the rest of my medical history.

    During these years of ill health (sometimes REALLY ill) and diagnostic limbo, I realized no doctors were really going to help. I set out to figure out what I could do on my own. Obviously my journey is ongoing. While my health isn’t perfect, at least I can get around, think more clearly, and eat a bit these days. I actually look pretty healthy on the outside now, which I certainly did not 2-3 years ago. There are some things I figured out on my own that help digestive distress, energy levels, and interesting heart rythyms. Figured I would share in case it works for someone else………..Digestive problems are the root of all my symptoms. Magnesium is like magic, and the glycinate form is the least harsh on the digestive system. Grapeseed extract does help! Astragalus, glutamine, DGL (licorice), mastic gum, fresh and crystallized ginger sooth the stomach and gut and help ward off reflux. Virgin coconut oil is awesome. Borage oil helps with inflammation. Omega 3’s are VERY necessary. Food intolerances or other triggers must be identified and the offenders strictly removed from the diet (that would be dairy and alcohol for me).

    Hope this helps someone. Best of luck to you, Amy, and all of us on the mysterious digestive disorders roller coaster.


  37. Hi Amy,
    Reading your entry and all these comments is comforting beyond belief! I’ve been suffering the exact symptoms – including the racing heart, shortness of breath and anxiety, and have asked the doctors here in Japan for the H.Pylori test & they’ve all refused. It’s been suggested that I have ‘women’s problems’, which is infuriating! I’ve been struggling physically and emotionally to stay on top of these and am now having to return home to get the treatment. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write about this – it’s obviously a subject the medical world is not taking seriously and it’s such a relief to know I’m not alone!

  38. Amy,

    Thanks for your post. I’m posting this message to let folks know that I’ve tried
    the mastic gum and manuka honey. The mastic gum and manuka honey
    definitely kill h. pylori. I have experienced no side effects with the mastic gum; however, from my personal tests, it appears a sthough
    the manuka honey maybe killing some “good bacteria” along with the h.
    pylori. I believe this is true because after taking the manuka honey, my h. pylori
    symptoms vanish but then my breathing is slightly affected—when this
    occurs, I take a few probiotics and then my breathing is returned to

    So, here are my questions: do you think the manuka honey is
    also killing some “good bacteria?” Is that the reason why you had to use
    the VSL#3 medical strength probiotic? If so, then maybe the VSL#3 should
    be added to your list of three: 1) mastic, 2) manuka, and 3) monolaurin.


  39. Hey Amy, My blood test was negative for H Pylori. I am going to see GI specialist on Monday. How conclusive is a blood test?
    PS. I worked on ” Lars and the Real Girl ” glad you enjoyed it, interesting film to work on!

    • I think the blood test is good in terms of determining if you have the antibody in your blood, which means that at some point you have fought off the h pylori. Yes, just looked it up:

      “Blood antibody test. A blood test checks to see whether your body has made antibodies to H. pylori bacteria. If you have antibodies to H. pylori in your blood, it means you either are currently infected or have been infected in the past.”

      So if you haven’t been “invaded” you won’t test positive for the antibodies, and they won’t test you for the bacteria – you likely don’t have it.

      Cool that you worked on Lars! Great film! Good luck figuring out what’s going on with your gut!

  40. Amy,
    First, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Could you please tell me if you or anyone else you know of have had any nausea symptoms during the “die off” or healing period? Or do you know if that is a side effect
    of either the mastic gum or manuka honey?
    Your story has given me a lot of valuable information and hope.
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Candace,

      You’re most welcome! Yes, the first two to three days of taking the full dose of Monolaurin, I experienced “die off” and felt even sicker – but it did pass. I’m told it’s called “herxing” after the Herximer effect (http://www.earthtym.net/ref-herxheimer.htm). I don’t think it was from the mastic or manuka – pretty sure it was the monolaurin. None of these has actual side effects though; they are all food-based treatments and fairly mild. It was definitely my body dealing with the toxins of lots of bacteria dying and needing to be filtered from my body.

      Hope that helps!


      • Hi Amy:

        I’ve been so sick for nine years. The most overriding symptom is by far my constant stomach pain/burning and fatigue. I was tested and treated for h pylori about six years ago. I had some relief for about a week, then all the symptoms came back. An endoscopy after the treatment showed no HP. I just had a stool test done that shows positive in the stool sample. I have an alternative MD that is putting me on several different things, including monolaurin. I just wanted to know, though, (but don’t want to get my hopes up too high), you mentioned when you were sick you felt like you were dying. Did the infection really disable you? I’ve been sick with this stomach stuff for so long. I had to leave my job in 2003. Also, have you ever heard of h pylori affecting the thyroid? My hair is so dry and falling out and I have 15 pounds I just can’t lose, but my thyroid tests are always normal. Please advise, and thanks.


  41. I feel like my life is over. I can’t eat, can’t sleep and the only thing that takes away the severe stomach pain is red wine. I have been missing so much work, and the stress over the bills not getting paid just makes it worse. The pain first started in March of ‘04. I ended up in the ER, got a prescription for Prilosec and changed my eating habits, courtesy of a book – The Schwarzbein Principle. I took the pills for a year. It worked. Until December of ‘08. The pain came back. I went back to the ER, got more acid reducers and nausea pills. I stopped taking them. It made it worse. I saw a primary care physician and had an H Pylori blood test done. Negative! But I have all the symptoms!!! I have been looking up natural cures and don’t want to see another doctor (I don’t want an endoscopy and I don’t want to do triple antibiotic therapy) – all the testimony I have read says it makes it worse. I don’t have health insurance anyway, and I’m still paying old hospital bills over this (which does not help with the stress).Drinking red wine – particularly Merlot is the only thing that actually makes the pain GO AWAY. You have to drink at least 4 glasses at a time, though. I did research on red wine and H Pylori…and I’m not crazy! For me, it’s best to drink it when the pain first starts. Researchers say moderate red wine consumption helps reduce bacteria in the stomach. Preventative drinking does not prevent the pain, though. And you end up toasted. If you wait until the pain is completely full blown, you will vomit from a combo of the pain and drinking. What kind of life is this? But, I will not quit until I beat it. H Pylori……Kiss My Butt!
    Below is a list of my symptoms, triggers, what I’ve tried so far and what I am looking in to…
    Severe upper stomach pain (sometimes feels like an elastic band of pain that wraps around and includes middle back pain).
    Nausea / Vomiting
    lack of appetite
    lack of sleep
    missed work
    anxiety…nervousness, irritation
    irregular heartbeat, or tightness or pressure on chest (feels like high blood pressure).
    weight gain in mid-section ( but I am not eating!?!?).
    pills- Aleve, aspirin, acid reducers, allergies…etc….
    greasy or fried food
    fast food or restaurant food
    sugary food
    man made carbohydrates… breads, pastas, cereals
    physical activity (bending, lifting or reaching)
    lack of sleep
    hard liquor/beer
    Proton pump inhibitors – Pepcid AC, Zantac and Nausea pills etc…
    Maalox and Prilosec .ALL THESE, DID NOT WORK.
    HELPS: red wine for the pain, for eating: yogurt, manuka honey, chamomile and lavender tea, apple cider vinegar shots, though quite nauseating… relaxing cd’s, lavender epsom salt baths, vinegar rubbed on site of pain, taking it slower…
    Broccoli sprouts (not the florettes you buy in stores), aloe vera juice, mastic gum, grape juice, licorice root.
    I hope this helps anyone. Keep fighting!! You can win!!

    I HOPE I CAN HELP! It is not too expensive either…got it at the local health food store for twelve bucks for a bottle…you can get it online too, though at: vitacost.com/lily of the desert/stomach formula (aloe vera 80).Sorry, tried to post a link..I know you are not up 2 searching….I just wanna help. Try It. Please. My email is jencovey@live.com…let me know if I helped you…

    • Hi Amy IAm a South African woman age 58 and have been suffering with H Pylori propably since 1982 when I was diagnosed with leukemia treated and suffering many years later and with all symptoms mentioned by you and all other people on your site went for every test available at the time but after passing out a few times a MD in Brits tested me positively in Sept 2009 for H p was treated and was Ok for a while but symptoms returned twice and was treated accordingly Iam going for a Gastroscope tomorrow to determine if the Buggers are dead or not meanwhile I am suffering with heavy gasses after eating or drinking certain items

  42. Hi Amy,
    I have been dealing with a rather complicated health issue since January 2009. I was told first I had parasites and got prescribed Metronidazole. That completely killed the parasites and my whole digestive system. After a month of not eating well and 2 GI’s later, I am told that I have H. Pylori. I was given the antibiotics, but I still test positive for it. I am not about to kill my body with a second round. My main concern is that I have it that I lost 41 pounds and the doctor says that Pylori does not cause weight loss. I saw in your post you had lost some weight too, but was wondering if it was that much as I do.
    I wanted him to do a colonoscopy but I was told I would be at risk because all the weight lost. I am 39 years old female.
    I do have all your symptoms palpitations at night, anxiety, odd pains, diarreah alternated with constipation, etc.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


    • I have had H.pylori for years and just found out what it was. Years ago I lost much weight and than in the last two years I have started to gain for no reason since my eating habits hadn’t changed. Finally had a scope down my throat and am on my last day of antibiotics. Hoping that it has gotten rid of it when I go to be checked in four weeks. So from my experience it was weight loss (much) than gaining.

  43. It’s a terrible feeling not to be in control of one’s body. I mean, terrible. I shudder when I recall my “episodes” of racing heart, shaking, the projectile vomiting. I remember thinking that I wish I would just pass out already so that I didn’t have to experience it. Begging whatever higher power there is for some relief. Just feeling depressed all the time. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t know how chronic pain sufferers get through it. I’m a terrible sick person.

    That said, I will reiterate that this bacteria can be eradicated. I did it with several food “medicines”, and while I don’t know which one worked, either one alone or all in combination, they did and they were not antibiotics from the doctor. Should you find yourself fighting H Pylori, consider doing the 1200 mg of Monolaurin two times per day, four teaspoons of Manuka Honey on an empty stomach per day, and 1 to 2 grams of Mastic Gum per day. The other supplements are meant to help heal the gut such as Aloe Vera. You will definitely need to follow up with a strong probiotic — none worked for me until I began VSL#3.

    For those of you interested in a quick fix, you’re out of luck. This bacteria does damage and the docs haven’t been able to do long-term studies that discover exactly what. But they’ve recently connected this bacteria to heart disease and sinus issues. Recently as in last month. So they won’t go out on a limb and acknowledge that all of your symptoms might be related to this bacteria.

    But you’ve gotta figure – nothing lives in your stomach acid – except H Pylori! How tough and determined is this bacteria? It burrows into your stomach lining and can live there for the life of the host. Everything coming through that stomach, esp sugars and anything that does further damage to the flesh, helps the bacteria thrive! So you *must* adjust what you eat and your levels of stress. See my note above about food changes. Consider the change temporary and give your gut a few months of the “bland” diet to get back on track. (By bland, I don’t mean what the docs usually prescribe like crackers – carbs are a huge no because they’re sugar).

    Okay, good luck to all and thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences and advice!

    • my mom was hit hard…first she had hives for 2 years..then at thanksgiving last year, had no energy. By xmas, she went to her doc and was anemic..had another test scheduled but went to emergency…10 days in and sent her home Now its 2 months later, after changing her diet and many supps and herbs…all the symptoms of h.pylori..one reaction I’d like to know if anyone else experience this: She’ll try to eat and she gets a painful air bubble from down below…she then hacks and heaves trying to bring it up ..lots of bubbly foamy mucusy spittle comes up..saliva…and then pure exhaustion and can’t eat after that
      any one get that symptom? just awful to watch no vomit just retching and lots of foamy snappy spit
      do tell
      thanks for all the info
      love to all

  44. Amy,

    Thanks for posting these suggestions. My wife will definitely try a course of this more natural treatment.

    Two more points to consider:
    Many of the readers here are discouraged and understandably so. Years of chronic pain with no ready answers from the established medical community can seem hopeless. To all of you in this situation, please stay hopeful and active in finding alternative treatments. Forums (physical or virtual, such as this one) are great knowledge resources as well as emotional support. Maintaining a positive (and realistic) attitude and keeping an active mind is crucial to any recovery.

    Secondly, H.Pylori (like many potentially harmful organisms, such as candida, C.Diff) is ubiquitous in humans (>80% in many populations). When our systems are “out of whack”, these bugs could start to cause problems. It’s also very possible that, due to living in relatively sterile environments, exposure to these common bugs later in life can cause bad reactions. I’ve read in the Times that exposure to common bacteria and organisms during childhood is actually quite normal and “regulates” the immune system (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/01/health/research/01prof.html?scp=1&sq=children%20hookworms&st=cse) Additonally, H.Pylori (in non harmful quantities) could actually be beneficial in that it has been linked in appetite regulation. So think of your body as an entire ecosystem of flora. Things like stress, poor diet, excessive drinking, etc can allow some of those buggers to get out of control. Western medicine tends to look for cures (ie antibiotics to kill bacteria), but in cases like these, it is probably more beneficial to reestablish balance in our bodies.

    All the best,

  45. Hi amy. Another thing that will help with your fight against this nasty bug is the water from Young Coconuts. It’s sterile and has been used as an intravenous solution in Asian countries, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s more hydrating than water and has more electrolytes than sports drinks. It’s highly alkalysing and soothes the stomach. It aids digestion. Most importantly… it’s delicous! It’s low on fat and sugar and in fact one Young Coconut (including the meat) has only about 4 grams of fat. The meat can be used for curries where you can add the other h pylori fighting spices such as turmeric, cumin, chilli etc. It can also be used to make coconut milk and some yummy deserts. You can find young coconuts at Asian grocers if your fruit and veggie shops don’t supply them.

  46. I have also been able to kill off the H.Pylori with Mastic Gum treatment. I also ate broccolli every day during the treatment, pribotics and eliminating any foods that bothered my stomach. I read about H.pylori and had several of the symptoms including losing a scary amount of weight, when diagnosed I was down to 105 pounds. I asked my doctor to test me for it, the test came back positive. He wanted to start me on antibiotics and like Amy I am allergic to them. I treated myself with Mastic Gum against his advise and two months later my stool test was negative. He was impressed. One thing I did add to my daily diet beside broccoli was Rooibus tea which is similiar to green tea only I like the taste better.

    To make a long story short. I was diagnosed with atrial fibrilation in 2005 and had episodes that sent my heart up to 160 beats per minute every two months regular. My heart has been quiet since January of this year, not even one blip. I am not sure I am healed of that heart condition because it has not been recognized that stomach issues can cause it, but as time marchs on we will see.

    My stomach feels wonderful, no pain, no bathroom runs, my bowels are perfect and I have gained up to 111 pounds with my goal to be my weight before H.pylori which was 120.

    It can work, but you have to really be diligent and do everything you can to eat right because that is an important part of the equation.

  47. first of all, thank you for coming to my blog, and giving me a comment about my issue with h pylori. i dont know how you found my site. anyways, i have few questions about it.

    1) can you really confirm you are cured, when the test say it is negative the 2nd time? or can it means that the result show it is negative, but it is possible the test didnt detect it?

    2) what does it mean when they say, you may be cured, but it could come back ( not from a new infection) . does it mean the bacteria was reduced by medicine, but was not eradicated?

    3) if they prescribe antiobitocs, and the test show negative, do you still encourage people to still take this natural remedies? or the negative could be an inconclusive one?

    4) i dont have the symptopms you have. i am not sure why. but i tested positive for h pylori. why is that so? i do have bloating though. could it be caused by it? and also constipation. just dat.

    5) whenever i eat, my stomache gets bloated and hardened, and i am thinking, could it be because the bacteria is feeding of the nutrients? i read somewhere that stomache can get bloated because of overgrowth of bacteria. my other parts are not bloated though.

    regards, aniq

  48. Hi Amy,

    So glad to hear you’re better! I’d really like to try the bland diet but am not too sure of what it entails. Any tips on what to eat throughout the day? I’m thinking that would be a great start to feeling better. Thanks!

  49. Hi Amy,

    been diagnosed that i have HP after having endoscopy last 25th of august.

    I have been suffering PAIN from HP i call life threatening for the past 2 months..And none of the medicines ( prilosec, pepcid ac, antibiotics worked for me )

    I came across this ALOE VERA JUICE for stomach and BELIEVE me after drinking it ( 2oz to 4 oz daily) my pain gone completely..it was such a miracle to me ( next to God of course) and u were right u really have to watch your diet constantly..

    its good to know that i am not alone for this kind of illness..we will fight this Amy!!!

  50. I am really sorry to hear about your pain and happy that you eradicated the bug. I also appreciate ur courage to do lot of research and help h-pylori sufferers with ur blog.
    Regarding my family, My husband is suffering from kidney stones, kidney inflammation. Recently we found he is suffering from chronic gastritis and H-pylori. I also found that i am infected with h-pylori. I am really scared about my 2.5 months baby girl getting infected as we both have. what precautions should we take to avoid spreading? My husband completed his triple therapy and i am on triple therapy from 2 days.

    I want to talk to you. Is it possible for you to give your contact number

  51. Just wanted to find out how long to follow this treatment of MH, MG and ML is it long term or just until you feel the infection/stomach issues are gone

    • Hi Cathy,

      I took all three for about six weeks or so. I tested again at the two month mark and all was negative. However, I felt like I was negative at one month, but the test came back positive still. I don’t know exactly how long past the one month mark until I became negative. But not more than two months. I was also careful with my diet the entire time. Good luck!

  52. I am on my fifth day of anti biotics for H. pylori, had the endosopy and tested positive. I have had it for years and went to the doctors so many times that he started to tell me I was a hypochondriac which angered me since I know my own body. He finally sent me to a cancer doctor three or four years ago she ran several blood test and said I have a blood platelet dysfunction. Told there was nothing that could be done unless it turned into lukemia, for joy. I started to get worse and went to see him last month and was sent to the cancer doctor again and she sent me to the doctor that found the H. pylori. Once the biopsy came back positive and I did much research on H. pylori I too was shouting “Thank God I have H. Pylori” because FINALLY they knew I wasn’t a nut case who enjoyed wasting my time going to the doctors or wasting the doctors time. I can only pray that the anti biotics will rid me of this. I have dealt with all the same things I see written here, losing my hair in bunches, brusing, mild pressure headaches, eyes burning, body aching all over, nausea, loss of weight than gaining weight when not even eating much, loss of muscle tone because of fatigue and not being able to function and on and on. I was beginning to think I was nuts for a minute. I had the upper GI and lower GI and the colon and so on. I cannot tell you I never thought I would say I am Happy to find out I have something But I am. Now they know I was telling the truth and am not a hypochondriac. I would like to know once this is gone and test is negative will I feel like my old self ever again? Thank you so much for this blog and sharing.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      No guarantees as I’m not a doc – but I’m back to normal, especially after I took the VLS #3 for a month. It did take awhile though, so you must be patient. Once you’re on the mend, you’ll still have aches and pains and ailments for awhile – but it does clear up! Stay the course!


  53. Hi Amy,

    Could you advise what you ate exactly what your diet consisted of? What is your opinion on homeopaths ?

    Please reply

    • Hi Samantha,

      I’ve outlined my diet in the entry and in subsequent comments – please go over them. Basically, you must avoid all carbs, especially white carbs like white rice and crackers/bread, etc. Avoid sugars, coffee, alcohol (though some say a little red wine is good). Eat cooked organic vegetables, cooked chicken, etc. Basically, you want to eat foods that alkalize – do not eat acidic foods as you don’t want to raise acid levels in your stomach for now. And avoid sugars because bacteria feed on sugars. Look up foods / diets that alkalize, though I’ve linked to some above.


      • You know this is all good but at this time now financially it is more expensive to pay for things that are healthy for you. Unfortunately it’s always cheaper what isn’t good for you. I would like to return to the country and grow my own. When I am able to afford some of the things listed I will incorporate it into my daily life but for now it has to as I can afford it.

  54. Hi Amy

    Thanks for your quick response and for all the info. Really helps :)

    I also have an underactive thyroid, which I am taking medicine for but am tired
    of all the medicine thus being the reason why I was considering seeing a homeopath. How did you find out about these products to take, was it through trial and error or how? I will definitely look on amazon for those products, thanks so much.

    • I tried to find “alternative” products that also had some sort of validity via published medical studies as I wanted to share them with my doc and get her support. Most of my research came from the internet.

      A lot of the products above are linked to Amazon, if you click on the names.

      Good luck!

  55. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for sharing this information as many of us suffer for years and we become advocates for our own health. Now that you completed the treatment with the 3 main supplements what do you take now for maintenance. Thanks

    • Hi Cathy,

      I’m just more cautious with what I eat, though I’ve gone back to some of my old habits – not to any detrimental degree though. That’s about it! Once in awhile if my stomach feels a bit off, I pop a Mastic Gum, which is good for digestion, regardless of H Pylori. Good luck, Amy

  56. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I’m 25 years old and have had chronic gastritis for about a year. It all started with me feeling really nauseous and I threw up almost everything I ate, for 2 weeks. I started taking Prilosec and mastic gum and stopped throwing up.

    Later I developed breathing problems due to chronic gastritis and acid reflux. The acid went up to my heart cavity and I felt a numbness in my arms and had heart palpitations. I thought I was having a heart attack. I had to go to the ER 3 times because of it.

    I have to breath hard everyday and have sleep apnea because of it. I cannot work and I try to at least to go school, but it’s embarrassing because I keep taking deep breaths to try to fulfill my breath.

    My throat hurts almost everyday. It feels like there’s something inside putting pressure on it. I have a dry cough and I keep having to clear my throat. I cannot breathe through my nose very well as I think the acid or whatever goes all the way to the top.

    My doctor found an active H. Pylori in my stomach and put me on 1000mg of antibiotics twice day and Nexium. I’m still taking them as I have a couple days left.

    Here’s my question:
    How long did it take you to eradicate H. Pylori by using these alternative treatments?

    I just read your entire blog and am half asleep, so I will be reading it again tomorrow and writing down the products I need to purchase.

    Thanks again for sharing with us.

  57. I just read the comments and your replies and read that you started feeling a lot better after a month but you still tested positive, and kept taking them for another month and you finally tested negative.

    I’m excited and hope that this helps me. I need some sleep now. :)

    Thanks again, Ish

      • I actually have slippery elm, but stopped taking it after I didn’t feel my gastritis going away. I’ll start taking it again for my throat.


    • Okay, I would try AloeForce Aloe Vera for the gastritis. That’s the best one (don’t get it with the Herbal Formula). Take 2 ounces in the morning and again at night. AloeForce doesn’t heat the aloe plant to get the juice; it’s cold pressed, so at its full potential for healing the gut.

      The Slippery Elm helped sometimes for me – my throat would hurt and also get very tight throughout my esophagus. It eased it now and then.

      That’s about all I can recommend until the gut starts healing, which will take a little while.

      Feel better.

  58. Ish, just a word of caution. If you are on the antibiotic treatment and plan to finish that I would get checked after that to see if the antibiotic killed the HP. Then, if it didn’t I would go for the natural. I am very apprehenisve about doing several treatments at the same time as that can overtax your system. It is my belief that the Mastic Gum acts as a natural antibiotic (without all the side-effects), so if you are doing both that has to be rough on any good bacteria. Are you taking a good probiotic with the antibiotic. I took probiotics with the Mastic Gum treatment because I figured if the MG could kill H.pylori it may be killing some of my good bacteria too. All worked well for me and in 60 days with Mastic Gum, lots of broccoli, good food and probiotics my HP was killed. Just don’t overtax your body, that could lead to other problems. Sounds like you are dealing with a lot already. Sharon

    • Hi Sharon,

      I’m going to stop taking antibiotics and take probiotics for a couple days before I take the “3 Main Drugs” that Amy took.


  59. My daughter brought something to my attention which I would like to pass along. She asked me about the tongue scraper I use to clean my tongue and my partial plate and how do I clean them. At first I didn’t get where she was going with that question than I got it. She suggested I get dental tablets and clean them both daily. So I suggesting to all who have H. Pylori or have been cured; if you use the scraper have a partial or dentures make sure you clean them daily really good. The reason she asked me is because I had a bad habit of taking my partial out of my mouth and shoving it in my pocket or purse. I have since stopped a lot of things I used to do. I now know why Howy Mendel doesn’t shake hands unless his gloved. LOL

  60. I have partials and I am extremely careful to clean them each time I brush my teeth and I soak them at night. I also change my toothbrush every month and when I had H.pylori I rinsed my toothbrush in peroxide each time I brushed my teeth. Bacteria like H.pylori love the mouth as an entry. Sharon

  61. I’m very glad you were diagnosed.

    I have had not as bad symptoms as you did, but I had lot of digestive discomfort and have been seeing doctors for 15 years (I’m only 30)
    All of the doctors would just send me back suggesting to eat more fiber. 15 years later I went for a physical to a new doctor, and I casually mentioned my issues without much hope. And he listened! (tears) He run number of tests and found H Pylori. I will be going now to gastroenterologists to check if this bug did not make whole in my stomach, or even worse, caused a cancer.
    I was also surprised to hear that many doctors refuse to treat H Pylori! they just believe it’s “normal” to have this bug that is slowly and often quietly eating you up to a cancer.
    So much for the best medical care in the world!

  62. amy,
    I noticed you took the 3 MH, MG and ML all in the morning and at night… did you take them all at once? or did you wait an hour in between? etc… Also with the aloe vera and other supplement as probiotics did you take those at the same time with the triple therapy. Just want to find out if it is overtaxing system by taking all at once or should they be taken separate throughout the day etc…?

    Thanks Cathy

  63. Amy,

    Here is the updated portion of my blog post. It adds more clarification to some products that are used for H. pylori and a link to my new research and treatment of biofilms. I have found that this is the missing ingredient to easily and successfully eradication H. pylori.

    …Third, was to keep the buggers from coming back and keep the healing process moving forward. I took digestive enzymes w/HCl* – 1 w/ea. meal, plant based enzymes – 1 w/ea. meal, zinc** – 50mg’s 2x/day, L-carnosine** – 500mg’s 2x/day, mastic gum*** 1, 000mg’s 2x/day, TheraAloe**** – 1 ounce 2x/day, chlorophyll – 100mg’s 2x/day, and tons of distilled water for 6 weeks. I was now better than before my first symptom.

    All-in-all it was a learning experience, and one that has made me a better doctor, and a more diligent medical detective.

    FYI: Gastritis is not a single condition, but several different conditions that all share inflammation of the stomach lining as a common symptom. Gastritis, most often, is caused by prolonged use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen or aspirin, drinking too much alcohol or infection such as Helicobacter pylori bacteria (H. pylori). It may also occur after a major surgery, severe infections, trauma-injury-burns, or severe infections. Some diseases, such as pernicious (B12 deficient) anemia, autoimmune diseases, and chronic bile reflux, can cause gastritis as well.

    *Microscopy studies of the motility of H. pylori in gastric mucin at acidic and neutral pH in the absence of urea show that the bacteria swim freely at high (alkaline – achlorohydria) pH, and are strongly constrained at low (acidic) pH. Also, H. Pylori, through enzyme reactions promote increased ammonia production, which raises the pH of its environment – allowing it to move more freely.

    (**)A combination of zinc and L-carnosine has been shown to prevent gross visible damage to gastric mucosa caused by ethanol ingestion. This combination also acts as a potent antioxidant, specifically benefiting the gastric mucosa.

    ***There is conflicting data on whether mastic gum kills H.pylori in vivo (live human trials). There is evidence that it aid in the healing of the gastric mucosa. I used it for healing rather than as an agent to kill the H.pylori bacteria.

    ****TherAloe is a high molecular weight polysaccharides containing aloe vera juice product. It’s healing capabilities, as far as I am concerned, are quite profound on the gastric mucosa.
    If you need to talk to me about this, give me a call. I can help with diagnostic testing and products. Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc. (714)-639-4360

    September 13, 2009 Update – I am now taking, Source Naturals – Broccoli Sprouts Extract, which provides 2,000mcg’s sulforphane daily. This is equivalent to eating more than a pound of fresh broccoli.

    Supportive data: Dietary Sulforaphane-Rich Broccoli Sprouts Reduce Colonization and Attenuate Gastritis in Helicobacter pylori–Infected Mice and Humans

    October 03, 2009 Update – H. pylori most likely will live in biofilm colonies which make them even harder to kill or be identified by our host defenses. Read more about biofilms here and my protocol to remove them. BIOFILMS

    Dr. Ettinger

  64. Hi, Amy –

    Wow, reading through your story and the follow-up posts has been enlightening; thanks so much for taking the time to share with others. I had an upper GI performed last week and today learned that my h pylori test came back negative. Yet, the symptoms I’m having seem very similar to those you’ve written about. Anyway, figuring a more natural approach to Rx, including supplements and dietary changes, very likely can’t hurt, I’ve purchased the 3 “drugs” you’ve recommended along with some Aloe juice (yup, the cold pressed good kind you mention.)

    I see, though, that Cathy has recently posted a question, and I have the same one: How did you take these 3 supplements (meaning time/day; separately or together; etc.) AND how should additional supplements (for example, the Aloe juice) be worked into the dosing schedule.

    In advance, thanks for helping me with this – and again for all you’ve already done to help.

    • I thought I explained above but will give it another go. I took all three simultaneously for about a month and a half. Maybe longer – can’t recall now. I don’t know if this was a good idea or not because ultimately I depleted all of my good flora in my gut. Though that could happen if you do the antibiotics too.

      I took the Mastic Gum in the morning on an empty stomach. I then swallowed a teaspoon of Manuka Honey. Waited twenty minutes, then I took the Monolaurin with breakfast. I took a teaspoon of Manuka Honey before each meal and a fourth time before bed, along with the Mastic Gum again. I took the Monolaurin a second time with dinner. 1 Gram of Mastic Gum morning and night. Three or four pills of the Monolaurin twice a day, with breakfast and dinner.

      I was tested at one month, and though I felt considerably better and thought the h pylori was surely gone, I still tested positive. One month later, I tested negative. I feel fine now. Recovery took me awhile. I had to replenish the good flora in my gut after I tested negative because I felt like I was fighting a virus or something for awhile. The GI gave me VSL#3, which made me feel better in days. I took it for about a month or so. I no longer take it. The only thing I still take is one pill of Mastic Gum (1/2 gram) at night before bed on an empty stomach and one pill in the morning on an empty stomach. This is fine as it keeps the h pylori from coming back as well as helping to get rid of the bad kind of cholesterol. The Greeks take Mastic regularly as a digestive aid. I’ll likely continue this for another few months to be on the safe side.

      Good luck to everyone! Be patient, stick with the diet, and happy eradicating, Amy

  65. By the way, be careful with too much Manuka Honey – I think the honey is what kills both the good and bad bacteria. You may want to give the Mastic Gum a try because people with heartburn take it, not just those with h pylori.

  66. god bless you all guys
    everyone of you on this website helped me a lot
    i check it every day to see the new updates and developments
    big THANK YOU to amy and Dr. Ettinger
    i live in adelaide australia and yet have not met any specialist (Gastro Ent) able to help me appart from the usual poison(antibiotics!!!)
    i am waiting for a delivery with the products used in the Dr. Ettinger’s protocol
    at the moment as angel amy suggested, i am taking the three Ms but still have days when i am in a lot of pain
    wishing you all a good week

    • Hi
      I am also from Australia and I am finding it impossible to purchase any of these products namely mastic gum, because customs won’t allow it, can any aussies out there please help

  67. Hi Amy

    l suffer from Helicobactor H Pylori & l’m currently writing a peice on what l been through & hope to finish it in the next few days so everyone can get a outlook of how this infection can hide itself & mimic itself. its a very powerful infection & put me through 20 years of hell but was only discovered back in August 2009

    kind regards to all

  68. Hi Amy & to all the readers:

    I have this one big question in my head that i want out:

    How long does it take for one to get Ulcer or worst Stomach Cancer when a test result show infection of H Pylori? How many days/months/years?

    From what I’ve read so far people still have H Pylori, but are fighting it with non-prescription methods, but still have H Pylori, now doesn’t this still lead the way for Stomach Cancer?

    Thank you in advance. Love Halil

  69. I’m so grateful for this blog. I also live on Long Island, was just diagnosed with H Pylori (after being diagnosed with erosive gastritis). One day I had an iron stomach, and the next all hell broke loose. But I believe this has been going on since I was around 12 on & off and for the past few years had really been building up.

    Has anyone had glucose or adrenal problems from H Pylori? Joint Pain?? I have had multiple problems for the past 4 years since being on high dose steroids. I noticed after starting PPI’s that my joint pain has gone away. And of course the low blood sugar has now turned into high blood sugar due to taking aciphex.

    I am also not pleased with the followup with my gastro. They want me to take the abx that sound like pylori (pylora??) which I’m starting today, but don’t want me to follow up with endoscopy for an entire year! I’ve told them my blood sugar is unacceptably high because of the aciphex. They want me on that for 6-12 mos – just in CASE my problems are because of “silent reflux”. I’m super frustrated. Can anyone recommend a good gastro in Suffolk County?

    I’m also taking DGL Licorice (regenerates mucous lining), and Aloe Vera Juice, which turned things around for me. The bloating however is still there, despite the PPI + alternative remedies. I have to be careful about things like ginger or anything spicy because of the erosions. Peppermint tea really helps too.

    Grateful for any response!

  70. Actually, I should have said, they also don’t want to retest me for H Pylori for a year, and in the meantime they want me on aciphex (=high glucose) for a year needlessly.

  71. Sorry, one last past…has anyone tried taking Wobenzyme with abx? I was thinking about it, but am A) afraid of a die-off reaction and B) Afraid it will be too harsh on my erosions….

    It’s suppose to remove the protective wall around bugs so that they are exposed to the abx treatment…I guess much like the Lauric acid appears to do..I think (??)

  72. I just want to say thanks for all your dedication to this site! How amazing!
    I stumbled upon your site while googling H Pylori…what an awesome blog. My son has been sick for many months – he is now 6 months. He has been puking and crying since he was about one month old. The doctor has done so many tests – constantly saying that it must be GERD, however, none of the tests have shown that he actually has GERD. The doc has given our son medication to treat the GERD for over 4 months now – but nothing helps! I heard about H Pylori on Dr. OZ one day and decided to ask the hospital to test my son for it – and they did! He tested positive. However, our doctor doesn’t want to do anything about it…he just wants to treat our son for GERD.
    Also, my husband over the past 4 months has been having ‘heart problems’ exactly like you had mentioned above. We plan to get him tested for H Pylori too. He has had tests done on his heart and everything comes back normal.
    So thanks for the information and the dedications!

    • Nikki,

      I hope you all figure out what’s wrong very quickly and feel better soon. I hate that a baby is suffering from this – it’s not right!

      Good luck and warm wishes,


  73. Great information. After suffering from digestive problems for over a month I was losing my mind. I had the burning sensation, gas, bloating, constipation and other symtoms. I went to the doctor did some tests I was called back that I had HP and was given the triple therapy treatment. I finished the treatment but still don’t feel fine. I was beginning to feel that I was suffering from some kind of serious food poisoning. So I was going to see the doctor again tomorrow since I’m still not feeling well. Anyway I will still go but on way back I will seek other treatments. i’m going to start with aloe vera juice then go from there.

    Thanks Amy and all and wish me luck.

    • Cindy,

      Even after I was found to be negative for H Pylori, it took me a long time to feel okay again. Give yourself some time and be careful of what you eat. I’d suggest taking a low dose of Mastic Gum daily on an empty stomach (before you get up and before you go to bed – one capsule each time) to help keep the H Pylori away.

      Good luck and good wishes that you’ll feel better soon,


  74. I am so thankful I found this site! I don’t know that I have H-Pylora but have symptoms of severe burning of esophagus,mouth, throat & stomach. A month ago after a bad attack of burning needle like pains across & down both sides of abdomen, across the pelvic area, & fever, ended up at the hospital for a full abdoman & pelvic scan. Doc didn’t order throat or stomach scan! On antibiotics I felt well, renewed until the 1,000mg 2xday wore off, no more antibiotics & Dr., said “no follow-up. I have racing heart, sweats,shaking, nausea, faint, weak, wake up w/bad taste in mouth, bad breath, and feel like I’m on fire. What I have read at this site are safe natural alternatives to try. With my varied symptoms,tests, bloodwork is good, etc., Dr’s don’t want to be bothered. This started after being on a cholesterol lowering drug & I stopped it because of the horrible after-effects,throat-stomach burning, choking, chest burning, hard to swallow. For high inflamation, a Dr’s guess of immune disorder I was placed on Methotrexate & 2-hour IV treatments of Remicade(chemo) every six weeks which lowered my over-working immune system & has worsened my condition. I’m weak from little food,the burning throat, constant inner ear, sinus infections. Eating (nausea & burning) food in general & loss of sleep is doing me in. Was not aware that Mastic Gum killed both good gut bacteria & bad. I’ve found three companies that one can trust for quality & potency. One company is quite reasonable in pricing especially for Probiotics-16/16 Strain Formula. I use also Colostrum with Taurine. Colostrum is the first substance a nursing mother gives her newborn designed by nature to keep baby well. I use L-Lysine and L-Proline(all in one) essential free Amino Acids. L-Lysine needed for tissue rejuvination repair, L-Proline involved in production of cartilage & collagen, supports musculoskeletal system, the joints & the essential components of arterial linings & co-factor for Vit-C. Aloe I can’t use because of fibromyalgia & Aloe’s high salicylates. I use MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) tablets. Could this take the place of broccoli sprouts? Any help would be appreciated and I feel so fortunate to have accidently found this site! I have Mastic Gum in the house, had forgot it so just took one & the burning is there but so much better!!

  75. Hi Amy, first off thank you for the very informative website as me and a lot of people have gained help from it. Thank you.

    I have read everything in the website but I am confused about Monolaurin.
    you said on the site:

    Amy King:
    “Monolaurin — (it’s derived from coconut milk, so is food based and safe as well) 1200 mg each morning and 1200 mg each night. It’s a natural antibiotic that many use for a variety of reasons. It’s especially popular with folks who get mono (Epstein Barr virus).

    Don’t buy Lauric Acid because it is not as potent as Monolaurin. You can find Monolaurin at any Vitamin Shoppe and even easier: it’s online at the Vitamin Shoppe as well as Amazon. I would pay about 13 dollars a bottle and went through two bottles.”

    My Question is, isn’t Lauric Acid an ingredient of Monolaurin? so it’s part of Monolaurin, but you say don’t buy lauric acid?

    and the product that’s in Vitamin Shoppe or Amazon has the 90 caps 300 mg by Ecological Formulas. Is this the correct product?

    Thank you Amy and everyone else for posting.

  76. Hi Amy, first off thank you for the very informative website as me and a lot of people have gained help from it. Thank you.

    I have read everything in the website but I am confused about Monolaurin.
    you said on the site:
    Amy King:
    “”””“Monolaurin — (it’s derived from coconut milk, so is food based and safe as well) 1200 mg each morning and 1200 mg each night. It’s a natural antibiotic that many use for a variety of reasons. It’s especially popular with folks who get mono (Epstein Barr virus).

    Don’t buy Lauric Acid because it is not as potent as Monolaurin. You can find Monolaurin at any Vitamin Shoppe and even easier: it’s online at the Vitamin Shoppe as well as Amazon. I would pay about 13 dollars a bottle and went through two bottles.”””””””””””””””””

    My Question is, isn’t Lauric Acid an ingredient of Monolaurin? so it’s part of Monolaurin, but you say don’t buy lauric acid?
    and the product that’s in Vitamin Shoppe or Amazon has the 90 caps 300 mg by Ecological Formulas. Is this the correct product?

    now also this dr named Dr. Jon Kabara was the man who invented Monolaurin according to him. i don’t know. and his product is http://www.lauricidin.com/

    But I will buy whatever worked for you, all I need is the name of the manufacturer or name of the product. Thanks Amy.

  77. Thank you Amy, you’re the best!
    You got my vote for the Nobel Award unlike Obama.
    You’re an angel for taking the time to reply back to each one of us. thank you.

    I haven’t seen a GI yet cause the earliest appointment my family doctor got for me is in March. I’m from Toronto, Canada and this is how the system is here. It’s hard to get an early appointment with any specialist.
    My other question for you is, when you saw your GI did he/she recommend VSL#3 medium dose or did you bring up the term probiotics?

    What shall I tell my GI? any pointers? I’ve been taking Mastic Gum, Manuka Honey, L-Glutamine, Broccoli Pills, Fermented Milk(50 billion organisms), and I have been on a diet consisting of Alkaline foods and avoiding acidic food.

    Do GIs know about what you know? Can you be my GI :D

    • Welcome, Mario. My GI brought up the probiotic bc I said I still wasn’t feeling well even though my H Pylori test was negative. He said it was likely because I killed off a lot of the good flora (intestinal bacteria) and that I should replace it with medical grade probiotics. He gave me samples at first to see if they helped; they did. I continued on them for about a month or so. You should consider getting the VSL #3 bc I think the Manuka Honey is what kills all bacteria, both good and bad.

      My GI was very open to my “home remedies.” Listen, foods can hurt and foods can heal. Most docs know that. Mine wrote down every item and the dosages in case he encountered another patient who reacted negatively to the standard triple therapy regimen. As you can see above, I have linked several medical studies proving the efficacy of Manuka, Mastic and Monolaurin. The research is there – it’s just that there is a standard response to H Pylori called triple therapy. Any doctor worth his or her weight will check the research and supervise your progress under those “alternative” regimens.

  78. Hi Amy,

    I found your website while searching about Matula tea. I am not sure how that search resulted in finding your site. Anyhow, have you heard of Matula tea?

    I have been suspected to have H. Pylori. Blood test came back elevated. My doctor, based on symptoms and the blood test alone believe that is what it is. Of course, antibiotics have been prescribed. However, a stool test revealed that I have no beneficial flora growth. I also am suspected to have leaky gut- have you heard of this yourself? I have a history of antibiotic use- did you?

    Since the onset of the huge array of symptoms- I have become very reactive to almost all foods I try to consume. I never had these reactions previously. When I say reactive, some cause shortness of breath, others hives or body itches, others unusual pressure in my head and ears, or bloating, abdominal pain. My diet is not an issue- no milk, cheese, sugar, pastas, rices, night-shade vegetables, juices, fruits, coffee, etc. All of it has been out.

    I have had a huge assortment of symptoms- very similar to yours. Not all of them are present still- burning/stinging skin, abdominal pains (mostly upper), stinging/burning in abdomen, burning in chest, burping, bloating, anxiety/panic, chest tremors (feeling of quivers/panic), increased pulse/heart rate, pulsing pains or spasms, muscle soreness, fatigue, unintended weight loss, etc.

    It doesn’t seem like you developed any food sensitivities besides increased abdominal pain or gi issues associated with the wrong food. This former sentence was a question really. Did you experience hives or shortness of breath or increased panic from food? Also, did you have cognitive effects besides anxiety? I am more emotional and down- not like myself. Was your sleep impacted at all?

    And also, have you heard of the Matula tea I mentioned above?

    Thanks so much in advance.


  79. Amy,

    This post has really become quite popular and you are doing a great job moderating it! This is for Mario – A little clarification on the Monolaurin. Monolaurin is 100% lauric acid. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is 50% lauric acid by weight. Lauricidin is just a proprietary version of lauric acid and no more effective than Monolaurin 600mg caps (2 caps 2x/day) by Ecological Formulas. Note: I would not use Monolaurin alone. Add H-PLR (Apex Energetics), a multi-strain probiotic, vitamin C, maybe some mastic gum and/or Manuka honey, maybe some L-glutamine or aloe vera gel to soothe the tummy, and plant based enzymes for aiding digestion.

    Another note: I am blown away at the effectiveness of the H. pylori protocol once I started addressing “BIOFILMS” This is truly the hidden “Why” behind why chronic infection won’t heal. (scroll down to – October 03, 2009 update) http://www.advancedhealing.com/blog/2009/09/13/heartburn-gastritis-gerd-achlorhydria-or-h-pylori/

    Take care,

    Dr. E

  80. Hi again Amy,

    I posted above not too long ago. I wanted to thank you for starting a blog like this to help people.

    I have re-read some of the information you posted and realize I have the answer to at least one of my questions (if your sleep was disturbed). The obvious being yes now that I looked over your symptoms.

    Please, if you can reply or e-mail I would appreciate it so much.

    When you had the H. Pylori sort of at its worst or bad- did it cause cognitive effects? I am trying to figure out what exactly is happening to me. I have not had these specific symptoms for weeks and now, tonight am having those symptoms. I noticed to it is worst when I lay down or attempt to sleep. My heart races for no reason and there is like a ‘panic’ or ‘quiver’ in my chest that I am not causing myself. I try to sleep through it. It seems to stimulate my mind and won’t allow it to shut off or rest. This is particularly hard to deal with. I am so fatigued mentally- I literally can see words I have read about weeks ago when I close my eyes for example. It is though my mind is overstimulated, but not in your normal fashion– like drinking too much coffee or brainstorming something stressful. It is quite different than that. I have not missed sleep again really until tonight. So lack of sleep isn’t the reason. Did you experience that while dealing with it? I am extremely extremely thirsty- cannot quench my thirst and so short of breath. I drink non-stop too, more water than I ever have before. All of this is with the onset again of the chest burning, nausea, feeling like I want to throw up, indigestion, abdominal bloating. I have connected it to this now. Especially the quiver-feeling in my chest. Did you ever awake frightfully? I have not for weeks, but previously would awake out of sleep with fright and a racing heart. I had no idea where it came from or why. I think the adrenaline and stress hormones are what stimulate the mind at that point to not shut off or get fatigued. I am not sure. I have even considered whether by products of H. Pylori can migrate to the brain, especially if there is a leaky gut. I have no idea, I just want to be better, regardless if I make sense of it or not. I almost forgot that this happened to me before (weeks ago) until it did again tonight. The impact on my brain is amazing– like nothing I have ever experienced before. Only someone who has gone through this can understand that. I told you in my previous post that I am so sensitive to almost all foods I try. So, I may be dealing with more than just bacteria (nutrition). Today I was barely able to eat much with the exception of a few things.

    This is so hard to stick through. It seems as though some people with H. Pylori never experience such extremes as you did and I am. I am trying to figure out here if there perhaps is more going on or if the same happened to you. I have had so many tests with normal results. I have had scans as well with okay results. The H. Pylori blood test came back elevated and more than it was previously.

    If I could just talk to someone else who has gone through this– perhaps it would ease the road.

    During your nightly ‘attacks’– would your mind do the same when attempting to sleep? Weeks ago I did not have any of these symptoms- amazing. I did not have anxiety, panic, acid reflux and the whole bizarre assortment of symptoms.

    I thank you in advance for any help at all. Thank you for your time you don’t have to offer, but do.

    • Hello All,

      Thank you so much for starting a blog about H-Pylori… I think I am going to cry as I type…. I have been struggling with this for 6 months and it has been near impossible to diagnose…. All of the symptoms seemed crazy… Started in Feb. 2010 with heart palps. that sent me to the hospital. Then progressed to entire body weakness, insomnia, 15 pound weight loss, nausea, burning in my stomach, extreme nervousness and anxiety, dizziness, restlessness, I just feel like my body can’t stop, shakiness. I tested positive for H-pylori in April. I was then told it was gone in May, but it isn’t. When you tell someone about all these symptoms, they think you have lost it. How can formerly healthy person come down with all this at the same time. This has really taken a toll on my life. I am a young mom and wife and I can’t function properly. I can barely take care of myself, much less my family. I am having a sad day, but there is hope. I am going to listen to Michael Buble and start taking Mastic prescribed by a Homeopathic doctor tomorrow. I also made some changes to my diet thanks to this blog! Everyone hang in there… there is hope and I not going to give up! I know someday I will wake up and feel better~

    • You are the first person who has had the quivering chest like I used to have. My doc decide to remove my gall bladder. Apparently the gall bladder was non functioning for a very long time . The surgeon had trouble removing it because of scar tissue.Now after ten years, I still have sour throat and tongue. Probiotics have help a little. How are you now?

      • I’m fine. Sorry to hear about your gallbladder. Sounds suspicious. One doc wanted to implant a defibrillator in my chest. I got a second opinion. No defibrillator and no more heart issues now that the infection is gone. It’s been years now, and I’m still fine. I also eat better than I did before I got the infection. This is your chance to improve your eating habits.

  81. Hi Mary,

    Sorry to be brief – absolutely I had the quivering stuff in my chest. I didn’t understand why I was always shaky, why I couldn’t lie down, why my doctor couldn’t understand the notion of not being able to lie down (she said one other patient had complained of such a thing, though she knew of no cause), etc. You are not crazy! That bacteria really messes a body up! As for my mind, I don’t really recall. I was pretty much anxious, couldn’t sleep, chalked it all up to sleep deprivation and malnourishment since I lost all body fat – even my breasts shrunk, believe it or not. I am normally thin, so I was a sack of bones, literally. I don’t know how else to describe it.

    I think you should find a new doc if yours isn’t helping. A good GI is especially hard to find and they are often unsympathetic. If you are having mind issues, then you really need to get to someone who is going to help you, not just prescribe a bunch of anti-anxiety meds. I fought that. I was miserable, but I knew that I had never been anxious before and that something was really wrong. Basically, after so many bouts of heart “spells” or episodes that resulted in extreme racing, tachycardia, and then projectile vomitting and massive diarrhea for months on end, I was mentally at odds, writing goodbye letters and feeling like … well, about how you are describing.

    Oh, when I was able to get to sleep, even after I was recovering, I did have those times where I was startled awake by weird gut spasms, frights, pains, etc. It took a long time for those to abate too. You are not crazy, though no one ever gave me an answer for those bouts either. Just hold on to the fact that you will get better! Just really try to seek someone who is sympathetic and will believe you. Also, try emailing Dr. Marcus Ettinger — he’s linked above and is really very helpful! He always answers and is sympathetic after having the bacteria himself. Drop him a line, for sure!

    Good luck and many good wishes, Mary!


    • Hi Amy,

      (and others- thank you very much for your responses)

      Thank you so much for your response- really.

      It means a lot to hear someone say they definitely can relate.. and especially in the ways that don’t seem all too common for H. Pylori.

      When you said you had the ‘fright’- what was this like for you? Did you wake up or get startled frightfully? It seems the fright is all directly associated with the quiver-like feeling in the chest area. And as you and I know– the quiver feeling isn’t simply ‘anxiety’. It’s totally different.

      I was wondering though if you can recall if the fright actually brought frightful thoughts or feelings too. It is startling, especially when you are trying to sleep/lay down.

      My mind also fatigued– it almost acts over-stimulated (like a caffeine buzz but no caffeine). Did you have trouble getting your mind to rest..? Again, this is different from just thinking or stressing over the day (like a lot of people do before bed). I think you’ll understand that just fine.

      Did you have any chest burning, burping or abdominal bloating?

      I am sure all of this can connect in one way or the other.

      Thank you way in advance for your response- it is so helpful.

      As for the Monolaurin, where do you advise to purchase this? How many bottles do you suggest? I am sure you have given advice about this somewhere above– so hopefully it isn’t too redundant to answer again.

  82. Mary, I’m not Amy, but because you mentioned a racing heart etc. I wanted to let you know that I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrilation in 2005 and later found out that some scientist believe that AFIB is connected with H.pylori, which I discovered I had this year. I have had less AFIB episodes since I have had the negative results on H.pylori after treating myself with Mastic Gum. Just a thought on the heart issue. You can also find some good information about rapid heartbeat and afib at http://www.afibbers.com Good luck, Sharon

  83. Hi! I just wanted to add to Sharon G’s post.
    I had the SAME symptoms as you all, anxiety, shaking, chest pain, nausea, weight loss, ect…. I was diagnosed with H pylori and went thru THREE rounds of the mega antibiotics. Then the Dr told me I was still positive was to start a round of Special TB drugs to rid the H pylori. I said NO and sought another opinion. After another endoscopy with stomach/ esophageal biospy which came back negative( the positive for hpylori was breath test). Dr said this was the first time he had anyone every positive on breath test and negative on biospy. Yea…sure!
    I only wish I had found this site before all the antibiotic treatments. I still have some anxiety, difficulty sleeping at night, and try to be very careful what I eat.
    But after all this I was finally diagnosed with PSVT, cause unknown??? Could this be from the H pylori??? All of my symptoms started with h pylori and ESCALATED BIG time when I started the first doses of antibiotics.
    Like you -all my FORMER Dr and ER drs said it was all in my head/ anxiety which I never had a problem before in all my life.
    So Amy any suggestions now?? I can eat some foods again ( very selective), ve gained some of the 40 lbs back I lost, but still have anxiety at times ( on a beta blocker), fatigued, gas,the fluttering in chest and body, and just feel like a shadow of my former self.
    Any suggestions from anyone are so greatly appreciated. This post is wonderful if for nothing else KNOWING I am NOT crazy.

  84. Kristi, did the doctor ever do the simple stool test on you? The first test I had for H.pylori was blood which showed positive, then after treatment with Mastic Gum for two months I had a stool test and it was negative. Seems they would trust the stool test as I understand that is the best after treatment. The blood test is no good after treatment.
    For anxiety, you might try L-Theanine, it has made a big difference in my life. They originally put me on beta blockers for AFIB, but I couldn’t function on it, so went off and now only use supplements for my AFIB and rarely have an episode.

  85. Sharon,
    Thanks.. I have tried l -theanine, great stuff but I do feel somewhat drowsy.
    But it is good stuff highly recommended by naturopath. What other supplements do you use for A fib?? Please post it might help others here who have the anxiety/ tachycardia. Thanks again.

  86. Hi Sharon, i have a racing heart also, but i just thought my racing heart had something to do with blocked arteries. You said you’re taking supplements? What supplements are they? natural remedies? can you tell me the exact name of the product? And, did your racing heart issue got cured now? Doesn’t one need to get a simple surgery to remove the blockages in the nerves to the heart to cure heart racing?

  87. Kristi, here is my protocol for controlling afib without medication. Magnesium Glycinate Chelated – 200 mg two times a day, Magnesium Citrate powder in a hot drink before bed 200 mg – Total 600 mg a day of Magnesium;
    Q-Absorb Co-Q10 – 100 mg @ 1 per day;
    Potassium Gluconate – “NOW Brand” 540 mg, powder, 5 tsp per day in water or juice. NOTE: RDA requirements for potassium is 4700 mg a day. Through a 20 day food study I found I was not getting enough potassium, so supplementing 2700 mg helps me make it to the 4700 mg. NOTE: Do not supplement potassium unless you are sure your kidney’s function properly or you have no kidney problems as excess flushes out through the kidneys. Taurine – “NOW Brand” 1000 mg – 3 times a day. L-Theanine 200 mg Note: I take at night. If I am having a stressful event or day, I may take up to 600 mg during a day. If I have an afib episode I may take another 200 mg.


  88. Sharon!

    Rapid or racing heart is known as AF?
    How did you get diagnosed with Atrial Fibrilation? Stool Test?
    I have racing heart sometimes, how can I get my Dr to get me tested to see if I have this?
    You’ve listed so many supplements, that’s alot, my question is, wouldn’t it be simple if you were to go thru the tachycardia surgery which is painless and it’s thru the groin.

    Take care – Mario

  89. Mario, I have Lone AFIB which means my heart misfires, but I don’t have any underlying heart problems. AFIB is not just a racing heart but also beats irratically. I had my first known episode in 2005 and in the Emergency Room they diagnosed me with Atrial Fibrilation. It was done through EKG and then later I had a Echocardiogram (which I have every year) and that verified that I did not have any other heart conditions. I also wore a heart monitor and AFIB was captured on the read out, so I had several confirmations.

    My doctor is a Electrophysiologist which specializes in AFIB. He is pleased with my supplement control protocol for afib and has not suggested medication. The surgery for AFIB is called Ablation (they burn the misfiring portions of the heart). I do not qualify for this surgery as I am not in consistant AFIB and I am able to control it. AFIB will not kill a person, but you can throw a blood clot if you stay in AFIB too long without conversion. I have an agreement with my EP that I will go to the ER if I go to 24 hours. I usually self-convert within 3-21 hours so have never had to go to ER since being diagnosed.

    I don’t have tachycardia so the surgery you mention would not be beneficial to someone with AFIB.

    Hope that explains it a little. Sharon

  90. Hi again Amy,

    I know you have yet to reply to my previous post (you can see it above).. but, another question came to mind. How much weight loss did you incur? Did you manifest any symptoms of malnourishment at all?

    I have lost over 10 pounds- you said you were a sack of bones (and nothing to lose to begin with). I did not have much to lose either. It all began with acid reflux, memory lapse, feeling off, nausea, abdominal pain. I tried to eat relentlessly and lost weight anyway. Then, I started becoming sensitive and reactive to food and more symptoms popped up. I seemed to lose weight initially regardless of what I ate. Unlike you, I do not vomit so am not losing that way. It really is more of a wasting process of fat so my body can acquire energy.. that is what it seems. Now, my food intake is so minimal due to being restricted. Did you have reactions to food? Throat agitation, hives, shortness of breath, or the racing heart to food? I am trying to see if H. Pylori can be a causative of leaky gut?? There does not seem to be much literature on H. Pylori and intestinal wall damage. It all revolves around Candida primarily. I know the two usually coexist. But, I wonder how much H. Pylori can contribute to intestinal permeability and hence the reactions to food and other systemic effects.

    Do you recall being disorientated, having memory loss, being confused or the like? I am asking so many questions because you have been such a help. Your situation has been similar to mine. I know you thought you were pretty bad (writing the letters to people- as you said)- so, would it be silly to ask if you were depressed and not yourself? When this all begin, I felt ‘off’- something just wasn’t the same or right with me..

    It’s probably likely you had the H. Pylori for some time (I think you mentioned this somewhere)- I wonder what precipitated it to suddenly get worse with you (to where it was noticeable and not ignorable).

    When starting the monolaurin- what should be expected? Do you get more nauseas or sensitive? Did you have candida issues as well? Did you have a history of antibiotic use?

    If you can answer– it would assist me so so much.

    I know you did not feel well quite yet weeks into your protocol/treatment- but, during did any of the symptoms gradually subside or did it take weeks before you noticed anything? Did you have extreme bloating?

    Thanks so much Amy. I am trying to help myself just as you did.


  91. Hi Mary,

    I don’t recall being disoriented, though my mind was certainly not steady. I was anxious and depressed. I do not recall any memory loss or serious confusion though.

    I did have the infection for at least a year before it was diagnosed, and thus, it was untreated for awhile.

    Yes, when I began the monolaurin, I experienced herxing, which I mention in the comments above and give a link to this phenomenon. It is a reaction to the bacteria die off – you may feel even sicker than you have been, if that’s possible, because the bacteria are like toxins that your body has to process and get rid of, so you don’t want to go too fast in the killing.

    I don’t know if I had candida but I was quite cautious with my food intake, including eliminating ALL sugars. I did not have a history of antibiotic use, except maybe once a year at most for the occassional sinus infection and twice before pneumonia. Overall, I have been mostly healthy and drug-free.

    My symptoms did gradually subside, though not as quickly as one would like. It took a few months for all to clear up, and that was with a strict diet and medications as noted above. I certainly did have bloating at times.

    I hope that helps — good luck, Mary.


  92. Hello Amy,
    God Bless You. I have recently been diagnosed with H pylori and C diff although I have no symptoms from C diff. I have all the symptoms you described, sadly I can’t eat broccolli or many of the natural remedies, as I have to take a blood thinner because of an artificial heart valve nothing green pretty much, or anything with vitamin k. I will start triple therapy tomorrow, and hope that it doesn’t lead to a c diff infection, as that could be deadly, for me.
    But my point is I thank you, I have worked as a CNA for 27 years and I usually have things figured out before the doctors do but for the life of me I couldn’t put these symptoms together. The sweats the palpitations, shortness of breath, until I read your posts. I was thinking so many things, I’ve had a lot of wrong diagnosis in the last couple of years, one doctor even caused me a stroke this summer, now I have short term memory loss and speech problems and I am only 43. But seriously I never thought a person could get so sick from this. I lost 30lbs in 3 mo. Ate a lot of yogurt then, other than pain in my stomach I didn’t feel sick. It has been the last two months that the other symptoms have been driving me nuts. Thanks again, and it is such a relief to know what it is I must say HOORAY I have H PYLORi!

  93. Hi Amy
    Still feel awful. I can’t imagine having this for a year because i’m nearing 2 months of hell. Seriously depressed and sad. The worst part is my doctor moved and i don’t have a doctor at the moment so I have to start hunting for a new doctor. We have doctor shortage. my tummy and chest feel like its on fire. I have lost apetite iknow the weight will also come down. Anyway i know there are so many things suggested that help but can you narrow it down to top two must haves. I will try to stay upbeat.

    Thanks Amy and all and wish me luck

  94. Hi Amy and all,

    I just wanted to mention a web site that I found helpful in helping me deal with h pylori. I hope this is ok with you Amy. It is so good of you to start this blog. I’ve learned a lot from David Hompes, who specializes in natural treatment for h pylori. Here is the link. http://h-pylori-symptoms.com/

    To your health,


  95. I ordered David Hompes book and it has a lot of good information in it. The only thing I didn’t like was he sends me e-mails promoting a consultation with him about h.pylori and it’s not cheap. So, just be aware when you get on his e-mail newsletter you could get some solicitation for his services. Sharon

  96. A general heath note – I read somewhere that wine can keep lots of illnesses away including digestive system parasites – a testimony to this is the old French man who smokes 20 cigarettes a day and yet lives to be in his eighties! Why? Because of the wine that French people drink more than anyone else in the world.

    So why not try drinking one or two glasses a day and see how it makes you feel bearing in mind that it has been reported that it (wine) can become harmful if 3 glasses a day is exceeded. And people with stomach ulcers should not drink it with empty stomachs.

    Get used to drinking wine and stay healthy and live longer, I wish I could ……!!

    • Rod and all.

      Sorry to take so long to get back to you and this thread. I liked David’s book as an educational resource. One of the most important things that I got out of it is that candida or yeast infection accompanies h pylori. Last year I treated h pylori with Mastic Gum, BIO HPF, but felt better after I added 3 phases of Aqua Flora, a homeopathic formula to fight candida. This is a clinically proven formula to fight candida that I used whenever I had candida problem. Matula Tea that David mentioned fights both, h pylori and candida. I did not stay on any maintenance dose of anything and the symptoms came back.

      I understand that ADP, Standardized extract of oregano, emulsified in a sustained release form is beneficial if tolerable. “A.D.P.is useful with toxic bowel syndrome, intestinal parasites, sub-acute bacterial and viral infections, candida and other fungal/yeast infections.” http://www.doclocke.com/prodlist.htm. I am learning how to use it more effectively.

      It is my understanding that that once you had hp you can easily get reinfected. Dietary change, eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and yeast, is permanent. I suffer if I deviate.

      I did try Matula tea, and it helped but I did not stay on a maintenance dose, so the symptoms came back. I am getting retested to make sure it still h pylori that I need to treat. If David is right and candida is a part of the problem, and judging from my own experience I agree with that assessment, than using honey is not helpful, but rather might be harmful. I do poorly with any kind of even natural sugar, or more that 1 fruit/day.

      One treatment that helped me be hp free for about 6-7 years was this protocol, prescribed by an integrative medicine MD: Carafate (a prescription drug), SF 734, Mastic gum, and a probiotic, all for 1 mo. 60-80 oz of water/day were also prescribed.

      I am looking into the benefits on monolaurin.

      I have not read all the posts on this blog so I do not know all that is being discussed, but I hope some of you will find my comments helpful.


      It is really great that you started this blog.

      Elena, I hope you stay symptom free.

      Happy Holidays, and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year, everyone.


  97. Rod,

    Diet wise, Hompes’s program is not much different from the protocols mentioned here. I also read his book and I can say that it doesn’t bring anything new appart from that matula tea originated somewhere in South Africa if I recall well!
    His protocols are ok and mainly I believe help to suppress the H Pylori but they do not provide the help needed to eradecate it and as a proof of it is the fact that his own H P’s infection is back after 3? years.
    I wonder if anybody here tried the matula tea he talks about in his book, I myself have followed Dr E’s protocol and shall soon find out if my H P’s saga is over!!!!
    It is also worth reading about Dr Ohhira’s Plus OMX probiotics.

  98. elena,

    I hope it works for you – please let us know your findings – all the best.

    Someone mentioned “Kefir” on this board and I did some research on it – it sounds like a magic food which everyone should include in their daily diet – if you are going to eat it regularly you must make sure you either buy the homemade one or you should make it yourself with organic milk – goat milk is preferred to cow’s but do not use processed milk if you can help it –

  99. rod,

    good news,I am over and done with the H P’s ordeal, the breath test confirmed that the eradication therapy was successful and all what I did was to follow amy and Dr E’s protocol mentioned here. BIG THANK YOU to both of you guys.
    Now it is time to heal those soar spots left behind and keep my stomach clean and happy.

    • Congrats, Elena! Great news! I’d stick with half the dosage of the Mastic Gum for awhile — the breath test only measures levels of acceptable bacteria, so to stave off a return, keep taking Mastic Gum on an empty stomach at half dosage for another month or so. I did for several months. I think the protocol is six months but I ain’t doing it that long! It’s okay to take as it has no side effects and has the added benefit of getting rid of bad cholesterol.

  100. elena,

    I am very happy for you – if you don’t mind can you put down the exact procedure you followed (I know it’s what Dr E suggested) but it would be nice if you could hightlight what you did.

    I hope you can keep this bugger out of your system for good.

  101. Amy and All,
    Just a question for you all-
    How long til we are “back to normal”?? Or is it never going happen again??
    I feel pretty good for quite some time as long I really restrict my diet. If I eat any greasy, spicy food or chocolate, or eat late at night -WOW!! I wake up as I did last night, feeling like I am having a heart attack, chest pain, heart racing, nauseous, ect…
    I also had my GB out through all this- GI dr said it is common for h pylori patients to have GB issues. She said there is a theory that that the bacteria infects the GB and causes damage?? ( I tend to believe its the 3 mega rounds of triple antibiotics that did it to me).
    Anyway, I would just love to be able to go out, have a drink ( all alcohol makes me ill), or have a piece of dessert, preferably chocolate, but everytime I do I incurr the wrath of my digestive tract… OUCH… for days, even weeks!!
    And I have to start rebuilding my strength and feeling good again!!
    Anyone else have this problem?? Or are we all doomed to a life of chicken noodle soup forever???
    Also is there anything natural anyone takes for “instant” relief for stomach ache, indigestion which works?? I love the mastic gum, but it is more long term in my opinion??

  102. rod,

    I followed the A and B steps from Dr E’s procedure:

    A 1. Monolaurin (I use the Lauricidin 2 x 1/2 scoops daily check the http://www.lauricidin.com/
    2. Nattokinase( 1 x 2 per day)
    3. Mastic (my favourite product is GastroMend-HP made by designs for health, 2 x 2 per day every morning on empty stomach and night before bed)
    4. InterFase Plus TM ( 3 x 2 per day between meals)
    5. L-glutamine (2 heaped teaspoons in my peptic ulcer fruit smoothie)
    6. Liquid herbal remedy( custom made by my herbalist made from hawthorne leaves and stems, turmeric, goldenseal, licorice 7.5ml x 2 daily- I also developed a heart condition so she, the herb lady, put me on hawthorne and guess what, my heart loved it!)
    7. Manuka honey (1 x 2 teaspoons as amy said on empty stomach together with mastic)
    8. I juiced everytime I had some time before diner: cabage, broccoli and carrot
    9. During the day to keep my pain under control, I drank a misxture of the following tea: pepermint, green, pao d’arco, sage and thyme
    10.I MIND DIET even now and I need to be doing it for many months still to come, just because the multiple ulcerations I have left in my stomack. The only naughty think I’ve done was to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, I couldn’t give up on it!!!!
    11. Now I am the doing the C step and keep the mastic going as amy suggested + very strong probiotics
    12. Also saw the herb lady yesterday, she put me on a different remedy now meant to heal and take the pain away made from: hawthorne again, marshmallow, dandelion, dandelion rt and withania- she also suggested to go on a low salicylate diet to minimise pain
    13. I couldn’t take Serrapeptase (step A product) as I have lots of little ulcers in my stomach

    Do not be intimidated by the length of the list, it only requires a bit of self discipline and financial effort but it pays off in the end. My GP lady was quite amased to see the result of the breath test as she is skeptical when it comes to alt treatments.

    Keep up the good work and do not give up as I belive that persistence breaks resistance.

  103. Wow Elena, what a list – you must be so disciplined. I wish I had a secretary like you :-)

    BTW, how do you know you have lots of ulcerations? Have they been picked up by endoscopy or you just feel you have them?

  104. Pippa,

    Yours probably have nothing to do with H.Pylori – they could be diet related, IBS or intenstine problems. Can you give more details?

  105. I had and gastroscopy and the results were positive for H Pylori and I was reading that constipation can be a sympton.

    “”It is known that H. pylori cause low stomach acid (see Heartburn & Acid Reflux) by damaging the parietal cells of the stomach. As a result, food is not processed properly in the stomach. Undigested food may be released into the intestine, creating a domino effect that ‘backs-up’ the entire digestive system.

    Thanks for the website :)

  106. Okay Elena, hope you will be completely cured.

    I am living in a different part of the world atm and I won’t be able to follow any of the stuff you used to cure yourself, the only thing I can do atm is eat the coconut itself and I am not sure if that’s enough to kill the little buggers!


    It might be worth looking at the site that Elena gave you. Just coz you are HP positive should not mean HP is the cause of your problems – as I am sure you know lots of people have HP who show no symptoms at all.

  107. Amy,

    Following below, is a summary of your H-pylori treatment, diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment results listed throughout your blog. Your info is SO important, and I am soooo grateful, that I wanted to give something back to you, and make it easier for others to have your most important and up to date info at the top of your site.
    Thank you!

    The main three main Natural Remedies that finally eradicated the H Pylori for Amy:
    Monolaurin 1200 mg. of twice a day (derived from coconut milk). It’s a natural antibiotic that many use for a variety of reasons. It’s especially popular with folks who get mono (Epstein Barr virus). I would pay about 13 dollars a bottle and went through two bottles. I used Ecological Research brand:
    http://www.amazon.com/Monolaurin-Ecological-Formulas-300-Caps/dp/B000WP67TG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=hpc&qid=1259289018&sr=1-1. The first two to three days of taking the full dose of Monolaurin, I experienced nausea symptoms “die off” and felt even sicker – but it did pass. I’m told it’s called “herxing” after the Herximer effect
    Manuka Honey (activated and only from New Zealand) 16+ or 20+ strength, take a teaspoon twenty minutes before each meal (obviously on an empty stomach) and one before bed on an empty stomach (I would take my spoonful after I took the Mastic Gum so that the water wouldn’t dilute it and send it directly to the kidneys. (From my personal tests, it appears as though the manuka honey maybe killing some “good bacteria” along with the h.pylori. I believe this is true because after taking the manuka honey, my h. pylori symptoms vanish but then my breathing is slightly affected—when this occurs, I take a few probiotics and then my breathing is returned to normal.)
    Mastic Gum (derived from the Greek Mastic tree) 1000 mg (1gram – two pills) in the morning before food and the same at night before bed on an empty stomach.
    Amy also took:
    Probiotic – VSL #3 – medical grade Probiotic to replace good bacteria. 450 billion/powder packet is mid-level strength and can be bought over the counter. It’s about $90 for a thirty day supply if you take one packet of powder a day. (worked better than H-PLR (k-32))
    L Glutamine Put a half teaspoon of the powder on your oatmeal every morning. It helps heal gut tissue, thanks to the bacterial damage this potent bug can do) they recently also made the connection for people with h pylori that L Glutamine slows the damage and helps to heal it.
    Aloe Juice (from the aloe plant) take aloe vera juice daily (you need the unprocessed, cold pressed kind of aloe juice because it heals)
    Digestive Enzymes – by Garden of Life with each meal — they help the stomach digest foods more easily, as the h pylori reduces stomach acid in many cases.
    Diet is key in helping you to improve as your body fights the bacteria. You should absolutely eliminate white flour products like carbohydrates (white pastas, white rice, bread, etc). These are sugars! Sugars only feed bacteria and provide no nutritional value. Also, cut out obvious sugars like cookies and ice cream! You should even limit fruits for the time being. Your goal is two fold: don’t feed the bacteria and give the gut easy-to-digest alkalizing foods and time to heal. Avoid foods like tomatoes and dairy products too. You can catch up on calcium later. Milk is acidic in the gut. eat foods that alkalize – do not eat acidic foods.
    Other natural remedies that can be used in addition to Amy’s cocktail:
    Magnesium is like magic, and the glycinate form is the least harsh on the digestive system.
    Oil of Oregano -Those of you who are long-suffering may want to try a few drops of Oil of Oregano under your tongue a few times a day too.
    Bladderwack to keep the buggers from adhereing to the lining of your stomach.
    Red Wine moderate intake of red wine is also unkind specifically to h pylori.
    Stellar Organics :-) http://www.stellarorganics.com/ …because it also has no added sulfites.
    How Diagnosed
    Stool sample – Most reliable determination. But may still show positive for 3 months even after cured.
    Blood Test – Blood antibody test. A blood test checks to see whether your body has made antibodies to H. pylori bacteria. If you have antibodies to H. pylori in your blood, it means you either are currently infected or have been infected in the past.
    Breath test – can be done right after treatment to see if cured rather than wait 1-3 months for stool change.
    Felt like gone after one month, but stool still tested positive. Two months of natural remedy cocktail and Amy’s stool results came back negative, and her symptoms were gone.
    Diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pains
    racing heart, shortness of breath and anxiety,
    Miserable aches and pains in my back, legs, and arms that no doctor could conclusively say was a direct result of the infection. But I know with certainty that these weird pains and miseries were due to the infection because they have since cleared up.

  108. Hi Amy,

    I am confused about how much Monolaurin to take / day. You said 1200 mg. twice a day. But the link show it is sold in 300mg capsules and you said you only bought 2 bottles. Taking 1200mg in a.m. and 1200mg in p.m. would mean 8 pills a day! Can you clarify? And am i correct in understanding you suggest taking this at the same time as taking H-PLR (k32)?

  109. Dear Amy,

    Your blog posting is fantastic and I hope you continue to moderate it for a long time to help everyone and that you are rewarded for it with longevity. I have suffered from this far longer than most on the post, for too many years to count. I had my allergies tested and went gluten/dairy/sunflower and more free for about 3 years and it has cleared everything up except the pain. I’m going to try adding your protocols and I will let you know if it goes away.

    A few things that have helped me manage of the years: I use coconut oil, the Artisana brand for all of my cooking (fish) and raw and I freeze blueberries in the summer and put them in my smoothies all winter long, I add coconut meat to my smoothies and I use the coconut butter in my waffles that are made with Bob’s Red Mill gluten free pancake mix and egg replacer.

    For chest palpitations and episodes: Emerg-C in water just before bed can prevent them for me, if you have episodes of lying in the bathroom in pain and disorientated with constipation or dihharea, always have a packet you can get to and use it right away, it will save you especially if you are on your own.

    I was diagnosed with IBS in my teens and Chron’s or Colitis in my 20s, I’m in my 30s now. To figure out the foods you are allergic to, the best way is an Elisa blood test, everyone’s results come back differently, they really do, I’ve seen many tests. The only correlated results are those between mother and child.

  110. I have been having nausea, burning, sweating, etc in my stomach area. My gastroenterologist gave me an endoscopy and said I have gastritis. He wanted me to take Acidiphex or one those. I’m trying to do this naturally by proper combining my foods and taking Okra Pepsin which was prescribed by another dr of alternative med. It was helping and I was feeling better, but then it starting getting bad again. It wakes me up during the night, and I’m very frustrated. I’m trying to eat right, but never know what’s going to set it off. I’m about ready to take Acidephex or one of those other proton pump inhibitors to see if it heals up. I’m so emotional and upset, and my husband it very frustrated at this point and it tired of hearing about it. He thinks I’m overreaacting. I need to talk to someone.

  111. Sandi,

    Consider getting tested for h pylori. I struggled with gastritis for years before I found out that h pylori, not just stress, might be the cause of it. If you test positive for h pylori, there is plenty on this blog to help you decide on the course of treatment.

    For quick temporary relief you might want to get DGL or deglycyrrhizinated licorice, fructose free/sugarless, for soothing relief for the stomach lining, by Enzymatic Therapy. Vitacost carries it (online). Also, l-glutamine powder should provide quick relief until you get tested for h pylori and get on a program to eradicate it, if the test indicates it.

    Diet wise think of cutting out gluten dairy, sugar, yeast, limit fruit to 1/day, preferably low sugar content fruit like apple, pear, peach.

    Your emotional state is fragile in good part because you are not absorbing nutrients from food. You will feel better emotionally and physically once you get a right treatment. Meanwhile, take a deep breath and try to relax. Good luck.

    • Thanks for the advice Nancy. I had a blood test by my Gastroenterologist for HP and it was negative. I don’t eat gluten, and limit my sugar intake. How did you get better? Will Mastic Gum help?? I’m on the proper food combining diet and I take Okra Pepsin which helps, but I have to be careful of my diet and what I eat. I may have to look into the DGL and L Glutamine.

      • Sandi,

        Be aware that some medical professionals recommend breath and stool test to test h pylori rather than blood test only. Some consider the blood test unreliable so you might want to consider doing more research about that.

        For many years I really did not treat gastritis other than with diet modification (based on my own hunch and research) and learning to relax because some years ago I was told it was stress related. An integrative medicine doctor diagnosed me with h pylori in 2003 and his prescribed treatment worked very well and I felt well until a year or so (see my recent reply to Rob about the treatment, if interested). I have a hunch h pylori is back. I put myself on natural treatment for h pylori now while undergoing more tests, and my usual spartan diet, which I adhere to all the time–gluten, dairy, sugar, yeast free, with proper combining. I immediately started feeling better–experienced energy lift, emotionally calmer, less bloated. I also added additional organic magnesium called Calm by Natural Vitality (powder, raspberry flavor-delicious!) to my custom nutritional formula because of its calming properties and its role in energy, helping restore/maintain bone mass, enzyme production and many other benefits.

        I hope my experience helps you in some way and that you feel better soon.

  112. Progress Update:

    I started taking the mastic gum, honey and licorice tea and after just one day, I was exhausted and I had to stop. My heart is not too strong aparently as its been many years, so I got Hawthorne, L-glutamine, CoQ10 and L-arginine and I’m going to do a few days of it first. I definitely have H.plyori, there’s no doubt now. I did feel some pain relief and once I’m stronger I will bring it all on a little bit slower and report back.

    Thank you Amy.

  113. Amy,

    I too have h. pylori and went the antibiotic way but after two days I had rectal bleeding and was told to stop. I then frantically looked for ways of healing myself and finally went to a local herbalist who is now treating me. With my hp I also have acid reflux which I am able to control (occasionally take antacids when it gets bad) but it flairs up when I eat the wrong foods. I too started with the alkaline foods but I wasnt getting enough fat and protein so I branched out. My herbalist told me that my intestinal walls are weak and have low acid in my stomach and need to build it up. Once the acid is high again in my stomach my acid reflux should stop. I am taking a number of products including mastic gum which I feel coming up in my mouth. It’s a metalic smell and taste. Someone told me that the h. pylori is being killed off when you smell/taste it. Anyway, to make a long story shorter I need some advice on what particularly to eat. The brown rice and legums give me acid as they are all acidic. Would appreciate your help or your readers. Many thanks. Maria

  114. Maria, I had the metallic taste and was also told it was the bacteria dying and that proved to be true because the Mastic gum killed it for me. I also had a problem with food, lost from 123 lbs to 104 and I was a walking skelton. I had so much pain when I ate normal foods. I finally ended up eating lots of broccolli and rice, scrambled eggs, grilled chicken, rice toast and that was about the extent of it, everything else caused pain and went through my system like I had taken a laxative. After I got back the report the bacteria was dead I knew I had to gain some weight so I started eating non-gluten pretzels and natural peanut butter and banana’s every day. I have slowly gained back some of the weight (I usually stay around 113 lbs which is still underweight for my height, but at least I am gaining or staying stable). I still can’t eat gluten products so I don’t expect to gain back to 123 lbs anytime soon and besides I would have to buy all new clothes :-).

    Have you tried bananas? They seemed to do me okay. I also tolerated broccolli and ate a lot of that. I also understand that H.pylori hates broccolli sprouts and because I couldn’t eat raw sprouts I did the next best thing, fresh, steamed broccolli every day. I also took a good probiotic daily and that helped some.

    It is so hard while the stomach is healing because everything hurts, but hang in there if you are tasting metallic, then something is happening. Sharon

  115. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the response. I recently learned that my problem is not acid but the overproduction of acid from eating lots of acid-creating foods and bad food combination (this summer I ate and drank lots of acidic foods/drinks). So my plan is to slowly start combining the alkaline foods with acid foods to see how I make out. Currently, my diet is organic free-range eggs, fruits, all vegies, almond butter and a banana one hr before bedtime. It helps keep the acid down (believe it or not). I have to watch how much fruit I eat because it turns into sugar and the hp loves sugar. I also have bought a lot of gluten free foods but they give me acid so I stopped (especially the grains). I’ve come a long way but still have a way to go. I lost 16 lbs from 128 to 112 which I need to start building up.

    Thank you for your support and if this can help anyone so be it. All the best to all of you and let’s get rid of this pesky HP in 2010.


  116. Hi,

    I reduced my omega oils and my dizziness went away. I have to take the mastic gum at night because its so strong, wow does it ever work.

    The best alkaline food is salad leaves of any kind just raw, they will soak up acid. Having protein right before bed is what athletes do to put on weight, a couple of table spoons of a nut butter are good. If you have meat at a meal, have an enzyme with it and it will help the tummy digest it easier. Beef is harder on the tummy than chicken or turkey and fish is the easiest to digest.

    I’ve been gluten and dairy free for years, it on its own definitely won’t cure h.pylori, but with the honey and mastic gum its working. The honey doesn’t seem to affect candida in a bad way at all, my gums are pinker than I’ve ever seen in my life after just the last several days and the pain I had from one tooth is completely gone.

    To everyone’s good health in 2010!!!

    • Realistically, the gum improvement I can’t pin down because I started both at the same time. I’m also taking acidophilis (one that doesn’t have dairy ingredients). The toothache I had for quite awhile that disapeared too. The gums aren’t staying pink 100% of the time, so I know I’m still fighting the battle.

      • The tongue and gums are always a good sign of health if they are nice and pink. My gums used to bleed when I brushed them and I think it was because of the H.pylori and after treating myself with Mastic Gum my teeth have stopped bleeding and they are very pink and my tongue never has that white look that shows something is wrong in the body. One thing that I learned from my local health store person is that a person should scrape their tongue while treating for H.pylor because the bacteria can be disposed through the tongue area, that is why some have a metallic taste after taking Mastic Gum, it is the bacteria dying. So I scraped my tongue for sure! Good luck, I know I feel so much better now. Sharon

  117. Rod, I am a writer and we writers always proof, but contrary to my regular habits, I failed to do it and thus the bleeding teeth. I will accept my marks graciously, I’m used to red marks on my papers anyway. Sharon

  118. In the last couple of days (holiday) I cheated and had acidity food (crab cakes and red meat). I noticed that I have constant burning in my upper mouth, tongue and throat. Antacids dont help. I looked it up on the internet and it could be Burned Mouth Syndrome which is caused by acid reflux, medication, over brushing teeth and use of mouthwash. Would like to hear from others who have experienced this. Thanks. Maria

    • Hi, Maria I have the same symptoms like U.. I was such in pain yesterday burning in my stomach throat and yes my mouth. After soaked all my toothbrushes in Hydrogen peroxide I dont have that feeling anymore woke up this morning feeling sooo much better… I will follow Dr.Ettinger program !!!I do all the diet sinds March been from one dokter to another.. they all give me PPI’s and it is not working I was indeed diagnose with the H.Pylori bacteria in March got anitbiotic for this… I have pain under my left breast this is because of the bacteria Had a breath test again for H.Pylori and the test is negative…The pain is still there after the antibiotics.. so maybe the H.Pylori is still in my system….

  119. Sharon,

    Do you write about health subjects? If not, can I ask what you usually write about?


    Very odd symptoms indeed — What medicines are you currently taking? I wouldn’t use any of the mouthwashes on the market, they would probably do more harm in the long run – why not gurgle some red wine in your mouth instead? More pleasant as well.

    • Rod, I write nonfiction and fiction, mostly short stories. I was a free lance writer for a local newspaper years ago. I have written an article for a Canadian newsletter on my H.Pylori experience which was published last year. I also publish a monthly newsletter for my church.

      I had a short story published in a local book two years ago and four short stories in 2009. These books were published by the local writers group. I am also writing a historical fiction novella about my mother’s life in an orphanage in the 1920’s. This should be out by the end of 2011. I am also writing a historical fiction novel about my family who has deep roots in the South with two uncles being officers in the Confederate Army a lot of historical stuff on them. Don’t know when that will be out, it is a real challenge to write because I have so much material that I have been gathering for years to write the book. I have written about 6-7 chapters so far.

      You can check out the current book of short stories by going to http://www.amazon.com and search for a book titled Southern Side Up IV, you will see my stories listed (Sharon Glass). Writing is my means of relaxing. I will never be a James Patterson and I don’t make any money at it, but really enjoy making characters come to life. I do hope to make some money with my novella, but we’ll see how that goes. Thanks for asking. Sharon

  120. Rod,

    I’m working with an herbalists and he prescribed a whole bunch of things…mastic gum, probiotic, Slippery elm/dgl/cuttlefish, liquid chlorophyl, Natural Esophaguard and few others. I did burn my upper mouth with a hot apple about 3 weeks ago and it went down my eshophagus. It was not a smart thing to do but I thought it would heal by now. I stopped using the mouthwash and toothpaste and using a paste of salt and baking soda to clean my teeth. I’m not sure whether the hot apple caused the burn or something else. I get to see my ETN next week and will see what he says. Gargling with red wine might be fun but I’m not about to try it because of my reflux.


  121. Its about 5 days into treatment now and things have improved fast. I can now take 500mg of mastic gum and not have to rest. My stomach doesn’t feel like there’s a knife in it any more. I do get the metallic taste off and on and I’m using blueberry juice too which is really helpful. I’ve started giving some to my family now and I can tell they have the bug too, but just not as bad as me. I’m going to follow the full treatment for 60 days and then try to figure out a maintenance program. If you’re even considering if you have this, give at least the mastic gum or honey a try. My gums are still pinker and it seems to the be the mastic gum because I forgot to take the honey yesterday.

  122. Joellyn, I contacted the company that made the brand of Mastic Gum I took and asked them about taking one capsule a day for maintenace and they advised for maintenance I should take Mastic Gum for thirty days once a year. Which is what I did. Some seem to be on a regular maintenance and I am not sure where I read that at. If someone does regular monthly maintenance, please share what it is. Sharon

  123. Hi folks,

    I have bought a fresh leaf of Aloe Vera, before I use it I would like to know if it’s ok to drink the gel? I am not sure if it’s all safe to do this as I’ve come across conflicting reports. Hence, I would appreciate to hear from anyone who’s used this internally before.

    Sharon, good luck with your writing – very interesting work you’re doing.

    Maria, hope your burns get cured soon – I shall now watch for hot apples as well as hot girls – only kidding :-)

  124. Rod, are you talking about the actual Aloe Vera stem? The one you break off the plant and open up to get to the gel? You called it a leaf, I call it a stem because it actually does not have leafs. If you are talking about the stem, just put a little bit of the gel inside the stem (tiny bit) on your tongue and I think that will sway you from wanting to injest the raw aloe vera gel. It taste awful! You can buy extracted aloe vera juice which still doesn’t taste real good straight, but can be tolerated. You can also mix it with a little juice and you can get past the taste. I actually was able to tolerate the straight aloe vera juice, one ounce every morning when I was treating myself for stomach pain because juices irritated my stomach. I finally got used to the taste.

    Pure aloe vera gel straight from the plant is great for burns, scrapes, bug bites etc. I have a huge plant that I break off a stem and open it up for the gel for that type of treatment. But, I wouldn’t ingest it straight from the plant because it is way too strong, don’t know if it is safe to injest without some diluting process either, don’t know the answer to that, but a health food store could probably tell you.


  125. I too bought the Aloe Vera but havent used it much. I think it’s primarily for ulcers but not sure. Anyway, I was getting reflux with it but then I get reflux with everything. Just a bit of info. I juice a lot (at least once a day). Cabbage, celery and half a carrot works best. You can do other combo’s but this works best for me. I’ve been juicing fruit but stopped because the hp loves sugar and I dont want to keep it alive.

    My mouth burns come and go but I’ll check it out with my ENT when I see him later this week. All the best.


  126. Sharon, yes we’re talking about the same thing. I did ingest some after my last post and I’m still alive!! – it tastes what I assume poison would taste like, absolutely horrible but I intend to finish off the leaf (stem) as I hear nothing is like the raw stuff. I will post the result if my pains go away. However, if you don’t hear from me again that would mean the stuff has killed me – only kidding :-)

  127. Rod, I would be careful because it does seem that I read something one time about the pure, raw stuff could cause some problems, I will try to track down that information. I think there are some things that are okay raw and some things end up being bad for you. I hope the aloe vera gel is not one of them. Sharon

  128. You can get the aloe vera juice in any health food store. The raw stuff is good topically, but there are things they remove in processing to make it a bit safer. Its kind of like raw leaves, they generally are amazing for us, but we need to rotate them because of the chemicals they contain so we don’t get a build up of them in the system.
    I just got a sore in my mouth, I wonder if its the h.pylori trying to get out???

  129. Sharon, I appreciate your concern – but I have no choice but to try something – I think as long as I just eat the gel I should be alright. Plus I really want to test this thing to see what all the hype is for!! I am really fed up with the pains and HP so I must try this first and then go to Mastic gum – also my bilirubin has always been on the high side, so I want to see if AV will bring that down as well, as there are some claims that AV has cured someone with a liver cancer!

  130. Just a quick update its been over a week now and I feel terrific. I take the mastic gum on an empty stomach only now (it really doesn’t work as well when you’ve had food). I’ve gone up in dose to 6x500mg pills over a 24 hour period and I’m not in stabbing pain this morning. I’m going to get the lower dose pills which I hear are more effective this week. If you have this, get yourself some mastic from anywhere right away.

    • That is great Joellyn, I know how good you feel because I remember how good I felt when I started getting better. I also took my Mastic Gum on an empty stomach. I took 1000 mg morning and 1000 mg evening. Are you taking 3,000 mg because you were told to take that much? Just wondering. Sharon

  131. I tried the cabbage juicing for a bit – it’s a real hassle (buying cabbage every day, cutting it up, juicing it after you buy the juicer, do it all again several times each day, cleaning the juicer, etc) and doesn’t taste good to top it off. I think I stuck with it for maybe four days. Good luck if you can stick with it!

  132. The reason cabbage is effective is because its high in l-glutamine, I’m taking the supplement form instead simply because its easier. Beets are too.

  133. Amy, youre’ right about the hassle – I’m feeling it with Raw Aloe Vera after my 6th day and I don’t even have to juice! I think I’ going to make a soup with it and see how it goes.

    Joellyn , you’re right about the glutamine in cabbage but it has a lot more to offer than just that. It’s nearly a complete meal on its own and when mixed with potatos and celery to make a soup it will even be more complete.

  134. Hi Sharon, I’ve had this problem for likely about 20 years so I’m taking that much because it takes that much to not be in pain all day/night and it works. I’m not seeing any negative side effects. I’ve changed the way I eat so I can get an empty stomach. I read some articles online that used higher doses. I do want to be careful with the liver of course, but it seems to be fine. I’m really in tune with my body. I haven’t had gluten or milk products for years and just needed to get rid of the pre-existing ulcer. Once its gone, I’m hoping it doesn’t come back. I’m definitely planning on a small maintenance dose of some kind.

  135. Has any one had thrush (candida of the mouth)? I was just diagnosed with it and my gp gave me clotrimazole (troche) and it’s not working. My gp said he cant do anything more for me. There must be something out there that works. If you have had this experience please let me know and how you got rid of it. Many thanks. Maria

  136. The Lord has brought me to your website!
    I have been on lots of forums reading about struggling people and I will be sending them this way.
    Blessings to you my sister!

  137. Try a really strong powder acidophilus and let it sit in the mouth for a bit before swallowing. Gargling with olive oil (natural or organic) really helps, you can alternate with baking soda teeth cleaning to keep the teeth white.

  138. Has anyone with Gastritis been drinking more than 4 cups of Green Tea a day? There are some reports that Green Tea heals gastritis and inhibits H. Pylori.

  139. Seventh-day Adventist

    Why did the Lord put this little bugger into the man’s digestive system and left us with no easy way of getting rid of it? Talk to your Lord and let us know the answer!

  140. That was an interesting article Rod, thanks for posting it. I think the mastic and the pine nut oil likely do the same thing towards healing ulcers in a much more natural way than antibiotics ever could. I’m allergic to pine nut oil, I tried it before, but its great to have many options.

    I am continuing to feel much better for those following. I stopped for a day and half to do a breath test for my doctor and the severity of the pain has permanent decreased, but it did come back. Since I’m only a week and half in I was expecting it to and I’m very impressed so far with the mastic.

  141. Joellyn

    Having read that article I am not really sure if I should now get rid of my Pylori – it’s really confusing now. What I think I will first do, I will try to heal my ulcer first by drinking lots of green tea and trying to eat pine nuts and if that cures my ulcer I will leave it at that.

    BTW, Mastic Gum and Pine nuts oil act differently – mastic gum kills HP but pine nut oil only repairs the stomach linings by attacking the build-up of the free radicals in the body.

    Have you tried eating the pine nuts on their own to see if you’re also allergic to the nuts?

    • It is the overgrowth of H.pylori that causes all of the problems, it is like Candida. You can have serious problems when excessive H.pylori shows up in your system, serious enough to cause an ulcer or even stomach cancer. So, it is a fact that H.pylori is part of the good/bad bacteria equation that we need in our body, but an overgrowth can cause serious problems. Killing it off does not mean you will not have normal levels of H.pylori come back in your body and interact as it should. But, when this bacteria buries itself into the lining of your stomach where the good bacteria cannot reach it, that is a bad thing. I understand the concept of not killing your bacteria, but the natural good/bad equation is a good thing, overgrowth is not. This is just my opinion. I would not hesitate to try and kill off an overgrowth of a bad bacteria. Sharon

  142. Hi Rod,

    You know I made a mistake when I said I was allergic to it, I was thinking of a different oil I tried before. I actually have the massive Costco size bag of pine nuts on my counter and I use them almost daily. I put them in with roasted potatoes, baked fish and all sorts of stuff. I can’t say they’ve ever helped my ulcer since I’ve used them for years, they do taste good and I’m somewhat addicted to them :) Its easy to get pylori back, so I’m going with get the ulcer gone because the kinds of cancer it causes are far worse, stomach cancer isn’t treatable even Gerson has trouble with it. You can always let it reinvade you later when your intestinal lining can handle it.


  143. Hi Joellyn (Stephanie = nice name)

    It all sounds tastey I mean the nuts :) but it seems a lot of hasstle to extract them if as you say they won’t cure ulcers.

    It seems killing the HP causes some cancers and not killing it causes other types, even the so called experts can’t be sure, so how are we supposed to know?! No wonder why so many doctors just don’t bother and take the easy route by just prescribing anti-acids.

  144. God Bless you Amy!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this Website!!
    One question……..What brand Manuka did you use from Amazon?
    I’m using an off brand from the health food store for now thats 16+.
    But I want to mirror you as close as possible to get rid of this H Pylori.
    Douglas/Grand Rapids, Michigan

    • You’re welcome, Douglas! I usually ordered the Wedderspoon from Amazon. I also bought from ManukaHoneyUSA. I couldn’t tell the difference. Good luck and feel better!

  145. hi amy .:) i was diagnosed with HB-p and Chronik Gastritis bulbitis eroziva ( i`m from macedonia and i can not find nothings from this products in my country. i have some friends around the europe and i need to order some products but your list is big and i do not know what to chose. so i need some help. and smth. more about diet list. not food that i can not eat cuz i dont eat nothing only patatos and some probiotic yogurt .. but what to eat ? sorry about my englis

  146. I have Atrophic Gastritis, and get tested for hpolyri next week could of had thi bug for near three years, ive had gatritis forever… and the DOC NEVER did the test and I didnt know about it gosh! SO Ill be happy to get another endoscopy and blood work and biopsy! Thanks for the info you have helped me on my gastriits journey.

  147. I, too, like Gina think the Mastica and the DGL I’m taking for the HP make my stomach burn. Is it possible it’s die off? I’ve been on them for a week now. Thanks.

    • I take the VSL too and it helps to cool off the effects of the Mastic, just started the VSL for two weeks now, my doctor prescribes it for me and my insurance pays it!! :)

  148. I have some questions, after reading most of the comments Ive learned that even after you are tested negative you will still have some of the discomforts? My other question is this does everyone who gets rid of their h pylori have a heart issue? because thats what it sounds like. Also Amy do you suffer from any heart issues and if so what have you done to cope?

  149. I didn’t have that problem, but I’ve used probiotics. My symptoms are nearly totally gone now, but not 100%. I’m very pleased with the improvement and I’ve lost my 10 year title as an amazing belcher because I can’t at all anymore. I haven’t drunk pop for 3 years, so it really was the pylori causing it. If you haven’t reduced gluten (wheat) and soda and you’re trying to get better, you will have much better results if you do.

  150. Gina, what is VSL? I dont believe I’ve heard of it. I too get a burning in my stomach but dont know what is causing it since I take so many things. Thanks. Maria

  151. I just want to say how great it is reading all this info. I was diagnosed in November (H-Pylori) and did the quad therapy and it did nothing. My husband and I are going to try the natural route like Amy. My stomach is killing me and I can’t wait to receive my orders. I was wondering how long my husband and I should continue with the natural remedies. I was diagnosed but not him. He is willing to take the treatments though because he doesn’t want to reinfect me if we can clear it up. I think he is infected as well now. He also is a belching champ!!! (and it is constant!!) Also should I continue with the prevacid in the morning as well?? Thanks for all the help this site has given me and especially Amy. Regards, Patti

  152. Hi Amy, a quick question. I’ve been taking the mastic gum now for about a month and a half. Is this enough time to kill the hp or should I take it a full 2 months?


    • Maria,

      VSL is a probiotic. Feel free to Google it or check my links. I took Mastic Gum much longer than two months, even after the infection was gone because it helps to keep it away — h pylori is notorious for coming back. You can take it as a preventative; Mastic Gum has been used for a long long time by the Greeks as a digestive aid and also has other health benefits such as eliminating the bad cholesterol. It is in the protocol to continue using it as maintenance for a number of months (at half the dose) once you test negative for h pylori.

      I do not, however, know if Mastic Gum alone can eradicate the h pylori. Is that the only medicine you are using? I don’t think it is enough.



  153. Amy,
    Do you know if any of this, (mastic gum , monolaurin, probiotics) will have an adverse interaction with Armour thyroid? I take that in the morning on an empty stomach as well.

      • Hi Amy, my name is dinesh. My dad and mom died because of cancer. Last my month I feel nausea after eating I went doctor he said that I have h pylori infection he gave pantocid hp tablet for two weeks I had that but still am feeling nausea am totally scared give me some tips or advise…

    • For folks with Hypothyroidism – ask your dr. if you can take your medication at night 2 hours after dinner.
      Here is an article from Wall Street Journal (December 28th, 2010), that you can take to your doctor.

      The Wall Street Journal link is- http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703814804576035641517516376.html?KEYWORDS=Thyroid

      Scroll down the page till you come to this ….

      ” Hypothyroidism: People with an underactive thyroid can boost their hormone levels by taking thyroid medication at bedtime instead of in the morning, the most common schedule, according to a study in Archives of Internal Medicine. Hypothyroidism affects about 4% of Americans, causing fatigue, weight gain, depression, intolerance to cold and other health problems. The medication levothyroxine sodium is a mainstay of treatment. In a six-month pilot study of 90 patients in the Netherlands from 2007 to 2008, patients were instructed to take one capsule in the morning and one at bedtime for three months (one containing levothyroxine and the other a placebo). After three months the pills were reversed. Taking the medication at bedtime was found to significantly improve thyroid hormone levels. Researchers believe that taking levothyroxine on an empty stomach results in better absorption and that taking the medication 30 minutes before eating breakfast may be too short an interval.

      Caveat: The study was conducted at a single site in the Netherlands, where eating habits might be different than those in other countries or cultures.

      Title: Effects of Evening vs Morning Levothyroxine Intake


  154. You say that Manuka honey is good, but it is HONEY, and you say elsewhere that honey is acidic.
    If one has to have more alkaline foods, then why would Manuka honey be in there as a cure for stomach disorders?

  155. Amy, thanks for the link on Candida Albicans. I will look into it.

    On the mastic gum, I have 9 more days to take it to make it 2 months usage. I’m also getting a burning in my stomach which leads me to believe it is caused by the mastic gum. I am now taking the mc one in the morning and one at night to see if it will cut back on the burning. I am also taking other supplements (which includes treatment) for hp and for my stomach lining repair.

    By the way, why are you glad you had pylori?


    • Rod provided the Candida link.

      I don’t know what else you’re taking, so I don’t know what’s causing the burning. I didn’t have burning, but I also didn’t have any ulcers. Do you have ulcers? Mastic Gum did not burn my stomach.

      I was happy I had h pylori because my heart issues went away as I got rid of the infection. In other words, I didn’t have a heart condition, so I was glad.

  156. Hi Sharon, I describe it in detail in the entry above and then refer to them as “episodes”. It culminated with a diagnosis of “Brugada syndrome” which I did not have in the end.

      • I had all of the tests, except the EP study. I refused. That was the precursor to treating the Brugada. I had an ECHO, many EKGs, etc. I sent the EKG my electrophysiologist used as the basis for her diagnosis to Dr. Ramon Brugada in Spain. He’s the son of the original doctor who ‘discovered’ Brugada syndrome. He kindly informed me that he saw no signs of Brugada (I still have his emails from ’09). I got a third opinion at the premier heart hospital on Long Island: St. Francis. I was taken care of in their Arrhythmia & Pacemaker Center. Nice facility, very good docs.

        While I was sick, I was diagnosed by my first electrophysiologist as having Neurocardiogenic Syncope by tilt table. However once I was better, I do not know if I would test the same. Maybe. But I’ve always had low blood pressure and, at that time, I was emaciated and having arrhythmia. I don’t have them anymore and I’m no longer weak and emaciated, so who knows what the tilt table would show now.

        Why? Are you having heart issues?

  157. I do not have ulcers. this is what I’m taking… liquid chlorophyll to sooth and heal my intestinal membranes. Slippery elm/Licorice/cuttlefish bone 20 (this is a mixture). Pepzin GI soothe, Resveratrol to kill the h. pylori, esophaguard and many vitamins. It may be a combination of all along with the mastic gum that may be giving me burning.

    I’m glad you dont have a heart condition. God Bless!


  158. Has anyone had success with oil of oregano for candida? I just received it in the mail but it doesnt say how much or how long to use.

  159. Hi Amy,
    Just got all my goodies two days ago. The Manuka honey is amazing in soothing the stomach. I got monolaurin in a huge jar from Amazon which is the economy size and more cost effective for people. It is the same as buying 22 bottles of the 300mg, it was $46.50 if that helps anyone, and has a three year shelf life. I just wanted to ask I also got the VSL #3. Do I take that along with everything else or do I wait to take it in a month or so? I also got the HR-32 I was wondering about how and when to take that also it really doesn’t say on the bottle. Thank you so much for this website, I so appreciate all the input from everyone. Thank you Amy

    • Hi Patti,

      I took the VSL after a few months because I was feeling off – my doc said I had killed the good bacteria in my gut. I took it for about a month. I would say take a small amount as you go along daily, but perhaps not full packets.

      As for the HR-32, check out Dr. Ettinger’s site linked above – he has specifics.

      Good luck!

  160. Amy,

    I was so relieved to find someone else who had the exact same symtpoms as me. Especially the problems when trying to sleep and the feeling of passing out. Doctors prescribed all types of sleeping pills and none of them work. I am now taking Adivan and antihistimes to get some sleep.

    Your website has given me hope that I can overcome this. I was beginning to think there was nothing that can be done and there was nothing on the market that could eleviate the symptoms. THANK YOU!

    I’ve been sick for 4 years and unable to work for 2. I also saw several GI docs as well as several other types of docs. Diagnosed with IBS and anxiety – GEEZ! My latest doc – thank goodness for him, found the H. Pylori.

    My questions is…did you have any side effects or worsening of symptoms when you started any of the alternative treatments? I have ordered the items you recommended but was wondering about this? Expecially the Broccolive.

    I have tried different oils – olive oil, Pine nut oil, garlic – and they made my acid reflux and chest pain significantly worse. I am still on Mastic gum (for about 6 weeks) but not feeling any better. I am hoping your recommendation will give me some relief. I have also been on a strict gluten free diet and stay away from dairy and citrus fruit.

    I have also taken probiotics and it makes the gas and cramping worse. Did you have any problems with this also.

    Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again Amy and I am so happy for you and your success!


    • Hi Tamster,

      Yes, when I first began the medicines, the “die off” of the bacteria makes you feel sicker because they become toxins your body has to get rid of. It’s called “herxing.” I link to this effect above for more explanation.

      Feel better! Amy

  161. I must say this as when I read through H.Pylori forums I come across this misconception that if someone has some health problems that doctors cannot cure and they are also diagnosed as HP positive then that problem must be caused by H.Pylor — this assumption could be very dangerous – the problem may or may not be due to HP — for instance there was a girl who thought her symptoms were caused by HP where as a matter of fact she was suffering from a hernia — the fact that she was also HP positive was irrelevant in her case — bearing in mind that a great number of people in the world are the carrier of this bacterium should make you think twice before you put down every undiagnosed pain you suffer from down to this bacterium.

    Another thing I come across is because we assume certain foods are bad for our ulcers or make the HP to propagate, we tend to deprive ourselves of essential proteins and vitamins our body needs to repair itself, which will consequently make our situation even worse in the long run — you will find if you stick to a sensible diet and just stay away from very greasy, sugary and very salty foods you won’t have to avoid any other types of food to starve yourself.

    Although, I myself am very restricted as regards all the stuff that some of you people can buy in the western world – I have tried a few raw things like Aloe Vera, licorice, green tea etc, but I have found the humble glass of water eases my pains more than any other of the stuff I mentioned —- simply have at least one glass of water when you wake up in the morning and one 30 minutes before you go to bed – as water weakens the acid inside your stomach, if you do suffer from gastritis or ulcers, then your stomach should feel a bit better and if doesn’t, you may be suffering from another cause which really needs to be investigated by a specialist.

    • Rod, I think that the only time a H.pylori diagnosis is made is when a person has an elevated reading of H.pylori. I certainly would never recommend self-treatment without diagnosis. Once the test is back it will show elevation or not, that is how it is diagnosed. That is how my doctor explained it. There is also medical concern for the bacteria causing ulcers and possibly stomach cancer, (my doctor also told me that), so it is not a good thing to have elevated H.pylori readings and even if it turns out to be something else, the bacteria should be taken care of.

      Rod said: “bearing in mind that a great number of people in the world are the carrier of this bacterium should make you think twice before you put down every undiagnosed pain you suffer from down to this bacterium.”
      Sharon says: I think we all know that H.pylori is part of the good/bad bacteria that normally live in our stomach and system. However, when diagnosed with H.pylori we are not talking “normal”. As far as undiagnosed pain, all of my symptoms leaned toward a bacterial infection and had my treatment not worked I would have been looking into what else it could be. So, it is up to a patient to follow through and then follow up if satisfaction and relief do not come with a certain treatment(s).

      Rod said: “Another thing I come across is because we assume certain foods are bad for our ulcers or make the HP to propagate, we tend to deprive ourselves of essential proteins and vitamins our body needs to repair itself, which will consequently make our situation even worse in the long run ”
      Sharon says: It is a medical fact that certain foods irritate ulcers and other stomach disorders. I do agree that a person should strive to make sure they have what is needed for the body to function and they may have to look for other foods to do that, but it is a medical fact that some foods do not agree with certain people and their system. I often doubled over with pain when eating certain foods and probably not because the H.pylori was rejecting the food but because the lining of my stomach was so irritated with infection that the food only irritated it more. There was also a possibility that I had developed an ulcer (my doctor made this assumption because of the pain I had when eating certain foods.)

      Rod, I do agree with your water remarks. I drink 1/2 of my body weight in ounces of water a day, starting early morning, throughout the day and ending the day with a glass. I have done that for years, however, that did not stop the horrible pain my system went through until the H.pylori overgrowth was killed.

      But, everyone to their own opinion, however,I think we should keep in mind that not everyone fits into another’s opinion.

      Healed of H.pylori (medically confirmed) by Mastic Gum, probiotics and eating the “right” foods and of course water. None would have worked as a stand alone treatment.

    • Elena,

      Thanks so much for the info. I seem to react to so many things nowadays having the HP so I appreciate you letting me know how you reacted. I will be sure start with a small dose and see how it goes.
      Again, thank you!


  162. Rod, you’re so right. I had difficulty breathing and pressure in my chest and upper stomach back in June last year and after a few trips to emergency, believing I was having a heart attack, and many tests to rule out any heart condition, I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux and sent home with PPIs. I rested and my condition improved but after stopping the PPIs a month later, I got a severe burning sensation in my stomach. I then had a gastroscopy and they found severe gastritis and HP. They sent me home on the tripple therapy and later had higher doses of PPIs, yet my conditioned worsened. It got to the point where I couldn’t eat anything at all and even drinking sips of water felt like I was pouring acid into me. I was put on a drip for a week and was given more PPIs, both orally and intravenously. I got worse again. The doctors were baffled and when I suggested that the PPIs might be making me worse they agreed with me that I should cut down and try to stop them. I went home, still feeling horrible, still unable to eat. I lived on a banana a day for the next three weeks and even that was forced. I then saw a Naturopath and over $3K later, some licorice, some mastic gum, and many many other natural remedies, my stomach improved dramatically, however as my stomach improved and I had more energy, I began doing things again and my breathing problem and pressure came back with a vengeance. Christmas Eve and Christmas day was the worst and I thought I was a gonner, really struggling to take a breath in. Turns out I had Costochondritis from the start and the PPIs caused all the stomach problems and I ended up with a leaky gut. I probably had the HP since I was a child and it had never effected me. I’m still not convinced that the HP was the cause of any problem because when I had a second gastroscopy in hospital after the tripple therapy treatment, I was found to be negative yet my condition worsened. I then had a breath test a few weeks later which came back negative and my condition hadn’t improved. I, like you, believe that doctors are too quick to blame the HP and by doing so, cause more problems to your digestive system than you had initially. So anyone out there with breathing problems and pressure in the chest… feeling like your stomach’s pushing into your chest. If you have diffuclties wearing a bra (ladies), if you you get worse after drinking caffeine. If you get worse after driving too long, vaccuming, repetitive and shaking motions like doing the dishes, brushing your teeth etc, lifting or raising your hands above your head, if you get a weird sensation that feels something like heart pulpitations, if your conditions worsens when you overexert yourself, if you feel like you have inflammation or pain just below the rib cage (upper stomach) please check for Costochondritis.

  163. Isabel, I am glad that you were able to find out what was wrong with you, and being able to find an answer. I had never heard of Costochondritis, so I looked it up and this was the definition:
    “Costochondritis (kos-toe-KHON-dri-tis) is an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone (sternum). It causes sharp pain in the costosternal joint — where your ribs and breastbone are joined by rubbery cartilage. Pain caused by costochondritis may mimic that of a heart attack or other heart conditions. Your doctor might refer to costochondritis by other names, including chest wall pain, costosternal syndrome and costosternal chondrodynia. When the pain of costochondritis is accompanied by swelling, it’s referred to as Tietze syndrome. Most cases of costochondritis have no apparent cause. In these cases, treatment focuses on easing your pain while you wait for costochondritis to improve on its own. ”

    Another name for costochondritis is fibromyalgia, which is common in thousands of people. Much like H.pylori it is a major cause of inflammation and with H.pylori and the triple treatment which just added to the irritation in your stomach it appears you were a walking case of inflammation. Bless your heart, that must have been horrible. I know how bad I felt with just H.pylori, I can’t imagine battling the infection you had plus the side effects of the strong medication. When the natural items started working that meant your inflammation was coming under control. We usually do jump right back into “normal” life when we should wait for out body to heal. When I was treating for H.pylori, I stopped everything in my life (except work), no meetings, no nothing, just constant rest. I didn’t allow my body to do anything but its natural work. I did this by eating right, lots of water and much rest.

    I am really happy you found your answer and that it was not life threatening and now you know how to handle it. Just listen to your body and rest when it says, “I’m tired.”


  164. Hi ,

    I have done endoscopy with h pylori CLO test positive with antral and duodonal ulcer with clonoscopy i find out ileal ulcer
    I started with triple ant medicines with one docior but no relief i tried with another doctor he prescribed pantocid and then rifagut rifaxin and then ritadine
    now after 3 months i gain some weight but not able to digest all food like white rice buk ok with brown rice so please tell what should i do ?
    should i retest again ? but in mumbai india there is only urea breath test no stool test available which according to some site more accurate
    should i restart with herbal therapy ?
    i think i have yeast overgrowth also after check with spit test
    so what do you think in my case is helpful to get clear with h pylori and other symtoms like bloating and stool is still not normal ?
    kindly reply

  165. Aby,

    You must realise none of us here are qualified to tell you what to do – I wish that I could help you but I can’t even help my own case.

    You must go back and see a specialist – can’t a herbal specialist help you to cure your ulcers? – I would have thought you must have a few of them in India?

    As I said I am very much like yourself and with what I have available to me I have not been able to cure my own ulcres.

  166. Did anyone else experience a bad reaction when you started the Monolaurin besides Amy? I want to know what to expect. And, is there anything one can do to ease the symptoms of the Herximer effect?

    I feel so sick now, I am afraid to start the Monolaurin.

    Please advise.


  167. julia

    If you are infected with hepetitis B, then your priorities should be to get that treated first. If you are suffering from some Pylori-like symptoms, those might even be due to your liver malfunction??

    When people have serious illnesses they should really get advice from specialists. Delaying your treatments and searching for cures on the internet could lose you valuable time. I will repeat again; none of us here are qualified to give serious advice to each other – forums are only for sharing our own experiences we’ve had with our own illnesses and should not replace one’s seeking the treatment from an specialist.

    • Aby,

      I am not a doctor and have only recommended what worked for me regarding eradicating H Pylori. Your case sounds much more complex. Honestly, I did not do the antibiotic regime because it sounds like it may have been more harmful to me than good. I cannot say the same in your case, but if it didn’t work, perhaps you should consider doing the regime outlined above. A number of people here have noted what worked to heal their ulcers. You should read through the comments and determine what course might help you. Are you being careful about what you eat? Spices cause problems with ulcers – do you eat the lots of curries? Oddly, there is a lower incident rate in India with H Pylori because the turmeric so prevalent in your foods keeps the bacteria at bay.

      I’m sorry not to give better advice – consult an herbal specialist as Rod suggested.



  168. Hi all,

    I had a negative test for h.pylori.

    I’m continuing to use the mastic because its really helpful for the mouth, along with coconut, aloe juice, l-glutamine for stomach lining repair and solaray multidophilus (a dairy and gluten free acidophilus). I couldn’t use the VSL#3 because its grown on dairy and will give me nosebleeds, but the solaray is a great alternative if you’re allergic, the doctors can’t prescribe it though so you have to buy it.

    Thanks for the board, its really helped my health.

  169. Success! Congratulations, Joellyn! I’m so glad to read this news. I think you’re very smart to maintain some of these aids because they’re each health in their own right and will continue to help you heal as you pass the next few months. It took me awhile, even after the negative result, to feel back to my old self, so good for you for being sensible.

    Be well,


    • Amy,

      It’s Tamster again. As I stated to you earlier, I have the same weird nightly symptoms that you were getting because of the HP and my acid reflux is not even close to being controlled, even being on 30 mg twice a day with Prevacid. Nothing seems to help. (I have had severe acid reflux since I was a child and have seem many doctors and numerous endoscopies but they just keep giving the same meds.)

      I have been using the Mastic Gum for 2 mos now for the HP not getting any better. I have been trying the other things you recommended – Grapefruit Seed Extract, Manuka Honey, Turmeric, as well as a couple of other oils. I have just received the shipment of the Monolaurin but the problem is this. All of these things I have tried have increased my acid reflux by 100%.

      Was your acid reflux much of a problem through the course of treatment you followed? It has made my nights a complete horror again – laying on the floor passing out then running to use the toilet. The chest pain is extreme again as well as breathing problems.

      I am considering that maybe I should look into the incisionless acid reflux surgery before I attempt to heal the HP. I have a surgeon in the area that does this surgery but am not sure I would be considered a good candidate. We’ll see.

      I see my regular doc in two weeks (who recommended the herbal treatments for HP) and will get his opinion, but I know he thinks the HP is causing the majority of the reflux.

      Did you have any of these severe problems with reflux? And if so, what did you do to ease the reflux?

      Please advise.

      Thanks Amy!


      • Tamster,

        I concur with what others have said: cutting out all carbs and sugars likely meant I cut out most, if not all, gluten, while I was sick. Anytime I would try to eat something like a seemingly innocent bowl of pasta, the reflux would flare. That’s why I went to eating lots of veggies in chicken broth many days. The stomach needs cooked foods when sick and mostly the health kind in a redundant fashion. It gets old but you have to stick to it.

        As for you having too much reflux, despite being on two large doses of Prevacid daily, well, that sounds suspect. Especially since you’ve been using it since childhood. Despite the way these proton pump inhibitors are prescribed long term, they were created for temporary short term use only. The long term effects, they are finding, may be worse than the temporary relief. I’ve read a few studies recently in which it is indicated that long term use increases the need for them, which to me sounds like an addiction.

        Additionally, there is a confusion over whether a person has too little stomach acid versus too much: the symptoms are the same, so doctors just assume too much and go with the drug companies’ directives and prescribe, seemingly forever, these temporary stomach acid reducers without actually testing if a person has too little stomach acid. If you have too little and then proceed to reduce what little you have, you are likely making things even worse. The stomach can only compensate for so long.

        There are tests to determine if you have too little stomach acid. You need to ask, nay, demand that your doctor determine if you have too little. I’ll post more information in a minute. In the meantime, I would advise you to increase your water intake and re-read this entire thread to see if anyone else experienced similar symptoms as yourself. My reflux certainly did diminish when the H Pylori was gone, but it was never as bad as you’re describing. Also, please take very seriously the restriction/disallowing gluten and carbs into your diet. It’s very hard to get them out, but they need to go for awhile at least.



  170. Tamster, have you ever gone Gluten free? So many people are gluten intolerant and when they stop gluten a lot of symptoms stop. I know I cannot do gluten as I have pain and get very ill. Just a thought, you may have already done the gluten thing. Sharon

  171. Just the tip of the acid iceberg

    Conventional Western medicine treats acid reflux on the premise that if we can stop or neutralize the hydrochloric acid (HCl) produced in our stomachs, we can solve the problem. If the acid is causing the burning, then take away the acid — right? This can certainly help some people in the short-term. But in truth, the approach only solves a portion of the problem: the symptoms. And inappropriate or long-term use of antacids (like TUMS or Mylanta), proton pump inhibitors (like Nexium — the “Purple Pill ”, Protonix, and Prilosec), or H2-receptor antagonists (like Tagamet, Pepcid or Zantac) can set you up for more problems down the road.

    In my experience, most patients with GERD or acid reflux are suffering from too little acid, not too much. Let me explain. During healthy digestion, your stomach uses an acid cocktail made up of hydrochloric acid (HCl) and the powerful digestive enzyme pepsin to break down food into the vital nutrients your body needs. Pepsin requires a highly acidic environment to do its job, and when HCl is low — which can happen for many reasons, including age, poor diet, infection and overusing antacids or other medications — it becomes increasingly difficult for your stomach to fully process your food.

    Wanting to get the job done, the stomach may initially respond to low acidity by releasing more gastric acid. This effect, sometimes referred to as acid rebound, can also occur after taking antacids such as TUMS: in response to the acid-neutralizing effect of the tablets, the stomach works to replenish its acid supply. But ultimately, prolonged use of acid-inhibiting medications such as PPI’s or H(2)-receptor blockers can induce a state of hypochlorhydria, or chronic low acid, perpetuating the cycle of indigestion. And once you stop the meds, you may yet face the issue of acid indigestion because you have not yet addressed its underlying causes.

    So, even if medication to block acid production helps in the short-term, it’s not a solution, and over time it can actually exacerbate the problem. Instead of masking your symptoms, investigate the root causes. This is the best way to prevent GERD from worsening — and even cure it.

    Finding the root cause of acid reflux

    In my practice, the health of a woman’s stomach and gut is paramount. For patients with digestive complaints, we often recommend in-depth diagnostic tests. In the case of acid reflux, for example, testing for the presence of antigens from the bacterium H. pylori or IgE and IgG testing for food sensitivities may be useful. In some women, we may also check to see if hormone levels such as estrogen, progesterone, or cortisol are unusually high or otherwise off-balance. Be forewarned, however, that conventional doctors may be unfamiliar with this type of testing and look askance when you request it. That said, I have seen the information that this kind of testing provides totally transform people’s health!

    Because we are all individuals, the path back to where your GERD began can be different for everyone. Here are some common causes to investigate:



    If your doctor doesn’t know how to tell, you need to find one who does.

    Nearly every senior you meet is on three medications (at least). They are most often a BP medication, a statin drug for cholesterol, and something for acid reflux. In fact, the dozens of medications for acid reflux bring in billions of dollars annually. For many people they may be making the actual problem worse.

    Acid reflux occurs when you have acid remaining in your stomach that should have been neutralized by your digestive system. It can cause both flatulence and burping, and, in extreme cases, even regurgitation. To control it, the standard practice is to simply give you an acid reflux medication.

    Few doctors ever test to see if the real problem is that you are simply not digesting your food quickly enough. Your food should completely empty out of your stomach in about 90 minutes–not three days or a week. It takes stomach acid to digest your food. As we age, our systems naturally slow down in production of the acid necessary for digestion.

    If you do not have enough stomach acid to begin and complete the digestive process, your food will do what food does when you leave it sitting for days and days in a warm place. It will rot! It will begin to grow mold and become putrid, emitting its own methane gas. That gas has to go somewhere–and if it’s in your stomach, it’s usually going to come UP before going down and out.

    The standard medical practice is to just give you more antacids–like Prevacid, Prylosec, and others to kill the acid. Good going. So now that the food has created its own acid, we have to kill that too, forcing it to sit there even longer.

    So How Do You Know?

    What Can You Do About It

    If your problem is being caused by too little natural–and healthy–stomach acid to digest your food, you need to add acid, not kill what little you have. First, you need to have a knowledgeable doctor confirm that this is your problem. The average doctor either doesn’t know or won’t tell you that this could be your problem.

    Once you have verified that your food is sitting in your stomach too long, you can purchase non-prescription supplements that will help. You need something to produce acid to digest your food, and you probably need digestive enzymes as well. Since it is difficult to create exactly the right amount of acid with external supplements, you may also need something to neutralize the acid after the food has been digested.

    Nearly everyone over 50 could use digestive enzymes. There are several brands available. You should do some research to see which ones actually work. Digestive enzymes not only help your food empty out of your stomach, but also keep the digestive process going in your intestines.

    One way of creating additional acid is with an inexpensive supplement called “Betaine.” You won’t find it at Wal-Mart. You can purchase it at some health food stores; also a large GNC should have it. The easiest way to find it is through the internet at [www.iherb.com].

    You can take from 2 to 4 Betaine capsules with every meal. You should take them just before eating as they work with your food to begin digestion.

    If too much acid remains in your stomach after the food is gone, you will know it because you will begin to get heart burn. DGL is an extract from licorice that will calm the heart burn by neutralizing the excess acid. However, it will not stop the digestive processes. It is also non-prescription and easily found on [iherb.com] and possibly other websites as well. Local health food and supplement stores may have it, although we have not looked there.

    Why not just keep going as you are?

    There are certainly other causes for gas pain and poor digestion of food. You need to find out. However, the decreased production of digestive juices is one of the easiest causes to fix–and is the least known about. That’s because it doesn’t require expensive drugs, and most doctors are into giving out drugs, not actually curing the problem.

    However, failure to cure the problem will lead to more and more medication that will ultimately fail to work. Failure to properly digest your food can lead to Perforated Bowel Syndrome (also called “leaky gut”), to uncontrollable gas, and ultimately to cancer. But, of course, that’s the ideal. The more drugs you take, the worse the problem will get, and the more likely that you will need the surgery–which means you contribute to the almighty no-health-care cartel that controls the finances of this country under the guise of treating illnesses and diseases.

    Be aware, however, that most insurance companies will not pay for anything they consider “alternative” even if the treatment has worked in thousands of cases. Regardless, find a doctor who knows how to verify that this is your problem. If it is your problem, you will save thousands of dollars that you would have spent on medication and will also avoid the ultimate surgery that is recommended once your stomach starts refusing to keep anything down.

    This article is for information only. We do not attempt to diagnose or treat any person’s disease.

    Karen Ruff, D.A. is a Registered Financial Representative, a freelance writer and insurance agent for a 128 year old nationwide company. Licensed in South Carolina and Georgia, she specializes in life insurance, annuities, and is certified in long term care. She also provides cancer insurance and alternatives for protecting senior savings and investments.

    Dr. Ruff is the owner of a quarterly newsletter “Senior Sword” which is available in print or as a PDF email attachment. For additional information, email silverscribler@aol.com

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Karen_Ruff,_D.A.



  172. Hi Tamster,

    It’s quite possible that your acid reflux is caused by the very drugs they’re giving you to prevent it. I don’t know if you’ve read my story above but it was the PPIs that caused me to have stomach problems and become too acidic. I never had any stomach issues till I was put on PPIs in emergency for an unrelated problem (costochonditis) which I’ve only recently discovered I had… that was causing me the breathing problems. Every time my stomach problems got worse (from the PPIs) they’d either switch to another brand, up my dose or give me two different ones to take. I ended up on 40mg of Nexium, twice a day, 40mg of Somac, twice a day as well as Zantac. I got so bad, I ended up again in hospital on a drip for a week because I couldn’t eat or drink water yet they kept injecting me with PPIs… this of course made me a lot worse. I got fed up with it. I knew that it was the PPIs that was causing the acid but no doctor would listen. When I asked my GP to lower my doses so I could ween off them, she rolled her eyes at me, told me that I should increase my dose and that I will be on them for life. I told her “NO I WON’T!!” and left. I reduced my doses myself that night and prepared for the worst because I knew I would get acid rebound. This happens because of gastrin levels rising. Gastrin is the hormone that signals your brain to produce more acid when needed. After you eat, gastrin rises, you produce acid to digest your food, when digested, gastrin levels drop and you stop producing acid. When you’re on PPIs, you’re not producing any acid so your gastrin levels keep rising to astronomical levels, especially if you’ve been on it long term. So when you come off them… or even while on them, they stop working and you produce more acid than even before. You really should reduce your doses over time to reduce the acid reflux and eventually get off them. They cause many problems like ulcers, gastritis and a leaky gut. You end up with bacteria overgrowth, candida overgrowth and malabsorption. I highly recommend going to see a naturopath. It’s expensive but if you’ve been suffering since you were a child, it’s probably worth it. I’m on the mend and my stomach issues are almost gone and now I can battle away with the real cause of my breathing problems… costochondritis, which is also improving after seeing a physiotherapist.

    Good luck, I really know what you’re going through.

  173. Sharon and Rod,

    Thanks for your comments. Sorry I didn’t see them until today. I don’t check in as much… that means I’m improving lol. I used to check this thread everyday when I was crook. It’s been really helpful reading it.

    Rod, no the costo is still there but it’s getting better. We’re not sure what’s causing it but we think it’s from an injury. At the moment I’m doing exercises to build the mucles around my back and rips. I cannot take any antiinflamattory medications for it because they’ll make my stomach problems flare up again. I’m taking some natural things for inflammation like turmeric and ginger tea (which has helped me so much) I add ginger and turmeric to my food when I’m feeling the inflammation flare up. I also take some other natural rememdies for the stomach problems which help with the costo as well. I’m taking Musashi’s Creatine Recovery Stack which has the amino acids… creatine, l-glutamine, taurine and others, to help repair and build up tissue and muscle mass. I’m taking glucosamine as well. Heat packs help on colder days and I lay in the sun for 20 minutes on warmer days. Every now and then I still get the stomach problems because it takes a while for your system to get back to normal so I add a bit lemon or ACV to my water whenever I’m feeling a bit acidic. All in all though, I can say 80% better than I was 3 months ago when I was at my worst.

  174. Hi Amy,

    I am looking for buying stool antigen kit for h pylori as this test is not available in india
    if anybody has this kit or know any site from where i can i buy it online kindly share it


  175. I just want to thank everyone for your help and suggestions for treatment. I have been off gluten and dairy for 3 years – when all of this started. However, I was checked and am not allergic to gluten and was also tested negative 3 times for Celiac’s Disease. However, I do find that gluten still triggers flare ups of the H. Pylori.

    I see my environmental doc in two weeks – he does believe in alternative meds over traditional treatments, so I will talk to him about your suggestions.

    I do believe that I need digestive enzymes to aid my digestion – it seems that food just sits in my stomach because that is where most of my pain is after eating. As well as pain in my chest and espophagus.

    I also believe I will start weaning off of the PPIs – though I did try it before and the reflux became much worse – but didn’t know this was just my body trying to adjust my acid levels. I just want to be sure I have something in place (herbal) to ease the reflux during this weaning process. I appreciate your suggestions on this and will give them a try.

    I don’t know how to express how thankful and appreciative I am for all of you helping me through all of this. This has been the hardest time of my life – I had to give up a job I loved and I feel, at times, that I will never have one day that I feel well and normal again and will also never be a viable contribution to society again. My family has been great through all of this but I know how continually worried they are about me and how hard they try to keep my spirits up through all of the pain and endless and “waste of time doctor” visits.

    Again, thank you and I will try to keep you all posted of my progress.


  176. Tamster, you said, “However, I do find that gluten still triggers flare ups of the H. Pylori.” I know you said you tested negative for Gluten allergy, so did I, then I learned that gluten allergies and gluten intolerance are different, so that is why I decided to go gluten free and it worked. So, you might consider that if gluten causes your situation to be worse, then you should think about going back to gluten free.

    Another thing you might consider is getting some PH strips and check your urine to see if you are acidic or alkaline. Being to acidic can be bad. You should be more alkaline, around 7.0. You can talk to the pharmacist and tell him what you want to do and you can buy the PH strips from them. Or, that is where I got mine, most pharamacies have them. I took my PH test several times a day for a week, then once a day and I was surprised that i would notice my stomach acting up and sure enough when I checked I was acidic. Then I would strive to get back to alkaline. I think this has a lot to do with the stomach issues we often have. Hang in there, you are trying to do all things right, it just takes awhile for the body to balance out. Sharon

  177. Tamster

    Keep away from putting all those chemicals inside your body and instead eat some real good organic food, keep your spirits up and be hopeful and your body will eventually respond – our thoughts are with you and all those who are not feeling well …




  179. My gut has improved GREATLY the past month
    on a diet and brown rice, organic chicken and little beef.
    It is imperative that one eliminates common food
    allergens such as casein (dairy) and gluten (grains)
    to prevent inflammation in the intestinal tract aka leaky gut syndrome.

    Supplement-wise, aloe vera juice, slippery elm, marshmallow root,
    MASTIC GUM, DGL and cabbage juice are all sure fire ways to
    correct ANY ONE’S gut! I put my word on it.

    Good Luck to all pylori sufferers.

  180. Dear Amy,

    hello =) I’ve been researching H Pylori and came across your blog looking for some good tips, so I’m glad you posted this.

    Normally I don’t comment people’s blogs, but when I read your “unknown” symptoms I couldn’t help myself, lol.

    I love the vibe you seem to give, at least in your writing, and you seem like you’re ready to research any symptoms you can on your own, whereas most people are letting their doctors feed them BS and don’t ask questions

    Your heart attack and crazy getting up and moving around and feeling faint and vomiting are all symptoms of poisoning

    MSG in fast foods and other salty seasoning flavors to make things taste better, poisons us

    ASPERTAME in soda is another good tasting poison and your symptoms match perfectly

    these combined are TERRIFYINGLY poisonous, PLUS the “flouride” they put in our water (which is waste products and flouride is used to cover MANY more poisonous waste products in the water but they won’t tell you about)

    These things sound like silly over paranoid accusations, Why would they put these things in our food and drink and how could they get away with it but PLEASE research the drugs they put in our food because you show STRONG poisoning signs.

    Do you have any memories connecting foods with these poisons to the “attacks”? and the hospitals COULD figure this out… you probably know, and that our knowledge these days is advanced enough to know why you would have this severe poisoning

    Please stay safe, fast foods are very poisonous, not just fattening =(

    with LOVE


  181. PS. If you’re interested I would LOVE to send you all the info I’ve found that I can to help back up my little “theory”. It’s why EVERYBODY is sick. we shouldn’t ALL have at LEAST one terrible disease. People can be healthy, they just don’t realize what they’re consuming

  182. Hi
    I am from Australia and it is difficult to get even the most basic remedys here- mainly Mastic Gum- does anyone out there no suppliers in Australia
    Great blog – thanks everyone

  183. Hi Jan,

    I’m also from Australia. I purchased Mastic Gum and DGL Licorice from the US (from ebay). You can bring items into Australia but you have to check the ingredients of the items against a list of customs prohibited items.

    You’re only allowed to bring in 3 months supply at a time. For instance if the recommended dosage on the bottle of Mastic Gum is 2 tablets twice a day and there are 60 tablets, you can order three bottles because 1 bottle will last 1 month.

    You’re also only allowed to bring them in for personal use and you’re not allowed to sell them here…. which is probably why no one else sells them here.

    • Thanks Isabel
      I have just ordered the Mastic Gum and waiting so I can start treatment- how is your progress are you beating it!- Its so good to read how the symptoms I have been experiencing for quite some time are not imagined or that you may have organs that are failing and there is a reason for all this bad stuff- bring on the natural treatment -I’ll look forward to killing off this intruder- Hope your health is improving
      Cheers Jan

  184. Hi Jan,

    You’re welcome. As I’ve written above, my stomach issues have improved greatly but I’m still having costochondritis issues… although that’s slowly improving too with physio and certain exercises.

    I highly recommend taking the following supplements or foods: Mastic Gum, DGL, L-Glutamine, Goji Berry Juice, Probiotics and Zinc. Add ginger and turmeric to your foods to reduce inflammation. Ginger will also boost your immune system. Have a teaspoon of Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil a day.

    HPylor is a normal bacteria in your gut. When your digestive system is out of balance the bacteria increases. You have to get this balance back otherwise your symptoms will never subside. When eliminating HPylori, be careful because you’re likely to kill good bacterias too and allow candida to overgrow, causing leaky gut, inflammation and malabsorption.

    Check the Inflammatory Factor of the foods you eat on http://www.nutritiondata.com to increase the anti-inflammatory foods and reduce or eliminate the inflammatory ones. This site is also useful for tracking your daily intake of vitamins and you’re probably lacking some already so I suggest you take a good multivitamin in liquid form.

    Whenever you get that burning sensation, eat some raw ginger. It will burn your mouth but ease the stomach.

    Lemon juice/ACV.. when you can handle it, add it to your water and food.

    Garlic… also anti-inflammatory. If your stomach can handle it, add some raw garlic to your food every few days.

    Good luck with it Jan, hope you get better soon.

  185. Hi all,
    Can someone pls point me towards specific foods to eat whilst doing the diet?
    (im not sure i know whats left to eat once cutting out dairy, gluten and acidic foods)
    many thanks

    • Cooked vegetables, brown rice, keep it towards the ‘alkalizing’ side.
      Foods like red meat exacerbate the problem because it takes
      sufficient stomach acid to break it down.

      Like Amy said, it’s a boring diet but you’ll be cleaning up your
      life in a lot of ways after this experience. See it as your new found blessing

      Best of luck

      • Thanks for the reply much appreciated.
        whats the best thing i can make and eat that is enjoyable and not dry?
        vegies on rice sounds ok for a couple of days…
        Thanks agian

      • Switch up protein and vegetable sources every couple days.
        i.e turkey, chicken, fish, any white meat

        for carbs turn to only vegetables and brown rice since rice
        is non-allergenic. This is key! As far as vegetables go,
        broccoli, asparagus, celery, carrots, zucchini, etc.

        The main point is the rotation. Make it fun. Don’t stress over having pylori. It’s like getting a cold, it comes in, it goes out!

  186. for now… thru bleary eyes… and tears. all I can say is wow. i have suffered since I was 8 or 9 years old.. now 39 and almost unable to function, my doc finally did a fecal test. funny, we were only going to test for parasites, but the only test she had included the h-pylori. Finances were tight and it was another $90, but I told her, there must be a reason. To even think that after years of being ill with stomach and joint pain, heart palps, depression, exhaustion, cloudy thinking??? tears. I will be back to read more when I am less exhausted. I’m so happy i picked back up my laptop at 12am. bless each and every one of you. many many thanks.


  187. Could anyone advise if it is alright to take the manuka honey in tablet form, i cannot take it in its original form no matter how much it helps:) Thanks.

  188. well for three months they have been testing me I thought my hiatial hernia was back but they have already said my blood tests positive fro h pylori but you know they want more blood work and stool samples after mris and cat scans all with no insuracne mind you I am so thankful to come across your site I am only 4 feet 9 inches and used to be 100 pounds on a good day but for three months now and alot of throwing up what I eat 3 days a week it is hard to stay at 95 not good I hurt Im angry and dont even know why well now I do thank god for you I am going to try to get the three main things you talk about now and see if I can help myself since I feel like the drs. are either uninformed ignorant or don’t care . So again I thank you and look forward to healing, oh and since cancer runs rampid in my family I would like to get this out of me Doll

  189. Doll,

    The mastic and the probiotics are really essential. To save money, you can buy coconut oil and just eat a couple of tablespoons a day. It really does work and it does get rid of intestinal pain.

  190. My pain/burning is localised on the right side abdominal.Anyone experiencing this. I have burning on my back side once in a while. i got retested for pylori still very positive. The Drs. seem to be so tired of my compliants and yet i’m suffering. i just had pelvic ultrasound to check female stuff make sure all is okay and will go back to get results. I can’t imagined suffering like this for years. I’m alreday 6 months an i’m tired. to faster recovery everybody.

    • Cindy, have you had your gall bladder and appendix checked? H.pylori can cause appendix problems too. Have you done any treatment for the H.pylori either through traditional treatment of natural? Sharon

      • Hi Sharon
        I had the triple therapy treatment and prevacid. Waiting for the mastic gum shipment which i just ordered. i have been taking aleo vera j also.
        Iam going to ask the doc about the appendix and gall bladder. I did some test a while back and was told that all is okay. I’m so ready for this dr. that I have written my Q’s down on apiece on paper. Good luck you all.

    • hi cindy, i have the same pain as u mentioned in my right side of stomach and my shoulder blades, they checked me for gall bladder everything was fine, my dr said the pain is coz of h pylori,

  191. Hey guys,

    I originally posted on Sept 16th 2009 with my story and stated that I had H. Pylori. I took Monolaurin, Mastic Gum, Manuka honey, and Broccoli sprout pills for less than 5 months.

    I caved in and took the doctors recommended antibiotics. I only took those for about 3 days before I couldn’t handle the way they made me feel. I took Monolaurin and mastic gum more than anything else. I went back for a retest in Feb. and my H. Pylori was gone. I’m sure the Monolaurin and mastic gum had a lot to do with killing it.

    I still have really bad acid reflux and sometimes gastritis, but I think that’s another problem. I’m supposed to have another endoscopy done in the near future.

    I also took

    • Ish, Be careful – you may have depleted your good bacteria too. That’s what I did! I felt off after I was infection free, until I started taking the VSL#3. Try that or another strong probiotic.

  192. I was diagnosed with pylori a few months ago, after I had pain for a few months in my belly. First the doctor ordered a breath test, then I a had an endoscopy done as well as a colonoscopy. Thanks God I had no ulcer, but they found this killer bacteria, that gave me many sleepless nights.
    I choose to try supplements before I would take the antibiotics, which the doctor wanted me to take.
    I started with the Manuka honey, which did not help me, then I took tea from a Chinese herbalist, then I took the pine oil, which is sold on the web, I took different pills from Standard Process, I took the good bacteria’s in the morning, etc.
    It got to a point where I was so depressed that I would just cry. I was constantly in pain. Whatever I eat, gluten free, no cheese, I cut out coffee, sweets etc.
    Yesterday, I thought that I give it a last shot and walked into a homeopathic pharmacy in Santa Monica, before I would call the doctor and tell him that I am ready to take the antibiotics.
    Kristin, a lady who works there asked me what I need and I told her almost under tears what I am going through and that I spend already so much money…and that I have this bacteria called, pylori. She knew right away what I was talking about and assured me that she could help me.
    She recommended me 3 things and I paid around $120:

    -L-Glutamine from Designs for Health (3×1 teaspoon a day in a glass of water)
    -Quantum Stomach Complex from Premier Research Lab (2 Capsule, 3 times a day, 15 minutes before food with a glass of warm water)
    -Mastic Chios Gum Mastic from Allergy Research Group (1 Capsules 3 times a day with a meal)

    After already one day, Praise God for it, I feel so much better. I eat a big piece banana cake today with a cup of coffee, what I have not done in months and I felt fine, it is almost like a miracle, and this only after not even 48 hours.

    Never forget: GOD loves You

    I have writen above text one month ago. I will be retested again next week, but I have not had pain and eat everything again. I believe the LGlutamine and Mastic Gum really killed it.

  193. Hi Amy
    I have just been tested for Pylori after suffering for 14 months. I suffered food poisoning in March of 2009 and have been unwell since. All the symptoms are pointing to Pylori…acid, stomach bloating, diarrhea every day for a year, faintness, heart palpitations, pain in my stomach and joints, just a general feeling of having something wrong and no-one taking it seriously…I was told I had anxiety with the breathing problems! I have gained a lot of weight and just don’t feel like I am digesting anything properly. I am now awaiting the outcome of a blood test. I am almost hoping it is positive so that I have an answer to what is wrong with me. I have never felt so rotten in my life, getting to the point where I just exist on a day to day basis. I just stumbled upon this site and its given me some hope that there will be an improvement, so thank you.

    Sue xx

  194. I wish I could find out if people have had success with Matula Herbal Formula. I read through this entire blog and there is barely a mention of it. David A Hompes with http://www.h-pylori-symptoms.com says it works fast for his clients. Is he just selling for the company or is this product working?

    • I got it, tried it once, had diarrhea immediately, complained, and they accepted it for return. I haven’t read success stories about it except at the website that sells it. I don’t know if David Hompes used it or is just marketing it, but not long ago, his H Pylori returned.

  195. Stick to the protocol outlined here and try to do everything, you really can’t afford not to because it will take longer and cost much more in the long term. It really does work.

  196. The Garden of Life founder Jordan had gut problems and his stuff has really been good. There is as much good and bad about him on the web from different people. I’ve met some of his team in person and found the most important thing he offers is a probiotic that works for people with dairy allergies called Primal Defense and his recipe for Brasco’s Broth is very good, you need a big slow cooker or a big pot and then you can freeze batches. My h. plyori test was negative. I’m using clay as well (you eat it) and its amazing for clearing out the intestines. He also recommends mastic and licorice, they really work.

  197. Hi all,

    I’ve been using the suggestions outlined here and more to treat h pylori but keep testing positive (2 stool tests and endoscopy biopsy) even after 6 months of treatment.Overall I feel much, much better since I started the treatment but sometimes I feel worse–pain and burning in my stomach and upper middle back return. I am searching for a solution as to why. I have not been able to take digestive enzymes because they hurt my stomach. I recently found a formula for those with gastritis, Gastric complex by Integrative Therapeutics and am hoping it would help. I also increased magnesium, mainly from sea minerals recently. This helped eliminate muscle stiffness in my neck, shoulders, an upper back, which adjustments and deep tissue therapy used to helped eliminate but not in the last year. While benefits of magnesium are great, besides the ones I mentioned, according to one article I found, this extra magnesium might have lowered stomach acid, which stimulates h pylori growth.Here is the link to the article for those who might be experiencing similar problems.


    Any thoughts/comments are welcome.

    Here is to eradicating h pylori!


  198. Hi Nancy,

    One of the things I found out is that the Thai people don’t have h pylori, they use a lot of spices in their food and coconut. They have to be non-irridated for spices and organic or they don’t work. Things like cayenne pepper and raw organic coconut oil (Artisana) added to anything really help. I decided to kick the last of my health problems and I’ve gone 100% raw foods and I have incredible energy (I was up until 2pm last night and up at 7:00 am this morning bright and cheery), I used to go to bed at 9:00 every night because I was so tired. I’m working on becoming a raw food chef so I can teach others. Keep fighting for your health.

    • Hi Joellyn,

      Thanks much for your note. I love Thai food but have not had any in a long time. I use cold pressed organic coconut oil but have to be careful with hot spices like cayenne pepper, curry–they irritate. It is cool that you eat raw food and training to be raw food chef. I eat a good bit of my food intake raw, mainly salads and raw veggie juices and certainly appreciate their nutritional value. I just need to somehow stabilize and heal my stomach. I am trying Siberian pine nut oil along with other things. It seems to calm my stomach better than any other supplements. I seems very promising. Russians have done some research on it and it is clinically proven to heal gastritis and ulcers. I should know more in a few weeks.

      Besides physical remedies, I am looking into my stress issues. I have a feeling my symptoms got worse when the stress level hugely increased in the last month. I resumed my early morning walks and some yoga after 2 year hiatus and am looking for other ways to relax. I hope this goes a long way in helping.

      Good luck with your chef aspirations!


  199. I have tried the mastic gum with monolaurin for 15 days but it seems to give me more pain than relief!

    Did anybody experience this problem?

    I was dignosted with H.pylori last year so I took the antibiotics Hpac for one week. I felt great for 2 weeks and then all the symptoms came back again and worst then before. I read Amy king recommendation about Mastic gum and monolaurin but it seems to me they don’t help much.

    I also tried the Matula tea and it doesn’t help either.

    I don’t know what to do.

    When I read scientific articles, they pretend that the eradication rate is about 80 to 90% but from the stories of people it seems like nodoy got rid of this nasty bacteria.

    Wich good health for everybody.

  200. You don’t erradicate it completely because its a bug that everyone has, its all about bringing it and other nasty gut flora back into balance. We have to have gut flora and adding in positive probiotics and cultured/fermented foods is required to maintain it for the long term. Some animals live off the by products of their gut flora literally.

  201. Hi Amy,

    I am having a bunch of tests done to see if I have some digestion bugs like H pylori. I have been ill since 2007 with Celiac Disease and hypothyroidism but lately I have felt immensely worse. I have painful belching that is only relieved if I lay on my left side, abdominal pains, some sensitive glandular pain, back pains, worsening breath, severe weight loss… just to name a few.
    I read about your holistic approach and that is the road that I am on now because mainstream medicine has gotten me nowhere. My Gastro when asked if this could be h pylori said ” If I tested 10 people for it 8 of them would test positive” What kind of crap statement is that. I am feeling truly awful here. I cannot function anymore. I am to weak because it seems like my body is constantly trying to fight off something.
    I sent my tests to Lab Corp as well. I am having the stool test but if it comes back positive, I don’t think my Gastro will treat me for since he does not believe in it. I want to try the natural way but I had a bad reaction to some coconut oil that I was eating for good fat. My throat swelled up and had to go to the ER. My intestines have been through hell these last three years. Now it seems like I am allergic to things that never bothered me before. That mastic gum is made from the pistachia tree. I don’t want to risk having a reaction then having to run to the ER. I don’t know what to do because I know he won’t prescribe me antibiotics because he denies it’s even an issue but I have lost 60 lbs in two years but all my regular blood work keeps coming back fine. Just doesn’t make any sense. Thanks for any reply to this in advance, Theo.

    • Hi Theo,

      I hope you will be fine from your symptoms. If you are doctor doesn’t believe you, change the doctor then.

      As I said before, I tried the mastic gum and the monolairin but I got more pain than relief from those two so I stopped taking them. I don’t understand why I got pain from those two components.

      Take some probiotics, you will be fine.

      • Hi Theo,

        I hope you feel better soon. Here are some ideas/suggestions you might want to consider. You may have to take smaller or even very small doses then recommended of anything you decide to try, except maybe a probiotic–it may calm your stomach and help you absorb some nutrients. I use Healthy Trinity by Natren.I particularly experienced a calming effect of a probiotic after a colonic when the therapist filled my colon with it. You need a doctor’s prescription for that and you need to find an integrative medicine physician, that is a physician open to alternative approaches.Having some colonics might help you. It will remove old stuff that might be poisoning your system and it will hydrate you. People do not realize how dehydrated they are and this is a quick way to do it, especially if you have inflamation somewhere in you gut. I always feel better after a colonic–but must be low pressure, slow fill for me. In my view it is really difficult to achieve or maintain good health if your colon is unhealthy. I hope also that you have some sort of hot compress–I use one made with grains and heat it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and put it on my stomach for 20 min or so. It always feel soothing. What might also help, and this may sound paradoxical, is try to relax and trust you will find the right solution for your problem. Do all the testing you feel you need to but also ask the universe for guidance and trust it will provide it. I always feel better when I take this approach to my health or any other problems. Good luck to you. Nancy.

  202. Hi Amy,

    I’m so glad you posted this h. pylori page! I tested positive for h. pylori back in March ’10. Since then, my doc put me on a product called Pyloricil by Ortho Molecular. It has mastic gum, bismuth, and a bunch of other herbal stuff. The symptoms drastically reduced/disappeared within 3 weeks! Since then, I’ve taken your advice and have kept taking 1 g mastic gum and probiotics every day. I’m thinking I might add the monolaurin too. I don’t know if it’s completely eradicated, though. Will know in a couple of weeks.
    Tell me, is your h. pylori gone now???? I’m so curious to know….

    Warm Regards,


  203. Oops. I just read that you tested negative after 2 months. Congrats on kicking it!
    Just picked up some monolaurin–here’s hoping!

  204. I have been diagnosed with H pylori last November and did the antibiotics and some alternative medicines. The results show negative for hp. I had a second encoscopy and my gi dr said I have chronic active gastritis. He wants to treat me with another antibiotic because he thinks I still have hp only in a different place. I checked with my regular dr and he is against it and referred me to another gi guy. I agree, this is too soon to take another antibiotic. I was wondering if anyone out there has a similar problem with gastritis/hp and what are you doing about it. Many thanks.

    • Maria,

      You either have H.P. or you haven’t – you can’t have H.P. in a different place.

      What has happened your H.P. has been eradicated but your gastritis hasn’t been healed yet – if I were you I would refuse to take more antibiotics – just give more time to your gastritis to heal and eat well in the meantime.

    • Maria, I agree with Rod – taking another antibiotic isn’t going to heal your gut any further, and that should be what your doc is focused on now, not eradicating HP that isn’t there. As noted earlier, you may want to give the VSL#3 a go as it helps replenish the good bacteria you need for healing. Aloe Vera also helps with gastritis. Get the cold-pressed kind (not the heat-extracted kind). Best of luck, Amy

  205. Hello, I read this, and it actually made me feel better. I just got h. pylori eradicated from me about 2 years ago, but I still have some lingering symptoms. I had the racing heart, but I think it’s gone, for the most part. I still have aweful belching and my stomach hurts a lot still. I was actually diagnosed with it from a test my chiropractor gave me. The medical profession is sad. I went from doctor to doctor, and a chiropractor diagnosed me, which is insane. The gastroenterologist doesn’t do anything for me. I still have really bad stomach inflammation, so if you know anything that is specifically for that, let me know. I am just so glad to see that I wasn’t the only one out there. I wasted my whole 20s so far dealing with this debilitating infection. I am going to be 24 and I want to enjoy my life. This infection sucks. Thanks for writing this!!!

    • Hi Amanda,

      You might want to try a low dose of the VSL#3 probiotic as well as a daily dose of cold pressed Aloe Vera Juice. Bot help with inflammation! I hope you feel better, and yes, I sympathize with your frustration with the medical profession. Acutely. Be well, Amy

      • Amy,

        Thank you for that. I will go purchase the Aloe Vera juice today. I already have probiotics, so hopefully both together will help. Again, thanks for the suggestion.


      • No problem. Just know that over-the-counter probiotics aren’t always so great. I was using Garden of Life before my doc gave me VSL#3. The GoL is supposed to be high quality but wasn’t doing the trick. You can get a lower grade version of VSL#3 from select pharmacies. The official site can tell you the store closest to you (just enter your zip code) or order online — http://www.vsl3.com/

    • Amanda, if your stomach hurts, take DGL, deglycerized licorice. It coats it quickly and has been shown to help regrow the mucosal lining quickly. If you’re still getting the belching you may still have it, I’ve had awful belching the last year. A good test is drinking water on an empty stomach or getting hungry. If your stomach is empty and you start belching, then it’s probably not from just bacteria/yeast, but from h pylori’s urease, that converts the urea your stomach excretes to digest food into gas, a base (possibly ammonia) to counteract the acid so it stays alive, and a free radical (bad). Rosemary tea inhibits the urease, also green tea.

      This and mastic gum should help kill it but you may want to do amy king’s mankua/coconut oil/mastic/probiotic recommendations since they will kill either normal bacteria/yeast or h pylori. I had this happen at a friend’s and I asked if they had turmeric, and felt sooo much better, despite the nasty taste of the turmeric. The belching plus the burning feeling is horrible.

      Tim M.

  206. Rod & Amy, thank you both for your feedback. I want to know which strength of VSL#3 should I use —- the high or low quality. With the hp possibly gone do I need the high grade? The Aloe Vera I am using but not sure if its cold pressed. If not, I will switch. One more question, a friend of mine also has h pylori but his symtoms are nausia and vomiting. He lost 30 lbs and has no apetitte. How can I get him to eat and what?

    Thanks again. Maria

    • I actually have the higher dose, which comes in a packet of powder. The lower dose comes in pill form. I only use a little sprinkle in a glass of water about every other day to maintain health – so a packet lasts me about a week or so. I think it’s more economical to go this route instead of buying the lower dose bc you’re likely going to take a whole pill, rather than just a sprinkle each day or every other day.

      As for your friend, I’d get him to take some medicine right away (i.e. Monolaurin, Manuka Honey, and even the Mastic Gum). He needs to make himself only cooked healthy foods that are very benign like chicken stock with well cooked chicken legs and lots of fresh organic veggies. I got through the first month with this food basically. You have to give up a lot of things you don’t think about to give your stomach time to clear up and heal. If he keeps eating regular stuff like carbs (i.e. bread, white rice, breads, cookies, etc), coffee, alcohol, sugars, etc, he’ll stay sick and nauseous. This basic soup is very good bc it doesn’t cause upset and is soothing and restorative.

  207. I can testify to all Amy has said regarding helicobacter. I has similar symptoms and was diagnosed with anxiety. Antidepressants just caused me to have a temporary personality change for the worse!!! Also diagnosed with hormone imbalance which I am getting treatment for but amazingly now I have had second lot of antibiotics and having natural therapies from my naturopath, those hormone levls are actually coming back to a more normal range!!! Also had the dreadful chest pains, palpitations etc and was convinced I had heart problems hence the anxiety diagnosis!!! Still have pains in side from time to time but much better than before. They are less frequent. I am waiting on breath test results as I have finished second lot of antibiotics. I feel that i still have the helicobacter but in more minor proportions as some symptoms still exist and I need to be really diligent about my diet. No more cheating with chocolate and potato chips. It is only for a small amount of time in perspective really. Not a lifelong change to diet although I am sticking to a much healthier diet. I too thought I would be told I had gall stones or liver problems but I really believe it is the H pylori.

    Another good site if you want to compare notes with Amy’s is David Hompes. You will find his corellates perfectly with all Amy says. He too had this bacteria and defeated it. We can be well people. Take note of what the recovered and recovering ones tell you and stick at it, keep focused and these little critters will be obliterated.

  208. Hi Maria,

    About your friend, she/he needs to go to the hospital as soon as possible – her/his case could be more serious that just an infection – any illness which results in sudden weight loss of that magnitude must be investigated urgently by an especialist – self-curing could be dangerous and futile. So please ask your friend to seek professional advice straight away.

    Good luck to both of you and let us know how your friend is getting on.

  209. Hey all,

    What do you all think of the Matula Tea Formula? I’ve heard equally good and horrible reviews, and I’m curious to know what you all think. Is it a total waste of money? It is pretty expensive…

    Trying to conquer this,


    • Hi Stephanie,

      The matula tea doesn’t work for me at all. I bought because of the pain in my stomach from H.pylor and it does nothing for me.

      I took Hpac before and it made me feel myself for 3 weeks and then the infection came with revenge. Then I decide to buy the matula tea that does nothing claimed.

      I’m not able to work or do nothing and I had to pay 200$ for the tea, shame on the matula tea liars.

      Becareful, this matula tea is a big scam.

  210. Amy;
    What is the name of the doctor you are using now and is he/she a GI specialist and what city is practice located?
    Thank you

  211. I Have A question…
    My Hpylori was 76 2month ago…
    yesterday i went too lab & i gave UBT test…
    My resualt is 17
    I want to know ihave a h.pylory Or Not?

  212. Hi Amy,
    I am glad you had H Pylori too! :) I believe that there is a reason behind all things. Finding your posting is a true blessing. I am so glad that you took such a negative experience and and turned into something positive by sharing it with the rest of the world and helping others out. So thank you.
    I was diagnosed and was so glad to know I wasn’t dying!! I thought it was going to be an easy 2 week treatment. After suffering through the antibiotics I am still positive. My Dr. wants me to do it again for 4 weeks. I was so excited to find your posting and have hope that I will not have to go through that again.
    I am diabetic and not sure how I will do with the no sugar deal as I tend to go low quite often. Have you read anything about “less h pylori feeding” sugar foods by chance? Also I know to stay away from the white starches and carbs, but what about wheat pastas and breads?
    Thanks and God Bless!

    • Hi Lisa,

      When you have HPylori, you have gastritis and the white carbs and sugars are very inflammatory. It’s not so much that HPylori feeds on them, because they feed on all nutrients and dead cells etc. What really helped me was a website that told me what foods were inflammatory. If you go to http://www.nutritiondata.com and type in a food product, you’ll see the IF (inflammatory factor). Try and have more foods that are anti-inflammatory to allow your gut to heal. Turmeric is probably the best thing to introduce into your diet because it’s anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants and stops H Pylori adhering to your stomach lining. I went off all carbs for a while and it really drained my energy. Slowly I introduced few of them back into my diet. I still have very small portions of them and there are many foods that bring the symptoms back if I overdo it. Healing takes time but you’ll get there if you listen to your body. The first carb I had that helped the most was rolled oats (oatmeal). It’ll give you some energy and it’s high in protein and other goodies. It also didn’t flare up the sympoms but relieved them for me. Try and have a small amount at first and see how you react to it. Sweeten it with stevia and don’t add milk to it.

      Good luck, I hope you get well soon.

  213. Hey all!
    Guess what?? I tested negative for h. pylori!!! (stool test x 3). My doc discovered it back in March and said it was a bad case. For ONE MONTH he made me take a product call Pyoloricil by Ortho Molecular, one capsule in the AM and one in the PM. It’s a completely natural product and it has some of the ingrediants that Amy listed above. (My doctor prefers to use alternative medicine when he knows it will work–he said he’s had 100% success in treating his h. pylori patients with Pyloricil. I was skeptical then…not now!!!) It took exacty 18 days for me to notice a weakening of symptoms. By the third week all symptoms had disappeared!
    I then took 1 gram of mastic gum every night after I finished the 30 day Pyloricil treatment and a probiotic every morning (you know, just in case.)
    Now: NO MORE H. PYLORI!!!
    In case you’re interested:

  214. Stephanie, well done you cracked it at last and I’m happy for you.

    So in that case “Pyoloricil” should be the stuff that everyone must try first as it seems to be the good old Master Gum stuff — I have to find someone to get it for me as I live in an unfavaourable part of the world atm!

    Come on all, try Pyoloricil if you can get it and post your results here, please.

    • Hey Rod,

      I hate spelling mistakes too! The product is called “Pyloricil” by Ortho Molecular–not “Pyoloricil”!
      Hope you can get your hands on some. It’s powerful stuff!

  215. Can anyone tell me if they have had unbelievable back pain with their h-pylori. I was treated for h-pylori last January (2009) and since then I have had crippling back pain. Nothing seems to relieve the pain. It is located in my lower back and tailbone area. I am going for test and x-rays in Sept but it is not soon enough for me. I am hypothyroid(have been for years) and am probably going through my change as well. Every time I ask my dr he seems to sluff it off like it is my change that is the cause. Which it could be but I want to know for sure. I also have high blood pressure which I have never had in my life and I am 52. I am going to be tested in Sept again for the h-pylori to see if it is still there. I was treated with antibiotics for 2 weeks and then did Amy’s lists for about 2months after. Have done nothing since. I just feel really bad and want some answers.

    • Hey Patti,

      I’m hypothyoid too (Hashimoto’s). Have you been checked for Hashimoto’s? It can mess with your blood pressure. Also, I’ve read that these gut bugs can play with your b.p. as well.
      My lower back pain was situated around my kidney area. This clued me in to the possibility that my adrenals were exhausted. Sure enough, I took a saliva test (ZRT laboratories) and I do have moderate adrenal fatigue.
      I’d like to say that being hypothyroid increases your chances of hosting other gut bugs that you may not be aware of. Even though I have been cured of the h. pylori, I just found out that I tested positive for candida, klebsiella, blastocystis hominus, and three other parasites–all of which have entirely stripped my stomach lining!!! Be sure to investigate the other possibilities as they can wreak as much havoc as the h. pylori. (***Doctor’s Data has a fantastic test: Comprehensive Stool/Parasitology Test X 3. It tests 17 different aspects of your GI tract and includes testing for h. pylori.)
      But ridding the h. pylori has made me feel MUCH better…



  216. stephanie — naughty with that initial spelling of “Pyloricil”. I just copied and paste it from your message and it took me 5 minutes trying to teach myself how to pronounce it :-)

    Patti — sorry to hear about your case. Who knows what negative effects these strong antibiotics could have on the body when they kill the good bacteria in the system. If I were you I’d try to find a caring Dr and let him do the diagnostics for you – I’ve said this before, when things get to a complex stage one should not seek advice from uncertified people. Once the issue is diagnosed properly then one can seek further help from those who’ve experienced the same problem themselves.

  217. Amy: I am so glad I found your blog! I’ve been diagnosed with H. Pylori off and on for years. I’ve tried so
    many of the triple antibiotics which made me feel sick and nauseated during the treatment plan. I was on Prev-Pac in January and had the Urea test last week to find out I’m still positive. The doctor has prescribed Pylera for 14 days along with 2 acid reducer omeprazole. This medication really frightens me! Especially the warnings regarding the Central Nervous System…..numbess & tingling of arms and legs, peripheral neuropathty and convulsive seizures! Also there’s a possibility of this drug causing ? colitis. After reading all the feeback on your blog I have decided to try the alternative treatments. I don’t know which is worse taking the antibiotics and taking a chance of having serious side effects or not treating it and possibly getting gastric cancer or MALT. Tomorrow I will visit the health food store and buy the products that helped you took and that will hopefully help me! I have one question…..Is there a website or diet that I can look up since it doesn’t look like there would be a lot of things to eat. I know what to avoid but just need suggestions on what to eat! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work! I have learned a lot! Thank you.

    • Hi Marcia,

      There’s a good bit of info on the “what foods” throughout the comments’ section, but I’ll say a few things quickly. First, your diet will have to change dramatically for a good period of perhaps two months or more. Folks don’t like to hear that because they like what they like. I got myself to a very basic “bland” diet, which turned out to be healthy in the long run as I am much more aware of what I’m eating, and my slight-addiciton to sugar has diminished. I steal eat a bit of chocolate and a few cookies now and then, but a little satisfies me now whereas I used to be able to down a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s, no problem. The thought sickens me at this point – no one needs that much sugar in one sitting.

      Anyway, I don’t know if you eat meat, but I basically made a “soup” at least once a week that would serve for a few meals. Very simple and affordable. Go to Trader Joe’s or your local decent food spot. Get several things of organic low sodium chicken broth. Pick up a few (3-6) organically-fed free range chicken legs (or if you prefer breasts, etc). Also pick up some carrots, small potatoes, kale, spinach, peas, broccoli, etc – basically any veggies you like and cook them altogther for a few hours. The broth and chicken are simple molecules and easy to digest – they also provide you with sorely-needed protein, esp if you haven’t been digesting properly. The veggies are integral, esp rich leafy greens and butternut squash, because of the vitamins you are also not absorbing. You should also consider taking a good multivitamin and some Vit. K.

      Anyway, that’s one meal that goes a long way. You’ll get bored with it, but it’s nourishing in a way that you need if you’ve been suffering with H Pylori for awhile. And it’s not acidic. If you’re feeling lots of reflux, you’re likely inflamed in your stomach and gut — try taking some good quality Tumeric pills for inflammation – I did for a period and they helped.

      You’ll need to avoid all spicy foods, alcohol, coffees, carbs (esp pasta), etc. You can try things like tofu stir fried in nutritional yeast with a little soy sauce and olive oil. Or slice and bake the tofu with soy sauce. Make loads of steamed veggies with every protein such as steamed zucchini, yellow squash, string beans (green beans), asparagus, steamed potatoes, etc. Another basic protein, if you eat meat, is baked salmon and flounder. Avoid fat-heavy seafood like catfish and raw seafood. I think I ate some steamed shrimp now and then as well as whole canned sardines with the skin and bones as other forms of protein, usually with a whole avocado and some other steamed veggie. I also ate the occasional veggie burger sans bun when I was really bored.

      Breakfast was often oatmeal with blueberries and on the side an egg cooked in chicken broth. Oatmeal is good as it soothes the stomach. You should likely avoid most fruits for awhile as they are sugars. I did have the occasional piece of raisin bread with butter but not too often. Again, avoiding carbs is difficult because you don’t even realize how many carbs you eat until you start to eliminate them from your daily diet.

      Also, switch to green teas as the pylori do not like them, and they contain antioxidants. They say a glass of red wine, when the gut inflammation is gone, also helps keep h pylori at bay. I drink a glass every other day now and still no return of the pylori. (I like to chalk up the wine to fighting the good fight, but I really just love it.)

      Once you start to feel better, it will be difficult not to quickly revert to your old diet — but you need to stick to this “safe” one for a bit longer. I was quite tempted to start up with my usual coffee and chocolate chip cookies when things felt even half better. Bad idea.

      Anyway, I think if you explore enough and mix up your “typical” sick person meals, you’ll make it through a couple of months of not-exciting food.

      It’s possible to kick this bug with natural food healers no matter what the medical industry tells us. People have done it, as evidenced by the comments right here. Some may take longer than others; some may cheat while others might have a not-as-fast immune system (or one that’s busy defending elsewhere in the body), but we’re able to help ourselves against this bug —

      Good luck with this; I think you’re right to be cautious about medicines that promise one thing but the “side effects” threaten even worse…

      Oh yes, stomach cancer from H Pylori is not a quick happening thing — it takes years, from what I understand. I don’t think you’ll be taking any risk if you give yourself a few months with these food-based meds to beat the H Pylori. In fact, my guess is that you’ll fare better for it.



      • Hi Amy:

        Thank you so much for all your help!! It’s very encouraging to know that this bug can be conquered with alternative medications. I enjoyed reading all your responses and I have your website in my favorites now.

        Today I started watching my diet closely and I’m getting myself on the right track.. I’ve been on the internet reading about alkaline foods. I like you had the sugar cravings. I am diabetic but I’ve been maintaining it with Glucgophage and diet. I’m not big on pasta, or meat so I don’t think I’ll have a problem with carbs but I know I must eat protein. However….I do love all fruits and since it’s been in season I had been eating lots of it. But I do know I’ll have to be careful on what fruits I eat now. I definitely want to get rid of this nasty bug! Over the years I”ve been on three antibiotic treatment plans and I did not feel well the whole time……nauseated and just felt sick. The last few days I’ve had almost a constant headache. I thought it was a sinus headache but the antihistamine and sudafet didn’t seem to help so maybe it’s not due to that.

        Today I bought the Garden of Life Probiotics but the Fruitful Yield health food store did not have Mastic Gum or Monolaurin. I did see on line that a local VItamin Shoppe has the Monolaurin but it’s 300 mg. Would this be the right dose? If this one is O.K. I may go there tomorrow to buy it because I want to get started on it asap.

        I have been eating oatmeal for breakfast and in the past added a little milk and splenda but this morning I added a little more water and I used cinnamon to sweeten it. It’ll be a learning process but if I get rid of this bug I don’t want it back……..so that will encourage me to change my eating habits. I did not know that bacteria feeds on sugar so this has been a “wake up call” and I’m eliminating it now.

        Again thank you so much Amy for all your help! I’ll stay in touch and let you know how everything’s going. it’s nice to know that I’m not alone fighting this nasty bug! Take care.


  218. Hi Marcia, I ate to the way Amy did for over 4 months. The only think I like to add is a comment about salt. Sodium is very harsh on the stomach so I avoided soy sauce and normal table salt. I mostly used “black salt” or “kala namak” instead. It’s very salty but low in sodium and it’s good for gastritis. It’s a bit smelly and smells a little like eggs but it tastes nice. A lot of vegans use it. Another meal which was a staple was an omelette for protein. I didn’t use the egg yolks because they’re very inflammatory. I whisked 3 egg whites with some some turmeric powder and garlic powder, some black salt (for the egg taste), a touch of black pepper. I added a sliced mushroom and a half an avocado, chopped parsley and any other fresh herbs and some thinly sliced kale or chards. It looks and tastes like a normal omolette. I also had salmon once or twice a week cause it’s also anti-inflammatory. You can have some chicken (organic). I usually baked it with some turmeric, ginger, garlic, lemon, black salt and a bit a teaspoon of coconut oil and baked it with veggies. A good salad to have is finely chopped chards, half a small tomato, diced, half an avocado, diced, some sea salt and some pepper or cayenne, some lemon juice and a couple of tablespoons of flax seed oil or avocado oil. Avoid milk if you can because it’ll stop you absorbing many nutrients and slow the healing processs. I have almond milk instead which tastes bleh but I have it in a yummy smoothie. The vitamin E in the almonds will soothe your stomach. Only use raw almonds. I blanch half a cup the night before and soak them in water in the fridge. In the morning or when you’re ready to have them, blend them with some water (i usually add a bit of hot water so that it’s warm instead of icy cold), then when it’s blended and creamy, add some papaya (paw paw). It’s full of digestive enzymes. You can sweeten it with some stevia and later when you heal you can try adding some banana but not yet. You’re probably full of candida too from the PPIs so have some coconut oil daily to kill it off… start of slowly, 1 teaspoon each day for the first week and then increase it to two, then a tablespoon.

    Another thing that you might want to consider is castor oil and oil pulling. You can google “castor oil pack” and “oil pulling” and read about it. I swear by both of them. I don’t do the pack but I rub small amount of castor oil on my stomach every day to stimulate my liver to help get rid of toxins, and i oil pull two or three times a day alternating coconut, sesame seed and olive oils. Remember HPylori and a bunch of other bacteria lives in your mouth as well as your stomach.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your recovery.

    • Hi Isabell,

      Thank you for responding to my blog! It’s very helpful to talk to others who have been fighting this nasty bug! I enjoy reading all the blogs to educate myself regarding my diet and alternative treatments. After reading about all the possible side effects with Pylera I just couldn’t talk myself into taking it. Especially with the warnings with the CNS and possible convulsive seizures…..peripheral neuropathy and tingling in the legs and arms. I would much rather try the alternative treatment any day and wished I would have know about this site in the past.

      I have not heard of black salt, almond milk or coconut oil. Do you buy these products at the health food store? I also did not know that egg yolks were very inflammatory……so thank you for that adice! You gave me some good suggestions on food choices so I will try those. Today is my first day of omitting milk products, fruits, flour and sugar from my diet. I’m sure it’ll take some time to get accustomed to a whole new lifestyle of eating. If I ever get rid of this nasty bug I don’t want it back so I’ll try to stay consistent with this diet!

      I really appreciate your comments and I will check back frequently on this site for new information! Thanks again!


  219. Hi Amy:

    I have a couple of questions regarding the H.Pylori. I started on the meds you recommended yesterday and was wondering if it’s normal to feel exhausted? Today I have no energy and I wasn’t sure if this was normal. Also, I have the abdominal bloating today. Is this normal when starting out?

    I have a difficult time eating oatmeal without milk. I bought the lactose free rice milk……is this acceptable?

    I have the Garden of Life Primal Defense probiotic……..500 mg. mastic gum and Monolaurin with (100 mg. Calcium, 300 mg, Monolaurin, and 7.5. mg. Inosine). I’m not sure when or how much to take of these meds. I would appreciate your help.

    Your pomeranian is adorable! She looks like my pom that will be 15 y rs. in Nov. but still looks like a teenager!

    I read in your April 2009 blog that your H.Pylori came back. Are you still positive?

    Thank you for your help.


    • Hi Marcia,

      My H Pylori never came back. Not sure what you read.

      My pom is 14! Congrats on yours too!

      I took 2 Mastic Gums in the a.m. and then again at night. The actual doses are above in the entry or in the earlier comments. I took a whole lotta mgs of Monolaurin daily. I would follow Dr. Marcus Ettinger’s dose recommendations. I’m pretty sure I did. Something like 900 mgs in the a.m. then again later. But don’t take my word on that – follow his dosage. He’s linked above near “The Bomb”. Just found it – he recommends The Bomb of 1200 mgs two times a day under “Treatment” here — http://www.advancedhealing.com/blog/2009/09/13/heartburn-gastritis-gerd-achlorhydria-or-h-pylori/ I think I actually did 1200 *per* day instead of twice a day, combined with the Mastic Gum and the Manuka Honey.

      And YES! When you first start taking the meds, the bacteria die off and have to be purged from your system. They are toxins that the body has to work to eliminate. Leaves you feeling exhausted and sometimes sicker, but that will pass in a few days. This effect is called “herxing.” Here’s a link describing it: http://www.earthtym.net/ref-herxheimer.htm

      Hope that helps. Best, Amy

  220. I also suffer from H. pylori. I was diagnosed on Aug 9 and currently on antibiotics under the supervision of GI. I never took pills especially antibiotics. My stomach issues started two years ago. My primary doctor for years kept telling me I have IBS during my teen years, but never tested me for a parasite and bacteria. I knew there was something major wrong. It was not IBS. I suffered from constipation for years. Then, two years ago, my stomach got worse. I could no longer tolerate gulten and dairy. I had an intestional blockage, which ended me in hosiptal. Now, I don’t eat gluten and dairy. No fish or meats because I am a vegetarian. Before starting the treatment, I was having severe bloating, constipation, gas, dark stools, indigestion, burning. I tried natural treatment such as Manuka Honey and Mastic Gum, but it did not do a thing for me. In fact, my symptoms kept getting worse even when I changed my diet to alkaline foods. Finally, I went to the GI and the blood test came back positive for HP. Tommorrow I am seeing a natural doctor. On my antibiotic treatment, I also take probiotic 50 Billions to prevent diarrhea and yeast infection. I am also taking Ginger for nausea. I hope the Ginger helps. I just hope the treatment works. I am doing everything in my power to eradicate the bacteria which made my life living hell. As a result of HP, also made me very depress. Hopefully, after the treatment HP will be gone. I hope the antibiotic works since I never took the bad tasting antibiotic before. My diet is vegetarian with lots of veggis and fruits. I also take probiotics. Does someone has a suggestion to help me eradicate the bacteria.

  221. hello everyone ! i have “IT” too …damn , fucking bug i feel used by “it” its nice to know that u are not the only one i wish u all good health ! so sorry for my lame english :D

  222. To those with the burning pain and palpitations and irregular heartbeats, H Pylori it’s not! I have suffered with this same syndrome since age 25 for almost 32 years now. I gets better and gets worse and there is no method to the madness! What I have discovered is that daily treatment with prilosec up to 40 mg or more lessens the paplitations and burning pain and puts an end to the night time racing heart and sweats. This burning pain is not from an ulcer!

  223. Does anyone know how long it’s safe to take mastic gum for? I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks (1000mg in the AM and 1000 mg in the PM) and just ordered the Manuka Honey and Monolaurin. How much longer for the mastic gum would you guess?

    I feel much much better but still have some gurgling in the stomach.

    Is apple cider vingear good for HP? I took some today and it make me feel icky.

    also…. Amy said 1200 mg of monolaurin daily. Is this 2 divided doses of 600 mg each?


  224. Hi, I also have this helicobacter virus. Can someone advise me what to do? I literally am like a drug addict when it comes to chocolate and chips. I literally can’t give them up. Its not like i eat a lot of them i just have to have a little bit every day. I have managed to give up all other bad foods except for these 2. Ive just started on antibiotics from the Dr for a week. I’m going to finish this course and if this virus hasn’t gone then that’s it, no more meds I’ll try the natural way. But how can I when I have this addiction.

    PS I take take nexium months back and yes it did get rid of my heartburn but not the HP apparently.

  225. I’ve had the same problems since I turned 19. I’m 20 now and I seem to have most of it under control, but I feel it still lingers. What helped me was switching to a low-carbohydrate diet. Eating more saturated Fats like Coconut Oil and more protein. I completely got rid of Bread, I don’t have any use for it personally. Also, you should be avoiding Sugar like the plague. I don’t feel that Fruit is even healthy in some cases because we tend to eat too much. Maybe a FEW small wild blueberries…

    I also eliminated things like Milk and Yogurt as they seemed to make it worse. I have butter a lot since I don’t have any reaction that I know of to it and I love it. Go figure I got lactose intolerant after they put me on Doxycycline after an Elisa test showed positive. I figured I had Lymes disease and probably did as I had several encounters with ticks. However, Western Blot was negative so they claim it’s not lymes and I’m pretty sure they’re right.

    I also found out I’m allergic to Amoxycillin after getting my four wisdom teeth out and having a reaction to it after 4 days.

    I’ve gotten past most of the symptoms and am still on digestive enzymes and probiotics. I even do fiber once in a while.

    My doctor was useless in all of this. However, endoscopy showed I have a Hiatel Hernia and that is the main cause of my acid reflux.

    I don’t agree with you on several things like drinking water to delude your stomach acid. I feel that’s the reason why I – probably, not confirmed – have H. Pylori is my Stomach Acid was too deluded so they got a chance to grow instead of being wiped out. Heck, maybe I’m wrong. But I feel better if I avoid water while eating or soon there after. I drink water in between meals instead and it keeps the acid reflux under control and I barely have burning at all unless I eat something that doesn’t agree with me.

    I’ve tried everything but mastic gum, the honey, and some other things you suggested. I will start them once I find a job and can afford them. However, I take a teaspoon of tumeric and cinnamon or just sprinkle it all over my hard boiled eggs since I don’t use salt.

    I think you should look into a low-carbohydrate diet and increase your fats and proteins and decrease your carbohydrates. I feel soooo much better since I have and I’ll continue to fight this battle until it’s gone.

    Love your post, thanks.

  226. I just recently got diagnosed with H. Pylori and was wondering exactly how my diet for the next 2 weeks while i get treated with the antibiotics is supposed to be. The reason why I am so concerned is because my doctor gave me a list of foods that i should eat and foods I should avoid and so it seems to be completely contradictory to the information that i have read online. I started my first day eating a plain bowl of brown rice with chopped raw green onions, 2 peaches, a kiwi, and some light tea, and some strawberry Jello (as all of these foods seemed to be approved on the list that my doctor has given me). Then when I went online, there are articles that say, fruits should be extremely avoided due to the high sugar content, Jello should also be completely avoided unless it is sugar free (even though my doctor’s list says ALL jellos are okay to have), any types of rice should be avoided due to the starch content and that tea and tap water should also be avoided completely due to possible spread of infection. I wasn’t this paranoid about this until i read that H pylori could lead to stomach cancer but now im going crazy trying to figure out what i am supposed to eat, I seriously am on the verge of just starving myself for the next two weeks. I was about to make some beet soup for myself (because it says home made vegetable soups and beets are okay to eat on my doctor’s list) but then i go online and it says that anything that is a hot liquid should be completely avoided.

    Can someone please help me figure out what foods i should eat and what specifically i should avoid? I am already taking the prevacid pack as antibiotics (prevacid, biaxin, amoxicillin) but I really dont want to starve myself for the next two weeks.

    • I was too diagnosed wth h pylori and since than ( 2 weeks ago ) i’be been obsesed wth this. Every free second I have I’m online trying to find if someone eradicate the bacteria with natural remedies. As someone has mention before it seems like eveybody tha has it can not get rid of t anyhow and there are no testimonials from anyone that is cured even with antibioticll. Its depresing. I just got my prescriptoin from the worst doctor that i’ve met in my life that I pay him 400 cash cuz I don’t have insurance and he lteraly kicked me out of his office when I went to get them and ask f I want to talk with him. He showed me the door saying here are your prescription. So I, stunned, said. Well I want to know how to take them, a det that I shoul follow, side effects, what is the chances that they will help, what f Im allergic on something??? And he just look at me and says; well you do whatever you want, take them or not!!! wow! can you believe it ? I mean I just wanted to smack his f**** face. So I left seing no point or hope that he want to help me anyhow. Maybe he was racist ( he was asian and Im white ) and I was the only white patient in his office. Anyway… My stomach problems start with taking antibiotics the begging of 2010 for allergies.( Also the doctor that tested me for allegies got my 450 and was completely wrong ) and I found on my self what Im allerging on so I’be been fine since that day on. ( by the way meanwhile developed astma,several sinus infections, cough that I thought I was diying from, 100% nasal congestion) And how absurde. I was wearing the allergen on me the whole time: PERFUME ! damn chanel! Im not joking. since that I’m free from eveything. :) thak god for that, but the stuped doctor that gave me the antibiotics messed up my digestive sistym. I had pancreatitis in may and after that couldnt eat anyting or 1 month . afeter 2 months I got in normal and start eating enly heatlhy foods and that 1 month ago I had in 2 days maybe a jar of peanut butter. ( way to much fat ) The next 4 days couldnt eat anything and start eating only fruits and drink coconut water. the pain was bearable but still bloating even on empty stomach… long story made short. I’ve been eating super heatly even since ( 1month ) fruits, vegetables,brocculi, brocculi sprouts, coconut oil and water, for lunch a little salmon or chicken,good gluten free oats with flaxseeds, camomile tea, no alchohol, no coffee, eating regulary, small portions. no food after 8pm. O yea. forgot Manuka honey too 4 times a day 1tbsp before food. Im feeling better , stll some pressure and fullnes all the time, some pain now and than and some belching. The worst s though I have zero energy and being a gym juncky Im depressed. I lost also maybe 20lb in the past couple of months and eveybody thinks that I did it on purpose. I will add probiotics in my diet from tomorrow, also will look up what is monolauring as I dont know what it is, also will ad fish oil, aloe vera and try to do some yoga and exersise no matter how low I feel. I will do that for 2 moths and hoping to kill this bactera. ** if it dosent’ happen I wll take the antibiotics followed with good probiotics and healty diet. Meanwhile, if someone had a succesful antibiotics eradication please let me know. I want to hear at lease 1 person was helped by the doctors who dont care about helping , only care about the money they make. good luck to everybody. I’ll keep you posted

      • Hi Juliana
        thanks for post. I had similar situation. I was prescribed pills for my sinus and then boom, got sick as crazy week later. Now I have sinus, cold and HP. Most of doctors dont do much, they just know how to prescribe pills. It is ridiculous!!!
        Hope you are feeling better now.
        I am trying hard!!!!


  227. Hi Amy, I still have the hp which I desparetly need to get rid of. I’ll be on my second round of antibiotics (first round I took for 6 days) and worked with an herbalist which didnt help me. I am down to 100 lbs and can’t afford to lose any more. I am still not clear on how much and which fruits and carbs I can eat during my treatment, if any. It may not make a difference if I’m doing the antibiotics. I have cut out all sugars, alcohol,
    caffeine, etc. Thanks for your help.

  228. I think each and every individual is different and what works for some won’t work for others.

    As much as i hate it if i eat marinated salmon and fish my stomach feels so much better for it, I’m going to try hard to just have this with salads and steam vegies. Oh and btw i took the HP7 treatment that my dr advised for the 7 days and felt great but when i stopped taking them I feel 100 times worse now!

    My dr wants me to take another 7 day course but i just literally can’t do it! I’m in Australia and a naturopath says he has something i can take that will get rid of it but knows??

    • Dear Tabby,

      I don’t normally check this website since I tested negative for h. pylori (finally!) but I do visit every once in a while. I just have to tell you (and every other sufferer out there) what finally worked for me. And no, it wasn’t the antibiotics!
      My doc put me on a product called Pyloricil by Ortho Molecular for one month. It has many of the ingredients that Amy has so kindly listed above. Let me tell you, the first 17 days on the product were really rough–I felt so sick and could hardly eat anything! But then, I started improving in leaps and bounds by day 18 onward.
      After I finished the product, I took some of Amy’s advice and continued with the anti-pylori protocol for an additional 3 months, just to make sure it was all gone. I strictly adhered to an anti-candida diet (good for pylori too), took lots of organic coconut oil everyday, took 1 g of mastic gum (Allergy Research Group) before bed on an empty stomach, and took probiotics every morning (Ortho Biotic). I tested negative for the h. pylori in August (3 samples all came back negative).
      I hope this will give you hope. The h. pylori is absolutely wretched and I feel for you! But there is hope! So I just thought I’d share my story.

      Warm Regards,

      • Steph, What is pyloricil ??? and do you feel normal and better? can you eat anything now? I’m happy I hear someone got better, that mean there is hope.

  229. Hi Amy,

    I have so many questions and don’t even know where to begin. I came across your website and have had so many mix feelings, happy because all of the symptoms you mention I have and others you don’t . I started back in feb 2010 with dry mouth and stomach aches, but it went away and came back this summer since then I have not been myself. It was when about two months ago I was told I was positive with Hpylori. I have so much symptoms sinus pressure, sometimes dry mouth, pressure on my upper palate, aches on the left side of my stomach, muscle aches, fatigue, after I eat I belch, and feel soooo full. I haven’t lost weight, or throw up, but I do get dizzy at times.
    I went to see a GI dr who did an endoscopy on me and said it came back normal, no more hpylori!?! I was like huh? I still have all these symptoms even after doing forteen days of triple therapy antibiotics. Now I ordered the pills you mention on your website to give it a try because I don’t know what else to do. I have no medical insurance and I am unemployeed right now too which doesn’t help. I am 32 yrs old and going to school and it’s affecting me my lifestyle. I have developed so much anxiety, and feel like I have something else more serious. I am always trying to diagnose myself through the internet and don’t know what to do. Could it be possible that I still have the bacteria? I am doing probiotics 50 billion aday the refrigerated ones and was wondering what you could advise me. I have a six year old son and I am sooo depressed in the way I feel I just want this nightmare over. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you.

    • hi katherine, I can tell you from my experience after the antibiotic was normal to feel bad because they destroy everything both good and bad bacteria and your digestive system needs time to recover. That could be reason you still feel soo sick. After I finished with the triple therapy I felt the same as you are now, but unfortunately I am still hpylory (+). maybe you heard of candida albicans overgrowth, usually come after the use of large doses of antibiotics and can cause symptoms such as fatigue, muscle aches, belching, indigestion, and it appears that Candida is worse than hpylor to overcome … unfortunately.Here’s something that you can try for indigestion, called digestive enzymes, I bought and it really helps http://www.iherb.com/search?kw=digestive%20enzymes#p=1&sr=0 ..i bought irwin naturals full spectrum and i feel much better now . i hope this helps ,and i wish everyone great health in future!

  230. Hi Amy,
    What a great blog! I can feel for you..I’m going through some burning in my stomach and nothing seems to help. I’ve tried mastic.. It didn’t cure my problem and I broke out in a rash from it. I tested negative for h pylori. I don’t want an invasive endoscopy done. My ND said it could be other bacteria besides h pylori causing an overgrowth due to taking antibiotics. At least you knew what bacteria you were dealing with! I almost bought that matula tea but a friend showed me posts of it not working at all and at $175 for a box of tea…not worth the test. My only other course is manuka honey. I also noticed that GMO gluten grains cause more inflammation, so it looks like I need to stay off of them. BTW, I follow the blood type diet from Dr. Peter D’Adamo, and I’m not 100 % compliant, but I should be because I’d be feeling a lot worse if I didn’t follow my “A” diet from him.
    I had many more digestive problems when I was eating the Standard American Diet. Also, I read that chicken causes inflammation in the intestines.. and I get diarrhea from it myself. Just an FYI. So thanks for the info!

  231. Wow! Thanks for posting all of this information. My 13 year old was just diagnosed with H.pylori and I am so glad I can try something other than anti-biotics! She weighs about 116 pounds so I think I can give her the same dosage you were taking Amy. Does anyone have any input on that? I will run the dosage by her Dr. just in case. I already went to Whole Foods and have everything I need! Thanks again!

  232. hi, does anyone who has h pylori has sensitivity with light , dizziness , headache, ear noise? i been daignosed month ago with h pylori it change my life completely ,,, plz answer mee,,

    • farn,

      You complain of “sensitivity with light , dizziness , headache, ear noise”
      Have you been eating too much calcium? I did for a little while and would get all of these after having some cheese or milk or even prunes.
      It was very trippy eating even small amounts of calcium for those few days.
      If this is it, and you get it from calcium, you might want some lemonade/limeade (acetic acid, Vit C for making sure that doesn’t clog in your kidneys and give you a stone) and potatoes (potassium) with a little salt (sodium). Your kidneys maintain a Na/Ca/K balance, so if you have more of the others that should help them get rid of the extra calcium. Take magnesium as well! This will help get that calcium into your bones and out of your kidneys if that’s it. I’m not sure, but in my case I suspected the headaches were from some sort of osmotic pressure change.

      Taking too many B vitamins can cause ear-ringing. Sometimes caffeine or alcohol as well.