PRESS Breaking the Ice With Pints and Poetry @Wall Street Journal The first hour involved cocktails at the Housing Works Bookstore and Café in SoHo. Then there were readings by Colson Whitehead (“Sag Harbor”), Emily St. John Mandel (“The Singers Gun”) and poet Amy King, who runs a popular poetry group on Goodreads. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 20…

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Ms. Muse: Amy King on the Power of Stories and the Weight of the Current Political Moment

We’re carving out a new discovery place for riotous, righteous and resonant feminist poetry to nourish and give voice to a rising tide of female resistance—and you’ve clicked right into it. Click here to read more Ms. Muse. “There comes a point in everyone’s lives where we start to recognize that we are making choices, that…

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Bodies inhabit landscapes, are part of the landscape, and often the traditions and behaviors of specifically-identified bodies define the landscape.From Hesiod to Patricia Smith to Billy-Ray Belcourt to Ocean Vuong, we’ll interrogate what it means to be a body, to belong, to be scrutinized geographies, and to inhabit the late-capitalist American landscape. Our poems will…


“Give Me Your Tired..” : Poem, 135 years old, Makes Waves

Panel Discussion and Poetry Reading featuring Esther Schor, Murad Awawdeh, Christina Greer, and Amy King Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 7:00 pm The American Jewish Historical Society 15 West 16th Street New York, NY 10011 Tel: 212-294-6160 10$ general ● $7 students/AJHS members/seniors ● $12 at the door Emma Lazarus’s sonnet, “The New Colossus,” is perhaps…

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On Being Alive at 47 To the Day

THE HEART KEEPS ITS OWN COMPANY   I know it’s an anomalous title but I’m talking about it anyway on my 47th birthday I think because I’m thrown by the “7” as symbolic of heaven while also being a not-quite-but-almost 50 year signifier.   I like to say the years are survivor points, talismans, as…

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Amy King’s workshops and critiques are as intelligent and intuitive as she is. She’s introduced me to conceptual ideas that seem at first complex and perhaps over my head—but the way she breaks them down and incorporates them step by step into fun and challenging exercises makes them so accessible that I find myself pondering and using them in my own poetics again and again. I’ve worked with her several times, and I highly recommend Amy’s teaching style—learned yet lucid, erudite yet playful. She’s a joy!

—Jenn Givhan, 2015 Winner NEA in Poetry



Out of the masculine guitar-as-erection sound of rock hard hard rock there emerged two women whose voices are iconic: the cool purety of Grace Slick that soared on the updrafts generated by all that electricity to sing a drug-enhanced surreality and the hot distorted whiskey voice of Janis Joplin that, when she sang the blues of blighted love, wailed for a generation. I know I’m pushing it here, but in the music of Amy King’s voice I hear an heir to those two women.

Art by Maeve Ethridge

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“This, of course, comes as no surprise to those familiar with King’s work. It is uninterested in evenness and regularity. It is adroit and sharp and scream-y (often in literal caps) and rampaging. You don’t disgorge a poem entitled “PUSSY PUSSY SOCHI QUEER PUSSY PUTIN SOCHI QUEER QUEER PUSSY” because you are trying to lull…

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Threat Level: Poetry

“Poetry is the water, the planetary pull, the sky’s embrace, and the song of oars; it is the potential of all that is human, which is comprised of atoms from farthest reaching stars, and will not cease until, perhaps, the last person no longer knows words, says the Romantic humanist in me. It is in…

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AWP Event with Rhizome

Check out the event website here! As the website states, this will be an “evening of cross-genre, experimental, hybrid and anti-genre literature.”   February 11th, at 7pm come hear this list of writers: Nat Baldwin Claire Donato Johannes Göransson Elizabeth Hall Brandon Hobson Robert Lopez Vi Khi Nao Julie Reverb Joanna Ruocco Abe Smith Aaron Apps Valerie…

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AWP Off-Site Event

Please Come to this wonderful off-site event featuring an array of talents and voices. Details can be find on the facebook event page here. What a more poignant time to be in D.C. to listen to great writers in troubling times.

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AWP off-site readings for Posit, Prelude, Inter/Rupture, and Bone Bouquet.

If you were looking for exciting off-site events:   AWP 2017 OFF-SITE READING FOR POSIT, PRELUDE, INTER/RUPTURE, & BONE BOUQUET Posted on January 30, 2017 by Susan Lewis Going to AWP? Don’t miss this reading hosted by Posit, Prelude, Inter/rupture, and Bone Bouquet! Featuring Rae Armantrout, G.C. Waldrep, Amy King, Catherine Blauvelt, Armando Jaramillo Garcia, Lindsay…

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Lambda Literary reviews: The Missing Museum! “PUSSIES RIOT IN THE SNOW/ THIS WINTER OLYMPICS.”

“The immediate and the inaccessible eye one another in the halls, exhibits of history both natural and not.”   “These poems do feel tied to the zeitgeist; Vladmir Putin rides past on a steed as “PUSSIES RIOT IN THE SNOW / THIS WINTER OLYMPICS” early in the book. Later, King compares wine with books: “ICE…

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